The arrival of the officials from the Ministry of Magic is just a small thing that happened, and the Goblet of Fire will have to wait for the meeting of the principals of several schools to decide.

However, most of the students felt that the Goblet of Fire might have to be suspended. After all, such a big accident happened just now, and the situation outside was not good for it.

But Sean didn’t think so. After careful consideration, he found that they all showed something, whether it was Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, or the news about the Muggle world he got from Lupin.

All governments, institutions, and upper levels are trying their best to move the post-accident world toward a normal day like they would used to. The people who can decide the direction of the world are making the world develop at a normal pace. Like Hogwarts, Dumbledore made all but the seventh year skip a grade, even though they were missing a year of class.

As far as Sean knew, many employees of the Ministry of Magic had one year longer working experience on their work resumes and even had extra annual leave. Some employees who were still a year or half a year away from retirement quickly handed over their jobs and started their retirement lives.

As Sean guessed, the government is speeding up the pace of the whole world so that the current world does not look much different from the normal world now.

It is not surprising that the Muggle world has such a policy, but the policies of almost all countries are similar to this. Although the policies are different according to their respective nations, the direction is almost completely the same. The Ministry of Magic has always directly contacted the Muggle government. Sean believes that introducing these policies is most likely a suggestion they gave.

Sean felt that the world was going to be just fine like they would normally go through in a moment.

Later, on Sunday, the time disappeared for two hours. Two hours is insignificant compared to a year, but it is enough to prove that the subsequent impact of the disappearance of time still exists. After all, Sean did nothing during this period of time.

The real Grindelwald is absorbing the magic from Qilin’s blood, and the old Grindelwald is hiding under the invisibility cloak.

Moreover, in the case of a huge time incident, the Ministry of Magic, the Returners, or Dumbledore should not dare to do a time travel. Therefore, the high probability of this accident is the follow-up impact.

Five days later, the time increased, but this time only by half an hour. Therefore, Sean thinks his guess is correct.

All over the world, efforts are being made to make the world look normal so as to avoid more serious accidents in the future. So far, it seems to be working. Judging from this situation, a relatively grand event like the Goblet of Fire should continue as usual.

However, what made Sean a little strange was, what about the students who were supposed to enter Hogwarts now?

They already possessed magical powers. If, in the summer, they were allowed to enroll with another group of students who had just turned eleven, wouldn’t it be in line with the current situation?

Of course, there are current tensions in the world to consider. The Ministry of Magic won’t even let owls fly, so how do you send them a letter?

However, this problem was quickly solved.

“An admission?” Sean looked at Professor McGonagall with some doubts.

Today, he was called by Professor McGonagall just after he finished teaching the first-grade students.

The homework that Sean left for this group of students before seems to be too difficult. After several classes, the student’s book still looks like an animal. Sean had to undo the transformation, or the students would not even be able to learn the contents of the book, and they even had to deal with taking care of the animals.

Of course, some students asked Sean after class what kind of reward he would give to someone who dealt with it.

“Professor Flitwick inspired a spell I improved. I changed a spell into a Summoning Charm. It’s actually not too strong, but it should be enough for your style.” Sean said.

He was going to teach his modified spell to anyone who could do his homework. This spell is improved from the Levitation Charm. In fact, although the spell is similar to the Levitation Charm, the structure of the entire spell has changed a lot.

Most importantly, this spell is essentially a summoning spell, and Sean’s unique spell is profound enough for these students. Understanding this spell is helpful not only for more spells in the future but also for things like Transfiguration.

But since no one has solved their homework, it proves that they are unable to learn this spell at present. Sean plans to delay it for a while and teach it to students who are capable of learning this spell near the end of the semester.

Sean’s words caused regret in the classroom, and the students couldn’t hide the disappointment on their faces.

Since during this period, they have been convinced. Although Sean is only in the fourth grade, his understanding of Transfiguration is his, and his strength is higher than that of every student in this school.

The students who failed to get this reward looked extremely annoyed, and even Ryder secretly clenched his fists. Just when Sean was about to encourage them, Professor McGonagall appeared outside the classroom and called Sean out.

“Wait here.” Sean finally left such a sentence.

Only the students in the classroom who hadn’t reacted were left behind.

“Is he mocking us?”

“It seems to be. I heard that when he was the same age as us, he had already started teaching himself third-year transfiguration contents.”

“Eh? Why did I hear people say that he has already started to learn advanced Transfiguration at this time?”

The students looked at each other strangely, and suddenly, an idea popped up.

