“I’m okay, I’m okay.”

“Sorry, the professors should explain it to you later.”

“Thanks for coming to help me tonight.”

Sean tirelessly said this to his friends in the crowd, explaining what happened tonight.

“Sean, are you alright?” A brown-haired girl squeezed through the crowd and came to Sean.

Sean smiled and let Hermione grab him and look at him. After she finished checking, he said, “I’m okay.”

Only then did Hermione heave a sigh of relief. She glanced at Daisy, who had been holding on to Sean’s robe without showing any signs, frowned and asked, “It’s too dangerous, you know. What happened inside?”

“Oh, I’ll tell you two about this later,” Sean whispered.

“And you!” Hermione looked at Daisy with her hands on her hips, her eyebrows not being able to be raised. “You are so reckless! I saw you crossing the broken bridge just now!”

Daisy let go of Sean’s robe and hugged Hermione coquettishly, “I was in a hurry, and I admit I was wrong, Hermione.”

“So you do it’s wrong.”

“Is it not?”

The two girls hugged each other but made a fuss, but no one cared about Sean.

Sean shivered again, and he turned his head in surprise to look in the direction of the source of the chill. But all he could see were lots and lots of glowing wands. Sean’s smile froze completely on his face; it had come from Snape’s position just then.

“Everyone, leave in order, don’t make a noise, and go to bed immediately.” The voices of the prefects sounded everywhere, and Professor McGonagall asked everyone to go back and rest.

“Professor Snape, Professor Snape.” A Slytherin student was just about to ask his head of the house if he still needed to sleep in his sleeping bag in the Great Hall tonight.

However, just as he walked to Snape, he saw a pair of sharp and gloomy eyes, and the anger in them was something he had never seen before. The students were so frightened that they couldn’t speak well.

“S… sir…”

Before he could finish speaking, two students immediately dragged him away.

“Sorry, Professor is in a little bit of a bad mood today.”

Snape cast a cold glance at the three of them, and they ran away.

They ran a lot farther until they were sure that Snape would not hear what they said, and the two who pulled away the third student said, “Are you asking for death?”

“Yeah, if you haven’t figured out that he’s angry, he would definitely kill anyone who wanted to bother him.”

The third student looked terrified, “Oh God…”

“I was the same as you, so I took the initiative to take you out before anything else.”

“If Professor Snape’s usual feeling and vibe are expressed in numerical terms from one to ten when I saw it for the first time, it was fifty. What about you?”

The second student replied, “One hundred.”

“How about before?” asked a third student.

“Ten thousand!” The other two said in unison.


The big incident tonight has finally come to an end, but Sean and Daisy have already been watched by countless students on the way to the school infirmary. The main spotlight was Sean. Everyone thought he was seriously injured and confronted that powerful, crazy infiltrator, who not only held on until the arrival of reinforcements but even killed the infiltrator.

The news slowly spread, and everyone looked at Sean with admiration. Those first- and second-grade students who were not allowed to go out in the Hall got the news and were stoked after hearing about it.

“I heard that he fought head-to-head with that infiltrator; he is a very powerful wizard who has graduated for a long time!”

“It’s more than that, didn’t you listen to the seniors? That infiltrator also has an extremely powerful monster in his body!”

“I heard it as well. It seems that the bridge leading out of the castle is broken. I also heard that the dementors are used as a weapon against him.”

“Where did you hear it? The Weasley twins said that the bridge had been completely broken. I heard that the cliff below had been smashed into a big hole. When they arrived, Professor Wallup was fighting with dozens of Dementors!”

A student vividly described the rumors he heard from Fred and George, which shocked the other students again, and some girls hugged their colleagues next to them.

He even stood up and pretended to be Sean when he was getting excited, “If you monsters want to attack Hogwarts and hurt my students and my friends, then step over my dead body first!”

Someone raised a question, “Would he talk like this? It’s quite extravagant.”

The boy who told the story gave him a look, “His characteristics are definitely not the same when teaching the class and fighting against an enemy. Besides, this is the report sent back by the senior in front. If you want to verify it, see it yourself.”

“Hey, I just saw that it was very bright outside. What’s going on?”

“Don’t you know now? Remember the senior next to Professor Wallup?”

“Which one? There are two of them.”

“Come on, it’s Daisy Potter, the one with beautiful dark green eyes. When she saw Professor Wallup surrounded by the Dementors, I heard she ran in a hurry and summoned a particularly huge Patronus!”

“Wow…” the students said in unison.

“Hey, don’t let me put you in a punishment. It’s time to sleep.” A prefect warned them.

However, the students retreated into their sleeping bags, still discussing quietly but excitedly.

“Let me tell you that Patronus is hundreds of meters in size!”

“Wow, what’s a Patronus?”

“I don’t know… But it’s a very powerful spell. Don’t ask questions. Just listen carefully.”

“Oh, okay, then.”

Fred and George were leaning in a shadow to eavesdrop on the discussion. The twins looked at each other and laughed.

