“Dave, why didn’t you tell me about him?”

“He’s not dangerous, and the scent of this brain is familiar.”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S NOT DANGEROUS? Remember the smell of this guy’s brains in front of me, and let me know if you smell it anytime!”

“It’s hard to separate when there are many other people.”

“If you can’t smell it, you will lose 30% of your food in the future.”

“I can smell it!”

Sean annoyed Dave while trying to keep himself calm. It’s not that he doesn’t like Snape, but he kept avoiding him after the incident. Sean was going to go to Professor McGonagall and ask for a leave of absence to skip the Potions class.

But this seemed to be useless.

“Oh, good afternoon, Professor Snape.” Sean tried his best to look innocent as if nothing had happened recently.

“I happened to find you…” Snape raised his chin.

Sean groaned secretly in his heart. Snape had obviously come here for him.

“Well, what a coincidence, Professor…” Sean’s eyes twitched, and he clapped his hands abruptly, “I almost forgot, Professor McGonagall asked me to visit her office. If you’ll excuse me…”

Sean showed an apologetic expression and was about to take a step and pass Snape. Snape didn’t stop him or say anything.

His head turned smoothly like a surveillance camera, and his eyes were like red dots on the camera, turning coldly following Sean’s movements. He kept staring at Sean.

Halfway through, Sean slowed down his pace. He felt that if he pretended to be weak and exhausted, he would get away with it.

“Oh, I remember. I don’t need to go to Professor McGonagall’s office, actually.” Said Sean.

Snape’s expression didn’t change at all, and his voice sounded like an old record player, “Professor McGonagall might need you. Why didn’t you go? Could it be that I’m stopping you?”

He touched his head, “Ah, there is no rush for it. Professor McGonagall said that I can visit her at night…”

“Oh? Why don’t you go about your own thing now? What are you doing standing here?” Snape continued.

Sean wanted to cry but had no tears. He felt that he might be troubled for a long time.

Sean coughed lightly, “Professor, you know that my grades in Potions are not good. So when I’m in your class, I can’t help but want to ask some questions…”

Snape looked at him coldly and smiled mockingly, “Indeed, your level of potions is below average. Although most of the students who study potions are idiots, you, Mr. Wallup, are the worst students I have ever taught.”

Sean didn’t even have the ability to retaliate, so he could only lower his head with a shameful expression.

Snape raised his chin and added, “The worst.”

Snape raised his right hand, and Sean saw that he was actually wearing dragon leather gloves. Snape’s hand scratched in the air. Sean was astonished that a cloud of faint blue gas was seen following movements.

Snape took out a glass bottle, “grabbed” the gas into it, and casually put it in.

“It’s a good thing I met you. I just discovered that the mist-floating poison prepared a few days ago accidentally escaped.”

Sean’s eyebrows trembled violently. As the name suggests, Mist floating poison is a potion that can float in the air. The mist-floating poison usually appears as a faint blue smoke after it is released into the air. When you pour this potion into the air, it will disperse into the air in a small nearby area, slowly float in it, and wait for someone to inhale it.

Immediately after inhalation, anyone will begin to experience difficulty breathing and lose consciousness. The potion torments them for nearly forty-eight hours before dying of unconsciousness and respiratory failure.

Of course, Snape would not poison himself to death, but he would certainly be happy to see him being tortured for several moments. A potion master is terrifying; he can make and brew this horrible poison without giving the antidote to the person who needs it most.

This proves that offending someone like Snape would only mean a slow and painful death.

“Wallup,” Snape said slowly, “Why are you looking like that? Accidentally inhaled the potion? I guess it’s my fault. Do you need an antidote?”

“No, no, I’m fine. I’m just distracted.” Sean glanced at the small bottle containing an unknown liquid and immediately took a step back.

Moreover, there was something in Snape’s words. This was obviously warning him that if he dared to do anything weird to Daisy, Snape would give him some “antidote”.

Snape put away the bottle and gave him a cold look, “Come with me.”

“Okay…” Sean followed dejectedly.

The two came to an empty classroom. Snape stood on the podium and looked down at Sean.

“Mr. Wallup, do you know why I called you here?”

