“By the way, Sean. Can you give me your phone number?” After saying this, Stephanie looked at Sean quietly and ignored the others.

Hermione and Daisy, who were neglected, also put their attention on Sean immediately, and their eyes locked on Sean firmly like two surveillance cameras. Sean stared and felt the hair on his back stand up almost instantly.

As soon as Sean was about to speak, Hermione coughed softly behind her.

She said to Daisy nonchalantly, “Maybe next time we’ll need to add two more torches. The Room always simulates the appearance of an underground classroom and makes it feel a little uncomfortable.”

Sean’s expression froze; there were so many torches burning in this Room. Probably realizing that her excuse was a little far-fetched, Hermione raised her neck unnaturally after saying this, but she didn’t look away.

Stephanie was like an audience watching from the side. She didn’t say a word, just looked at Sean, with just the right expectation and indifference in her eyes. Asking for a phone number from a friend is nothing to be surprised about.

Sean thought about this and said, “I could do that.”

Before he finished speaking, he shuddered as if someone pointed a wand at him behind his back.

“I mean, Stephanie, is there anything you want to tell me?”

Stephanie turned her head slightly and glanced at the book in Hermione’s hand.

“Do they know?”

“Of course.” Since Hermione was holding the book in her hand, they must know.

As everyone knows, when Stephanie said these words, Hermione’s breathing became a lot faster, and her eyes became slightly unkind.

Stephanie pretended she didn’t see it and said softly, “I have a lot of books in my family, and my grandpa will go out to visit old friends on summer vacation. He has to prepare enough wands for students to choose before the school season begins.”

“He will bring back a lot of books under my request. Of course, the number and content are definitely not as good as the Hogwarts library, but there are books that might refer to ancient knowledge.”

“I thought I might be able to find more clues about that story and that nursery rhyme. I wanted to tell you that information earlier.”

It was a tempting proposal, and the reason was normal. Sean had also seen Stephanie’s extraordinary memory and sharp thinking, and he couldn’t find any point in refusing.

“Ah, that’s right. This is my phone number, here…” Sean picked up a piece of parchment, scribbled a line of numbers, and handed it over.

Behind her, Hermione pinched her nose with some displeasure, especially when she saw Stephanie put away the note carefully. An unknown anger rose up in her heart from nowhere.

“Thank you for your hospitality tonight. I’ll be leaving. I wish you a good dream tonight.” Having got what she wanted, Stephanie greeted politely and left the Room of Requirement without delay.

For some reason, when Stephanie left, Sean actually felt a sense of relief. He turned to say something, but Hermione had already packed her things.

She took Daisy’s hand and walked towards the door without looking at Sean.

“Hey, are you going back? Wait for me.” Sean only saw Daisy wink at him, and the two quickly opened the door and left.

The Room of Requirement was empty again, and Sean stood there for a while.

“I can’t do this.”

The ring was opened, and Dave poked his head out, his sharp teeth gleaming frighteningly under the light of the torch. Sean hit it on the head.

“Send me more signals from their brain, or you’ll not be eating any dinner.”

Dave has been sending messages to Sean because Sean will reduce his food intake.

“If I eat one less brain, I’m going to die.”

“I’m hungry. Let’s discuss it again?”

“I can’t read minds. Why do you want me to read minds?”

Dave got out of the ring and poked his head innocently.

“Ugh, I’m a little itchy here.”

Sean rolled his eyes, grabbed Dave into his arms, took out a silver fork, and scraped vigorously on its head.

“It’s all bones. Why are you itching?”

“Try harder… There, right there. Ah, it’s good. Maybe because I haven’t eaten enough, because I’m lacking vitamins and everything.”

“You’re just saying that so that you want food.”

While a fork was scratching Dave, another big head popped out. It’s the airwing bird. It stretched out its long tail and wrapped it around Sean’s arm in dissatisfaction.

“Dave did something stupid. Why should I be punished as well?”

“If you don’t get punished, I still have to take care of your food. Four meals a day, four fish per meal. You know that any other animals would eat less?” Sean said angrily.

The airwing bird corrected him, “It’s four fish but not much bigger than half your arm, and I only ate two tonight.”

