“Let’s skip the roll call. I don’t think anyone can refuse the excitement of Transfiguration, especially all of you.” Sean smiled, “First of all, let me introduce myself. Though, I think you all already knew me.”

“I’m Sean Wallup, a Ravenclaw fourth-grade student, currently a teaching assistant for the Transfiguration class by Professor McGonagall. I mainly teach Transfiguration for first and second grades, and partly for third grades as well.”

“I also want to teach higher grades, but unfortunately, Professor McGonagall won’t let me do it.” Sean shrugged

The students below all laughed at the same time, and at the same time, they immediately combined the image shown to Sean in their hearts. Polite, gentle, humorous, and powerful, he is trusted by the Professor.

Sean looked at everyone’s expressions and secretly smiled. The other students seemed to have not described how “Professor Wallup” taught them.

Sean closed the book, took out his wand, held it in his hand, and started walking around the class.

“Yes, close your book. In the first class, I don’t think it’s good just to write down a lot of notes for you. We can change it to a more vivid and more,” Sean paused, “Interesting way of teaching.”

When they heard this, they closed their books one by one, showing expectant expressions. Of course, there were also a few slightly puzzled students, and closing the book a bit dissatisfied them.

“What do you think is Transfiguration?” Sean walked to the back of the classroom and casually leaned against the wall.

Immediately, someone raised their hand, “Yes, Miss Fiora?”

She stood up and immediately answered, “This class teaches students to learn and understand how to change the shape and appearance of certain objects. This magic is usually called Transfiguration. Transfiguration has some limitations, as illustrated in Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration.”

“Transfiguration has many branches, including cross-species Transfiguration and Human Transfiguration. Learning Transfiguration requires a lot of “hard work” because it is more complicated than other magic. It is only successful if you get it right.”

The girl explained a lot, and it was obvious that she came from a wizard family and was a student with a good foundation in magic. However, this is not the answer Sean wants.

He smiled and motioned for her to sit down, “That’s correct, Miss Fiora. Two points for Gryffindor.”

“The explanation is very specific. That is the easiest way to understand Transfiguration, but what I want to tell you is.”

Sean flicked his wand. Layers of fog suddenly appeared in the classroom, and the fog slowly fell from the ceiling, turning the entire classroom into a room full of fog where they could not see anything clearly.

The students looked around in amazement; they could only see their closest classmates, and Sean could not even be seen. Sean’s voice came from the fog, and the students turned their heads.

“Transfiguration is the most essential one among magic that cannot be described specifically.”

“Transfiguration is the most intuitive way to reflect the mysterious side of magic.”

“Like the fog that surrounds you.”

Sean’s voice slowly lowered as if he was trapped in a fog. The students moved closer to their companions. Sean’s voice came from various places in the fog.

“Imagine that this fog that surrounds you is the magic in this world.”

Hearing this, the students reached out and waved their hands, trying to touch the mist, but they could only squeeze out a tiny bit of space.

“Under normal circumstances, magic cannot be touched.”

Sean’s voice came, and everyone was surprised to find that they seemed to be confused by the fog, and at the same time, there were flickering spots of light in the fog.

“You know magic. You know you are a wizard, but you can’t explain the essence of magic. Why can magic be created out of spells and wands? Why wizards can store and release magic power? And why can they convert magic powers that work on all things?”

“Who can explain the essence of magic?”

As soon as Sean finished, all the students fell into deep thought. Some children from Muggle families had received a fairly good science education before entering school. They found that it was indeed difficult to explain this situation, no matter whether it was a scientific or magical way of explaining things.

Someone hesitantly asked, “Professor, but isn’t the reason we entered Hogwarts to learn magic better? How do we know, like you said?”

Sean smiled and said, “In my opinion, magic doesn’t seem to be something that can be learned by just learning it.”

“Of course.” Sean smiled, “We are here to learn magic spells, and we want to learn how to control magic power more efficiently and safely. This is the goal of our learning phase.”

“Shouldn’t we explore the essence of magic later?” Someone asked again.

“Of course, to explore the essence of magic is what every wizard who maintains enthusiasm and curiosity should do.”

Everyone saw that the fog began to shake, and they even felt that the fog lingering around them was about to absorb some kind of power from their bodies. More light spots floated out from everyone’s body and gathered into the fog.

A cloud cluster appeared in the dense fog. It was like a huge vacuum cleaner, sucking all the fog and gathering all the light spots. The classroom finally became clear, and the students looked at the cloud formed by the fog in amazement.

The fog has become pitch black, and those light spots coming from nowhere are gathered in the center, looking like a condensed galaxy. Sean was still standing where he was at the beginning.

He smiled slightly and flicked his wand. The galaxy floated up quickly and passed through everyone’s body without hindrance. Everyone was taken aback. They only felt their bodies getting hot and cold.

