Sean followed behind Professor McGonagall. He narrowed his eyes, looked at the door, and said softly, “The one just now seems to be a Gryffindor student?”

“Isabel Betty is a Gryffindor sixth grader. She likes to study, and I often see her go to the library. Mrs. Pince is also very familiar with her. I have known her for so long and haven’t sensed something’s wrong with her.” Professor McGonagall told Sean.

Sean frowned. From Professor McGonagall, Isabel’s background is clear, and the Returners would not have placed such a person into Hogwarts six years in advance.

But why did she sneak into Professor McGonagall’s office? She was obviously going for the things in the office and even said she greeted in advance to prevent Professor McGonagall from suddenly appearing in the office.

However, Sean was not in a hurry to go to the office to subdue her. Professor McGonagall has listened to Sean’s suggestion and has already hidden the item well. She did dare not rummage around, and the probability of finding it is very small.

The problem will not end just because of Dawson’s death.

It took two weeks for Professor Trelawney’s prophecy to be “stolen” by Lavender and Parvati. The memories obtained during this period must have been in Dawson’s hands, and Dawson took them to the Three Broomsticks Inn and gave them to Madam Rosmerta.

The memory sent out is a foregone conclusion and cannot be recovered, but it must be noted that maybe the magic spell that led Trelawney into a true prophecy state has limitations, or maybe this prophecy is too much for Trelawney.

The entire prophecy has been divided into many parts, and believing creating a complete prophecy will mean disasters. Trelawney’s prophecy is very important in every part of it; even if there is only a small section, it is still an important bit.

That night, Trelawney’s prophecy was extracted, and Dawson failed to do his act.

When Sean recovered from his Dark Sleeper state, he was thinking about something. Perhaps Dawson has associates. Now, the remaining associates will not act rashly.

But Sean got one thing: Dawson’s crystal used to control the Mouth. This thing is mysterious and unusual, and it has not been broken after the Mouth is gone. This is enough to prove that this thing is not a one-time magic item and may be very precious to the Returners.

Sean came up with a method, pretending that the crystal was discovered when Professor Flitwick was cleaning the battlefield and discovered something unusual about it. The professors decided to “save” this thing first and wait for Professor Dumbledore to come back before handing it over to him for research.

The remaining person must want to get back the item that belongs to the Returners. That may be one of the important items to control the Mouth. As long as this news is spread “purposedly”, there is a chance to catch them.

Today, Sean’s guess has been confirmed. Professor McGonagall glanced at Sean and didn’t bother him.

After a while, Sean said, “Professor, regardless of Isabel, she is probably also controlled.”

“Should we go after her? After all, the item is not in the office.” Professor McGonagall said.

“Yes, I agree. On the one hand, she doesn’t dare to make a problem and doesn’t want to use any magic spells. She will be worried about triggering the defensive spells you left behind. What are the chances if she’s part of Dawson’s accomplices rather than being controlled? Given that she acted differently.”

Sean narrowed his eyes, “No matter what the situation is, Isabel will definitely pass the news and let the others know about it.”

Professor McGonagall’s eyes lit up when she heard the words, and she lowered her voice. “As long as we sneak up on Miss Betty, we may be able to catch the remaining people.”

“Yes.” Sean nodded.

He came up with this temporary plan, but overall, there should be no major problems. The only problem is whether they will choose to give up the crystal after knowing Dawson’s situation. But Sean didn’t expect that they were so impatient that they would make a move the next day.

“Just wait for the right moment.” Sean said to Professor McGonagall.

The two cast the Disillusionment Charm again and merged into the stone walls. After a while, Isabel walked out of Professor McGonagall’s office. She looked calm, just like usual, and walked in the direction she came from.

Sure enough, she was controlled by the Imperius Curse. Professor McGonagall obviously noticed this, too. She sent a signal to Sean, and the two immediately hid and followed.

Isabelle walked down several corridors and began walking toward a classroom that the students didn’t frequent. Sean and Professor McGonagall followed her step by step. Gradually, she came to a corridor without paintings and statues.

Just as Isabel turned a corner and Sean followed him, she suddenly stopped.

She is on guard.

Sean was no longer invisible at this time; he directly showed his figure and walked forward. Professor McGonagall also sensed this. She gave Isabel Petty a Stunning Charm; it hit her, fell to the ground, and she immediately followed Sean.

Sean ran fast and clenched the wand in his hand. He was scanning around where the culprit might be. Soon, he set his sights on an empty classroom in front of him.


Without any hesitation, Sean cast a spell, blasting a big hole in the wall. He didn’t plan to break in through the main entrance to increase the risk of being attacked.

Dave sniffed and sent out a thought, “There was no one inside, and there was no smell of anyone else nearby.”

