Outside the classroom, Dumbledore’s expression didn’t change. Professor McGonagall’s eyes were a little weird but then became serious again.

“Although presenting this kind of scene to the younger students is inappropriate, Sean did the right thing.” Professor McGonagall said softly, “As I said before, let him do it in his own way, and I will not disturb him.”

Her words seemed to explain to Sean, but she also seemed to speak to herself.

Dumbledore turned his head and glanced at her, “Minerva, do you think Sean’s teaching method is different from what you originally imagined?”

After hesitating for a while, Professor McGonagall nodded, “It is different from what I expected, but so far, it seems that he is doing very well.”

“It is good, Minerva. Be in awe of Transfiguration, as you’ve taught all your students from the beginning. Sean has obviously taken that to heart and taught it to others. I understand your thoughts, but you must also admit that although you are an expert in school and everyone respects and loves you, the sentence needs to be digested well and experienced to fully understand its meaning.”

Dumbledore turned his head to look at the classroom. Sean didn’t seem to care about the cruel and terrifying image he had just released.

“Sean is a good boy and also pretty popular,” Dumbledore said softly, “However, did you think that he would be more entertaining by the way he teaches them?”

Professor McGonagall sighed softly, then nodded, “Actually, I thought so too since he could do that. It’s just that in this situation, he chose a rougher but easier-to-remember method for them. I wouldn’t treat Transfiguration with an attitude like that, even if this is good for them.”

“Also, I know what you mean, and I also understand what Sean means. I can accept it.” Professor McGonagall said.

“Well, Minerva,” Dumbledore laughed, “I never questioned your wisdom and logic. I was just worried that you would have a grudge. After all, you represent the rules at Hogwarts.”

Professor McGonagall returned to her usual look, “Rules are very important, but an idiot who doesn’t know how to learn is different. However, in the image, Shaun just showed what kind of magical animal it is. According to the mutation process, it is indeed a case of transfiguration failure, but I don’t seem to have seen it before.”

Dumbledore spread his hands, “I haven’t seen it either.”

“What does this mean?”

“Sean’s Charm has improved really well.”

There was a hint of surprise in Professor McGonagall’s eyes.

“It seems that our new teaching assistant has nothing to worry about, and I think the students were listening to his words very well. Minerva, are you still going to that class?” Dumbledore said with a smile.

Professor McGonagall was surprised, “Well, it’s been too long. I have to go back quickly. I can’t let them study by themselves.”

Looking at Professor McGonagall, who was leaving in a hurry, Dumbledore turned around and took a last look at Sean.

“It does look like…” Dumbledore walked away slowly.

In the classroom, with Sean’s explanations and demonstrations, the students no longer dared to be careless. Now, all the students gripped their wands tightly and were careful not to let the wand touch the mouse.

Sean walked around, pointing out where the students made mistakes from time to time.

“You are staring at it too hard. It is a good thing to focus on the object, but too much concentration will cause the image in your mind to be unclear. Pay attention to the balance between the two.”

“Keep your focus. Take it easy; the image just now is the most serious deformation accident; it is just a warning. As long as you follow the steps seriously, even if they fail, you will have no problems. I can assure you that.”

“Very good transformation, although the mouse tail is still there, but at least it is a good start. Now, try to change the way it forms before. Don’t worry about it; it’s not hard, and I think you can do it in a few tries.”

“All the students who haven’t changed the mouse can come to me to change it.”

In the classroom, the mood of the students was mixed. At first, when they saw Sean, they felt a little bit of joy and relaxation in their hearts. But after that terrifying image he showed, they didn’t even dare to breathe.

They discovered that Sean. When teaching them, they can always grasp all of their mistakes and give correct guidance in time. The mood gradually relaxed, especially after Sean still carefully guided Ryder, and the students began to admire him again.

Soon, the students were engaged in learning the theories of magic.


“Okay, that’s all for today’s class.” Beside the podium, Sean tidied up his things, “Mr. Hill, Miss Lavender, and Mr. Ryder. Well done to all of you, and five points for your houses.”

In the classroom, Ryder and Lavender, who were named, both raised their heads slightly.

“There are also other students. Remember to train the way I told you later. Focus on portraying the image in our brain.” Sean also reported the names of many people and mentioned the matters that they should pay attention to.

When all was said and done, he waved his wand. The book on everyone’s desk floated up. Sean walked over. He pointed to the first person’s book and waved it casually, and the book turned into a rabbit.

He went to the second person and repeated the action. Rabbits, hedgehogs, roosters, and more, everyone’s book becomes a group of animals.

After transforming it for everyone, Sean walked back to the classroom and leaned casually on the podium. The students looked at him in bewilderment, not knowing what he was going to do.

