It was Charlotte Hawke and Colton Sterling who came here.

Charlotte was the female president of the student council at Hogwarts, and Sterling was the male student council president at Nurmengard. Back then, it was these two people who recruited Sean while fighting.

So it was his old acquaintance, but how did Colton end up at Hogwarts?

The two pushed the door open and saw Sean inside. Charlotte changed her behavior towards Sterling and put a smile on her face.

“Good morning, Sean. Long time no see.”

Sean stood up and responded with a smile, “Long time no see, Charlotte. How are you doing?”

Charlotte snorted, “It would have been good if I hadn’t met some obnoxious fellow.”

Sterling came out from behind her, as if he didn’t hear her talking about him at all, and stretched his hand to Sean, “Long time no see, Wallup.”

Sean shook hands with him, “Long time no see, Mr. Sterling.”

As soon as they shook hands, Charlotte came over, pushed Sterling away, and grabbed Sean away, “Sterling, why are you pretending to be acquaintances with Sean? If I remember correctly when you were at his house and made insults to the Wallups?”

He didn’t pay any attention to Charlotte’s rude words. He stepped back and smoothed some wrinkles on the long windbreaker, “Ms. Hawke, taking someone else’s words out of context won’t help you. Besides, I greatly respect meeting Wallup because of Professor Grindelwald’s relationship with him.”

Charlotte let go of Sean, “Oh? Does that mean I’m not suitable near him? Besides, being polite is being polite. Pretending to be a nice person is a hypocritical thing to do.”

Sterling didn’t want to think about it at all. He moved his eyes down a bit, “It seems that there are certain differences in our view on politeness, but I have been well-taught all the time, so I can understand… the difference between you and me.”

“You wanted to play tricks? I think you didn’t learn enough lessons when you were in Knockturn Alley last time.”

“Lesson? If you call the ‘great result’ of burning my clothing with all your strength a lesson, I can understand that. I can even understand the reason why your necklace broke that time.”

The two were about to draw out their wands again, so Sean felt a headache.

He quickly stood between the two of them, “Come on now, this is the faculty lounge, and Professor McGonagall will be coming here later.”

Hearing this, Charlotte snorted before taking half a step back. Sterling nodded to Sean and also took a step back. Needless to say, Sean also took risks with Charlotte in the Ashwinder incident, and she is a respectable wizard regardless of character or strength.

As for Sterling, although his looks are very arrogant and his mouth is quite poisonous (only to Charlotte), he is a skilled individual. Moreover, now that Sean is Grindelwald’s student and has a connection with Nurmengard, Sterling can think of him as one of his own.

After separating the two, summoning two chairs with his wand, and letting them sit down, Sean said, “I didn’t even have time to ask. Why did both of you come to Hogwarts all of a sudden? What happened? When you received your Christmas present, you said you were still working in Knockturn Alley and collecting various letters?”

Charlotte slumped on the chair and said lazily, “Thank you for your changing skin cloak. I like it very much. About that, why don’t you ask him? What good has he done?”

Sean turned his head with some doubts. He didn’t know much about Charlotte’s work. He knew that she was quite often changing jobs after graduation. On the other side, Sterling sat upright in the chair, with his hands on his knees and an elegant posture.

“I have nothing to say. The root cause of that incident is that you were too careless. I reminded you because of my kindness. Whether you strike or curse it, I must do it. Also, what does it have to do with me?”

As soon as Charlotte heard this, she became angry. She stood from the chair, pointed at his face, and scolded, “Do I need to remind you? Mocking my job and casting a curse on my Employer?”

Sterling replied, “Employer? Which Employer would secretly use the Blood Drawing Curse on other people? You are an adult wizard who fought against me in the Goblet of Fire, although you lost. But you can’t detect the slightest spell? That’s disappointing.”

“What are you talking about? I do know he’s a vampire. He drank the sleeping potion for his needs. As long as he uses my blood, which he used for the sleeping potion, it’s normal. A little bit of blood in exchange for the private manuscripts of famous half-vampire wizards such as Murray is a good deal, and you ruined all the plans I have planned for so long!” Charlotte was furious.

“Plan?” Sterling raised his brows, “You must have failed the Magical Animal class and Potions class. How much is the sleeping potion mixed with blood? Did you catch that the vampires were trying to purify his blood? Did you notice that? Let alone that spell you put around. That thing only diffuses gas potions, not liquid potions.”

“So what if it fails? I just want to get that vampire’s thing and leave.”

Sterling’s voice was cold, “What if that vampire isn’t going to let you go? What if he wants to raise a blood slave in private?”

“By him? Do you underestimate me, Sterling?”

“Your chances of being one are about ten thousand times higher than mine.”

The more the two talked, the more angry she became. Sterling had always been cold.

“It’s always like this every time! Why are you so annoying? You were the one who ruined my plan last time!”

“I happened to pass by and saw some idiot working for a goblin.”

