The dragon is not based on any existing dragon species. It has a body shape of tens of meters, a powerful but slender body, wings that spread out to cover the entire sky directly, and a ferocious head full of barbs.

The dragon, which is enough to make anyone scream, did not cause a huge panic because it just spread its wings and brought warmth to everyone present. Unlike other Patronus, the round pupils of the dragon carried a reassuring feeling.

The light of the Patronus completely illuminates the night sky, and everyone can clearly see the scene on the bridge. It shocked the students and even the professors.

The bridge from Hogwarts to the outside world has been completely broken, and the passage that allows four carriages to run side by side is now dilapidated, with four or five cracks that are seven or eight meters wide. With the light brought by the dragon, they could see some stone pillars faintly emerging from the bottom of the cliff.

In their eyes, Sean was standing there weakly at this moment; he was still holding his wand, and his eyes were weak and empty. A dozen Dementors with their hoods removed have surrounded him.

Among them, one even got close to Sean’s face.

Daisy held up her magic wand; the wings of the dragon vibrated, and the bridge was sprinkled with silver light. However, this warm light is far from the dementors. The dragon roared and flew towards Sean, dispelling all the cold around it.

The positive emotions contained in the Patronus are huge. Seeing the Dementors fleeing, Daisy breathed a sigh of relief, then looked anxiously at Sean. Sean wanted to express that he was fine, but his condition wouldn’t allow it.

Just now, he let Naja, the Basilisk, and others go back into the ring. Just as the Dark Sleeper was turned off, the barrier was opened. The Dementors were not going to suck him, even if Sean turned off the Dark Sleeper. He had already accumulated enough control over them during the time it was turned on.

The dozen or so Dementors in front of him are still under his control for the time being. The one that got closer was the one that sucked the most of Dawson’s soul.

The dragon kept circling Sean, and the Dementors looked at Sean several times with their two dark eye holes, but Daisy misunderstood him as the prey, and she didn’t want to give up.

“Don’t touch him!” She shouted.

The dragon roared silently, and the soft light even became dazzling. A dozen or so dementors ran away in pain, not daring to look back. The dragon roared and landed on the bridge. It directly protected Sean at the center with its huge wings closed.

Everyone else looked dumbfounded.

“The dementors repelled, right?”

“That’s right. They were all expelled because of that dragon?”

“If I remember correctly, the Patronus Charm is something else, right?”

“Yes, a very, very advanced magic. As a seventh-grade student, I haven’t mastered it either. In fact, apart from the professor in the whole of Hogwarts, few people should have mastered it.”

“That’s Daisy Potter, right? She’s been with Sean all along.” A student narrowed his eyes and looked at the girl who was panting at the bridge.

“Harry, that’s your sister!” said a Gryffindor student in disbelief.

Harry was looking at his sister with his mouth open, with wonder and pride in his eyes.

It was Ron who patted his chest first, “That’s my good buddy’s sister!”

“Come on, now. Ginny, you also did well today,” Percy nudged Ron, said to Ginny, and finally looked at the silver-white dragon, “Then It’s Daisy’s Patronus. That’s unbelievable.”

“Why?” A student who didn’t understand the spell asked curiously.

Percy explained, “The Patronus Charm is difficult to practice, it requires an extremely powerful positive force, and the form of the Patronus often depends on a certain desire in the caster’s heart. But generally speaking, the Patronus Charm is usually in the form of normal animals. I’ve never seen a wizard whose Patronus is a magical animal, let alone a dragon.”

“I don’t know for sure, but it’s clear that Daisy’s Patronus is… something.”

The students looked at each other in blank dismay and turned their attention to the professors and teaching assistants around them. They saw that the professors’ expressions were more shocking than those of the students.

“Merlin’s beard…” Professor Flitwick blew on his beard.

Charlotte also muttered, “Sterling, didn’t we see a wizard whose Patronus is a magical animal in Egypt last year?”

It was rare for Sterling to say, and the surprise in his eyes was no less than the others, “Yes, that person’s Patronus is an Abraxan, and it is worth noting that his power is very strong while Miss Potter is only in the third grade. I don’t think happy memories alone can conjure up such unimaginable Patronuses.”

“What did Daisy go through before?” Charlotte recovered from the shock, and there was some distress in her eyes, “Only when hope is regained in the most desperate situation that might lead to this situation?”

Looking at Charlotte, who suddenly became sentimental, Sterling softened his voice a lot, “Perhaps she got out of that situation before, and…”

He looked at Sean, who was protected by the dragon without a single gap, “Sean must be very important to her.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The barrier is opened, the damaged bridge, the Dementors with the hood down, everything is too shocking, and the dragon summoned by Daisy is even more jaw-dropping. They were stunned for a moment and forgot about Sean.

