“Okay, that’s the end of today’s class. Oh, are you tired?” Sean leaned on the podium and looked at the first-grade students in the Transfiguration classroom.

All the students looked like they were dying, and a few students were collapsing on their seats. Axton, the young boy who was assigned to Ravenclaw, was tired, but he tried to keep his body upright and not reveal too much.

Today, Sean made everyone in the classroom for a long time, torturing everyone to an extremely exhausted state. Most students don’t understand; they are wizards, but why do they still need to do physical exercise?

However, Axton believes that their professor must have a reason.

Driven by these students who worshiped Sean, even the weakest students persisted for a long time. Although they didn’t understand, they still trusted Sean very much. Sean let them feel the magic power of their bodies under extreme exhaustion.

“Use your attention to feel the magic power in your body.”

Although the students were exhausted, Sean’s words still had enough effect. They propped up their bodies and closed their eyes to feel the magic, as Sean said.

“Do you feel that the magic power is different from usual?”

He is constantly doing leapfrog in the classroom.

Some students raised their hands, “It’s different. Although I haven’t cast a magic spell, the magic power is much better than usual. It’s like a smooth stream encountering a reef and splashing a lot of waves.”

Sean asked the student to sit down while leapfrogging, “Yes, feeling this state is a start. Now, everyone who feels the magic and feels that it is different from the usual stable state continues to exercise and, at the same time, tries to move forward while exercising. Focus on feeling the magic on ​​the body, such as our brain.”

There were a few groans in the classroom, but immediately, some students, such as Axton, continued to leapfrog.

“Pay attention to your physical condition. When you already feel dizzy, stop immediately and do it again.”

The first grade followed their professor’s assistant to exercise in the classroom for a whole session. Of course, continuous exercise will damage their body, but Sean has been paying attention to everyone’s condition. Once something is happening to the student, he will make a move.

At the same time, he distributed a glass of water to everyone before the class started, and there was a diluted tonic in the water. Although there are many students, Sean is not short of money. He can write to Lily and ask her to help brew a potion or ask Lupin to go to the black market to buy him something.

Sean was also able to get the best quality tonic from Snape from time to time. Daisy no longer drank the potion to prevent the recurrence of the blood curse, but Snape still sent her a bottle or two every once in a while.

The big one is for Daisy, and the small one is for Sean’s help.

Of course, Sean accepted this. Snape would always find various reasons and excuses to cover up his actions, and he mocked Sean from time to time.

Today’s tonic is enough to replenish their strength, and it can also make the magic power in their bodies more active. However, until the end of the class, Sean didn’t tell them what his intentions were.

He always guides them to think on their own. Of course, it is okay for them to ask questions, but if they can think of questions and then think of answers by themselves, that would be better.

The students in the classroom were all exhausted. They looked at Sean, who also exercised at the podium. He just made everyone drink a bottle of potion that tasted like water-infused milk before class, let them exercise, and feel the magic for the whole session.

Sean looked around at everyone in the classroom, expecting someone to stand up.

Someone couldn’t bear it anymore, stood up and raised his hand, “Professor, what’s the point of doing this that you haven’t told us yet?”

Hearing the students’ questions, several students in the class, such as Fiora, Axton, and others, nodded.

Fiora even complained in her heart to her classmates, who just got up to ask questions. She didn’t have much thought yet at this time.

Sean didn’t answer immediately; he glanced at everyone; the expectation in his eyes was obvious.

A student raised his hand and stood up.

He was also a student who had performed well in class before. The boy replied, “Professor, are you exercising our bodies so that we can perform better when releasing a spell? The water we drank before class seems to be a tonic. I have a potions workshop at home, and I’ve tasted tonics many times.”

Sean smiled and motioned him to sit down, “It is indeed a tonic. I can’t let exercise damage your body, right? However, your guess is not completely accurate. Exercise can indeed enhance the quality of a person in all aspects, but It is you who needs to take the initiative to continue exercising instead of just constantly learning spells.”

He glanced at everyone again, “Any other answers?”

“Professor…” A hand was raised.

Axton raised his hand. He and Fiora have always been Sean’s two most promising students.


Axton thought for a while and said with some uncertainty, “You have been letting us feel the magic power and the change. You also mentioned concentration, which is the key point of Transfiguration. Is this a kind of magic power? A way to practice Transfiguration?”

As he said that, he seemed to want to explain in more detail and seemed a little shy, “I mean, not in general terms like exercising Transfiguration. But a specific method of exercising how to concentrate and feel your magic power?”

Sean applauded, “Good perception. Ravenclaw gains five points.”

Axton showed a surprised expression. Fiora, on the side, looked at Axton enviously, and after complaining in her mind to the classmate who asked the question first, she pricked up her ears and listened to Sean’s explanation.

