Sean didn’t realize it. After all, Snape gave him so many things, including what he said before, it should mean:

This is all for you. In the future, keep up the good work, treat yourself better, and give the poison to the enemy. This will prevent them from doing anything, and Daisy will not have to worry about anything.

Obviously, Snape, dissatisfied with Sean’s slow reaction, snorted, “When it comes to researching potions, I suggest that you find a student with a good grade in potions.”

Sean figured it out right away.

“Oh, Professor, I understand now,” Sean nodded quickly, “I need to find an outstanding classmate to study with me?”

Snape looked at him, “Student?”

Sean wanted to cry, but Snape misunderstood.

He had no choice but to change his words quickly and clarify, “I will find Daisy. Studying with Daisy might result in something.”

Only then did Snape show satisfaction, but his tone was indifferent, “Whomever you want to ask for, no need to tell me about it.”

Snape made Sean hold back a lot of rants in his throat, and his strong desire to rant even overwhelmed a lot of his desire to survive.

“I’m going to find Daisy to study with,” Sean shrugged. “After all, she is recognized by the students as a potion genius. You know that, right?”

“Don’t waste my time.” Snape straightened his body slightly with a look of indifference.

Sean replied, “Everyone says that a professor with high standards and strict requirements like you actually pays so much attention to Daisy, which means that she is indeed an excellent student, and everyone even calls her a potion princess.”

However, Snape’s face exceeded Sean’s imagination.

“She gets my compliments and extra points because she did a good enough job,” Snape said casually, “Potion Princess is just a word, but that’s something you would never reach.”

“Because mediocrity never touches the way of the genius works.”

Both Daisy and Harry inherited a lot of potion talents from their mother, but the one with the better talent is obviously Harry. Daisy is better than Harry in magical animals, but Harry is stronger than his sister in potions, defense against the dark arts, and actual combat.

Of course, this does not take into account that her Patronus is a dragon.

In Snape’s class, Harry would get two points deducted for moving his wand with his left hand first and then two points deducted for talking back and showing a dissatisfied look. If Sean snickered, he would also be deducted two points.

But if it was Daisy, Snape would give her a lot of points based on her basic activities.

Sean took the Felix Felixis and quickly left. On the way to class, Sean wiped the sweat from his brow. He hadn’t sweated so much from the fight with Dawson and the Mouth.

Snape was just too scary.

In Sean’s potion row, the top row contains potions that can be used in various scenarios, even the ones that can save lives. A powerful healing potion, a mental stimulation potion that can get rid of hypnosis, underwater breathing potions, and many more.

There are all kinds of potions, all of which are of the highest quality. Snape has been preparing for a long time. Sean asks Lupin to help find out how much Snape’s potion is sold on the black market, and the price is three to five times more than the normal ones.

As for the poisons in the row below, Snape also prepared him for various scenarios. Whether liquid, solid, or gas, odorless, colorless, tasteless, and colorless.

Snape also prepared the antidote for each poison and attached a detailed description of each. He had already recorded the poisoning method in his notebook and handed it to Sean. Of course, it wasn’t that Snape was considerate to Sean. It was purely for Daisy’s sake.

As for the last bottle of Felix Felicis for Daisy, Sean could tell at a glance that it was of the highest quality. The well-brewed Felix Felicis was better than Sean had gotten.

It can only be said that Snape has brought out the best things, no matter which aspect. If Daisy hadn’t released such a powerful Patronus for Sean, Snape couldn’t convey his things toward Daisy as he’s his bird.

After counting what he got from Snape, Sean whistled briskly. There was only one Potions class in the afternoon, and he could still go where he wanted.

The Hogwarts Library.

The identity of the lurker is still unknown. Sean is going to go to the library to find some information to see if he can find some information about the crystal. This may help him understand the Returners better. Maybe he can find some useful information about that lurker.

“Wallup, don’t let me find out you’re up to something bad again, do you understand?” Mrs. Pince said to Sean sternly, and the feather duster floating beside her moved up and down.

“Of course, ma’am.” Sean was also a little scared of Mrs. Pince. He often came to the library to find some dangerous materials. Mrs. Pince kicked him out eight out of ten times because of it.

Luckily, Sean now has teaching assistant status and is free to browse the restricted area as long as he’s not eating in the library, making loud noises, messing with books, etc. Even if he is a teaching assistant, Mrs. Pince is letting her guard down, and the only one who can do that is Lockhart, who everyone else looks down upon.

