Voldemort trembled. For a long time, he had been extremely proud of himself. He took it for granted that a wizard like himself, with an ancient bloodline, remarkable magical talent, and even extraordinary wisdom, should be proud of himself.

Even though he failed several times in a row, Voldemort believed from the bottom of his heart that there was nothing shameful about being defeated by Grindelwald and Dumbledore.

As arrogant as Voldemort, he had to admit that these two old men possessed the most powerful strength in the world, or he would not have chosen to cooperate with the Returners.

The strength of these two old men comes from their age. He is immortal, more talented, and more ambitious, not to mention that they need to work together to deal with him.

Moreover, the environment in which he grew up was incomparable to those who came from these wizarding families. The experience in the orphanage gave Voldemort a vague and strange sense of superiority. Growing up in such a difficult environment made him a better person.

But now, the scene in his memory made it impossible for Voldemort to maintain the peace of mind he thought he had. It is understandable to lose at the hands of Dumbledore and Grindelwald, but this kid who has only studied magic for a few years is not even a half-blood and comes from a Muggle family.

A Mudblood pretended to be himself to deceive his most capable subordinates. Under his words, Barty became even more loyal to him.

He stared fiercely at Sean in the memory, wishing he could tear him to pieces. Voldemort’s mood swings will not interrupt the memory, and Sean is still brainwashing Barty.

“Barty, how much do you know about souls?”

Barty said respectfully, “Not much. I only know an Imperius Curse, so I’m nothing to you.”

Sean smiled, “Of course. Barty, I have been researching the soul, and this time, the dirty soul pieces that I separated out is a good thing but also a troublesome thing.”

“Why do you say so, master?” Barty asked.

Sean waved his wand lightly, and the tip of his wand emitted a green light, “Wallup’s body is good, so good that I can’t believe he’s actually a Mudblood. Since this body is now mine, I’ve put my soul into this body.”

“However, even I dare not say that I have fully understood the mysteries of the soul, and accidents may still occur.” Sean’s eyes darkened.

“Master?” Barty looked at Sean.

“When I took possession of the body, this kid’s soul resisted. Dumbledore and Grindelwald had taught him about soul magic, but he was still able to barely hold my attack,” Sean said, telling lies without changing his expression. Still, Barty’s expression showed that he believed him completely.

“Of course, I can deal with this kid’s soul slowly, but unfortunately, he was in Nurmengard at that time, and Grindelwald would pay attention to him from time to time.” Sean snorted with resentment, “I hid it from other people’s eyes, and I can’t fail at the most critical moment.”

“But I am the greatest dark wizard after all,” Sean raised his chin, “I have found a better solution. For many years, when studying the soul, I also encountered problems. Although I dealt with them all, some hidden dangers were left in the depths of my soul.”

Barty turned pale with fright. Just as he was about to speak anxiously, his eyes suddenly widened. Immediately afterward, the expression on his face turned into surprise.

“Master, you said that you separated the garbage?”

Sean smiled, “Barty, you are still as sharp as ever. Yes, I took this opportunity to separate the hidden dangers in the depths of my soul. I have the most potential body and the strongest soul ever; hence, I can become stronger.”

“Master, I am moved by your wisdom and strength.” Barty knelt down on one knee again.

“Get up, my friend,” Sean smiled softly, “Do you know why I’m telling you this?”

“First of all, of course, it is your trust in me, and secondly, it should be about the little trouble you mentioned just now?”

Sean smiled with satisfaction, “It’s really a pleasure to talk to a smart person like you.”

“You taught me well, master,” Barty said respectfully.

Even in memory, Voldemort almost spits out. This master-servant mutual relationship made him feel sick.

Sean patted him on the shoulder, “Barty, on that piece, the soul belonging to Sean Wallup has been completely killed by me. His resentment and unwillingness to attach to me before he died came out, and a strange thing formed.”

“Into a ghost?”

“Somewhat similar, and you won’t understand it much. You just need to know that the soul pieces have escaped to a certain corner of the world and are slowly recovering their strength.”

“Should I go to find that piece and destroy it?” Barty asked quickly.

Sean waved his hand, “It’s not that simple; it’s essentially a part of my soul; although it’s garbage, it also took away part of my strength and knowledge. For me, it’s not a big problem, but for you, it may be dangerous.”

He glanced coldly at the manor Bellatrix was telling the Death Eaters.

“I don’t have much energy for the next time. I’m going to get my strength back. During this period, my main focus will not be on you…” Sean turned back, “Barty, you are different from those idiots, so I want to tell you this.”

“Master?” A huge trust almost brought tears to Barty’s eyes.

“That soul piece may slowly become active, and it is likely to want to take advantage of it and try to grab what belongs to me. But I am not someone it can mess with.” Sean looked at Barty.

