When Professor McGonagall arrived with the others, Sean had put Lavender and Professor Trelawney onto the chairs. At the same time, he checked the surrounding situation and found no other person there.

“Mr. Wallup, what happened?” Professor McGonagall came in and saw the two.

Naja slipped back into Sean’s sleeve. Professor McGonagall knew that Sean had raised a lot of magical animals, but given what just happened now, she was completely dumbfounded.

Sean told Professor McGonagall and the others exactly what he saw and added, “I just checked it, and Lavender was controlled by someone using the Imperius Curse. I don’t know how long she has been under the influence, and Professor Trelawney’s situation is a bit strange.”

Professor McGonagall immediately looked back, “Severus.”

Snape emerged from the shadows, quickly took out a potion bottle, and dripped it on Lavender. He pursed his lips without saying a word, carefully observing the girl’s state.

After a while, he raised his head and said in a deep voice, “Ms. Brown has been controlled for at least two weeks, and her current state is not stable. The person who cast the spell on her should be afraid that she will break free, and they will cast the spell at least every two days. “

Sean frowned when he heard that Lavender had been controlled for such a long time and that the caster had been so careful to cast it on her so frequently.

“She needs to rest for a while before she can get rid of the Imperius Curse. It’s a pity that we don’t have Gringotts’ anti-thief water here so that we could save Ms. Brown efficiently.” Professor Flitwick also checked and stood up, and his face was a little heavy.

On the other side, Snape also checked Professor Trelawney, “As for her, she was just unconscious.”

After Snape finished speaking, Trelawney let out a long, painful groan and woke up.

“Lavender, I can’t drink anymore. I have to get up early tomorrow morning, and there is still a class…” Trelawney rubbed her head in a daze and froze in place.

“Minerva, Filius, and Severus? What’s going on here? Oh, my God! Lavender!”

Professor McGonagall walked up with a serious expression, “Didn’t you say that you would be jinxed later, Sybil? Tell me, what happened?”

Trelawney seemed to want to evade the question, but seeing the serious expressions of the professors around her, she finally realized that she might have caused some serious trouble.

“Okay, okay. Lavender came to me with wine and said that she admired my divination ability. Of course, I can understand why she said that.”

“Get to the point, Sybil.” Professor McGonagall interrupted her.

Trelawney shivered nervously and said, “I talked to her a lot and drank the wine. I remember she wanted me to make some predictions for her, but I didn’t do it.”

“No, you probably did, Professor.” Sean said calmly beside him.

“Huh?! Mr. Wallop? How would you know that I wouldn’t be making a prediction?” Trelawney said to Sean, looking very annoyed.

Professor Flitwick’s beard twitched, “Just now, he saved you. Lavender was controlled by the Imperius Curse. If Wallup hadn’t happened to pass by, you might have gone now.”

Trelawney was stunned by Professor Flitwick’s voice. Her eyes widened, “An Imperius Curse controlled Lavender?”

“Yes.” Sean replied bluntly.

He told her the scene when he saw Trelawney’s eyes straighten and prepare to make a prophecy.

“I think that after she helped you back to the office, you still made a prophecy. May I ask what kind of prophecy Lavender wants you to make?”

“Oh, oh…” Trelawney muttered twice to herself, with a look of fear on her face, but finally said, “She hopes I can make a prophecy for her. A prophecy related to an accident and wants me to see a further future so as to avoid disasters that may harm her.”

Trelawney stood up, “But I really didn’t give her the prophecy. A prophecy related to this kind of time incident will only create more chaos, and the prophecy may cause some kind of irreversible accident, and I can’t do that.”

Time incident? Sean licked his lips. Grindelwald is involved now.

Trelawney said, “It was a very dangerous idea, and I’m not as strong as my ancestor.”

Sean and Professor McGonagall looked at each other.

“Sybil, I need you to tell me. Is this the first time Lavender has come to see you?” Professor McGonagall asked seriously.

“No, she often comes to see me. But in these two weeks, she has been frequently seeing me, and it’s always in the middle of the night. She also brings my favorite drink, you know, I usually prefer this…” Trelawney’s voice trailed off.

The person who used the Imperius Curse on Lavender knew that Trelawney could enter that state of prophecy through this way, and they wanted to get an accurate prophecy from Trelawney.

Sean’s pupils narrowed slightly, and he smelled something wrong.

That person may be coming for Grindelwald. That person may have known that the incident was related to Grindelwald this time, but they couldn’t know the key to the matter, so they thought of using Trelawney to read the situation.

Sean immediately thought of The Returners.

Trelawney was still talking, “Those two admired me a lot during this time. But I don’t know why they didn’t come in pairs like before.”

Sean raised his head suddenly, “Parvati is also here?”

Startled by his voice, Trelawney replied, “Yes, that girl also likes to come to me with wine recently.”

Sean turned and ran.