“That’s because what I want is in his hands!”

“Getting treasures from the goblin? He pays you a salary, and you dare to do that?”

“And last time you!”

“That’s because you’re stupid…”

“Like one year ago!”

“It’s still because your plan is not good enough…”

“And at that time!”

“Didn’t you notice the wizards behind you were about to cast a Stunning Charm on you? How can you be so careless after graduating? I am disappointed in Professor Dumbledore.”


In the end, Charlotte crossed Sean again and stood before Sterling. On the other hand, Sterling didn’t move at all. He just taunted Charlotte from time to time. Sean was rubbing his temples aside, and the two of them were arguing endlessly.

But he understood it now.

Charlotte’s frequent job changes are related to the dangerous people to obtain more valuable items or information. As for Sterling, for some reason, he would always show up at one part, either disrupting Charlotte’s plan or directly knocking her Employer out. Of course, the two would always fight at this time about it.

It seems that Sterling has been messing up Charlotte’s plan a lot, but Sean heard it. No matter how it looks, Sterling has been protecting Charlotte when things might go wrong.

Thinking of this, Sean looked strangely at Sterling, who had a cold expression on his face. He only taunted her from time to time when Charlotte scolded him.

“Stop, both of you.” Sean stood up again.

The matter between the two of them could never be settled. Charlotte was obviously at a disadvantage in terms of argumentation, withdrew her hand angrily, crossing her chest with her hands in displeasure. Sterling didn’t pursue anymore but just straightened his tie gracefully.

Sean looked at the two, “You two, this is Hogwarts, you know. Besides, I don’t know what you are here for.”

Charlotte let out an unhappy sigh, and the anger seemed even greater.

Sterling explained, “I was hired. Now, I am a teaching assistant in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class at Hogwarts; as for Ms. Hawke, who knows what she is doing right now, especially with that mouth.”

Charlotte paused and was about to pounce, but Sean quickly stopped her.

“Don’t stop me, Sean! Let me bite his neck to death! It’s been almost two years! No, it’s been almost three years! Why are you always here wherever I go?! Even when I want to be a professor, you have to come with me!”

Sterling just glanced at Sean and said, “First of all, there is no such thing as me coming at the wrong time. Secondly, I have obtained Professor Dumbledore’s recognition. What you should think about most is how to teach your students later instead of having meaningless quarrels with me.”

Charlotte paused and got even angrier, “Oh, you want to know how I’m going to teach later?! Don’t stop me, Sean. I will kill him today!”

“Rude.” Sterling replied.

Sean thought desperately. Fortunately, they were pushed away again, and Professor McGonagall walked in.

“Charlotte? What are you doing?”

She froze for a moment. Professor McGonagall was the professor she respected and feared the most.

Charlotte quickly stood up straight, “Nothing, Professor. I just had a talk with Sean about something.”

“From today onwards, you are an official teaching assistant. Be more mindful, Charlotte.”

“Yes, Professor…”

Sterling’s mouth curled up slightly. He stood up and greeted Professor McGonagall politely.

Professor McGonagall said to Sean, “Sean, you also know that the two of them are teaching assistants for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class now, so all of you are colleagues.”

“I see,” Sean nodded, “So, what about Professor Lockhart?”

Professor McGonagall showed a hint of boredom, “Let him be responsible for the theoretical knowledge classes. Charlotte and Mr. Sterling will be handling the practical classes.”

“Okay, Professor.” The two said in unison and glared at each other.

Sean nodded thoughtfully. Now that the courses are getting busier, Lockhart can’t bear the responsibility at all. Inviting two strong graduates to return as teaching assistants is very reasonable.

However, Sean has always wondered why Dumbledore asked Lockhart to be the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Lockhart has been quite normal recently and hasn’t come up with any weird things. However, it’s a bit boring to follow the original plot.

Now, with two new teaching assistants, there is no need to worry about the progress of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Sterling is a bit interesting. Sean remembers that when he and Charlotte came to recruit students, he also showed disdain for Hogwarts’ Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Under Professor McGonagall’s intimidation, the two finally stop arguing, and they both have more normal personalities, so they will prepare the lessons for later.

Sean is also preparing for today’s class. He will give the first class of Transfiguration to the newly admitted first-grade students.

Sean must do a good job regardless of the class’s importance or Professor McGonagall’s trust. However, since it was handed over to him, Sean decided to teach the first graders in his own way.

After breakfast, Sean walked out of the lounge. After saying goodbye to Charlotte and Sterling, who were glaring at each other occasionally, he walked towards the first-grade Transfiguration classroom.

He could already hear the muffled noise inside when he reached the door. Sean smiled, pushed the door open, and walked in.

The students immediately shut their mouths and looked at Sean curiously.

Isn’t this the student in the fourth-grade class in charge of coordinating the admissions before?

Sean walked to the podium and smiled at everyone—time to liven up the situation.

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Published On: March 12, 2024

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