“As we all know, Transfiguration requires us to concentrate on outlining the deformed object in our minds and to put out magic power smoothly during the process. This is the foundation of a successful Transfiguration.”

“But after studying for so long, you know that it is not easy to feel the magic power in your body clearly. To make an analogy, the magic power that flows in your body is like a cream, but there is no sweetness when you try it; it only has a vague sense of stickiness and flow.”

The students all recalled it after hearing the words. Just like what he said, it is not easy to feel the magic. Some keen students have discovered the difference in themselves, and they feel the magic more clearly.

Sean smiled slightly, “Because of the existence of magic power, the wizard’s physique is much stronger than Muggles. The physical condition of wizards also affects their magic power. When you are in a situation of strenuous exercise, the magic power will become more active. If you close your eyes at this time, feel it, and recall it, you will definitely find the difference.”

The students closed their eyes, and all showed surprised expressions.

Sean continued, “This is also the reason why I asked you to focus on feeling the magic power of a specific part.”

“It’s better, right? Try it yourself. Miss Fiora, are you better now?”

She stood up quickly and made her slightly panting voice as calm as possible, “Yes, Professor.”

Sean took out a small white mouse, “I remember you were a little scared of mice?”

Fiora took a step back subconsciously and looked at Sean again, “Fortunately, Professor, I can tolerate it.”

“Don’t panic. Fear isn’t a big deal.” Sean smiled mildly. “I remember you always had problems with mice Transfiguration because your attention was always distracted by fear.”

Fiora nodded aggrievedly. Her technique is not weaker than Axton’s. Many students have been able to turn the ice into a box completely, and Axton can also transform it with various beautiful patterns.

She was the only one with a mouse tail on the box. However, this animal distracted her too much attention.

Sean let the mice go, “Use your most concentrated state to demonstrate the Transfiguration.”

Fiora didn’t hesitate; she took a deep breath, took out her wand, and pointed it at the mice.

The fear didn’t go away. It was still distracting her. But Fiora was surprised to find that although she couldn’t concentrate when imagining, the magic power responded faster, and because she could feel the magic power more clearly, she felt like her arm was directing her.

She quickly calmed herself down and cast a spell.

A smooth box appeared, still intricately shaped and without a tail.

Fiora looked at Sean excitedly, “Professor, I did it!”

“Beautiful Transfiguration, two points for Gryffindor.” Sean praised.

Everyone knows Fiora is afraid of mice, and this time, she surpassed herself.

“Yes. This is the Transfiguration class. Why didn’t any of you try to do it yourselves as well?”

Hearing this, everyone took action. They took out matches, silver needles, etc., and experimented with it.

“It’s easier?”

“Not only that, it resulted better. When I imagined the objects before, I had to concentrate all the time, which caused the output of magic power to be a bit behind, but this time, I can do it better.”

“Look at the patterns! I’ve never created them before!”

The students were excited to find that their Transfiguration skills had improved significantly. Only then did they truly understand Sean’s intentions. Sean watched this, and it was an experience. The clearer they felt the magic power, the higher their grasp of the spell.

He let the students make noise for a while and signaled them to be quiet, “Did you all feel it?”

“Yes, Professor!” the students shouted in unison.

“That’s good. At least my class was not useless. This is the last class of this semester, and Professor McGonagall will teach next. Study hard; she is a real Transfiguration master, and promise me, doesn’t make me ashamed in front of her, alright?”

“Oh, yes. I said there was a prize for the top student in my class, Mr. Campbell.”

Axton stood up under the envious eyes of others.

“Transfiguration potion.” Sean took out a box containing ten bottles of transparent liquid.

This is the product of Dumbledore’s Sorcerer’s Stone imitation, and it’s the best way to exercise Transfiguration in the early stage.

Axton accepted it. This was not the first prize. Fiora got it before and still envied him.

“Each bottle can be drunk once at your own disposal. In addition, I will give you a magic spell I created myself.”

Axton took the paper in a daze.

“Practice well.” Sean smiled, patted him on the shoulder, and walked out of the classroom.

The classroom suddenly became noisy, “Axton, can you give me a bottle?! I’ll trade with you!”

“I have a set of limited edition Wizard Chess!”

“I have a signed commemorative Quidditch jersey!”

Fiora didn’t approach Axton until after everyone had quieted down.

“Congratulations.” Said Fiora.

He nodded, “Well, the professor said you were good as well.”

“I have the experience of using it, and the professor also said, take it according to your own needs. I can tell you my experience.”

“Can you?” Axton was flattered.

Fiora crossed her arms, “Of course.”

“Do you want a bottle?”

She immediately became mad, “What do you mean? I drank it before.”

“Ah, I’m sorry…” Axton apologized quickly.

Fiora glared at him. “It’s going to be a holiday soon. Are you from a Muggle family? Do you have something called a telephone?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Give me your phone number.” Fiora spread her hands.


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