The Dementors became crazy and fierce under Sean’s order, and they rushed towards Dawson like hungry beasts. Dawson was panting heavily, blood was gurgling from the wound on his abdomen, and foam at the corner of his mouth couldn’t stop flowing out.

“How is it possible…” Dawson muttered to himself, saying various incomprehensible words. His eyes had become desperate and lifeless.

“You lied to me!” He pushed himself up hard; his eyes widened, and his pupils shook violently.

“You!” Dawson stretched out a finger, pointing firmly at Sean in mid-air.

He seemed to want to ask Sean something loudly. However, just as Sean moved his gaze over, he saw a fiery red magic power jumping out from somewhere on Dawson’s wrist. Dawson’s words were stopped in his throat. He saw the fiery red magic hit him.

The fiery red magic seemed to be looking for some target and moving for a while, and it found the place it wanted to go to, Dawson’s heart. The magic meandered in, drilled into the surface of Dawson’s skin, causing his arms to bulge out and spread towards Dawson’s heart.

Dawson’s eyes were tearing apart, and there was a feeling of extreme pain in his throat. He knelt down heavily on the ground, with his head against the stone slab, and tightly clutched his heart.

Dawson panted heavily and desperately poured tranquilizers into his mouth. Finally, it stopped slowing down, and the fiery red magic came out and returned to Dawson’s wrist.

Something popped up in Sean’s mind. This thought was quickly replaced by an uncontrollable desire to kill and destroy. Sean looked at him coldly, and the Dementors rushed toward Dawson.

A Dementor in the front has even opened its arms, ready to embrace Dawson, who is close at hand.

However, Dawson was still able to maintain some sanity under dozens of times the normal dose of the potion. He waved his wand with difficulty, and a silver-white grizzly bear came out from the tip of his wand and guarded him.

The grizzly bear roared. However, the Dementor, who feared the Patronus, completely ignored the bear before them. The grizzly bear waved its huge palms vigorously, trying to drive away these Dementors.

However, there are too many Dementors. They seem to be irrational and want to get their target. Even if the Patronus that they fear most is in front of them, they will complete all of Sean’s tasks no matter the cost.

The grizzly bear retreated while roaring. More than a dozen Dementors already surrounded Dawson, and even the blood from the wound was freezing. His eyes were gradually losing their luster, and his heart’s emotions were rapidly peeling off.

The Mouth broke free from Sean’s control in mid-air and became violent. It’s just that it doesn’t want to submit to Sean. The green lights that were as thick as an arm followed one after another.

Even though the Mouth is almost completely immune to magic, it still backed away repeatedly after being hit by the Killing Curses. The vortex in its mouth no longer rotated after absorbing so many Killing Curses and trembled crazily; it seemed that it was about to explode at any moment.

Under Sean’s body, the Basilisk, Naja, and the Loch Ness Monster filled the bridge directly. They stretched out their huge bodies and wrapped around the bridge’s pillars. On the ground, quickly culled towards the Mouth.

Naja can enlarge her body freely. She usually serves as a scarf and back for Sean, but this time, her wings directly moved to create a lot of wind and went up.

In mid-air, the Mouth, with a diameter of 20 meters, was tightly entangled by Naja. It emitted even weirder and more crazy magic—the black particles overflowed from its mouth and tangled Naja.

However, the Loch Ness Monster who came after him opened her mouth wide, Sean waved his wand, and rain poured down.

The throat in the center of the Loch Ness Monster’s giant mouth trembled, the water was quickly gathered and then ejected violently, directly hitting the Mouth forcefully. The water cannon was fired one after another, and Naja’s body, which had been hit all the time, was finally freed, and the black particles dispersed.

The Loch Ness Monster seized the opportunity and followed suit. Like Naja, it entangled the Mouth fiercely, making it struggle but unable to fight back.

Regardless, the Basilisk knocked away everything on the bridge and swam over like a bulldozer. When it came to the Mouth, it didn’t choose to fly like Naja or use its power like the Loch Ness Monster. The Basilisk just yanked something from the bridge fiercely, a stone slab was taken and the Basilisk forcefully rolled up the stone slab with its tail.

The Basilisk then used the stone slab as a weapon to hit the Mouth. It tensed its body, staring firmly at the constant hitting of the Mouth.

The Mouth was struggling, but the strength of Naja and the Loch Ness Monster was overwhelming. They had completely absorbed the fluid that Sean had given them before, and their physical fitness had improved to a higher level.

Sean completely restrained the Mouth. He turned into black smoke, flew like a king of dementors, and threw spells at it. There is only one spell, and only one spell is needed.

The Mouth has been completely restrained, and the Dementors had completely circled Dawson. At this time, outside the barrier, the professors were watching the scene in front of them worriedly.