“Do you really want to argue now about comparing to my hands?”

All of them are arguing in the Room of Requirements.


Hermione returned to normal the next day, talking and chatting with Sean as usual. She taught him a lesson about his behavior from time to time. The same is true for Daisy, or rather, Daisy has always been the same. She has always been smiling and sweet, and sometimes, she can even discuss a few things about Stephanie with Sean.

It’s just that Hermione and Daisy got together more frequently, and from time to time, they gossiped. Sean sometimes wondered what the two of them were talking about, but he also knew that this kind of conversation between girls was not something that a boy should listen to, so he just shrugged it off.

A week after the exam ended, the results were announced, but Hermione was rather dissatisfied with the results. For the first time, Sean surpassed Hermione and ranked first.

Both of them got O’s in all other subjects. Even in Potions class, Sean was given a good score by Snape. The only difference is that Sean got an E, and Hermione only got an A in the divination exam they took.

When she got the report card, Hermione was quite angry. She was so that she got an A in Divination, and she was not going to take this class next semester.

Sean could only smile, “You did good, though. You summed up almost all the written test subjects and the main points.”

Hermione thought that this was indeed the case, and her mood improved a lot. Daisy directly dominated the third grade and got the highest score. In addition to the Patronus released at the bridge last time, Daisy now has the respect of all her classmates.

Although she clings to Hermione and Sean all day long, Fred and George each obtained their OWL certificates, compared to the twelve certificates each of their elder brother, Bill, and Percy. But the twins felt they deserved at least an E in their other subjects, which is good enough.

In addition, Percy passed the exam perfectly. Although the relationship between the British Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts deteriorated seriously, they still sent examiners. Sean felt that this should be the result of Dumbledore’s hard work.

However, Percy gave up his original thought of serving in the Ministry of Magic, and his new goal has not yet been set. He has to deal with his relationship with his girlfriend first.

After the other result came out, Sean was very happy. The first-grade and second-grade students he taught performed very well, especially the first-grade students. They all passed Professor McGonagall’s test, and there were even only two A’s.

Among them, Axton and Fiora were even praised by Professor McGonagall, and Sean even got an additional teaching assistant bonus for this. Achieving this is better than just getting Galleons, and he even liked the feeling of teaching and educating students.

The end-of-term dinner came as scheduled. Dumbledore hosted the whole dinner. Although there were many accidents this school year, everyone enjoyed dinner happily.

Dumbledore has never been a person who likes long speeches. He summed up the things this year and told everyone to act well during the summer vacation. Although the situation has eased a lot, there are still some dark wizards hiding in the dark.

The House Cup was given to Ravenclaw, and they happily defended it back to back to claim the undisputed trophy.

Sean and Hermione’s bonus points in various subjects became the main force of Ravenclaw, and they also received more applause and cheers. In fact, Slytherin should have some chance to compete in the House Cup.

After all, Sean was second only to Harry in the Potions class in deducting points, especially when a lot of things happened this year, and Snape was even more ruthless. But what’s even more unfortunate is that Daisy is also in Ravenclaw.

It would take half the time for Daisy to get back from Snape what Sean had deducted. Sean felt that Snape had restrained enough by not adding five points to Daisy every time she did something.

When the dinner was over, the students fell asleep after eating and drinking.

The next day, their luggage was sent to the Hogwarts Express by the house elves, and the students felt better than they had in previous years. Under strict precaution, they boarded the train. Sean sat in a train compartment with his friends as usual, and they tasted the candies that Honeydukes gave Sean for free while talking about all kinds of things this year.

When the train arrived at the station, Sean walked out of the platform and saw his parents and sister, whom he hadn’t seen for a year. Sean sighed, laughed, and picked up Ella, who ran over.

“Sean, I miss you.” Ella hugged Sean tightly.

Sean also hugged her back tightly, “I miss you too, Ella.”

On the side, Hermione ran into the arms of her parents. After Sean talked to his parents, when Sean was about to get in the car, a voice behind him called him softly.

“Sean, remember to get in touch during the summer vacation. Oh, Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Wallup. I’m Stephanie Ollivander, and I’m Sean’s friend at Hogwarts.”


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