Being polite, gentle, with decent manners, and having a good appearance, coupled with sufficient strength and a genius brain, Sean can handle various situations with ease. In the eyes of his friends, teachers, etc., he is a trustworthy person.

But Sean can swear that he has never been so embarrassed, so embarrassed that he doesn’t know what to say at this moment.

The Room of Requirement always changes with the needs of its visitors. Sean, Hermione, and Daisy used it as a place to practice magic with a few comfortable chairs, cushions, and normal furnishings.

At this time, they sat cross-legged on the carpet of the color chosen by Hermione, and on the small table chosen by Daisy was an exquisite magic cake with a silver-white miniature unicorn on it.

The people who are able to knock and enter are Sean, Hermione, Daisy, and Stephanie. When the door was knocked, the three in the Room knew that the only visitor was Stephanie.

When Stephanie walked into the Room, she saw Sean directly, and said, “Good evening, Sean. Can you give me your home phone number? During the summer vacation, I want to contact you.”

She didn’t continue because she saw Hermione and Daisy behind Sean. Stephanie didn’t have much chemistry with the two girls. When Sean and Dawson fought last time, she used the authority to take Hermione and Daisy outside the castle.

Of course, she also witnessed Daisy’s actions and her Patronus. She saw the look on Hermione’s face the whole time. This was something Sean didn’t know about. The three didn’t mention they had been in contact before.

When Stephanie’s words sounded in the Room of Requirement, there was silence in the Room.

“Good evening, Granger, Potter.” She looks the same as usual with no expression, calm and composed.

“Good evening, Miss Ollivander.” Hermione was taken aback for a moment and immediately greeted her.

Daisy blinked, “Miss Ollivander, you can call me Daisy.”

Sean didn’t expect Stephanie to appear like this; he wanted to look back at the expressions of Daisy and Hermione, but he stopped his neck, which was about to turn around.

“Good evening, Stephanie,” Sean said.

Just when the name “Stephanie” was called out, Sean didn’t know if he was delusional, but he always felt like a knife was piercing his back.

“Hermione, Daisy. Since you are here, I brought a cake. Do you want to eat together?” She also summoned two more tableware.

Sean’s back was sitting straight, and he didn’t know why he was so nervous. Glancing to the left, Stephanie sat gracefully on the cushions, hands crossed on her knees. Hermione was on her right, holding the book they found in her hand.

Further to the right is Daisy. There are four people sitting around this not-so-big table, and Daisy should be opposite Sean. But she was clinging closer to Hermione than usual, putting some distance from Stephanie.

The four of them were silent, not knowing what they were thinking in their hearts.

Sean was the first to break the silence, “Why don’t we all go back to rest after eating cake?”

Hermione opened and closed the book in her hand, “I just finished the exam. I don’t have anything to do. I’ve been staying up all night lately.”

Daisy immediately echoed, “Yes, yes, how could I go to sleep so early?”

“Ah…” Sean sighed.

Stephanie stood up gently and said in a gentle tone, “I originally wanted to give this cake, and I’ll be away when it’s over. I’ll go first and enjoy it. I hope you like it.”

Stephanie turned around and walked towards the exit. Sean looked at Stephanie, who was leaving with a dazed expression. Did she come just to deliver a cake?

“I’ll see you later…” Sean was about to get up when she was pulled down by Hermione next to her.

Her voice was the same as usual, but with more enthusiasm, “Let’s eat together, Stephanie. The exams are over. There is no need to go to bed so early, right?”

Daisy echoed, “Yeah, yeah.”

Sean turned his head even more confused. Hermione turned her head quickly and gave Sean a hard look, immediately turned her head and put on a faint smile.

What surprised Sean even more was that Stephanie, who never liked to socialize, agreed and turned around to look at them.

“If you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. Come on, let’s eat together.” Hermione said.

“That’s right, how dare we just eat the cake by ourselves?” Daisy said.

When Stephanie returned to her seat and sat down, Hermione straightened up and picked up her knife and fork.

“Let me cut it.”

Sean almost showed horror in his eyes. Although Hermione is an organized person who likes planning, she doesn’t care much about this thing. Usually, she should have just dug it up with a spoon. She would also reprimand Daisy for eating dessert.

The cake was divided into four parts, and Sean could tell the size with the naked eye.

