As a strange magical creature, the Mouth almost has an absolute advantage in restraint when facing wizards. It is immune to most spells, and even if Sean uses Dark Sleeper, it takes him quite a bit of time. The Mouth in front of him was especially different from the ones he had encountered before.

However, it still has a physical body and the ability to “be hurt”.

Naja and the Loch Ness Monster are entangled with each other. The two magical animals are like life-like thick chains that firmly lock the Mouth, while Sean constantly emits deadly green light to stop the Mouth.

The Basilisk, waiting for an opportunity, finally got its best chance. Its huge body ejected, and his deadly fangs pierced into the center of the Mouth without any hesitation.

The bite force is unimaginable, especially after being strengthened with the power of the Basilisk, and is even more terrifying. Even the venom that was in the fangs is more deadly now.

The Mouth began to tremble crazily almost the moment it was bitten; its dark, translucent body was crazily overflowing like ashes, and the vortex in its Mouth had completely stopped rotating.

A piercing and painful screaming sound could be heard, and the stones and gravel of the bridge below were shaken and fell off the cliff. Even Sean frowned and closed his ears.

However, the wand in his hand didn’t stop waving, and one after another, the Killing Curses were continuously shot at the Mouth. The Mouth didn’t even make much use of it. It was completely suppressed and completely crushed by all of them.

The screaming sound from the Mouth finally dissipated, and its body began to become illusory and distorted. Naja, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Basilisk all lost their support. Three huge animals fell, and the middle part of the bridge was completely broken.

The Mouth turned into a thick black smoke that gradually spread out, like a balloon filled with black mist being popped by a spike. The overflowing black smoke gradually faded as it floated upwards and disappeared into the air.

In the eyes of Sean, who used the Dark Sleeper, a large collection of dark magic was in the air, and the power returned and merged into this world. Those negative emotions from the Mouth also dissipated, but instead of dissipating completely, they were entangled in the world itself.

Maybe, in the future, a dark wizard who is using dark magic in the world can borrow this power.

Sean remained silent and did not speak, only scanning his surroundings. However, after careful inspection, there was no trace of the Mouth, and it completely disappeared from this area.

Sean went down slowly, and the smoke condensed into his body again. He landed on Naja’s head, and the others swam around the bridge. Sean jumped down and landed firmly.

Dawson’s Patronus spell didn’t last long. Maybe he was seriously injured, he wasn’t feeling happy enough, or he wasn’t full of hope. It could also be because the Dementor under Sean’s control was too much.

At this moment, Dawson was passed around by a dozen Dementors like a tattered doll. Each dementor has taken off its hood, and with its big mouth like a dry hole, it is passionately sucking his body.

Sean didn’t even know how many times the Dementors had sucked Dawson.

It would directly suck a person’s soul, turning them into a pure lifeless body, but it generally wouldn’t kill someone. Dawson may have been the first person to be sucked to death by a Dementor.

At this moment, his pupils had been completely dilated, his skin had turned pale, his limbs were hanging limply, and the huge wound on his abdomen had been frozen. Dawson has lost the last bit of consciousness; he can’t even keep his expression. All he left in the world is a lifeless body.

More than a dozen Dementors have completely eaten his soul. Sean watched all of this calmly.

He walked over slowly, and the Dementors floated back with their heads lowered, making way for their master to walk while Dawson’s body was placed on the ground.

Sean walked over and squatted down. A trace of doubt finally appeared in his eyes. That was the crystal used by Dawson, which fell into the ground at this moment.

When Sean turned on the Dark Sleeper, even the Mouth didn’t dare to attack him. At that time, Dawson inserted the crystal into his abdomen, where the Mouth was in his body. After that, the Mouth got rid of the control of the Dark Sleeper.

The crystal showed a strange jet-black color, and after it fell into the ground, it wasn’t stained with any trace of dust, nor was it damaged.

“It’s like some kind of strange magical item and took on a specific appearance…” Sean thought silently.

Sean felt that if he could study and understand this thing, he might be able to understand more about the Returners. Of course, it must be properly preserved.

Thinking of this, Sean took out a lot of containers, put the crystals with several layers of things for preservation, and added a lot of magic spells. At this time, he withdrew the Dark Sleeper.

Sean’s cold and heartless face finally showed a trace of fatigue and fear. Not to be afraid of Dawson, but to be afraid of the side effects of the Dark Sleeper.

Just now, he has been resisting the temptation of the dark power. All kinds of feelings mixed with strong negative emotions have impacted Sean’s heart. If he relaxes a little, he will be overtaken.

Sean may possess terrifying dark power and become the real master of darkness, but by then, Sean will not be Sean. He understands this, so he has been sticking to his heart, never letting himself be completely tempted and corrupted by the dark power.

Sean pours himself a mouthful of potion, and all the evil thoughts in his heart finally calm down.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the barrier.

