In the class, the students stared in horror at Sean’s dragon claws spreading from his right shoulder. The scales were breathtaking, and the sharp claws emitted a light. If a small dragon is still within their acceptable range, then it is a bit scary that the person in front of them suddenly turned into a dragonic man all of a sudden.

Sean is satisfied with the students’ reaction. If anyone is still excited after seeing this scene, then he will focus on watching them carefully in the future. Sooner or later, someone will really transform themselves into a monster.

Of course, he needs to remind these children about something.

He waved his claw freely, showing that he could easily control it. The panic in students’ eyes gradually disappeared, and curiosity surged up.

After Sean made it clear that they didn’t need to worry about it, they stood up cautiously from their seats, holding their hats that had turned into various things, and looked at Sean’s dragon-like claw.

“Professor Wallop, is this a Human Transfiguration?” a student asked.

Sean nodded, “Yes, it is a Human Transfiguration. Generally speaking, you will start to get in touch with the simplest Human Transfiguration only after you reach the sixth grade. But you must pass the OWLs exam first and meet the minimum score.”

Hearing that this was the content of the course, the students all exclaimed, and their fear was completely dissipated.

A daring student touched Sean’s claw lightly after asking his permission and said in amazement, “My God, it’s as real as it is.”

“Have you ever touched a real dragon before?” Sean asked with a smile.

The student rubbed his head embarrassingly, “It’s almost as I imagined. Professor, you are only in the fourth grade, and you have already learned the content of the sixth grade?”

“Well, I learned it in advance, or Professor McGonagall wouldn’t let me teach you guys.”

Sean has indeed learned the sixth-grade contents by himself now, and when he went deeper. He found that those advanced Transfiguration techniques that can only be learned after OWLs do not seem to be too difficult for him.

Professor McGonagall’s notes are detailed enough, and Sean understands them quickly. Of course, Sean felt that this had something to do with his identity as the dragon Animagus. Sean also had a high level of Transfiguration talent on the panel.

Charms Talent: 8 (You are already on the right path to becoming a powerful wizard)

Transfiguration Talent: 10 (You can change everything in the world. Undoubtedly, you will become the master of Transfiguration.)

Potions Talent: 5 (You don’t have to be so frightened when making potions, this talent is enough to make your potions professor smile at you occasionally. Note: except for Severus Snape)

Magical Beasts Affinity: 10+1 (Born to be a Grand Druid.)

Ancient Rune Talent: 2 (It’s okay enough to continue your daily life.)

Dark Arts: 10 (The fact that you’re not in Azkaban surrounded by a hundred dementors means the whole Ministry of Magic should be disbanded.)

His magical beast talent is already +1, Sean thinks that +1 may not make much difference, and the Ancient Runes from did not change much. His Potions talent can already help him in Snape’s class.

Sean’s expertise is Charms, Transfiguration, and Dark Arts or Magic.

If there are two points of talent, Sean will choose to add it to Charms. He had a feeling that ten points of talent would be a big change, but now there are only 8 points of talent in Charms.

Transfiguration and dark magic have reached ten points of talent. His dark magic has side effects, and Sean also needs to worry about whether using too many negative emotions will strengthen the things in his body.

Transfiguration doesn’t have this problem. His Transfiguration talent is very useful. Whether it’s power or practical use, the more complex the Transfiguration magic is, the easier it is to use.

Therefore, Sean finally allocated that one point to the Transfiguration talent.

Transfiguration Talent: 10+1 (You can finally take your own step in Transfiguration.)

The system comment after adding points made Sean even more convinced that his choice was correct. At the same time, he could clearly feel that his mastery of the advanced Transfiguration technique was faster and more thorough.

This also boosts the confidence that he can do a lot of things in the lower grade classes. He is confident that he will not teach the wrong things to the new students.

Sean waved his dragon claw with a smile, “Actually, this is just a form that I made by my own imagination, not a real dragon claw.”

While talking, he walked over to the dragon that he transformed and patted, and the dragon stretched out its claws.

“Although this is something you can only learn about in the Care of Magical Animals class in the third grade, it is also related to Transfiguration, so I can explain it to you.”

“In the wizarding world, many magical animals have special magic powers. Even if they don’t have magic power, they all have special aspects, such as magic resistance.” Sean stretched out his right claw and compared it with the dragon.

“My Transfiguration can only make me more powerful and have a higher magic resistance than myself, but there is no way to compare it with the real dragon. I will just say it, but sorry, you shouldn’t learn this kind of advanced content yet.”

The students let out a sound of disappointment. However, some students did not forget what Sean had said before.

“Professor, you just said that Transfiguration also comes with risks. What risk is it?”

“Didn’t I tell you guys before?” Sean asked with a smile.

“No?” The students replied in unison.

Sean walked to the center of the classroom, “It seems that I didn’t talk about it. But I feel like I remember I said it, and it should be very clear.”