Professor McGonagall rushed over, she casually glanced at the hole that Sean blasted, and stood in front of Sean, “Let’s check it.”

Sean nodded, and the two rushed into the classroom one after the other. The wind blows the curtains, the windows are open, and the classroom is empty.

Sean held his wand, ran to the window, looked around, and shook his head, “They ran away.”

Professor McGonagall also checked, “That person is someone who is familiar with the castle. They know that if they walk through the castle, they may be seen by a certain statue or painting, and I will be able to find out something. But how did they escape from the window without a broomstick?”

Sean squinted his eyes. He had mastered the method of flight, and the inventor of the spell was none other than Voldemort. If Voldemort has much to do with the Returners, this is a little bit of a problem.

Sean shook his head, “That person had plenty of time to escape, and they should have considered that this might be a trap, so they cast something beforehand.”

Professor McGonagall sighed, “What a sly fox. It will be difficult next time if you don’t catch him this time. I’m afraid they won’t make any big moves later.”

Sean nodded. He didn’t catch anyone this time. They will definitely not show their face easily again. When the whole of Hogwarts rests during the summer vacation, they can do anything they desire.

Sean observed in the classroom, and Professor McGonagall turned around to rescue Isabel. Isabel broke free from the Imperius Curse, but she didn’t know who cast the curse on her. This time, the Imperius Curse didn’t last long.

This should be the good news among the many bad news. His strength is likely to be far less powerful than Dawson’s.

Sean had never been sure before who the person who deceived his eyes in Trelawney’s office and even hid Dave’s sense of smell. Looking at it now, the possibility of the person who escaped just now is very small. Looking at it this way, Dawson is the only one who could do that.

This can also be observed in the classroom; there are many fresh and shallow scratches on a desk, which should be scratched by fingernails. This shows that the person was restless and impatient while waiting for the news, leaving such obvious traces.

However, even if Sean’s judgment is accurate and that person’s strength is not strong, it will always be a disaster for such a person whose identity is unknown to stay in Hogwarts.

Moreover, more prophecies of Trelawney cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of the Returners. Perhaps the last piece of the puzzle is the only remaining memory that has not been sent out.

More information is needed to find out the truth of the whole matter and also to find out the identity of that person.

After this, Sean returned to the hall for lunch. During this period, when he just walked into the hall, he received a lot of cheers and applause, and Fred and George were more enthusiastic than ever before.

The twins even wanted to carry Sean directly to the table. Sean smiled but hammered each of them, knowing that the two must have done something behind their backs, such as exaggerating some rumors.

He heard some rumors in the morning. Sean battles a wicked and powerful dark wizard to death to keep Hogwarts’ students and staff safe. This is the normal one.

But he heard things like, In order to protect the safety of Hogwarts teachers and students, Sean had a duel with a dark wizard who can turn into a demon. The two fought outside from day to night.

As it turns into the night, Sean makes a move and wins the fight at the cost of getting cursed. This part is already an exaggerated version of it. He suffered a curse, became a demon, stretched out his hands to borrow the power of all the students at Hogwarts, and so on.

There was even a case where Sean accidentally farted during the duel, which happened to ignite the Explosive Curse on the tip of Dawson’s wand. As a result, the Explosive Curse backfired on Dawson, and Sean won the battle.

While this is a funny rumor, he thinks that it’s stupid.

In addition to the part about the Sementor, Daisy rumors also appeared. However, most students have already seen Daisy’s dragon, so there is not much room for improvement, unlike Sean’s.

Hundreds of dementors surrounded Sean, and all of them were from Azkaban.

From battles to perseverance, from using love to influence the Dementors to fighting hand to hand with them, and even to a battle of rock, paper, and scissors.

Sean saw with his own eyes a boy who adored him in the first grade, swearing that Sean had found a way to win absolutely in this version of the story. Because dementors can’t make hands and can only show a cloth, which also can be interpreted as paper, Sean won the battle easily.

Anyone who knows this story mentioned that they knew it from Fred and George.

Of course, these are normal for him, as most people would not take it seriously and just brush it off a few days later. But Daisy’s case, where she used all of her power to save him, is a different story.

“Don’t go near her! The dragon stained her blood, and they were scared of her.”

“He’s a boy who never falls with his guardian girl who shakes the sky! Isn’t that just an amazing story?”

Sean’s eyes twitched when he heard that, let alone Daisy.

She could still talk to Sean with a smile at first, but after one morning, when she saw Sean, she immediately lowered her head. Hermione behaved normally and even complained about the Weasley twins sharing stupid stories like that.

But of course, there is something else more worrying than that.

In the afternoon, Sean met Snape. He was gloomy and looked frightening in the corridor.

Snape raised his head and looked at Sean with dead eyes, “Mr. Wallup.”


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