Sean kept quiet and spent a lot of time searching in the restricted area, but unfortunately, he still didn’t find any information that could be related to the crystal. After closing a book in disappointment, Sean shook his head regretfully.

The restricted area of Hogwarts is not full of everything; it seems that he has to start from other places. When he returned to the library entrance, Mrs. Pince was waving a feather duster to teach a student a lesson, and it took her a long time to let them go.

“Oh, hey, Sean.” After he walked out, someone greeted him.

“Good afternoon, Padma. Is your sister feeling better?” Sean smiled kindly.

Padma nodded gratefully, “I don’t even know how to thank you. But thanks to you, Madam Pomfrey said that if Parvati’s condition lasts a minute longer, she may have fallen into a coma. Now she just needs to rest and heal for a while, and she will be fine.”

“That’s good news. I hope to see her return to class soon.” Sean sincerely congratulated her.

Padma nodded, glanced secretly at Sean, quickly retracted her gaze, and then said as if she had nothing to say: “Yeah, I really hope she comes back soon. She still has a long way to go. Although I’m worried about her and knowing she’ll be fine, I can’t help but blame myself.”

“It’s none of your fault.”

“Yeah, there are a lot of things I need to do for her, such as returning the books. I was reprimanded by Mrs. Pince just now. Obviously, I was not the one who borrowed the books.” Padma felt a little aggrieved.

“Don’t worry about it. I have just been scolded as well,” Sean smiled and then asked again, “By the way, what books did Parvati borrow?”

“Oh, it’s “An Encyclopedia of Ancient Love and Magic.” Padma replied.

Sean felt there was nothing weird about it.

Padma said, “I also want to help Lavender return the book, so I got double reprimanded.”

Lavender is also recovering in the hospital.

“I don’t think Mrs. Pince is that angry about it”, Sean said casually.

“Because it’s only one day past the deadline; if it’s a week, Mrs. Pince will definitely give me a harsher punishment,” Padma said with a wry smile.

“Yeah, Mrs. Pince is sensitive to time, especially about books…” Halfway through speaking, Sean froze suddenly and then narrowed his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Padma asked curiously.

Sean raised his brows, “I suddenly remembered that I didn’t send back a book I took out to read, and I have to go back quickly, or Mrs. Pince won’t let me enter the library door next time. See you later.”

“Well… bye.” Padma waved her hand regretfully.

After saying goodbyes, Sean quickly walked back towards the library. The time Padma just mentioned reminded her that it just so happens that the time is so coincidental.

“Mr. Walup, you just left.” Mrs. Pince pushed her glasses.

“Sorry, ma’am, but this time it’s about an accident at school,” Sean said.

Mrs. Pince still knows about the situation; she stood up, “Oh, what can I do to help? Except destroying books.”

“Of course not, ma’am. Can I check the borrowing list for the past month?”

“Oh, yes.” Mrs. Pince waved her wand, and a large stack of parchment landed neatly in front of Sean.

Sean flipped right away. After a while, he stopped at half a month ago. The parchment records that Parvati and Lavender both borrowed books on the same day, but they did not come together. According to previous calculations, the time happened to be the day when these two people were controlled.

In other words, both Parvati and Lavender were controlled by the Imperius Curse before and after they borrowed the books, and they began to make a move toward Professor Trelawney.

Of course, borrowing books wasn’t weird, and that wasn’t much evidence, but Sean saw someone else. Isabel, from the Gryffindor sixth grade, who was also controlled, went to Professor McGonagall’s office under the influence of the Imperius Curse, trying to find the crystal that was used as bait.

Isabel was controlled that day, but she hadn’t recovered yet. Sean and the professors couldn’t get more information, and even if she woke up, there was a high probability that her memory had been erased.

But this borrowing seems to be a coincidence.

For a long time, Sean and the professors have been looking for where the Imperius Curse controls these girls. After all, there are many paintings and statues in Hogwarts that would monitor the area.

Now, it seems that Sean may have discovered the places where the girls were controlled.

Hogwarts library.

Sean looked up at Mrs. Pince. She looked the same as before. Dave didn’t have the idea that she smelled wrong, and he didn’t find any signs that the Imperius Curse controlled her.

Everything is normal.

The possibility that Mrs. Pince is an insider is small, and Professor McGonagall has conducted another strict staff screening.

“Ma’am, on this day,” Sean pointed to Isabel’s name, “When this girl came to borrow books, was there anyone else in the library?”

Mrs. Pince recalled, “There is no one else.”

“Are you sure? Since the library opened that day, no one else has come in?”

“Yes, I’m sure about it.”


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Published On: March 29, 2024

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