Sean got a new wand and tried various spells over and over again in the Room of Requirement until twelve o’clock in the middle of the night.

After testing it, Sean is very satisfied with his new wand. Because of the double wand core, almost all the spells of this wand have enhanced power, and the control and other aspects are also better. There was only a small defect, and it may be due to the wand material used.

When Sean uses dark magic, a spell that requires a lot of negative emotions, this wand will show a human-like “unhappy” emotion. But when Sean completely channels his negative emotions, this wand seems to have sunk the power and didn’t burst out much power.

But generally speaking, this is still a very powerful wand. Sean estimates that this wand should be the best of all wands except those wands whose cores come from special sources.

In addition, Sean also reserved a small hole in the handle, which he prepared for embedding other materials in the future. Of course, he wouldn’t dare embed it rashly now, or the newly made wand would explode, and he would lose a good one.

After tinkering with his new wand, Sean left the Room of Requirement. It was getting late, so he had to go back to sleep quickly. Sean was about to go downstairs, glanced casually to the side, and found that the light in a room was leaking through the crack of the door.

It was the Divination Classroom.

This divination class taught by Professor Trelawney has become a subject that Sean has given up on. He does not have any talent in divination, and Sean believes that this talent can only be acquired by nature or inherited from your ancestor.

In addition, he and Hermione have almost become uninvited guests in Trelawney’s class now. After Hermione scolded the professor in the first class, she has always liked to predict the death of the two of them. Sean couldn’t remember how many terrible things he was going to encounter, and Hermione was almost the same.

However, Sean was a little concerned about the classroom that was still lit at this time. He hesitated for a while, cast a spell on himself, and slowly approached.

After walking in, a faint conversation sound came from the classroom.

“Professor, I can’t believe about the one you predicted for me last time.” A girl’s voice came out with some excitement.

“Lavender, when the prophecy has passed, and the future has become a reality, we must not repeat that. We should, we should forget the past that has come true, and look to the future. Even though the future is so unpredictable.” Trelawney’s characteristic soft voice entered Sean’s ears through the door’s crack.

Sean frowned. Lavender was still looking for her most admired professor at this time.

In the divination class, there were students like Sean, Hermione, Harry, etc., who didn’t believe in Professor Trelawney at all, and naturally, there were also people whom Professor Trelawney completely convinced.

Most of them were girls, and Lavender was convinced completely because Trelawney accurately predicted the death of her pet rabbit. Professor Trelawney told Lavender that her worst fear would be in October. It happened on the sixteenth, and when Lavender received the news that her pet rabbit had died, she immediately remembered the prophecy.

Lavender seemed to believe she could predict it. She told all kinds of things about the professor to her friends. Parvati Patil was even convinced as well. Even when the class is very tight, the two will find time to find Professor Trelawney to get closer.

It’s just that Lavender seems to be the only one today, and it’s already twelve o’clock in the evening.

Sean had no interest in reminding her that it was time to go to bed, so he shook his head and prepared to leave here.

“Professor,” Lavender’s voice lowered a little, “I heard that you have Cassandra Trelawney’s vision?”

“Yes, yes…” Trelawney had pride in her voice, “I’m her great-great-granddaughter, after all. This kind of thing is often passed down from one generation to the next.”

“Professor, I don’t mean to offend. But I heard that people from the Trelawney family can make greater and more accurate prophecies when they fully open their vision?”

“That’s right,” Trelawney’s voice sounded less confident, “This secret is rarely known, and as a Seer, I won’t do it for menial things. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need that for things in everyday life,”

“Professor, have you made a prophecy recently? Like a greater prophecy.” Lavender tempted.

The sound of wine glasses and bottles collided in the classroom, and Trelawney seemed to pour another glass of wine down her throat.

“Lavender, I can understand your desire to pry into the unknown. This kind of prophecy often reveals a terrible fate. I am afraid that if you know it, it will seriously affect your life.”

“Professor, I’m just curious, and I’m also scared. Many things happened before; even one year was missing from us.” Lavender’s voice sounded worried and scared.

“I understand. Ordinary people are afraid of unknown things, but those who are really destined for divination, such as you, will always be curious and eager to get to know about it. And as for those people— “Professor Trelawney put down her glass. “Like the one named Granger and the one named Wallup…”

Sean hadn’t gone far and shrugged his shoulders. It seemed that he and Hermione were hopelessly stupid and arrogant in her view. Sean didn’t hear what Lavender said next as if she was whispering something to Professor Trelawney.