“Quick, he looks injured.” Sterling immediately ran towards the bridge.

In front of him, Professor McGonagall also reacted, and the three silver kittens on the tip of her staff jumped towards Daisy, but in front of the dragon, no one really paid attention to the kittens. Over there, Daisy was already casting a huge spell on herself, and because of the energy needed, her figure was swayed.

Fortunately, Professor McGonagall was right behind her and immediately cast a Levitation Charm to keep her from falling.

A Slytherin student rubbed his shoulder but dared not speak out. Just now, Professor Snape, who was standing beside him, took a sudden step forward. The look on his face was even scarier than before.

The dragon dissipated slightly, and everyone focused on Sean.

Daisy’s Patronus was even bigger than when it was summoned for the first time, and the Dragon Patronus had completely dispelled Sean’s Dark Sleeper properties. Under the blessing of the potion and the Patronus, Sean could feel his heart slowly calming down.

Looking around, Sean decided to play dead first. The side effects of using Dark Sleeper and a lot of Killing Curse can be felt; he is indeed exhausted now.

“Sean!” A came over in an anxious voice, crying.

Sean turned his head, and Daisy was running towards him.

“I’m fine.” Sean exclaimed.

Daisy didn’t pay attention and tripped over the gravel on the ground, but Daisy didn’t even cry out in pain; she almost scrambled to stand up and rushed over.

He plunged into Sean’s arms.

“Sean…” Daisy raised her head; her hair was wet with sweat, and her face had a few bloodstains from the fall just now.

Through the layer of tears, Daisy seemed to want to see through Sean’s whole body.

“How are you?”

Sean hugged her, “It’s okay, I’m just a little bit exhausted. You came in time.”

At this time, Professor McGonagall also came to the side, and Daisy immediately turned her head and looked at her nervously. Professor McGonagall raised her wand and breathed a sigh of relief after reciting a few spells.

“I’m glad you’re okay, Sean.”

“Of course. Sorry, I made you all worried.” Sean said with a smile.

“You scared me to death.”

The worries and fears accumulated for a long time finally erupted at this moment. Tears fell on the ground and splashed some dust.

“It’s okay.” Daisy’s crying made Sean a little at a loss.

His situation is completely different from what others have guessed. Amidst Daisy’s worries, Sean vaguely felt apologetic.

Professor McGonagall didn’t stop Daisy from crying, she patted Daisy’s back, and looked at her, “Poor Miss Potter, she’s terrified.”

“Once again, sorry I made you worry.” Sean said.

“No, this is all my responsibility,” Professor McGonagall shook her head, “I ignored the risk in this matter and handed him over to you to deal with.”

“No, don’t blame yourself, Professor McGonagall. I was able to handle it.” While stroking Daisy’s head, Sean said, “No one thought this guy had such a trick.”

“I see…” Professor McGonagall looked around, and looked at Dawson’s body carefully, her eyes were full of shock, “My God, this is not something that dementors can cause. What kind of battle have you experienced, Sean?”

Sean just smiled and shook his head without speaking.

Daisy’s crying gradually became smaller and finally turned into sobs. She was still leaning on Sean’s chest, refusing to raise her head. It wasn’t until the other professors rushed over that Daisy quickly pulled away and hid behind Sean, grabbing the sleeve of his robe and refusing to let go.

“Thank goodness, you’re fine!” Professor Flitwick’s voice became louder because of his anxiety.

He waved his wand and turned to look at Dawson’s body in disgust.

“Oh, that’s the bastard, huh? He got his soul sucked by a dementor?”

Sean nodded, deleted the part that couldn’t be said, and briefly described what happened just now.

“Dawson controlled the dementors and finally died at the hands of the dementors. The dementors just surrounded me, and all of you arrived.”

Charlotte and Sterling looked at each other in surprise. Although Sean said it calmly, it didn’t sound like a big problem.

The two of them have experienced the situation of being hunted down by the Mouth. A weird magical creature that the two of them couldn’t guarantee their escape, let alone defeating it. In their eyes, Sean should be struggling in this fight.

Sean said that Dawson died at the hands of the Dementors, but they also saw the huge wound on Dawson’s abdomen, which Dementors cannot cause.

It could only be Sean who did it. He probably cut off the connection between Dawson’s abdomen and that magical creature. Looking at the expressions of the two, Sean could roughly guess what they were thinking, but he could only pretend to be exhausted.

“Although it’s late, I have to ask Madam Pomfrey to give you a comprehensive examination, and you can rest until your body recovers,” Professor McGonagall said.

