“He will serve as a teaching assistant for the Herbology Class. Professor Sprout should be very happy.” Professor McGonagall introduced the new teaching assistants and soon came to the last person.

“This is Max Dawson.” The young man named Max Dawson has a sullen face and is tall. However, one of his hands hung unnaturally on one side, and gauze was still on his head.

“Mr. Dawson is from Durmstrang, and he will be the teaching assistant for the Charms Class. Mr. Dawson, how did you become like this? What happened? You were not like this during the interview a few days ago.” Professor McGonagall pushed her glasses and looked at Max, who seemed to have been beaten up.

Sean cast his gaze over it. This new assistant is from Durmstrang, which is a bit rare. Of course, Sean didn’t have any objections to graduates from other schools. He just simply didn’t like Durmstrang’s headmaster.

He looked a bit sinister, but his voice was not sinister at all. He sounded a little annoyed, “Something went wrong, Professor McGonagall.”

“Is there anything wrong with Hogwarts?” Professor McGonagall asked.

Dawson shook his head, “No, it’s my honor to pass the interview at Hogwarts. I just met some people on the way.”

He gritted his teeth and was a little ashamed, “After the interview, I went back to Durmstrang.”

Dawson suddenly became strange.

He waved his injured arm, “Please don’t get me wrong, I haven’t told anyone about my interview at Hogwarts. I just wanted to get something.”

“It was my personal book when I was studying in Durmstrang, combined with materials in the Durmstrang Library, mainly about Charms. When I graduated, I took that book and gave it to a student who has a good relationship with me. I don’t need it, but I got the job, so I decided to take the book back for reference during the class. “

As he said that, his face was a bit ugly. “Before that incident, my junior was a seventh-grade student, so taking back the notes would not affect him in any way. He welcomed me warmly and returned it to me readily after hearing my reasoning, but I didn’t expect that…”

“After I finished talking with him, I wanted to visit the dormitory where I lived for seven years. After all, I haven’t been back to school for so long,” Dawson said with obvious anger in his eyes, “I don’t know what the school is doing. I know so well where my dorm is, but I can’t find it.”

“I didn’t come to the wrong place, but the dormitory has been remodeled and turned into a strange room. I didn’t even want to go in and take a look. After all, I’m already a graduate. But as I got close to it, immediately, a student at school attacked me.”

“Those group of bastards directly attacked me with magic in the school, and there are too many of them!” Dawson’s face changed.

It seems that there should not be many attacking him, but Dawson is obviously defeated. Otherwise, Dawson wouldn’t have looked like this, and when it came to the number of attackers, he wouldn’t know it.

When Sean came in, he looked at him. He had dealt with the strong ones a lot, so his judgment of strength was fairly accurate. Dawson’s strength should be high, and the conditions that Professor McGonagall set have always been very high.

“And then?” Professor McGonagall asked, frowning.

“And then I left Durmstrang…” Dawson muttered.

Looking at this appearance, it doesn’t look like it. But these are not the point. Durmstrang’s reaction is strange. Unless Dawson is not telling the truth, there is no reason for a Durmstrang graduate to be attacked like this, and the dorm is changed.

Professor McGonagall thought for a while, “Mr. Dawson, is there anything Hogwarts can help you with?”

Dawson waved his hands again and accidentally touched his injured arm, “No, no need. I have left a letter to Principal Karkaroff. Those students will be punished.”

“That’s good to hear. By the way, Mr. Dawson, maybe you can consider going to our school infirmary?” Professor McGonagall hesitated, and she could see that Dawson was holding himself back.

Sean continued, “Madam Pomfrey is currently experimenting with a new potion. She needs an adult subject with a strong body. Of course, this medicine has no side effects.”

Dawson hesitated for a while and walked, “Then I’d be more than happy to help.”

After everyone else left the lounge, Sean stayed behind and asked Professor McGonagall, “Is there anything wrong with him?”

Professor McGonagall nodded, “Those who are normally screened for employment are reliable wizards. The Polyjuice and Imperius Curse tests have been used during the interview, and there is no sign of intrusion or being controlled by a third party.”

Sean squinted his eyes and didn’t find anything wrong with Dawson at all. But looking at it, Durmstrang’s principal is probably not a good person, so the possibility of him working together with The Returners is high. Durmstrang’s true intention is hard to guess if this is the case.

“But that was all tested during the interview, right?” Sean asked.

