“Can you guys introduce your respective magic schools? Such as faculty, public facilities, etc. Perhaps you could also consider informing us about the employment rate and employment of students graduating from your respective schools.” The love for his son overshadowed Mr. Wallup’s concern.

“Also, I wonder if your school accepts some funding for school fees? I think that since Sean will be studying at your school, there should also be things that a wizard needs. Like items, goods, or anything, I do not know if you accept pounds, but I can also provide some other things, such as gold or gems?”

Mr. Wallup started to ask some things to ensure his son would be doing fine later when studying abroad in front of Charlotte and Colton.

Charlotte had a bit of a headache. Although her abilities and accomplishments were excellent, she still had some trouble dealing with Muggles, especially with a smart one.

She cleared her throat, “I don’t think you have to worry, Mr. Wallup. Hogwarts is the best wizarding school in all of Europe.” She emphasized the word ‘best’.

“Our school is home to the greatest wizard of this century, Albus Dumbledore, the principal of Hogwarts.” To Sean’s surprise, Colton did not retort.

Charlotte continued, “Every wizard who graduates from Hogwarts need not worry about employment, as you say. They will be welcomed in every part of the wizarding world.”

“In fact, you don’t have to worry at all about whether a wizard can support themselves.” Colton still had the same cold tone of voice.

“Nurmengard is different from Hogwarts in that we conduct an elite education best suited to wizards, unlike Hogwarts.” Colton glanced gently at Charlotte.

Seeing that the elite education seemed to have touched Mr. Wallup, Charlotte spoke up, “Hogwarts is located in the UK, while Nurmengard is in Austria.”

Right now is a competition to convince Sean and his Muggle family, who wishes their son had the best education system in the wizarding world.

Colton continued to throw his leverage without changing his face, “Distance is not an issue at all for wizards, and Nurmengard is not only strong in education, but we have alumni all over the world. Unlike Hogwarts, where the majority of students come from within the UK while we have students from all over Europe.”

He stretched out his fingers and iterated his hands into a tower, “Although Sean was born in the Muggle world. At Nurmengard, he has access to wizarding contacts from all over the world and doesn’t have to be stuck in the UK.”

Charlotte immediately retorted, “About connections, once you go to school for seven years, everyone will accumulate many connections around the wizarding world. Many people would look for an acquaintance from Hogwarts School. And at least we don’t abandon each other when our own colleagues are under attack.”

The two argued again.

The Wallups looked at each other. Parents always want their children closer to them, but the elite educational system of Nurmengard was tempting.

“I believe Hogwarts and Nurmengard are both excellent wizarding schools, but please forgive us for not knowing anything about them before. Perhaps you could give us a little more time, plus more information about what you have there…”

“I’m sorry.” Colton interrupted Mr. Wallup.

“For wizards from Muggle families, we need to get a reply right at the time of the visit. That’s the rule.”

Sean looked to Charlotte, who nodded.

Sean frowned. He wanted to buy a copy of the wizarding world’s history book first and read it properly. The Wallups turned their attention to their son, who would have to make the final decision.

“Think carefully, son.” Mr. Wallup patted him on the shoulder.

“I understand, Dad.”

After a moment, Sean said, “I think I’ve made my choice. I’ll go to Hogwarts.”

For Sean, at least he knew something about Hogwarts rather than Nurmengard. In Sean’s opinion, the wizarding world is not a very safe place, and if you want to start a magical life in peace, then it’s better to avoid the unknown side.

Despite Grindelwald’s amazing talent and charm, Sean felt that his philosophy of education might not be suitable for him. In his previous life, Grindelwald was classified as a villain, and the school he built would probably be like a military school.

“Very well.” Colton straightened his face and stood up at once. He did not seem to have much intention after hearing the answer. After walking quickly to the door, his figure instantly disappeared.

“Don’t mind him.” Charlotte was happy that she and Colton had visited five families back and forth today, and Sean was the first to choose Hogwarts.

“I should be leaving too. There are still other families to visit.”

She handed over a piece of parchment, and Sean glanced at the prominent headline: Notes for Muggle Families New Students in Diagon Alley.

After telling Sean the address of a bar, she winked at him, “You have the magic inside you. You can definitely see that bar. That paper recorded the general information, it could have been a little more detailed, but Professor Dumbledore said that curiosity and exploration would bring more insight. I guess that’s just him being him. By the way, remember to find the bar owner named Tom. He will be happy to help you.”

Having said that, she left in the same manner.

The family looked at Sean again in unison with wide eyes.

“Well… it’s really a magical day.” Sean shrugged his shoulders.

Mr. Wallup fell back on the sofa, somewhat dejected. He never thought that the dream of reviving the family’s glory had just ended.

Because now they have a wizard in the family.


In Austria, with a dark, intimidating tower at the center. A huge old castle stands between the mountains. If any visitors mistakenly enter this place, their eyes will only see jagged, strange rubbles of stone.

In the highest room of the tower, the heavy wooden door carved with intricate patterns was gently pushed open, and a charming middle-aged woman walked in. Her face had some wrinkles, but the beauty of her youth could still be seen.

She was wearing a slim black robe, wearing a spiked wizard’s hat. However, when facing the man in front of the window, she still maintained the fervor of her youth in her eyes.

“Lord Grindelwald.”

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Published On: June 28, 2023

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