“Always be in awe of Transfiguration.”

When these words fell, all the students were silent, not daring to speak anything. However, Sean created the same atmosphere in the Transfiguration class as Professor McGonagall.

Of course, this is something Sean wants to achieve. He looked at everyone calmly and seriously.

“Repeat what I said.” Sean said softly.

“Always be in awe of Transfiguration.” The students replied immediately. Their voices were not synced, but Sean really saw that everyone opened their mouths to speak.

“Very good.” Sean smiled again. He didn’t ask the students to repeat it loudly and neatly. He felt that the meaning of today’s class had been achieved.

The students looked at each other. Sean has turned into that kind and patient teacher again. It really gives them a feeling of a spring breeze. It’s just that the image of the monster that failed to transform and the warning words just now left a deep impression on them. Many students even felt it weird.

Sean clapped his hands in satisfaction and smiled even more, “Looks like everyone has this lesson in mind. By the way, I have a question for you.”

When the doubtful eyes of the students came, Sean waved his wand, and the distorted image of a half-human, half-monster appeared in midair again. Many of them retreated subconsciously.

Sean pointed to the image, “This is a failed Transfiguration that I created with a spell. Can someone tell me what the specific factors of a failed transformation are? Don’t rush to answer. Try to think from the perspective of Transfiguration.”

Hearing this, several students who were going to raise their hands put down their arms and carefully observed the image. After a moment, a boy raised his hand.

“Yes, Mr Axton?”

Sean was a little surprised. Axton got up and answered. He found that this child born in a Muggle family had quite a knowledge in mind. Moreover, during his spell before, he held back his fear and tried to wake Sean up, which is enough to prove that he is courageous.

“I thought about it for a long time, and I felt that this may have something to do with the Transfiguration technique you mentioned before. The monster that appeared after the failure is a real creature that has no specific image in the world. It may just create characteristics from other creatures that are generally random and doesn’t fully transform into it.”

Axton explained his view. The more he listened to it, the brighter Sean’s eyes became. This kid has a keen sense of Transfiguration.

“Very good, Mr. Axton. Five points for Ravenclaw.” Sean did not hold back his praise in the slightest.

Axton got a lot of points in the first class and was a little shy.

Sean motioned him to sit down and explained, “Mr. Axton is not wrong. A common feature of a failed Transfiguration is that the image of the monster must not have existed in the world. Someone can create a creature by taking other characteristics of certain other creatures. But since it didn’t exist, this involves a key point of casting a Transfiguration.”

“Transfiguration is a magic that requires two things. You must construct a specific image in your mind and think about the object to be transformed into that image. When you do it right, you can use your magic until the Transfiguration is completed, and that would be called a perfect execution.”

Sean turned around and wrote a line of big characters on the blackboard.

“I call this sentence the nature of magic,” Sean tapped on the blackboard, “How can you understand it?”

“The thing you need to know is that it has magic. We cannot always understand that. We can use magic power to refer to it.”

“And what about the medium? This is something used to control the magic. What is the most effective way to do so?”

Someone raised a hand and answered, “Spells and wands?”

“Correct, what else?” Sean asked persuasively.

The students thought hard, and after a while, Axton raised his hand again, “Does that mean that the caster is also a medium?”

“Smart, Mr. Axton.” Sean praised him again.

He was so engrossed in speaking that he didn’t realize that outside the class, there were already many people gathered. The students didn’t notice it either.

“Why can Sean always make some good impression, but we can’t?”

“Maybe it’s because we can’t make a dragon’s roar?”

Fred and George used the Levitation Charm to levitate themselves and observed the situation inside through the window.

“Mr. Weasley. Spells are not allowed in the corridor between classes.” Professor McGonagall’s voice sounded, and the twins immediately pulled down.

Professor Flitwick was also standing aside. He was floating quietly at this moment, looking into the classroom with his chin up, nodding in admiration from time to time.

“That’s not fair!” The twins said but still stood on tiptoe obediently.

In the classroom, Sean’s teaching continued.

“Just now, we talked about specific things and mediums; now let’s talk about the unknown and the known.” He waved his wand.

“The unknown is because we know little about the principles of magic or even know nothing at all. We can only study it and continue to explore it. If it is not an unknown thing, then it is called science instead of magic. This unknown is the mysterious side we talked about before, and that’s why I think magic is fascinating.”

“You know?” Sean let himself float and pointed to his body, “We can clearly recognize the results of magic, such as using a spell to levitate something. Even if we don’t know why, I can break free from gravity and float in front of you. However, the fact that I’m floating right now is a fact.”