“That’s right. Sean, do you think the people in Durmstrang might control Max Dawson?”

“It’s a possibility. After all, he is injured and is easy to notice. But I think it is better to be safe in everything. In case he does come with bad intentions, we can still act in advance.”

Professor McGonagall pondered for a while and nodded, “That makes sense, but I didn’t think carefully. I will find a way to check Dawson’s current behavior.”

Two days later, Professor McGonagall approached Sean, and the two chatted about Dawson’s situation in her office.

“After some digging, Dawson didn’t show any signs of being controlled, and he didn’t try to go to some places where no one was around. He was honest and didn’t look weird.” Professor McGonagall told Sean.

Sean dragged his chin to think for a while and said slowly, “I also asked someone to investigate him. Durmstrang doesn’t seem to have any weird movements recently; at least, that’s the case on the surface.”

Could it be that he was too suspicious? After all, although it is strange for that to happen. Durmstrang’s actions do not seem to affect the wizarding world. It may be that a secret room was simply created, and when Dawson tried to enter, it was guarded.

Sean discussed it with Professor McGonagall for a while, but in the end, they didn’t get much useful information. In desperation, Sean could only think that he was suspicious. Of course, the monitoring could still be conducted. If nothing is wrong with it later, they should forget about it.

Under such circumstances, another month passed quickly, and the atmosphere at Hogwarts became tense. The final exam is coming soon, and this exam is much more difficult than in previous years, which makes many students nervous.

Moreover, there are two grades that have to take OWL exams, and the students of these two grades are very busy. While ensuring his other classes, Sean has been teaching the Transfiguration class with remarkable results during this period.

For example, the new students have completely followed the class under Sean’s guidance, and many of them even performed exceptionally well. Sean estimated that among the students he was guiding, there were a few gifted students who could reach Hermione’s progress.

As for Hermione herself, she is progressing much faster than normal fourth graders. In other classes, due to the addition of teaching assistants, the workload of professors has been greatly reduced.

Charlotte and Sterling should be the two best-performing assistants besides Sean.

The two of them worked together and almost snatched away the remaining fans of Lockhart. Now, Lockhart has no one backing him. Even the students said that they were better than him.

Dawson also performed well, at least in the role of teaching assistant. Sean is going to monitor until the end of the semester. If nothing happens, then there is no need to continue to make trouble for him.

In fact, he needs to check from time to time whether he has been using a Polyjuice potion, whether he is under the control of the Imperius Curse, and so on.

At present, the atmosphere in Hogwarts is tense and restless.


Inside the Room of Requirement, Sean was looking at the strangely shaped wand in his hand. After receiving the Glory of the Wandmaker, Sean made several attempts. It’s just that the difficulty of creating a wand is somewhat beyond Sean’s expectations.

Since the cooldown takes a full month, he can’t waste much time. Sean is going to use a lot of powerful magic materials as the main material for his new wand. Of course, the materials must be good.

Before this, Sean always used his abilities and tried them out one by one. But he found that even though the Glory of the Wandmaker endowed Sean with unusually keen senses, he couldn’t stuff a variety of cores into the empty wand well.

This brand new wand in his hand is Sean’s first successful wand so far. The material of the wand is oak, which can sensitively perceive the owner’s emotions. This wood is loyal to the owner, and at the same time, it will provide different levels of magic power output according to the owner’s emotional changes.

Of course, the more important thing is the core of the wand. With the Embed ability, Sean chose two types of wand cores: phoenix tail and unicorn tail feathers.

In addition to the previous attempts, Sean scrapped more than a dozen of the ready-to-use empty wands, and the core of the wand was also used at the same time.

This is the first successful product.

Unlike other oak wands, Sean’s wand has an obviously thick bottom, and its diameter shrinks rapidly when it goes up. The surface is smoother and shiny than ordinary wands, but Sean has a good grip on his hands.

The phoenix and unicorn tail feathers hair give this wand a fantastic feeling while also showing a mix of silver and red at the tip. Sean held back the excitement in his heart and cast a spell seriously.


Flames spewed out, the dancing flames were as big as a phoenix, but they were as calm and gentle as a unicorn in front of Sean.

The casting speed has increased, the power has increased a lot, and the handling has increased a lot.

Sean often changed wands and immediately gave an accurate evaluation. He was pleasantly surprised to find that the wand he created was stronger than Grindelwald’s wand.

Or perhaps, stronger than every wand he has ever used before.


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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