‘Suddenly, I don’t want to learn Transfiguration; it’s annoying…’


After Sean was brought to the office by Professor McGonagall, she told him the purpose of calling him over. It turned out to be discussing the whereabouts of the students from the outside world who were supposed to enroll but did not enroll.

“Yes, fast admission,” Professor McGonagall nodded, “This is what Professor Dumbledore meant to do. We don’t think letting students who have passed eleven go to school in the outside world is a good idea. After the age of eleven, the growth rate of magic power is faster. We are worried that they will get a sudden increase in magic power and no one teaches them how to use it, which may lead to many accidents that we don’t want to see.”

Sean nodded. This is indeed the truth, and according to his guess, those children should indeed be admitted to school.

Professor McGonagall continued, “However, under the current situation, sending owls to deliver letters is not allowed.”

“So, Professor, what do you plan?”

“The principal made the envelope into a Portkey, and Professor Flitwick also enchanted the envelope. When the students and their parents agree, the envelope will directly bring the children who should be admitted to Hogwarts.”

Sean rubbed his nose and said, “It should be quite a shock for Muggle families. But this is indeed a better way to do it.”

“Yes, Hogwarts will provide uniforms, textbooks, crucibles, astronomical telescopes, etc., at its sole discretion. Fortunately, I recently received a sponsorship. Otherwise, it would not be enough. After all, it was done without the knowledge of the Ministry of Magic. No funding or anything…” Professor McGonagall sighed.

Sean gave a dry laugh. If he guessed correctly, the sponsorship should have come from the organization his father founded for him.

“So, what do I need to do, Professor McGonagall?” Sean asked.

Professor McGonagall rubbed her temples, “Now, all the faculty and staff of Hogwarts are strictly monitored by the Ministry of Magic. Hagrid even investigated for a long time when he goes to Diagon Alley to buy something, and we’ll be easily noticed.”

“I guess that’s pretty much what they do right now.” Sean nodded understandingly.

“For you,” Professor McGonagall pushed his glasses, “you should have a channel to contact the outside world. After all, you have sent letters home for so many children.”

“Yes, Professor McGonagall.” Sean admitted that his channel is only a secret of contact information.

“I hope I can use your channel to help send letters to every student who should be going to school normally, and as for the matter of purchasing the…” Professor McGonagall said softly.

“It’s simple, Professor McGonagall,” Sean agreed, “Hand me the student list, address, and letter together. I will send someone whom the Ministry of Magic cannot monitor to deliver the letter. As for the things that they need, that would be not a problem.”

Professor McGonagall breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you very much, Wallup. Don’t worry. Hogwarts will pay double your contribution later.”

Sean stood up, “Of course, I trust you professors at doing your things. In addition, you can tell me in detail if there are any more things to ask.”

“There are not many things, but considering that the portkey is used this time, we have prepared something.”


That night, Sean delivered all the envelopes and student information to Lupin. The next day, his organization sent out many trustworthy wizards. They pretended to be ordinary people and started looking for those potential students who hadn’t entered school according to their addresses and information.

In a small town in England, a young man wearing a black trench coat suddenly appeared in the shadows of an alley. He didn’t attract anyone’s attention and blended into the crowd naturally.

“No. 6 Mulberry Street…” Django whispered the address on the parchment in his hand, then walked in one direction.

As an old member of the organization, he attached great importance to this task. After all, Lupin said that this was a cooperation between his boss, who had never shown up, and Hogwarts.

A person who can cooperate with Dumbledore means that his mysterious boss must be a very powerful figure. Maybe it is an ancient wizarding family, and the boss is the current head of that family.

Of course, this is what Django thinks about in his spare time. His task now is to send the letters and convince the child and their parents. It didn’t take long for him to find his target.

A middle-aged woman opened the door not long after knocking on it.

“Hello, does Luke Santos live here?”

“Of course, Luke is my son.” The middle-aged woman looked very puzzled.

Django smiled, and he was about to show his hand.

The envelope floated up, “Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Django Ruby, and I am the admission officer at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your child has been admitted to this school. Of course, I know this sounds out of nowhere, but I can prove it to you. Can you bring Luke and your husband with you if you would?”

Django’s eloquence was interrupted by Mrs. Santos’s puzzled expression, “Oh my god, that person is not a liar. There are really other schools of magic.”

Django’s smile froze on his face, “What do you mean, Ma’am?”

“Yesterday, a man like you came here. He said he was from the Nurmengard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He showed a lot of magical things. You call it magic, right? In the end, my husband and I were convinced. Luke himself was excited. The man said that this was a special period, so he just took Luke and disappeared. I am a little worried now. You know how to visit that Nurmengard school?”

Mrs. Santos explained a lot, and Django was perplexed.


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