Sean let himself walk around the classroom, his voice growing happier.

“Think about it. This is going back to the point we talked about at the beginning. Transfiguration is the best embodiment of magic because its process and result are so in line with the nature of magic.”

“Why has the image of a failed transformation never appeared before?”

Some students replied directly without raising their hands, “Because it is not a known thing!”

“That’s right. Why, when we construct the image of the head, should we be a clear and accurate image?”

“Because it has to be true to the known thing!” The students all scrambled to answer.

Outside the classroom, more and more students gathered around. Sean’s voice in the classroom could be clearly heard in the corridor.

Some students are nodding their heads, “It all makes sense now.”

“Why didn’t we think of it before?”

“Sean figured this out by himself?”

“No wonder Professor McGonagall asked him to be a teaching assistant.”

Professor McGonagall withdrew her wand, raised her head slightly, and couldn’t hide the smile at the corner of her mouth.

Even Fred and George nodded to each other, “It does sound logical, though.”

In the corridor, Professor Flitwick did not speak or express his opinion. No one can even see his expression. They can only notice that he is thinking seriously. Sean’s lecture echoed in the corridor, and more students joined to listen. Those students who had better grades in the past showed thoughtful expressions.

The students with poor grades and who were too lazy to attend class also pretended to nod next to them. At this moment, Filch’s running sound came from the end of the corridor.

He ran over with a limp and glared at the students surrounding the classroom; his broken voice made a shrill sound, “Students are not in class! Students are not in class!”

He even saw two professors run over excitedly, point at the students, and shout, “Professor, it’s time for their class, and they!”

“Oh, shut up.” A voice answered Filch.

Professor Flitwick lost his former elegance and easy-going manner. He gave Filch an angry look and turned his head away immediately. Filch opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.


“Hey, Sean.” A sixth-grade student greeted me enthusiastically when passing by. The students around her held hands with each other and laughed.

“Oh, hello.” Sean nodded politely.

“Hey, Sean.” On the side, Daisy blinked her eyes while imitating the students’ words just now with an exaggerated and charming voice, “Which is your preference? Thinking about it, the twenty-sixth girl has come to strike up a conversation with our Professor Wallup; what a name you’ve built.”

Sean gave her an annoyed look and tapped the top of her head, “Did you really just count how many of them?”

“It can’t be helped. Professor Flitwick even listened to your class the whole time and scolded Filch.” Hermione cut the steak on the plate vigorously.

Sean sighed helplessly, “You too?”

“Isn’t what I told the truth?” Hermione blinked at him and pouted at Daisy again, “And Daisy counted how many girls. Are you going to say anything to that?”

Sean spread his hands, “I mean, what else can I do?”

“The students have spread things about Professor Wallup. You really should go and see how much the students admire you and how much those girls like you.”

“They just like Sean’s strict and gentle style, and probably because Sean is a rich person.” Daisy nodded frantically.

“I kind of regret it now.” Sean shook his head helplessly.

Originally, Sean’s reputation at Hogwarts has grown wildly since he started his teaching. Everyone’s view gradually changed into deep admiration in the first Transfiguration class. This also caused Sean’s reputation to surge. Even if he was always with Hermione Daisy, some girls would come up to him with winks and hints.

Sean didn’t expect that his lectures would have such a big effect. His intention was to impress the new students to Transfiguration.

Since then, many senior students have asked him for transfiguration advice.

The teaching in this spare time made Sean do the right thing. This group of fifth and sixth graders has a bit of a weak foundation. Of course, Professor McGonagall couldn’t teach everyone at all times, but Sean thought that he had already given a good class.

This can only mean that many people did not review the class contents at all.

Fortunately, the new students are extremely serious in the Transfiguration class, not only rigorous but also cautious, even a little too careful.

They now have to rehearse the steps in their minds for turning matches into silver needles more than ten times. Of course, the result is also good. Although no one has shown talent comparable to Sean’s, their performance was much better than the average level of their class.

Sean shrugged his shoulders optimistically toward Hermione and Daisy’s words. While arguing with the two, suddenly, a petite silver-haired girl appeared in front of his eyes.

It was Stephanie.

Sean smiled and said, “Good day, Stephanie.”

Hermione and Daisy looked at each other.

“Good day, Sean,” Stephanie nodded and said with a blank expression, “Today is almost the end of the month. Professor McGonagall asked me to tell you something.”

“What?” Sean asked curiously, and Daisy and Hermione also pricked up their ears.

She pushed her glasses.

“You did really well and amazing in that class.”


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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