Stephanie’s eyes widened because of her seriousness. At this moment, she looks like a girl who wants to prove that she is an adult.

Sean scratched his head. He needed someone who could provide him with more help. From the first time he met Stephanie, she was reading a book, and in the next few years, no matter when he met her, there were always a few thick books in her arms.

Moreover, Sean now has the authority to the Room of Requirement. There are all kinds of strange books in this room that have existed in Hogwarts to this day. Stephanie had authority long before he had authority.

As if worried that Sean would not believe her, Stephanie also took off her glasses. The eyes turned dreamy, light blue in front of Sean’s eyes.

As far as Sean knew, her charm ability was weak when Stephanie’s pupils were light blue. When her pupils are black, her charm ability will greatly increase, and it can affect both men and women. But the charm ability of black pupils seems to be suppressed by her gold-rimmed glasses.

Of course, this makes no difference to Sean. At first, he couldn’t hold back under the gaze of the light blue eyes, but now Stephanie can’t affect him even with full power.

She must have wanted to say something by suddenly taking the initiative to change the color of her pupils.

Stephanie took off her glasses, looked at Sean, and said, “My ability to charm comes from my mother. She is a Veela, but my mother is not a pure Veela.”

Sean nodded.

“I don’t know who my mother’s parent or my maternal grandfather and grandmother are. But my maternal grandmother is most likely a pure Veela, and my maternal grandfather is most likely an unknown Magus.”

Magus is also a name for those with special talents among wizards. For example, Tonks is a Metamorphmagus, and Newt’s ability to communicate with magical animals is also a Magus talent.

Stephanie took out a book out of nowhere and handed it to Sean, “This is a book that I just borrowed from the library today, and I haven’t read it yet.”

Sean flipped through it casually. This is a collection of poems from the Middle Ages, and the words are so sophisticated that they are even a bit obscure.


Stephanie took the book again and quickly flipped through it before Sean. In less than five minutes, she had turned to the last page and handed the book to Sean again.

“You can ask me anything on a page.”

Sean took the books in surprise and asked a few questions. Stephanie recited everything Sean mentioned without missing a single word.

“Is it your natural talent?” Sean looked at her in surprise.

Stephanie shook her head slightly, “It should be something inherited from my grandfather, and this should be something. But I haven’t found any relevant records about it. When my eyes are black, it is the charm ability I inherited from my mother. But when my eyes are light blue, I can do this.”

“As long as I want to, with some magic and mental power, I can remember anything in my memory, and I don’t need to understand the meaning of the sentence itself. It provides me a great record of what I’ve seen.”

Hermione should be envious of this. Sean thought silently.

On the opposite side, she continued, “I said this to prove to you that I can help you. Of course, I can’t understand the meaning of all the books in the library and the Room of Requirement. But I read a lot of books.”

“I guess it’s more than a lot. According to the frequency of your reading, your reserve is probably dozens of times that of others.” Sean replied.

Stephanie shook her head, “I think reading without understanding knowledge is useless. Of course, some record-type books don’t need to be understood.”

Sean nodded, “No wonder you said it so seriously. You read a lot of books.”

“The professors didn’t reveal much to me, so I thought about it and came directly to you. If you need any help, you can tell me directly. Even though I haven’t read all the books in the Hogwarts library and the Room of Requirement, I’ve read the catalogs.”

Seeing her with a calm face, an idea suddenly popped into Sean’s mind. It’s good that Stephanie said so. There are too many books in Hogwarts.

He said this directly, “I really need information now.”

There was a flash of joy in Stephanie’s eyes. Sean took out the Crystal he had just placed and showed it to Stephanie.

“I got some information from Lockhart’s memory. This thing is called the Compulsive Crystal. It should be an important thing, and it may have existed hundreds or even thousands of years ago, or in other words, similar items may have existed. Do you know anything about it?”

Stephanie moved a little closer, her eyes scanning the Crystals carefully like a radar scan. She closed her eyes, and her brain began to work to search for relevant information. Sean did not disturb her, quietly waiting for her to open her eyes.

After a while, Stephanie frowned slightly and opened her eyes, “I don’t have the name in my memory…”

Sean was a little disappointed. Even Hogwarts seemed to have such a huge collection of books that there might not necessarily be records of all kinds of magical items.

She continued, “But I remembered the contents from several books. All of them mentioned the same shaped crystals, but I haven’t read these books in detail, so I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for.”

Sean immediately reacted, “It’s okay, at least it’s a clue. Do you remember which books it was?”

Stephanie nodded, “I remember it. They are all in the restricted area. I remember the position of each book on the shelf if Mrs. Pince hadn’t changed the position.”

“Let’s go there and take a look.” Sean made a decision.

