Fiora’s request for the number made Axton a little shocked. He had never talked to someone like her. For the girl in front of him, his impression was only that she had good grades, good background, and good looks.

Looking at Axton, who was in a daze, Fiora was impatient. He was praised so many times by Sean in class, but he was born into a Muggle family. But he did better than a student from a wizard family like her, and he was so sharp when answering questions.

“Come with me.” Fiora crossed her arms.

“Oh, okay…” Axton was a little nervous.

The two walked out of the classroom, and Fiora led Axton to an empty corner.

She put her hands on her hips, “Why are you so dull?”

He said nervously, “Well, uh…”

She stared at him and slowly deflated like a deflated balloon.

“Professor Wallup has praised you so many times. Did you not realize that?” Fiora said helplessly.

“Well, I guess it’s just my luck.”

“No, it means you’re doing well. You have done better than others in the class, including me.” Fiora suddenly became serious.

“Don’t always be so low on yourself to others. You know that you just want to learn.”

Axton wanted to refute that he just wanted to learn, but when he thought of his life in Hogwarts in the past, he gave up.

Fiora said, “If someone in the class asks you for something, you will always accept them. If they ask you to do your homework, you will let them copy it, and if they ask you to help bring them food, you can’t refuse. They treat you like a lowly person.”

“It’s not that you want to make friends. You just can’t refuse.”

Axton was speechless. He knew that what Fiora said was true.

“Today, Professor rewarded you with such a valuable thing, and those guys rushed up to you. You won this on your own, but why should you give it to them?” Fiora directly complained to Axton.

“I don’t understand them, and I can’t understand you either. You don’t even play chess or Quidditch. What’s the use of trading for it? Moreover, the potion given by the professor has never been on the market. It’s not easy to know how good it is. I’m afraid they will find an excuse to take more from you later. Isn’t this a robbery? You can’t refuse, and when people say something, you just agree to them?”

Axton scratched his head, feeling like he was being reprimanded by his teacher.

His voice was a little low, but he still defended, “They are not as bad as you think they are…”

“Yes, I know they’re not bad,” Fiora snorted coldly, “They are normal. They said they would exchange a limited edition Wizard Chess with you. He gets along very well with others, and even yesterday, he did me a little favor.”

“I know most of them really don’t have bad intentions, but you are too easy to approach and unwilling to refuse them.”

“Their interest is aimed at you, don’t you understand now?”

Axton was momentarily at a loss for words, and he lowered his head in embarrassment. Just like Fiora said, he was aware of his own problems, but he couldn’t solve them.

“I know that you can’t do anything to it, right?” Fiora said directly as if she had seen through his heart.

Axton finally nodded.

“Give me your number, and I’ll help you from now on.”


“Huh what? Come with me in the future. I will tell you what you should say, and I will say no if you are too shy to refuse. Also, in exchange, I want you to tell me about your Transfiguration experience; that’s why I want your number. I don’t want to waste such a long summer vacation, and I’ll be left behind later.”

“But, you can just ask me directly. Professor said that we should learn from each other and improve each other.”

“Stop talking nonsense, just answer, do you agree or not?”

“Okay, okay.”

When Fiora got a number from Axton, she turned away.

After walking away, she turned back to look at him, “Why are you standing there? Come on now. We will be friends from now on.”

“Oh, okay.” Axton hurriedly followed.

“I’ll call you Campbell from now on. Don’t call me Fiora anymore. I have a name. My name is Natasha Fiora. You will call me Natasha from now on.”

“Oh, okay.”

“What’s that?”

“Okay, Fiora… no, Natasha. Sorry about that.”

“Small problem, you’ll get used to it.”

After the two left, laughter erupted within the stone wall.

Sean smiled and said, “These two kids are quite interesting.”

Beside him, Stephanie nodded, “That girl named Fiora has a strong personality, is smart, and has a kind heart.”

“Not bad,” Sean stretched his waist, “I thought I’d have a small meeting with Axton or something. He has outstanding talent, good character, and great courage. However, with Fiora there, I don’t think I need to.”

Stephanie glanced at him and said, “Do you want to start improving your own power?”

Sean smiled, “It’s obvious, isn’t it? Professor McGonagall knew it, and Professor Dumbledore must have known it, too. But they all understood it. In addition, I have to correct you for a mistake. Improving it with your help as well.”

Stephanie’s expression didn’t change, “It’s indeed your way of doing things. If you need help, you can find me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely take advantage of any available choices I have.” Sean smiled and spread his hands.

Stephanie smiled, “That’s good.”

After speaking, she walked away. Sean stood there and shrugged. He really couldn’t figure out what she irl was thinking.

