“Is Madam Pomfrey not here?” Fred said anxiously.

“She should be here, but I’m not sure.” Sean shook his head.

During the dinner, he remembered that he had seen Madam Pomfrey, and she went out in a hurry in the middle of the dinner.

This is normal. Many students get injuries in so many ways, and Madam Pomfrey spent most of her time in the infirmary.

Charlotte looked serious, “Stay where you are. I’ll go in and have a look.”

“Let’s do it together. Taking care of the snakes won’t be easy if we’re all separated.” Sean suggested.

Charlotte thought about it for a while and finally nodded. Then, she took the lead and walked inside.

“Wait,” Sean stopped the others in his doubtful eyes, “We just go in like this?”

“Well…” The others looked at each other.

Sean shook his head helplessly. The improvement of dark magic is one aspect, and the students’ recklessness is also another aspect. No wonder Hogwarts couldn’t beat Nurmengard in the Triwizard Tournament.

“Fred, stand in the middle. Control the stretcher with the Levitation Charm and wait from far away.”

“George and I stand on both sides. Keep up your wands, and don’t let any of your shadows be seen.”

“Cedric, you are at the front of the team. Tell everyone immediately if there is a bad situation, and use the magic spell according to your own judgment. When you encounter a bloated Ashwinder, call me immediately.”

“Charlotte, you are the strongest. You are in charge of everything. If there is an accident, you will give priority to protecting us with the Protego Charm.” Sean quickly assigned tasks to everyone.

“Got it.” Charlotte agreed, showing a look of amazement.

After briefly forming a formation, they slowly walked into the infirmary.

There is only a small space on the first floor, and the main room of the infirmary is on the second floor. But fortunately, except for a few Ashwinders, they never saw anything else wrong.

Walking down the stairs to the corner of the second floor, Sean could already see the arched stone door at the entrance of the infirmary.

“It seems the coast is clear, but is Madam Pomfrey here?” George asked suspiciously while holding his wand.

“Don’t let your guard down.” Charlotte reminded.

Cedric, who was at the forefront, suddenly stopped. He looked forward with a puzzled expression and then took a step back in shock.

“Over there, there’s a lot of snakes!”

Sean looked in the direction his wand was pointing and saw that at the end of the second floor, plentiful Ashwinders were coming out. They appeared from another exit door of the room, the door connecting to the castle’s main hallway.

Fred and George both showed a look of fear. Suppose they didn’t bring broomsticks according to Sean’s idea and brought Percy over manually. It would be expected that the three of them wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Be careful.” Sean urged in a deep voice.

They walked into the room and saw a familiar figure on the bed at the door. She fell on the bed with her eyes closed.

“Madam Pomfrey?” George exclaimed and was about to step forward to check.

“Be careful!” Sean immediately grabbed him, then pointed his wand at the wall.

George looked suspiciously, then broke out in a cold sweat. Beside the wall, several bloated Ashwinders were lying on the ground with their eyes closed. It looked like a decoration if they didn’t see it carefully.

After hearing a movement, the resting snakes opened their eyes and flew toward the group.

“Go back!” Charlotte shouted.

Sean looked at Madam Pomfrey on the bed and stood in front with a serious expression.

“Sean, get back!”

Sean ignored the shouts of the others and stared at the snakes. Cedric was shocked to see that as long as he met Sean’s eyes, the snake would freeze in place and no longer try to hurt anyone.

Sean drove away the snakes. The bloated snakes are more likely to see his eyes. After making contact, they will not have the urge to explode themselves.

Although they would still explode after an hour, that wasn’t something Sean should worry about either. The only pity is that he cannot control these animals.

After confirming the surrounding situation, Sean walked to the bed. Madam Pomfrey’s eyes were closed, and there was a pained expression on her face. He stretched out his hand and checked her breath. She was still alive.

“It’s like being hit by a Stunning Charm.” Charlotte frowned.

She and Sean looked at each other, and both could see the meaning in each other’s eyes.

Someone infiltrated the castle.

Sean thought a little deeper, these Ashwinders have not been dealt yet, and he hadn’t seen Dumbledore since the dinner. It means that the principal is probably not in the school. It is most likely someone from the inside that made this commotion.

Suddenly, Professor Kettleburn is at the top of Sean’s list of suspicions. The coincidences are just too much from the Ashwinders and the Engorgement Charm.

“What should we do now?” Fred glanced anxiously at Percy on the stretcher, Madam Pomfrey was unconscious, and his brother was in a critical condition.

Someone with a spell attacked Madam Pomfrey, and they could only wait until the effect wore off.

“We can only wait,” Sean said, “When Madam Pomfrey wakes up if a professor returns to the hall, they will come to us too.”

Looking at Percy’s painful expression, Sean was ready to use the Unicorn’s Favor item.

“Why are you here? It’s very dangerous here!”

Everyone else looked surprised, but Sean’s body tensed up.

That’s Kettleburn’s voice.

The teacher of the Care of Magical Creatures class with a wand appeared at another entrance of the infirmary.

He stepped on his prosthetic limbs, pacing eagerly in place, and kept talking, “Merlin’s beard, I don’t know how those snakes got here. All of you should go back.”

Something was wrong with Ketelborn. Seeing his anxious appearance, Sean frowned.

Sean whispered to everyone, “Something’s wrong with Professor Kettleburn.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Look at him.”

Charlotte looked closely, only to realize that there was a blue light flickering in the shaded area around Kettleburn.

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Published On: July 18, 2023

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