Stephanie’s was the largest, followed by Sean’s, which was slightly larger than Daisy’s, and Hermione’s, which was the smallest. The only strange thing is that the unicorns that should be used as decorations are still running happily in mid-air after the cake is separated.

They were holding the cake in their hands, all paying attention to the mini unicorn.

Stephanie took out her wand and said, “This decoration was already there when the cake shop delivered it, and it seems that magic was used.”

As she spoke, she waved her wand, and the miniature unicorn opened its mouth and let out a silent neigh, happily running in a circle and into the air. Its figure faded quickly, and silver light spots fell down, forming a pattern.

Before Sean could see the shape of the pattern clearly, Stephanie waved her wand again, and all the silver light spots disappeared at once.

“Try it.” She withdrew her wand and spoke quietly.

“Yes, try it.” Hermione smiled.

Sean turned his head in surprise; he was familiar with Hermione, and his sudden behavior seemed a little strange to him.

He silently stuffed the cake into his mouth and quietly rubbed the ring on his upper right.

“Dave? Don’t play with the bird in it. Playing with him will do no good to you.”

“Aw, come on, what’s the matter?”

“Can you see the Thunderbird’s family and see how good they are?”

“But the third and fourth brothers almost got into a fight with the Loch Ness Monster yesterday when they were catching fish, and it was the Basilisk who persuaded them to go back.”

The Thunderbird and the Lochness Monster are fighting, and the Basilisk is the peacemaker.

Sean suppressed his desire to complain and ordered, “Go out of the ring and go back to your place. I need your help.”

“I can’t get out. It’s too small. You need to open the opening a little wider, Sean.”

“This is the limit, or you can turn into a thorn sheath first and let Pudding or someone push you inside.”

“No, it’s too small. I can’t squeeze through. Are you in any trouble?”

“I don’t know if I am,” Sean muttered silently, “Can you smell the brains of others around me from the ring?”

“Yes.” Dave replied naturally.

Sean was overjoyed, “Good, hurry up and smell it. See what the girls around me are thinking.”

“Sean,” Dave sighed, feeling a little helpless, “I can just smell the scent of the brain and use the scent to judge whether they have a major change in their brain recently, not reading minds.”

“By the way, the brains of the people around you smell so good, I’m hungry.”

“Ugh, go back and play with the bird. The food for both of you will be reduced tonight.”


Sean closed the ring resentfully. He wanted to use Dave’s ability to smell the brains of these girls and see if there was any difference. In the end, he couldn’t do it at all.

Sean stuffed the cake unconsciously and didn’t taste anything after eating it.

The three chattered about each other while eating dessert, and the topics were all about the things in the castle, such as Goyle being beaten by a pair of armor again, Fred and George having another fight with another student, and Harry leading the Gryffindor Quidditch team to win the House Cup.

Stephanie acts as an audience member most of the time, speaking only a few words.

“Well, I’ve heard that too.”

“So that’s how it is.”

“It’s really interesting.”

However, except for Sean, the three girls did not show much, just like a small group of common girls chatting about common girls’ topics.

Sean had already finished eating and didn’t join the conversation. He dug into the air with a spoon, pretending that there was still cake on his plate. The topic changed from the funny stories in the castle and the professors to their respective personalities and living habits, and then to the recent situation of their classmates.

“Percy will be graduating this year. I heard that he and Penelope have had a bit of a fight recently.”

“Really? Haven’t the two of them always had a good relationship?”

“Cedric from Hufflepuff, you know him? He’s with Cho Chang now.”

“Ah, I’ve heard that too.”

The topic made Sean dare not speak up. None of these people likes to gossip, but why are they chatting without any problem now?

The time was much longer than Sean imagined. Finally, after a topic that was not gossipy, Stephanie took the initiative to say, “It’s getting late. Should we go to rest?”

Sean glanced at his watch. It was already twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, and more than three hours had passed. However, he felt that three days had passed.

“Well, I guess we should.”

Several of them just watched each other, and no one got up.

Sean stood up, looked at them strangely, and Daisy said with a mournful face, “Sitting on my knees all the time, my legs are numb…”

The three girls stood up. Hermione’s face flushed a little, and even Stephanie, who was usually expressionless, showed a blush on her face.

Sean sighed in his heart.

Stephanie turned her head to look at Sean, “By the way, Sean. Can you give me your phone number?”


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