A special enchantment enveloped the bridge from Hogwarts to the outside world. The enchantment showed a fuzzy and distorted light gray color, and they could not see anything that was happening inside.

Professor McGonagall tried to use a few spells, but those spells either bounced off or merged into the barrier after touching it.

Charlotte yelled loudly from the side, “There is something wrong with that guy. He seemed to have expected it long ago. When Sean tried to subdue him first, he immediately attacked, and his strength was outrageous.”

Sterling also nodded, speaking calmly, “Only at that moment can Hawke and I retreat while defending ourselves. It seems to be one of his abilities. He can also attack Sean with something else.”

Snape was touching the edge of the barrier with his fingers, took out a few bottles of potions, and dripped them on it. After a while, he raised his head, “A strange spell, I’ve never seen them before. The specially made breaking potion didn’t have an effect either. This is no ordinary spell.”

Professor Flitwick walked in a hurry, stopped after a moment, and drew out his wand, “I don’t care. Sean is trapped inside alone, and that bastard is clearly targeting Sean. I’m going to blow up this barrier.”

As he said that, he waved his wand and started to chant. Sterling’s expression did not change, but his eyes showed obvious shock.

Professor McGonagall hesitated slightly, did not stop Professor Flitwick, and even took out her wand. The situation is urgent, and they can no longer use safe methods to test one by one.

The head of Gryffindor’s house finally showed her adventurous side. Even Snape took out his wand with a sullen face. The three professors all joined together and were about to hit the barrier directly.

At this time, Professor Babbling, who had been closing her eyes as if she was retrieving the memory in her brain, suddenly opened her eyes.

“Wait!” She stopped several professors from making the next move.

“Bathsheda, what did you find? Is this spell related to ancient runes?” Professor McGonagall asked.

Professor Babbling walked, touched it lightly with her hand, and muttered to herself, “So it really exists…”

“Bathsheda, what do you mean?” Flitwick asked.

“I have only seen similar descriptions in the manuscripts of a dark wizard in the thirteenth century. It is said that this spell is completely composed of ancient runes, and it is the rarest magic in ancient runes. It is called Knots. The main composition is runic symbols, and use the magic spell at that time to form a temporary enchantment.”

Professor Babbling hit the barrier very hard with her fist, the twisted and blurred magic barrier shook, the air diffused and finally calmed down slowly.

“Your spells won’t work,” Professor Babbling turned around and pushed her thick glasses, “The biggest feature of this barrier is that it can instantly absorb an attack coming toward it.”

“According to the manuscript I read before, even if we keep attacking, this magic can hold for at least two hours. After absorbing the attack, It can also obtain part of the magic power. It was made from a unique rune in ancient Greece, which has been lost now. I thought the wizard’s manuscript was exaggerated.”

“Professor Babbling,” Snape’s voice was dull and cold, “The problem is how to open this barrier. If we wait for two hours, I’m afraid there would only be Mr. Wallup’s body left.”

At this time, Daisy had been watching all this nervously through the wall and had already covered her mouth.

Daisy stood up suddenly, “Miss Ollivander, can you let me go out?”

Stephanie shook her head, “It won’t help you. I know a little about that barrier, but I can’t break it myself.”

Daisy looked at her stubbornly. Even for the first time, she didn’t care about Hermione beside her.

“Let me go out. I’m going to save him, no matter what method I use.” Daisy, her head high.

Stephanie glanced at her, and without knowing why, she glanced at Hermione, who was silent on the other side. Inside the wall, the atmosphere became tense.

Several professors quarreled. One said to call more people to help, and the other said to summon the stone giant on Hogwarts. Only Professor Babbling remained silent. She took out her wand and kept lighting the barrier.

Finally, she said, “There is a way to try something.”

The others looked at her immediately.

“I can build a magic power transmission channel. The barriers in ancient Greece have a certain characteristic, which is to prevent them from being broken to the greatest extent. They will reach the upper limit of the barrier as much as possible at the construction stage.”

“We only break to create a window for us.”

Professor McGonagall shouted, “What is the success rate?”

“Over sixty percent.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Professor McGonagall said decisively.

Professor Babbling didn’t say much. She took out a gold powder and started creating the runes. At the same time, she ordered, “Call people over; the more, the better.”

Charlotte cast a spell on herself and ran towards the hall.

Inside the wall, the tense atmosphere eased a bit. Stephanie said softly, “There is a solution, don’t worry.”

Outside, the barrier was completely busy and tense. Inside the barrier, Sean floated peacefully in mid-air.

The Basilisk’s body moved, and its sharp fangs pierced directly into the center of the Mouth.

On the broken bridge, the grizzly bear dispersed, and the Dementors started to snatch his soul slowly.


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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