He wanted to wait for Axton to come out to talk to him, but he happened to meet Stephanie, who took a shortcut in the wall, and the two simply watched them. Sean turned his head and looked in the direction she was leaving. Was it really a coincidence?


Time was moving fast, and the accident caused by the two insiders, Max Dawson and Gerald Lockhart, became the biggest news at Hogwarts during this period.

After that, life in the castle was the same as before, even a little dull.

Of course, because of that missing year, the study period of the students has increased a lot. When the final exam is approaching, the exam preparation in the castle is more apparent than in any previous year.

Even George and Fred allocated half of their precious time to the library. They jumped from fifth grade to sixth grade and not only had to complete the OWL exams that should be taken in fifth grade but even had to pay an extra part of the exam for the sixth grade.

Students from other grades can’t easily pass their exam either; the exam content is more than half of the normal final exam, and it’s all advanced materials. The first-grade students are a little easier. They only study for half a year.

Under such circumstances, probably only Sean and Daisy can relax.

Of course, Hermione is completely immersed in the exam. She even had to put a waterproof spell on the book when she took a bath and reiterated the Goblin Rebellion in 1612, which she had memorized more than a dozen times.

As for Sean, he has no pressure on all exams that require practical tests. This is the same for Hermione; she is already good enough. As for the written test, Sean’s memory has always been pretty good, not to mention Hermione, who would write everything she knew on the paper.

The same is true for Daisy; she has all of Hermione’s notes, and the exams are no problem at all. She is good at potions as well; Sean thought that even if Daisy boiled a pot of mud, Snape would give her a perfect score directly.

The same is true in terms of practical tests. Daisy is already outstandingly talented. Under the influence of Hermione and Sean, she is really good. She alone fought with two Slytherin seniors who were rude to junior students.

Daisy just used a few curses that Sean taught her to scare them away, and Snape was there at the time.

The two Slytherins who said “Mudblood” were directly punished, and Daisy even received Snape’s comments about her action. Snape reminded Daisy that she could do a sneak attack and be careful about her safety.

Draco took away the two Slytherins after being punished by Snape.

Under Sean’s guidance, Draco played the pureblood brainwashing to the fullest with this kind of behavior of insulting and very shameful behavior in their eyes.

The weather is getting hotter than the final exams, making people drowsy while sitting in the classroom. Under such weather, Hogwarts’s exam came.

As Sean expected, he didn’t encounter any problems in the exam. The most difficult thing was probably how he could not fall asleep under the watchful eyes of Professor Binns.

New clapped happily after Sean perfectly demonstrated how to calm a magical animal in front of him.

“Perfect presentation. I can’t do it better than you.”

Sean patted the animal. He replied with a smile, “Professor, you are too kind.”

“No, I’m serious. Although it’s against the rules, I can tell you secretly that you’ve already got an O from me.”

“Thank you, Professor.” Sean smiled happily.

The exam wasn’t too stressful for Sean, and when the last exam was over, all the students cheered.

Quidditch fans are calling out to their friends about what Dumbledore promised them. Now that the indoor Quidditch pitch is open 24/7, it’s time for them to enjoy. The girls changed into their usual clothing and chatted about their summer vacation plans.

Everyone also dived into various entertainments.

At the same time, Dumbledore also came back and brought back good news.

The situation in the outside world has been brought under control to a certain extent, and all restrictions have been lifted to a certain extent. Of course, in order to ensure safety, he still does not recommend that all students play around during the summer vacation.

Sean was immersed in his own thoughts. After the exam, he had been sorting out all the information he had obtained in the past, trying to discover the truth or connection that he hadn’t discovered at the time.

Unfortunately, the results were minimal.

Hermione recovered from her post-exam anxiety, and Daisy, who kept interrupting her around, eased a lot after being chased around by Hermione for bugging her off.

On this day, in the Room of Requirement, the three were studying a book. Sean told Hermione and Daisy about the book he found before. After the two were surprised, they also began to analyze it.

“I hate this Riddle kind of story.” Sean held the pen in one hand.

Hermione didn’t even look away. She was flipping through another book.

“This kind of animal often has various meanings in ancient times. If you can match it, you should be able to know more things.” Hermione said.

Daisy helped Hermione and said while writing, “But is the Misty Land different from our real world?”

“It’s definitely not the same. But maybe we can find some connection… huh?” Hermione made a confused sound.

“What’s wrong?” Sean leaned over.

“This nursery rhyme is similar to other things I’ve read before. This seems a bit strange…”

Just as he was talking, there was a sudden knock on the door of the Room of Requirement. They raised their heads together, and Hermione and Daisy looked at Sean at the same time.

Because there is only one person who can knock on the door at this time.


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