“Okay, I’m going to give you an example to prove to you why Transfiguration is so magical but so dangerous.”

In the middle of the classroom, Sean dragged his chin with a dragon claw. His brows were knit together. He looked distressed and confused.

The students looked at each other suspiciously. They didn’t know why he was acting like this now. In the middle of the classroom, Sean became even more anxious and even became a little crazy.

“Professor? Are you okay?” A student asked cautiously, but no reply was received.

Sean stood there, “No, that would not be it…”

The scene began to become weird and terrifying.

Suddenly, a girl who was very close to Sean screamed. Everyone looked over, only to see the girl backing away in horror while tremblingly pointing at Sean’s right side.

“Professor! Your body!”

This terrified the students. They looked over and saw something terrible like the girl described. Starting from the right shoulder where Sean turned into a dragon claw, his robe, muscle, bone, and the entire right side of his body seemed to have been twisted.

All his limbs seemed contorted on Sean’s right half of the body.

“Professor?! What’s wrong with you?!”

Some students shouted at Sean, and there were even a few of them who boldly approached him, like Axton.

“Professor… Professor’s face is changing…”

After he finished speaking, Sean’s hand, which had been lowered, slowly changed. Everyone gasped. The girls were already hugging their friends.

Sean’s face was distorted, scales gradually forming from the neck on the right half of his face, and under the scales, his skin seemed to be shedding. Sean’s eyes have turned into a manic and blood red.

What frightened the students even more was that they finally clearly felt the magic power start to move frantically. The galaxy was shaking, and the starry sky spread again and quickly retracted.

The students saw that the light spot connected to them was trembling and drilling toward the center of the blood-red galaxy as if they were being swallowed!

“Transfiguration… Transfiguration is out of control…” A hoarse voice mixed with a strange dragon’s roar came out of Sean’s mouth.

“Go and call Professor McGonagall!” A student immediately reacted and ran towards the door.

Sean’s voice became more distorted and less human-like.

“Everyone! Run!”

Sean and the dragon behind them let out a loud roar. The students screamed, stood up in a panic, and rushed towards the door together.

However, something happened. For some reason, the door couldn’t be opened at all. There was killing intent in Sean’s roar, and everyone squeezed each other. Even if they pushed hard together, the wooden door still didn’t move at all.

The terrifying roar could be heard again, neither like a dragon nor like a wild beast; it only made them feel endless rage and killing intent. The students turned around, and more than half of them collapsed to the ground in an instant.

An indescribable dragon-shaped monster exuded a terrifying aura, with saliva dripping from its mouth, and it was already staring at them.

“I don’t want to be eaten…Mom…”

“Let me out!”

“Professor! Wake up!”

The students were all terrified, and they wanted to go out so badly. A girl accidentally fell to the ground, and the classmate next to her didn’t pay attention to her. She closed her eyes in fear but found that the stampede did not come.

The terrifying monster was shrinking, and its killing intent disappeared instantly.

They saw Sean, who had turned into a monster before, standing on the podium’s edge, gently separating them with his wand.

“Sorry, I want you to feel an accident that might happen in Transfiguration, but it seems to be a little too much.” Sean smiled.

The students stared blankly at each other.

“I know what you’re thinking; yes, it’s fake,” Sean snapped his fingers, and a handkerchief and chocolate appeared on everyone’s seat, “Now please go back to your seat and calm down.”

It took a while for the students to calm down, during which Sean kept looking at them with a smile.

After calming down, some students muttered, “Professor, it’s scary…”

Sean nodded in agreement, “Yes, very, very, very scary.”

He walked slowly into the classroom, “What you saw just now is an illusion created by my magic, but—”

Sean’s tone became serious, “It might be true.”

Feeling the meaning in his words, the students couldn’t help but listen carefully.

“This is the true experience of a wizard after his Transfiguration went out of control. He became a monster that no one knew or knew everyone. Not even his relatives, friends, or teachers,” Sean touched a puppy held by one of the students, “Even all of his pets were killed.”

“What’s the reason? Because he feels that he has an outstanding talent in it and has mastered the essence of Transfiguration to the point he can play with Transfiguration at will.”

Sean’s tone was filled with anger, “Before I welcomed you all to this world of Transfiguration. I want to tell you that in this world, there is only perfect execution! A Transfiguration that is not perfect or flawed can only be called a failure!”

“I have brought you into the gate of Transfiguration, and I will do my best to teach each of you well. Listen to me well in my classes in the future as I will never allow any of the students in my hands to encounter a terrible Transfiguration accident.”

“Otherwise,” he waved his wand, the window opened, and the dragon soared into the sky where no one could see, “You won’t be in my class anymore.”

With his hands behind his back, Sean looked at everyone calmly, “I have remembered what Professor McGonagall taught me, and now I want you all to engrave it in your mind.”

“Always be in awe of Transfiguration.”


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Published On: March 12, 2024

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