It came to Sean’s hand, poked it lightly, and said to everyone with a smile, “I say this and do this just to tell you one thing.”

“Don’t be obsessed with what it can do. The essence of magic needs to be explored by everyone, even though magic will never be explained clearly.”

“I hope everyone can firmly remember this.”

“So, the essence of magic is,” Sean tossed the galaxy into the middle of the classroom.


The galaxy dispersed, and the classroom turned into a bright, starry sky.

The students were surprised to find that among the countless light spots and stars, there was one that was firmly connected to themselves with an almost invisible silver thread.

“So, this is magic…” someone murmured in a low voice, when he raised his head again, his eyes were already full of uncontrollable enthusiasm and anticipation.

“Yes. Remember, magic is a miracle.”

Sean waved his wand again, and the starry sky instantly shrunk, turning into a star cluster again.

“Professor, what is that? Why is it connected to me?”

“Let’s maintain some sense of mystery.” Sean winked, letting the galaxy float in mid-air.

“Don’t forget, this is a Transfiguration class.”

Everyone was stunned. They almost forgot that this was a Transfiguration class. But they have to say that what Sean showed just now has aroused their curiosity and excitement.

“Magic represents miracles,” Sean stopped next to a student wearing a wizard hat, “and why does transformation represent magic the most?”

He tapped his wand, and the student’s hat floated.

“This is a magic spell, the Levitation Charm for beginners. It has obvious effects, which you can lift things.” Sean waved his wand while speaking, and the hat suddenly turned into pieces. “This is also a magic spell. It turns hats into several pieces.”

He kept waving his wand, and the hat burned, stiffened, and froze. Finally, Sean patted the stunned student on the shoulder.

“Reparo.” The wizard hat returned safely to the student’s head.

“Can anyone feel the difference?”

A dark-skinned boy raised his hand hesitantly.

“Yes, Mr Axton?”

Axton was assigned to Ravenclaw, stood up, and said with some uncertainty, “I don’t know how the principle works, but no matter what magic you use, it is still a hat but in a different state?”

Sean smiled with satisfaction, “Correct, Two points for Ravenclaws.”

“Floating hats, torn hats, burning hats, and many more.”

“And Transfiguration is…”

In the system panel that no one can see, Echoes of Hermione have been accumulated to a certain amount. Sean walked to the podium and opened his hands to everyone.

Everyone’s hat has been transformed into various things, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, shrunken lions, tigers, crocodiles, and even elephants and giraffes. In addition to animals, someone’s hat turned into the latest game console, a brand new bicycle, a photo with their parents, and so on.

They found that their hats had either become their favorite animals or their current favorite things. There were endless exclamations in the classroom.

Sean’s hands still spread out, he smiled and looked at everyone, “Welcome to the world of Transfiguration.”

After a brief silence, the Transfiguration classroom erupted. Everyone’s faces were full of excitement, and more than half of them even stood up holding their hats.

“So this is Transfiguration…”

At this time, someone excitedly hugged a crocodile the size of his head and asked excitedly, “Professor! How did you do it at this time?! Besides Transfiguration, why do you know that my favorite animal is a crocodile?”

Sean winked at him, “Because you turned it yourselves.”

“Huh?” A lot of question marks hung on the heads of the students.

Sean snapped his fingers. The galaxy had just drifted away and then dispersed again. The starry sky reappears, and the twinkling stars link everyone.

Immediately, some students reacted.

“So this star is a representation of our magic power? You borrowed our magic power in our body just now?!” He shouted excitedly.

Sean just smiled mysteriously, neither denying nor admitting. How could he have the ability to grab other people’s magic power?

The stars are an illusion spell, as for everyone’s preferences. It’s written on their personal information sheet. However, the students feel that this is the work of his magic.

Suddenly, a girl asked in a low voice, “Professor, you said this is the thing that transformed into something that we like. But what about yours? What do you like?”

“Yes, Professor.”

“Yeah, Professor. We want to see yours.”

Sean glanced at the podium, touched his chin, and said slowly, “My…”

“Of course, this.”

The podium squirmed. A terrifying dragon’s roar resounded almost throughout the castle. The students took several steps back in fright, staring in horror at the terrifying creature in front of them.

The podium turned into a dragon.

Although it wasn’t the kind of dragon that was more than ten meters long and could eat people, the dragon in front of them was something that they hadn’t seen before.

Sean patted the dragon’s wings and said, ” I like dragons very much.”

The students looked at each other in blank dismay. At this time, Sean snapped his fingers again, and the students discovered even more horrified that his hand was turning into a dragon’s claw.

“You must know that Transfiguration also comes with great risks.” Sean waved his right hand, which had turned into a claw.


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Published On: March 12, 2024

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