Barty thought hard for a while, shaking his head, “You mean it will pretend to be you when you are not around and come to us?”

“That’s right,” Sean nodded, “Although it’s rubbish, it carries my breath, and even you can’t tell the difference. Please send me a message when the time comes. You have to face it alone.” Barty immediately raised his head and puffed out his chest.

“Master, no one can shake my loyalty to you. I am willing to make an unbreakable vow for this.”

Sean clapped his hands in relief, “Very well, I am relieved by your determination. There is no need for that, my most trusted friend.”

The memory is slowly dissipating into foam and mist, and the voices of the two are getting smaller and smaller.

“Remember, don’t let that trash blind you.”

“Yes, master.”

In the room of the manor, Voldemort suddenly raised its head from the pensieve. Voldemort was panting violently.

“Master?” Wormtail saw this scene, approached cautiously, and asked boldly.

Voldemort’s panting gradually subsided, and his voice returned to its usual coldness.

“Get out, Wormtail.”

“Ah? Master?” Wormtail didn’t react for a moment.

Voldemort’s slender eyes swept slightly, and the chill in his voice was terrifying, “I said get out.”

“Yes!” Wormtail fled out of the room, closing the door behind him with trembling hands.

The room returned to silence. After a while, a dazzling green light hit the opposite wall fiercely, the stones splashed, and expensive antique vases and famous paintings were instantly reduced to ashes. Voldemort’s voice can be heard, and the killing intent and endless resentment can be felt.

“Sean Wallup!”

“Sean!” A voice sounded, but there was some anger in it.

Sean was lying on the cushion, turned his head, and saw Hermione and Daisy behind her.

“Good evening. What’s up, Hermione?” Sean didn’t understand.

Hermione glared at him angrily, “You still asking this? You skipped class! My God, I can’t believe it. It’s Snape’s class! You didn’t even see Snape’s expression! Harry was even deducted three extra points for this!”

Sean was taken aback for a moment and turned pale with shock. There were too many things; he was so absorbed in thinking about the incident that he forgot about the Potions class.

He couldn’t even find an excuse. After all, Snape was also there. However, he can’t comment on Harry’s situation.

Sean smiled bitterly, “If I said I forgot about it, do you believe it?”

Hermione’s expression gradually turned, and she moved forward, “Does it still matter?”

“Yeah.” Sean nodded.

After thinking about it for a while, he told the two of them about the situation he had.

Hermione’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Lockhart Is the last person?”

Sean spread his hands helplessly, “I didn’t expect it at first. I found something wrong in the library this afternoon, and Like I said, I forgot the Potions class. Why did Snape make things difficult?”

Hermione also frowned, “He’s been annoyed at you lately…”

Daisy raised her hand, “Sean, I can help you with Professor Snape.”

“Don’t!” Sean was so frightened that he quickly stopped Daisy.

Suppose Daisy goes to plead for him. He’ll be dead tomorrow.

“I’ll be scolded in the next Potions class…” Sean said helplessly.

He didn’t want to skip class, but he was so absorbed in thinking about things that he really forgot about them. The main thing of this incident is Trelawney’s prophecy, and the Returner’s plan is not considered a success. After all, an incomplete prophecy may not help them much.

With everyone’s efforts, they barely broke their plan, although they still don’t know what prophecy the Returners want.

However, catching them is a bit of a reward. Dawson is dealt with, and If Lockhart stays in Hogwarts longer, he may cause unimaginably big problems in the future. In addition to thinking about the purpose of the Returners, Sean also thought about Lockhart.

With Lockhart’s personality, Sean did not consider him an undercover agent. It was hard for him to imagine what the Returners had done to Lockhart.

Sean cares a little bit about him. In this incident, many people were continuously extracted and modified their memories. Sean himself has studied memory-related magic in depth. He can do it, but it is not easy to do.

The Returners’ research on memory magic has probably exceeded his imagination. Coincidentally, Lockhart, who is proficient in memory magic, is their undercover agent.

This group of people may be researching new spells or other uses of memory, but the purpose is unknown.

Another point that is the crystal left by Dawson. It is known that the crystal can control the Dementors to a certain extent. In addition, after Dawson used it by piercing it into his abdomen, his control over the Mouth will also increase significantly.

The most important thing is that the Returners seem to value this crystal very much, and they did not hesitate to tell Lockhart to get it back with all the risk presented.

Sean has been thinking about these things all afternoon but hasn’t come to many useful conclusions.

Dumbledore is not here, the old Grindelwald is hiding under the invisibility cloak, and the real Grindelwald is still absorbing the magic power from Qilin’s blood. Sean finds that he can’t find a trustworthy and knowledgeable person to discuss this situation with.

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Published On: April 4, 2024

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