Trelawney screamed nervously, “Give up your ideas! It’s dangerous!”

When Sean walked around the corner, he saw that Professor Trelawney had pushed open the door of the classroom.

“While I can see the future, this is a burden I have to bear.” She spoke incoherently and seemed to be explaining to Lavender.

“But for you, it’s a very dangerous and very scary thing to do. You need to learn more. You need to clear the fog in your mind. But now, it’s not something you should be able to think about.”

Sean wouldn’t get involved in all this; he stopped in his tracks, and his brows furrowed.

There are magical fluctuations.

“Professor, that’s why I’m here to ask you for help. You’re Cassandra Trelawney’s great-great-granddaughter, a Seer with amazing talent. I hope you can make a prophecy for me.”

Trelawney held the wine bottle in one hand and leaned on the door frame with the other. She shook her head, “My child, I have made many prophecies for you before, but this…”

“Why not? Professor, this is also about me. It’s about you and everyone…” Lavender was in the classroom, and Sean couldn’t see her face but could feel the faint feeling of magic fluctuation.

Professor Trelawney didn’t look quite right. She didn’t have any Seer qualities, but she liked to say vague things in order to fool the girls who admired her. Normally, she should make up a decent lie instead of refusing someone like this.

However, people who drink too much will lose their minds, and the bottle is almost empty, and Professor Trelawney’s behavior is understandable. But what kind of prophecy did she want to get from Trelawney?

Trelawney was holding on to the door, her rejection was getting weaker and weaker, and even her eyes began to loosen gradually.

“No, no, no…” Her lips moved.

Sean’s pupils shrank. Professor Trelawney is very similar to the one described in the original book, who can make real predictions. He stopped completely, hesitating whether to go over and have a look.

Logically speaking, this is a private matter between Trelawney and Lavender, and Lavender is the kind of person who will use some small means to achieve her goals. Sean is unfamiliar with that magic fluctuation, but he didn’t feel any malice or negative emotions, so it should have nothing to do with dark magic.

But Sean always felt that something was wrong. However, just as he was hesitating, Lavender suddenly spoke in the classroom.

“Then I can’t force you, professor. You should go rest.” Lavender’s voice became normal.

The magic also disappeared.

Why did Lavender suddenly give up?

At the door, Trelawney was about to enter her real state and woke up. She held the door slightly, “What did I just do? God, I shouldn’t drink so much. Lavender, you should go back.”

“Okay, professor. Do you need my help to go back to your office?”

“Oh, sorry to trouble you…”

Sean quickly picked up his wand and pointed at himself, and his figure merged with the stone wall behind him. Lavender came out of the classroom. She looked the same as usual, carefully helped Professor Trelawney walk towards the office, and even closed the door behind her.

“That’s weird…” Sean frowned. He watched the two slowly walk into Trelawney’s office.

“Huh?” Sean’s eyes widened slightly, and he knew something was wrong.

Logically speaking, only a few people knew about Trelawney’s true state. Just now, Lavender’s series of behaviors seemed to be aimed at initiating Trelawney’s true state.

Trelawney also said that Lavender had asked her to for the prophecy many times before. That proves that Lavender came here with the goal of getting Trelawney to make a real prophecy from the beginning.

The question was, how did she know Trelawney’s secret?

Sean noticed something was wrong, kept the Disillusionment Charm, and walked towards the office.

After the two entered, the door was never opened. Sean invoked his authority in the Room of Requirement. A wooden door appeared on the stone wall next to the office and immediately pushed the door.

He entered the castle walls again, and the scene in the office appeared before his eyes.

Lavender is gone.

Only Trelawney was left slumped on a chair alone in the office, and she seemed to have completely lost consciousness. Sean frowned, walked straight out, and walked towards Professor Trelawney.

The pungent smell of alcohol lingered on her, but she didn’t look like she was in a drunken coma. Just when Sean was about to step forward to check, at the corner where no one was originally, the air was lifted, and Lavender revealed her face and pointed a magic wand at Sean’s back.

The Stunning Charm shot out and hit Sean directly.

However, Sean’s figure only swayed momentarily, and the red light passed through his body and hit the bookshelf. Another spell hit Lavender quickly.

Sean snapped his fingers, “Quite surprising.”

An invisibility cloak flew over, revealing the girl.

“Incarcerous, Petrificus Totalus.” Sean added two more spells to Lavender.

As soon as he walked over, he frowned.

The pupils spread rapidly, but there was a smile on the corner of the mouth. Someone cast the Imperius Curse on Lavender.


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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