“Because of Daisy…” Seeing Snape’s eyes turn cold suddenly, Sean quickly changed his words, “Yes, for my recent reckless behavior?”

“It seems that you are still aware…” Snape snorted coldly, “I’m not interested in your being a hero or anything. But as a professor at Hogwarts, I need to remind you.”

“Of course, Professor.” Sean drooped his head listlessly.

“I have no interest or the energy to take care of you, but I must remind you. When you are in danger, other people may also be in danger because of saving you.”

Sean nodded his head once, “Yes, professor, I understand.”

“Think twice before doing anything, and don’t be naïve. Think a little more, understand?”

Sean nodded, “I understand, Professor.”

“Do things with utmost care, just like brewing a potion; you can’t do it recklessly.”

Sean still nodded, “Got it, Professor. I’ve noted it down.”

“Don’t think that you are the only smart person. Think about other people.”

He nodded, “Yes, professor.”


“Of course.”

“In addition…”

“Duly noted.”

“At last…”

“You’re right.”

“Do you have any other thoughts about Miss Daisy Potter?”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Sean nodded mechanically and immediately froze. He raised his head awkwardly.

Snape’s face could no longer calm down. The anger couldn’t stop rising, “What did you say?”

Snape’s voice seemed to have been stuffed into ice for a hundred years and soaked in basilisk venom for another hundred years. Every word came out of his teeth and pierced Sean’s heart.

Sean froze his face and smiled, “Well, professor. I agree with what you told me. Ah yes, about Miss Potter, it’s accidental that…”

Snape moved closer, his hooked nose and long hair almost touching Sean’s face, “You call her Miss Potter?”

“Ah, I meant Daisy…”

Snape got even angrier, “You’re just a classmate. Why do you call her so intimately?”

Sean wanted to cry, but Snape’s mentality would not let him do so.

“Well, I’ve known Daisy for a long time…” Sean said embarrassingly.

“You don’t need to remind me.”

Snape was like a big bat that just came from the shadows, walking slowly and pacing beside him non-stop.

Finally, he stopped in his tracks, turned his head, and stared at Sean, “About Miss Potter’s Patronus, is this the first time you’ve seen what it looked like?”

Sean replied honestly, “I’ve seen it before…”

Snape’s breathing became more rapid, and he stared at Sean, “Have you ever asked what memory Miss Potter used to summon the Patronus?”

Sean was silent momentarily and shook his head, “I didn’t ask, but I can probably guess.”

The memory Daisy used must be the moment when the Obscurus in her body was taken away. Only at that moment did Daisy, who had been weak the whole time, finally emerge from the endless despair.

Snape’s breathing stopped for a moment and then became more rapid. He walked over to the window, clutching the drapery with one hand so Sean couldn’t see his expression.

But in the classroom, Snape’s heartbeating could be heard clearly. He was very angry.

After a while, Snape finally regained his composure.

He turned around, looked at Sean, and said with a cold tone, “Next time you go to my office, give me an example of your blood as I’m currently researching something.”

Sean nodded honestly, “Understood, Professor.”

Snape stared at him; he was silent for a moment and finally spoke. His voice was still threatening, “When you are in danger, she was anxious.”

The word “anxious” was highlighted.

“Don’t let her feel that feeling anymore; don’t let her get hurt. Do you understand what I mean?”

Sean nodded again, “Of course, Professor!”

His expression just made Snape raise his eyebrows in disdain, “You better understand.”

Snape took out a small suitcase, which he seemed to have prepared long ago.

“The above row is all healing and stimulating potions for emergency use, and the row below is poison.” Snape explained.

“What is this?” Sean looked at him.

Snape replied coldly, “It’s just leftovers from my storage of potions.”

A bottle of leftovers that can sell for dozens or even hundreds of Galleons on the black market can be seen. In order to prevent Daisy from falling into this situation again, he is willing to give him so many rare potions. Sean couldn’t help but be tempted.

However, he still took out another bottle of potion. Felix Felicis.

He casually threw it to Sean, “It’s about to expire. I’m going to hand it to you.”

Sean was shocked.

“That expression,” Snape looked at him, “You know what to do when you have this potion, right?”

“Um, what am I supposed to do with it?” Sean was not sure.


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Published On: March 28, 2024

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