Professor McGonagall followed behind him and said to the people in the office, “Send them two to the infirmary, block the entrance and exit of Hogwarts. Sean, the password is May The Stars Be Aligned.”

Sean ran quickly into the castle, left Professor McGonagall behind him, immediately raised his wand, teleported, and appeared outside the Gryffindor common room.

“May The Stars Be Aligned!”

The lady in the portrait glanced at him and quickly opened the back passage without saying anything as she had done with other students. This was Sean’s first visit to the Gryffindor common room.

“Sean? What’s going on? Dude, this is the Gryffindor common room. How did you get in?” In the middle of the night, Harry and the others were greeting him.

Sean didn’t answer Harry; he looked around and caught a girl who was a student in his Transfiguration class reading a book.

“Fiora, take me to Parvati’s bedroom, that black-haired Indian girl and the twin one!”

Fiora stood up. Although the boys could not go to the girls’ dormitory, she immediately listened to her professor and ran towards the dormitory.

Sean shouted as he ran, “Harry, wake up the prefect and the others! Let everyone wake up. The professors will be here soon!”

“Huh?” Harry, Neville, and Ron looked at each other in surprise and immediately pulled out their wands.

“Sean doesn’t always do this thing. Just do as he says now.”

Sean gripped his wand tightly while running fast. Parvati was probably controlled by the Imperius Curse. Sean thought that the scene where Trelawney stopped her prophecy state was because his presence had been noticed.

There is a high probability that something will happen to Parvati.

“That’s her!” The girl running in front shouted, pointing at a wooden door.

Sean had just run over when he heard a girl screaming from inside. He opened the door directly with a spell and then saw that Parvati in pajamas was floating in mid-air with blank eyes.

Several of her roommates were screaming loudly, and her younger sister, Padma Patil, tried to grab her.

Sean saw a strange opal necklace lying on the ground at a glance and immediately shouted: “Don’t touch her!”


Sean raised his wand, “Finite Incantatem!”

Parvati, who was floating in mid-air, finally fell down. Sean walked over and kicked the necklace away. The necklace rolled into the corner. Sean took a look, then said the counter spell magic over and over again to Parvati.

“What’s going on…?” Her younger sister was sobbing beside her.

Sean’s hand didn’t stop. He asked, “What did she do before?”

“Parvati has been acting very strange. We were chatting on the bed, and she suddenly stood up as if she was confused and frantically rummaged through her suitcase. She took out a strange silver substance inside a bottle…” Although Padma was sobbing, she was trying to explain what she knew.

“She shattered the bottle with a spell, found the necklace, and then things just happened…”

A memory bottle, Parvati smashed a memory. Sean frowned deeply.

Combined with Trelawney’s strange state, a thought popped up in Sean’s mind.

Parvati and Lavender were controlled by the Imperius Curse, split into two groups, and used that strange magic to provoke Trelawney’s real state in a drunk state. Which explains the magic fluctuation he had felt before.

Parvati and Lavender should have pulled Trelawney’s memory directly every time and pieced together a complete prophecy in multiple attempts.

Sean is almost sure the person behind this is the Returners.

There are several ancient Greek Seers among the returnees. Only Seers understand Seers. They must be unable to make their own prophecies in their form now, so they resort to Trelawney. Of course, they also know how to stimulate her state.

The main problem now is what exactly they saw in Trelawney’s prophecy and whether it had already been sent out to them.

The counter spell magic was chanted over and over again. At this time, there was also a noise outside. All the students were woken up, and the professors also came to the Gryffindor common room.

Professor McGonagall panted and went to the dormitory.

“Mr. Wallup, how’s the situation?”

“Her life should be saved now, but Madam Pomfrey will be needed for the follow-up treatment.”

Sean continued, “Professor Trelawney’s prophecy memory probably has been extracted; the person who cast the Imperius Curse should have taken the memories when the Imperius Curse is applied every two days. They probably hadn’t gotten the memory that Parvati extracted last time, and they want to destroy the memory and kill her before it is found out.”

Professor McGonagall replied, “That bastard.”

She was followed by Professor Babbling, the professor of ancient runes, who pushed her glasses, and now she has a general understanding of the situation.

“How is Ms. Brown?”

“You can check her, but I think the memory that Lavender took away last time should have been taken away.”

Because it is impossible for Lavender to detect Sean’s existence with her own strength, it means that there was a person hiding nearby at that time. They noticed Sean and gave instructions to Lavender to cancel their plan mid-way.

Thinking of this, Sean patted his head regretfully. At that time, when Lavender attacked him, that person was probably hiding in the office.

His attention was on Lavender and Trelawney, but he didn’t find another person hiding there.

Professor McGonagall went to check Lavender’s place. Sure enough, she didn’t find the memory bottle, but she found other items that could directly kill her.

She deeply breathed, “Tell everyone to go to the Great Hall. This will be a long night.”


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