Putting away the Crystal again, Sean and Stephanie directly used the Room of Requirement’s authority to open a library door. It was already night, and most students had already borrowed books and returned to the common room. All the lights in the library had been turned off, and only a faint glimmer of light on the ceiling was left.

The library is quiet late at night, but Sean is familiar with the place. He had slipped into the library several times before. The same is true for Stephanie. With her reading speed, she can’t be satisfied just by borrowing several books. Obviously, she has done a lot of sneaking in the library.

Stephanie looked around as if returning to her own home and pointed in a direction.

She led Sean towards the bookshelf, saying, “There are seven books with similar content, and it is not hard to find them. The fifteenth book from the left on the third row on the shelf is called “An Overview of Magic Items in the Middle World.” I think that’s the book you’re looking for.”

“Unbelievable that you remembered it so clearly.” Sean looked at her in surprise.

Stephanie made a bad joke for the first time, “Thanks to my grandfather for falling in love with a Veela, and their Veela daughter for falling in love with a wizard.”

Stephanie did not have any emotional fluctuations when she mentioned her parents, as if she mentioned two strangers. Mr. Ollivander, who was far away in Diagon Alley, never revealed her information about his son and daughter-in-law.

It appears that Stephanie’s parents may have simply left a child behind. Sean decided not to ask about her family affairs. Stephanie didn’t say much; she led Sean to the bookshelf, counted from left to right to the fifteenth, and took out a book.

The sheepskin cover shows signs of wear and tear, and it seems that it is a book that has existed for a long time.

Stephanie quickly flipped through the books and said, “If I remember correctly, this book was already in the restricted area when I entered school. Hogwarts doesn’t change their books every year, I found it; is this it?”

Sean took the book from her and read it carefully.

“The appearance is indeed somewhat similar, but what is mentioned in this book is a creation from a dark wizard. Its main function is to spread a plague, which is different from the effect shown by the Crystal.”

Stephanie nodded, “Let’s find another one.”

In the deserted library late at night, the two browsed the restricted area without any problem, and Stephanie’s voice could be heard in the library from time to time. During the period, Filch took Mrs. Norris to inspect the library, but Sean used a spell to hide from them.

But this cat had a great sense for Sean and even jumped into Sean’s arms while Filch was stunned by the Confundus Charm. After they walked away, Sean looked at Stephanie curiously while cleaning the cat fur on his body.

She retreated when Mrs. Norris jumped into Sean’s arms.

“Are you allergic to cats?”

Stephanie shook her head, “No, I simply don’t like cats.”

“Huh? Can I ask why?”

She frowned, “I don’t know. Cats or feline creatures have never injured me since I was a child. I don’t have any reason to dislike it; I just simply don’t like it.”

Sean spread his hands, “It’s normal. I also have things that I have never liked since I was a child. For example, on rainy days, when I was sitting in a stroller when I was one year old, I would point to the heavy rain outside the window and say I hated it.”

Stephanie looked at him and said, “Let’s find more. There are two books left.”

They have already read several available books but haven’t found any.

“This time, it’s the twenty-first book from the right in the fifth row, huh?” Stephanie, who was looking for a book, suddenly made a puzzled voice.

“What’s wrong?” Sean walked over to take a look, and the book called “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” was replaced by another book.

“Mrs. Pince seems to have tidied up the bookshelf recently, and the positions of the books on this shelf have changed.” Stephanie said while scanning the bookshelf.

“Maybe we look for it somewhere else?” Sean said. Although the hope was slim, he still didn’t want to let go of any possible clues.

This “The Bard and the Greedy Snake” sounds like a collection of weird stories. Since she saw it in the restricted area, it shows that this thing is still of reference value, and “The Bard and the Greedy Snake” has not been returned.

The two searched the nearby bookshelves, and soon, Stephanie called Sean, and she found it.

“The Bard and The Greedy Snake” was sorted by Mrs. Pince on the outermost bookshelf. According to the rules, the books here should be the least dangerous ones in the restricted area.

She flicked through it quickly and handed it to Sean, “This one, I think it’s very similar.”

Sean quickly took the book.

“The Bard and the Greedy Snake” comprises small stories. Stephanie told Sean about it when she was looking for it. It’s like a dark fairy tale; if you re-read the story more than a few times, you get a strong sense of dizziness.

“The Bard and the Greedy Snake” caught his attention. The Bard took away the treasure of darkness condensed by compulsion, and the Snake paid the price because of his greed.

Seeing the name of the short story, Sean frowned. This kind of seeming name is not good in dark fairy tales.

He glanced quickly, and his pupils shrank. In the illustration, a bard with an odd grin is holding a black crystal.

It is almost the same as the Compulsive Crystal.

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Published On: April 4, 2024

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