In the middle of the night, all students are woken up and assembled in the hall. Most students were only in their pajamas, and they gathered together, not knowing what was happening.

Sean didn’t stand in front of the stage with Professor McGonagall. He silently returned to the returned side. After explaining the situation in a low voice to Hermione and Daisy, who were unclear about it, he began to observe the people around him.

Professor McGonagall has two purposes for bringing everyone together. The main purpose is the safety of the students. The person who cast the Imperius Curse may still be mixed with the staff or even the student. It is not safe for everyone to sleep alone.

Another point is that Sean and the professors are worried. Will there be other students who are still being controlled by the Imperius Curse?

There was a long line in the hall, and Professor Flitwick was standing beside a line with his wand up. His task was to check whether an Imperius Curse controlled other students. Fortunately, it is easy to tell whether a student is under control.

Now, the students are chatting, being checked like travelers into a country’s border.

Around the students, the professors were all watching the student with full attention in case someone who had been cast with the Imperius Curse suddenly made a move. At Sean’s suggestion, the prefects and the student council mixed in the crowd to observe everyone’s movements.

They moved forward slowly, and most of the students had already been checked.

Sean turned his gaze to the other side, where several professors surrounded the new teaching assistants, and from time to time, one of them was called out by a certain professor to talk. Recently, Hogwarts is the most likely to recruit dark wizard for their teaching assistants.

The most suspected of them is definitely from Durmstrang, which is Max Dawson.

Dawson wasn’t even at the scene, and Sean knew he would most likely stay with Snape. Frankly speaking, Sean would not trust Snape fully. After all, Lily is not dead. After learning of Daisy’s existence and that Snape was acting nice to her, Sean was not worried.

Snape would always be on alert for all situations that would cause harm to Daisy, whether psychological or physical.

They were advancing slowly and soon reached Sean’s side. Professor Flitwick gave Sean a wave of his wand. Sean walked out of the student line and approached the professor’s side. Professor McGonagall stood beside him and waved her wand lightly, forming a barrier around him to prevent others from listening to their conversation.

“How’s the situation, professor?”

Professor McGonagall frowned, “Everything is normal.”

Sean frowned when he heard the words. Everything normal is the biggest abnormality and the worst news. That proves that those prophecies from Trelawney could have been sent out of Hogwarts.

Professor McGonagall continued to explain, “Miss Brown has been carefully checked. She woke up and didn’t know anything about what she was doing. Professor Flitwick used a higher level of magic to check her that the Imperius Curse was recast today.”

“That person is still in Hogwarts,” Sean whispered.

“Yes, Hogwarts is now in a completely safe state, and no one can leave here without the authority of Professor Dumbledore except-” Professor McGonagall glanced at Sean.

Sean laughed dryly and thought about it. He and Stephanie have authority over the Room of Requirement, and they can receive news about whoever enters the Room of Requirement, but no strange person has entered it recently.

Moreover, Sean has completely remodeled the room he often goes to, and the Vanishing Cabinet has also been stored safely. Without his permission, others can’t use it.

“What about the dementors? Professor, I don’t have much trust in these non-beings.”

Professor McGonagall shook her head, “I don’t believe it either. There are magic defenses on Hogwarts’s periphery, and the dementors are just guarding the border. Even if the dementors rebel to allow a person to come, Hogwarts’ magic can also sense it, but so far, no one has left or entered the school.”

That proves that that person is still in the castle.

“Where’s Dawson, professor?” Sean looked in the direction of the teacher’s line.

“After you raised that possibility, I ordered a few ghosts to keep an eye on him. We can’t guarantee round-the-clock monitoring. He behaved fine most of the time. However, because there is nothing wrong with him, and in the last half month, Professor Snape has gone to ask him alone, and I believe there will be a result soon.” Professor McGonagall explained to Sean.

“Where are the others?”

“Don’t worry about them, they are trustworthy people.” Sean squeezed his brows with some headaches; the teaching staff was out of the question.

The person hiding in the dark is able to detect Sean’s Disillusionment Charm and can even hide from Sean’s detection and Dave’s sense. This person is at least at an elite Auror level, even if it’s intentional or unintentional. There is no one with such strength among the students for the time being.

Sean glanced at the slowly shrinking line of students, and one of the Slytherins made him frown.

He almost forgot about this person. The weird Slytherin student in front of him was the one who had contacted Dumbledore back then.

He might have represented the Returners. But Dumbledore hoped that he would not investigate him, and Sean nodded at the time.

But in this current situation, he may be acting as a liaison with the Returners.

In the end, Sean said to Professor McGonagall, “Professor, can I ask something about Roland Joseph from Slytherin?”