“Minerva, take a quarter of the people, don’t do nothing else, and send all your magic power directly into the channel I built.”

“Filius, you do the same thing as Minerva.”

“Professor Snape, you also take a quarter of the people and cast offensive spells on the rune structure I built. The Blasting Curse is fine, be careful not to put too much magic power.”

“As for the rest, follow me. You are all students who have attended my class. When the time comes, follow my instructions and light up the runes.”

At this moment, Professor Babbling has carved the runes with gold powder on the outside of the barrier, built a large ancient rune magic channel, and given everyone instructions.

The square outside the barrier was already full of people, except for a few professors and several students who had gathered.

Charlotte called them over. The specific situation was unclear, but they saw the assistant teacher of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class rushing into the Great Hall in a hurry and calling all the students with certain abilities to help.

As a result, most of the students in the third grade and above came. Everyone was huddled in sleeping bags and whispering.

When they arrived, word of mouth spread, and everyone knew that the new assistant, Max Dawson, was the culprit in tonight’s accident. Sean was trapped in this unknown magic in the process of subduing him.

In other words, Sean is facing a powerful wizard who has graduated alone for many years, and even this wizard has methods and magic that the professors have never understood. Many girls directly covered their mouths as if they thought that Sean would die later.

Sean’s friends, such as Harry, the Weasley twins, Cedric, and others, have already asked the professor for a solution. Even Draco led a group of Slytherin students to the scene. His face was gloomy, but his tone was very urgent when he asked Snape how he could help.

After Professor McGonagall told them all, the students’ discussion became quieter. In the crowd, Hermione, Daisy, and Stephanie had already mixed into it.

Stephanie calmly looked at Daisy, and said softly, “You have heard what Professor Babbling said. She is an expert in ancient runes. Our action won’t do anything if you do it alone.”

“But, but…” Daisy looked up, “Sean has been trapped inside for so long.”

Looking at the tears in the corners of her eyes, Stephanie fell silent.

At this time, Hermione said softly, “Don’t be impulsive, Daisy. She is right; we must listen to Professor Babbling so that we can rescue Sean faster.”

“Hermione…” Daisy turned to look at her, “I’m scared. What if something happened to Sean? He has a teleport spell, but he did not escape.”

Her voice was full of tears, which made people feel sorry for her.

“No, no,” Hermione smiled, “He has many plans, and don’t forget, he also has Dave.”

The two held hands tightly.

On the side, Stephanie watched this. She hugged her arm gently and rubbed it; she didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Everyone,” Professor McGonagall’s stern voice sounded, “Follow the professors according to the groups assigned to you. When the time comes, follow the professor’s instructions!”

“Understood!” The students responded loudly.

Everyone was in place quickly and raised their wands in unison.

“Bathsheda, let’s get started.” Professor McGonagall took a deep breath, turned, and said to Professor Babbling.

Professor Babbling stood in the middle; she slowly outlined a rune symbol and made various movements with her wand, shouting at Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick, “Start it!”

“Everyone, start now!” Professor McGonagall took the lead, aiming her wand at the magic channel in front of her.

The magic power of hundreds of people simultaneously formed a spectacular and dazzling scene. Hundreds of magic lights connected the magic channels, and the square was illuminated like daytime.

Professor Babbling continued to create the runes and gave the instructions quickly. The ancient runes students behind her, led by Selma, also began to create runes quickly. The barrier is like a balloon filled with water being flicked by someone, and the surface begins to fluctuate.

However, this fluctuation did not subside. With Professor Babbling’s continuous operation, the fluctuation became more and more intense, and the barrier even inflated. Daisy stood at the forefront among the crowd, outputting her magic power like crazy.

Sean had just turned off his Dark Sleeper inside the barrier, raised his head in surprise, and the barrier suddenly fluctuated.

“Naja, everyone, come in quickly.”

Outside the barrier, Professor Babbling shouted, “Snape!”

Snape raised his wand, “Everyone, three, two, one!”


Countless Exploding Curses bombarded away, and the barrier shook violently. The spherical barrier is rapidly dissipating.


“Miss Potter, be careful!” Professor McGonagall followed immediately.

The other students took back their wands, a huge bright light quickly faded, rubbed their eyes, and looked into the barrier.


“That’s a Dementor!”

“The Dementors are surrounding Sean!”

Professor McGonagall’s eyes widened suddenly. She saw a body lying on the ground and also saw Sean surrounded by a dozen Dementors, and those dementors all took off their hoods.

Professor McGonagall felt her hair stand on end and immediately raised his wand, “Expect—”

But her voice was interrupted.

Daisy’s sharp voice sounded, “Don’t touch him! Expecto Patronum!”

A silver-white dragon dozens of meters long appeared out of her wand, illuminating the entire night sky.


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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