“Remember what I said? A successful transfiguration includes transformation and restoration. This is the homework I left for you.”

He smiled, “Try to restore my animals into your books. This is not the same as your usual task, and the difficulty may be a little bit higher. So the ones who can do it can get a small personal reward from me. As for the reward, I’ll keep it secret for now.”

With that said Sean turned around and walked toward the classroom door.

“Class is over, oh, right,” he stopped and looked at everyone, “Is there a little more?”

Sean pointed to the animal they were holding in their hands. The students looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“Oh, Mr. Ryder, please.” Sean laughed.

Ryder rose from his seat slowly, “When you’re trying to transform it back, don’t poke with your wand, and don’t touch the animal directly with your wand.”

Sean applauded, “Correct answer, Mr. Ryder. It seems that you remember it well. Now the class is over. Time for you all to leave.”


At lunchtime, the second graders looked at the first graders strangely. At this time, everyone came to the hall for food with the books from their class. But the group of first graders carried a small animal, such as a rabbit, a rooster, a hedgehog, and the like.

Not only that, but the group of students also played with their animals. It didn’t take long for the news that Sean was serving as an assistant teacher in the Transfiguration class to teach transfiguration class.

Sean’s rough but extremely effective teaching philosophy began to spread gradually.

“Wow, I have to say, you are brave for that. There are still regulations in the education law by the Ministry of Magic that prevent new students from being exposed to various images of magical accidents. For the sake of their physical and mental health, you make them see it directly?” George and Fred held the sausage with their forks, had a toast, and joked with Sean while chewing their food.

Sean took a sip of pumpkin juice, “The Ministry of Magic probably doesn’t care about me, and it’s very effective, isn’t it?”

Fred laughed and bumped him on the shoulder, “As expected from you. By the way, I heard that it was your homework, and there are rewards for those who can restore their form. What are the rewards?”

“Actually,” Sean finished the last piece of steak and wiped the corners of his mouth, “I haven’t figured it out yet. I just left them a more interesting after-school homework on the spur of the moment, but they seem to like it.”

“Oh, it was more than that.” Daisy sipped the sweet drink with a long curved straw, “Do you know that girl?”

Sean followed her hand and looked over. It was a chubby black-haired girl, and she was staring at the turtle in front of her at the moment.


Daisy nodded and took another sip of her drink, “Her parents are colleagues of my father and Uncle Black, and her grandfather is a rich person. So she should be a descendant of a rich family. She looked really interested in your class, and I’m curious about what your classes looked like.”

Sean shrugged, “It’s nothing special, it’s just more straightforward.”

“The group of new students immediately like you. Ah, this drink is so delicious.” Daisy rubbed her face on the table in satisfaction.

“The table hasn’t been cleaned yet, it’s dirty you know?” Hermione pulled Daisy up and said to Sean again, “Does this mean you won’t take Transfiguration class with us from now on?”

Sean nodded, “Probably.”

As they were talking, suddenly, a group of wizards in suits and leather shoes came from the hall.

Sean frowned. It was weird to see them now.

One of the senior investigators sent at the beginning ruined the school’s mood, and Umbridge was sent to Azkaban. In the last Hogsmeade attack, the Guards and the Aurors did not fulfill their duties. The professors at Hogwarts were very dissatisfied with their performance.

Coupled with Grindelwald’s election, the British Ministry of Magic did not express support, and the situation in the wizarding world is tense. Under such circumstances, except for the necessary practice, the British Ministry of Magic has actually lost most of its leadership over Hogwarts.

But why would they come again now?

However, Professor McGonagall greeted them. To everyone’s surprise, Professor McGonagall’s voice rang directly through the hall after a few small conversations.

“Sending someone to influence the way we operate in this school? The previous Aurors couldn’t even protect the safety of the students. How dare you even show up at this place? You are not welcome in Hogwarts.”

Under such words, the faces of the wizards of the Ministry of Magic were stiff, and they left without saying a word. Sean was a little surprised. What on earth were those people from the Ministry of Magic going to make Professor McGonagall so angry?

After a while, the Weasley twins came back to his side.

“I only heard a little bit.”

“What?” Sean asked curiously.

“The Goblet of Fire. The Ministry of Magic seems to want to use this as an excuse to insert some people into Hogwarts, and Professor McGonagall got angry because of it.” The twins laughed.

Sean suddenly realized. He almost forgot that before he entered school, Hogwarts, Nurmengard, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang had created the Four-School Tournament for many years, and the winner was Nurmengard last time.

According to the frequency of the tournaments being held, the end of this semester should be the year of the Goblet of Fire. However, should the Goblet of Fire still be held under the current situation?


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Published On: March 1, 2024

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