“According to Sean’s character, if he heard these words, he would be shocked.”

“Yeah, he’s going to say, ‘Oh, I swear, If I hear that again, I will kick both of your asses until you are thrown out of the castle’.”

“Wouldn’t it be bad for Daisy, though?”

“Ehh, she should be thanking us both. Now they will think she and Sean are a couple.”

“What about Hermione?”

“Oh, yeah. That’s something Sean should take care of later; it’s none of our business.”

“Fred, you are a genius.”

“Same to you.”

The twins shook hands proudly as if they had done something amazing.

At this time, Sean has already arrived at the school infirmary led by Professor McGonagall, where Madam Pomfrey is giving him a careful and comprehensive examination.

“Sean, if you have any feeling of discomfort, tell me and don’t hide it, okay? After Daisy dispelled the Patronus, this place smelled like dark magic.” Professor McGonagall was quite worried.

Sean raised his hand with a smile for Madam Pomfrey to check him and said, “Of course, professor. I’m not the kind of person who tries to be brave, but there’s really nothing wrong with me.”

After some inspections, Madam Pomfrey finally nodded, “Okay, there’s no problem with you. You just need a lot of rest.”

“Good to hear,” Professor McGonagall breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you. Sean, you can rest here for the night.”

“Yes, professor,” Sean didn’t refuse the offer. He looked around and lowered his voice, “Have you checked Dawson’s room and everything carefully?”

“We checked, everything is fine, and we sent someone to the Three Broomsticks Inn. Poor Rosmerta.”

“Professor, listen to me…” Sean approached Professor McGonagall and said softly.

Professor McGonagall frowned first, suddenly, and finally showed a serious expression.

“I understand what you mean. I’ll go now.”

“Professor, you have to go as soon as possible.”

“I understand. Where should I put it?”

Sean touched his chin and thought for a while, “It would be good to put it in your office because Professor Dumbledore is not here.”

“Very well.”

Professor McGonagall nodded and left in a hurry. Sean lay heavily back on the bed. His eyelids became heavy.

At this time, the Great Hall finally calmed down a little. The students who came back told the rest of the people what happened. Small groups of students discussing can be seen everywhere, but it is still night, and many people use a lot of their power, so they start to feel sleepy.

But then, footsteps came from outside. The students near the door raised their heads all at once. Many students heard the arguments from outside.

“Are you sure you really want to do this?” A voice came from Professor Flitwick.

“Of course, I have something to check.” It was Professor McGonagall who was serious and calm.

Several students who were near the door turned their heads to look at each other, pulled their sleeping bags, and moved towards the door. They knew that Professor Flitwick was responsible for cleaning up the battlefield, and now it seems that he is back.

Thinking of this, a few students who were leaning against the door moved closer with a little excitement.

“What about it?” Professor Flitwick said.

Professor McGonagall seemed to be thinking and made a decision after a while, “Let’s keep it first; this feels ominous.”

“Alright then,” Professor Flitwick agreed, “Where do you put it?”

“My office; I’m always there, so don’t worry about anything.”


The two professors discussed some inaudible details in a low voice, and the footsteps sounded again. A student got up secretly and was surprised to see through the crack of the door that Professor Flitwick was holding a huge box.

The box was pure black, and many spells and magic circles could be seen on it with the naked eye, the kind of magic used to suppress demons. The students who saw this scene finally couldn’t bear to reveal the news to their classmates in the middle of the night.


The next day, when the students woke up from their sleeping bags, the weather in the Scottish Highlands was terrible, even in April and May.

During breakfast, Professor McGonagall gave a rough explanation of what happened last night. After hearing that someone had invaded and was taken down by Sean, most of them opened their mouths in surprise.

“Because of Mr. Sean Wallup’s brave performance in this incident and outstanding strength, 100 points have been added to Ravenclaw.”

After Professor McGonagall had finished speaking, even though Sean was still in the infirmary, there was still warm applause in the Hall.

Professor McGonagall continued, “Miss Daisy Potter saved her friend at a critical time. I have also seen that I have been teaching for decades; it is the first time I’ve seen such a performance. Nice Patronus, I’m so proud of you, with that, another fifty points to Ravenclaw.”

Daisy suddenly fell into a panic. She was quite unaccustomed to accepting the applause from the surrounding students, and her face had already started to turn red. Fortunately, Professor McGonagall didn’t mention much about this matter, and the speech ended quickly.

The students immediately ran out of the castle when breakfast was over. They wanted to see with their own eyes what the bridge looked like. The professors didn’t stop them. They just asked many teaching assistants to ensure that there would be no trouble.

Just as the students were amazed by the scene, a figure was walking silently and quickly in the castle. Soon, that person came to Professor McGonagall’s office.

He looked around, and after making sure there was no one, he secretly pushed open the door of Professor McGonagall’s office.

“Professor, I have a question to ask you.”

After a greeting, there was no more sound in the office. At this time, two invisible people came out from the Disillusionment Charm outside the office.

“Huh.” Professor McGonagall frowned.


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