“Mr. Joseph?” Professor McGonagall frowned, “He doesn’t usually like to socialize. He is a loner. What about him?”

“Something is wrong with him before. I think it’s necessary to investigate him carefully.” Sean said.

“Okay, when Severus returns, I’ll ask him to take care of Joseph.”

The inspection was finally over, and the students who hadn’t understood the situation yawned. The teachers were guarding the hall, and Lockhart also yawned.

“It’s over? Oh, thank Merlin. Should we go back to sleep?”

Dissatisfaction was evident in Professor McGonagall’s eyes, “I don’t even know how he can end up here.”

Sean looked at him two.

Since Charlotte and Sterling teach the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Lockhart has completely become a side character. The students are no longer stupid, and Charlotte and Sterling completely crushed the wizard who has written many best-selling books.

Not only the level of teaching but also the gap in the knowledge is visible to the naked eye. Lockhart is the guy who only makes trouble, while Charlotte and Sterling solve the trouble for the students.

Everyone knows well that Lockhart is still the official Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, but the two new teaching assistants are the actual professors. Lockhart now doesn’t even have the chance to teach the students.

However, no students or professors responded under Lockhart’s smile.

In the end, he had to laugh out loud in embarrassment, “Just like I taught you, as a wizard, you must always be vigilant. Good job, everybody!”

He walked back in shame.

At this time, at the main entrance of the Hall, Snape led Dawson. The latter had a lot of helplessness on his face, but he was also somewhat relaxed.

Snape walked up to Professor McGonagall and Sean and said calmly, “I gave him Veritaserum.”

Snape continued, “There is no problem, and he was quite cooperative when he learned of my intentions. Although he wasn’t too happy about it.”

Dawson looked helpless and annoyed, rubbing his hair, “I should’ve just gone back to Durmstrang…”

Sean glanced at Snape and blinked at his wand.

Snape gave Sean a look, “I know. I’m checking whether he has turned the Veritaserum he took into something else, Mr. Wallup. We talked about it in class before.”

“Okay, thank you for your hard work, Severus. Dawson, I also thank you for your cooperation. I hope you can understand. After all, the safety of students is the most important thing. Two students have already been hurt, and we have no choice but to do so.”

Dawson sighed, “I know. But please don’t do it again next time, professor. Taking a Veritaserum really sucks.”

“I’m so sorry, Dawson.” Professor McGonagall apologized sincerely.

“Huh? The smell has changed?” Just as Sean was about to turn around and leave, Dave had a suspicious feeling.

“Smell? The smell of brains?” Sean asked suspiciously.

“Yes, that person’s taste has changed a little. But overall, it’s still his original taste.” Dave said.

Sean distributed the magical animal fluid he got in the lottery to them, and after so many days, they all digested it. Now, Dave, Pudding, Naja, and the others have all gained a certain increase in speed and strength and can be regarded as being in top shape.

Moreover, the fluid has a certain probability of improving their abilities. Like Pudding, its pupils are now more powerful. Sean tested it on himself and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Naja had no room for improvement because of her ability. In the end, she just became bigger and smaller faster. The Basilisk’s ability has become even more terrifying.

Nessie has evolved into a more useful ability. It could control the water flow and sense the fluctuations of the surrounding water. Now, it can even launch attacks from a long distance, similar to water cannons. Even on the shore, it has quite power.

As for Dave, it can only be said that Dave has a more sensitive sense of smell for the brain, not only in a wider range, but Dave can also smell the details of how the brain tastes more clearly.

Dave says there’s something slightly off about Dawson’s smell, which makes Sean a little suspicious.

According to his communication with Dave, the taste of a person’s brain is indeed not consistent. The taste of brains will show subtle differences under the influence of emotions, physical states, and psychological states.

Snape had just given Dawson Veritaserum, and his mood and body had changed, which caused his brain to smell different, which is normal.

But Sean will not miss any suspicious things that happened, “Smell him carefully; what is the main difference from before?”

Dave wriggled twice in his arms as if he was breathing heavily, “Well, the overall taste is still the same; it’s just that it feels a little emptier than before?”


While Professor McGonagall was talking to Dawson, Sean quietly moved to Snape’s side and set up a shielding barrier.

Snape noticed his movement, frowned, and raised his chin, “Wallup, are you questioning my potion level?”

“No, professor. I want to ask, is it possible for him to cast the Forgetfulness Charm on himself?”

Snape said coldly, “Do you think you are the only one who can think about it? My questions are clear, and his memory is also clear, which proves that his memory has not been tampered with.”

“What if he emptied his memory and created another one?”


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Published On: March 19, 2024

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