“Thank you, Professor.” Sean nodded.

Professor McGonagall turned around and said, “Filius, I will handle you to deal with this here. Charlotte, Sterling, please help me too; I have to take Sean back and guide the students to go back to sleep. “

“No problem.”

Professor McGonagall looked up again at the dragon that hadn’t faded away. The Patronus has been protecting everyone with its wings, which is reassuring.

“Miss Potter? The Dementors have already left and will not appear in Hogwarts tomorrow.” Professor McGonagall reminded tactfully.

Only then did Daisy come to her senses. She blushed and waved her magic wand to disperse the dragon Patronus. Like a sudden sunset, the illuminated sky suddenly darkened.

“Well, that’s something.” Said Charlotte.

Colton nodded silently.

Because of the existence of the Patronus just now, he didn’t even notice the smell left by magic here. It’s all killing curses.

“Hey, that dragon disappeared!”

At the bridge, the students who were huddled together immediately noticed this. They whispered and discussed without knowing the situation until now.

“I’m surprised that such a big Patronus has lasted for so long. It’s normal for it to disappear.” Someone said.

“You idiot, don’t pretend that you understand it.” His colleague gave him a disgusted look, “After the Patronus is summoned, it only needs to consume a small amount of magic for the duration. The main magic output is during the summoning stage. Being able to summon such a big Patronus and maintaining the Patronus is definitely not a problem for her.”

“That’s right, now that the Patronus has been pulled away, it means there is no problem anymore.”

“Speaking of which, Sean was trapped inside, right? But why did the bridge break into so many parts?”

“Didn’t we know something from the roll call earlier? Someone must have infiltrated, and there is a high probability that Sean is fighting that infiltrator.”

“But is this the kind of thing that a normal fourth graders can do?” Someone pointed to the broken bridges.

“Who knows? Besides, I’m not surprised what Sean did given what he could do.”

Soon, the students’ voices stopped. Sean and the others are back. Professor McGonagall took the lead, and Sean was walking towards the crowd.

“Professor?” Someone looked at Snape beside him strangely.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was immediately pulled back by his colleague.

“I suggest you don’t say anything to him.”

“Huh?” The person who was caught took a look at Snape and gasped in fright.

He slipped back into the crowd immediately, determined to keep his mouth shut.

At this moment, Snape still had a gloomy feeling, and it seemed that there was not much difference from the usual. But one only had to look carefully to see that the veins on Snape’s forehead and neck covered by the long, greasy hair had already bulged.

He exudes a terrifying cold feeling. His hands were clenched into fists in the robe, and his eyes were fixed on the person walking toward him.

He was staring at Sean, who was being supported by Daisy. He was shaking with anger.

Sean shivered unconsciously.

“What’s the matter, Sean? Do you still feel hurt?” Daisy immediately leaned forward and asked with concern, wrapping both hands around Sean’s arm.

The murderous aura not far away became more intense.

“No, I’m fine.” Sean forced a smile.

He now felt that Snape seemed to be more terrifying than Dawson plus the Mouth. Fortunately, Snape didn’t come with Professor McGonagall just now.

Sean shivered again.

The students took out their wands and used the Lumos Spell one after another as if they were holding a lamp to welcome Sean and the others back.

“Sean, are you okay?”

“Dude, what the hell is going on?”

“How’s the situation?”

As soon as they got a little closer, those who were familiar with Sean immediately surrounded him. Fred and George were even about to drag Sean up, but Professor McGonagall scolded them.

Harry’s eyes were confused, but he was still worried when he looked at Sean, “Dude, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just a little tired.”

Sean answered one by one. Although he didn’t suffer any major injuries, he also heard what Daisy said when he came back. When he heard that he was trapped in the barrier, a large group of students immediately came over to help. Even Draco led quite a few Slytherin students over.

“Thanks, buddy.” Sean thanked him with a smile.

Draco looked at Sean disgustedly and replied coldly, “You’re just lucky this time. How could you be picked up by such a bastard that tarnishes the glory of pure blood? I’m going back to sleep.”

Sean smiled, waved his hand, and looked around suspiciously, but he didn’t see Hermione. In the crowd, several people were staring at Sean all the time.

“Aren’t you going to see him?” Stephanie looked at Sean and said softly to Hermione beside her.

Hermione’s eyes were full of worry, but she was confused.

She took a deep breath and said, “Alright then.”

After speaking, she ran to the center of the crowd.

Stephanie didn’t look at Hermione; she still looked at Sean and nodded after a moment, “Okay.”

Snape was still staring at Sean and Daisy beside him on the other side.


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