In the Transfiguration classroom, the first-year students whispered to each other.

They are still first-year students who have already been promoted to second-year. Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic are responsible for the cost of the new uniforms for the students. However, most people don’t know that his organization provides a large portion of the funding.

“Professor McGonagall didn’t come today?” Some students whispered to their classmates.

“She’s never late. Also, it isn’t the time yet.”

“I chatted with the seniors before, and it seems that we have a few classes with other grades because of schedule conflicts?”

“After all, the classes are doubled now. But what about the schedule conflict? Hogwarts doesn’t have a second professor of Transfiguration. Could it be that Professor McGonagall cast herself a doppelganger?”

“Don’t be stupid. How could there be such a spell.”

While the students were discussing in low voices, footsteps could be heard outside the door.

Throughout Hogwarts, Transfiguration and Potions have always maintained a strong sense of oppression. The moment the footsteps sounded, all the students immediately sat upright and looked at the blackboard.

The door was pushed open, not by Professor McGonagall, whom they both respected and feared, but by a boy, who was even wearing the fourth-year uniform of Ravenclaw house.

“Senior Wallup?” Many students shouted out in doubt.

Although they only studied at Hogwarts for half a year, Sean Wallup’s name was something they heard almost every day. Although he was born into a Muggle family, he is one of the best students in the school.

He has the best exam scores in every class, and his best friend is Hermione Granger. People who are interested have already begun to guess when the two will start to date. Of course, some people are betting that his other friend, Daisy Potter, will be the one.

He is good-looking and comes from a rich family. Every year, on his birthday and Christmas, he receives a lot of gifts, which shows his popularity. Not only that, but the professors often hear praise for him. At least they have heard it many times. Even Professor McGonagall occasionally said something about him.

Of course, none of this is what Sean Wallup is best known for. The most famous thing he did was that he participated in the academic exchange program with Nurmengard at the time.

He showed his strong ability and even won first place in the Nurmengard Day while the participants were higher grade students, and he could even communicate with dragons.

Gellert Grindelwald, the former headmaster of Nurmengard, former wanted criminal, and now the new chairman of the International Confederation of Wizards is also interested in him. Not long ago, several wizards attacked Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. He also joined the fight and repelled those attackers.

It can be said that Sean’s reputation at Hogwarts is too amazing.

“Sean?” Several students who were familiar with Sean stood up to greet him.

“Good day.” Sean responded with a smile.

Immediately, many students looked at the students who greeted Sean with surprised eyes, and those students also showed a slight look of complacency. As long as you greet Sean, you will know that he is a good and polite person.

Walking to the podium, Sean put the book Professor McGonagall gave him on the table and said, “Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sean Wallup, a student from Ravenclaw House. As for why I’m here, the reason is very simple.”

“I believe that many of you have learned about the information that the Transfiguration class has a schedule conflict. Professor McGonagall can’t teach two classes at the same time by herself, so I was given this task. From now on, I will be Professor McGonagall’s teaching assistant and responsible for your Transfiguration class.”

When he finished speaking, the students suddenly became noisy. Hogwarts rarely have teaching assistants; occasionally, only some outdoor classes need assistants, usually using the prefects or Hagrid.

Sean, as a student, can become a teaching assistant for the Transfiguration class, which is something else. He is said to be a teaching assistant, but he is already a professor for the lower grades. At the same time, Transfiguration can be called the most difficult subject at Hogwarts.

Although Sean was famous, he was someone they had never met before. Some students, especially students born in pure-blood families, had already looked at him with distrustful eyes. Sean ignored those gazes. He knew what he was here for.

Completing the tasks assigned to him by Professor McGonagall is the most important thing he must do. He didn’t come to build a good relationship with this group of students.

“Now that we’re clear with the situation,” Sean glanced at his watch, “With everyone’s time disappearing for a year, I’m not going to waste the precious study time with random words.”

He didn’t plan to call the names, “Turn to page one hundred and twenty-three of the “Basic Transfiguration Guide”.”

Although there were doubts, Professor McGonagall was still here, and the students obediently followed his words.

“Professor McGonagall told me you have already begun learning the most basic vertebrate Transfiguration. Can anyone tell me about your progress?” Coupled with his confidence, Sean focused quickly. At this time, he already has the characteristics of a professor.

Several students raised their hands.

Sean pointed to the nearest girl, “Yes, Lavender? I remember you are from Gryffindor.”

The little brown-haired girl with freckles immediately stood up, “Yes, sir.”

“Do tell.”

“We’ve just started learning the beginning of vertebrate Transfiguration. In the last class, Professor McGonagall taught us the things that we should pay attention to when doing Transfiguration and we haven’t practiced it yet.”

Sean nodded and motioned her to sit down, “Okay, now that I know your progress. Can anyone tell me where the biggest difficulty in vertebrate Transfiguration is?”

This is something that is not in the book, but Professor McGonagall must have mentioned it, and students who take notes carefully must know it. Sure enough, every grade has an amazing student, and those few people raised their hands again.


“Swayne Hill, sir, Hufflepuff,” said the boy with black hair and glasses, “There are two greatest difficulties in vertebrate Transfiguration. One is that more complex bones and body structures will make the Transfiguration process more difficult.

“The animal’s spine will become a difficult point to deal with. We must treat the object as a whole when performing a Transfiguration and the spine is often changed. Professor McGonagall said that this is a bone that might result in a deformity.”

“The other is the restoration. When restoring the original shape, people who are not skilled enough will fail to restore it, but I don’t know the specific reason for this.” Swayne was described in great detail.

Sean nodded, “Very good, Mr. Hill—two points for Hufflepuff. The second one is good. A successful Transfiguration must include a way to transform and restore things.”

Sean waved his wand. The curtains of the classroom windows trembled. They broke free and flew into midair. With Sean’s Transfiguration, they twisted and transformed.

A huge mouse skeleton appeared in everyone’s eyes.

“Wow.” Someone was secretly amazed.

Sean walked over and tapped with his wand, and the spine glowed faintly.

“When we come into contact with vertebrate Transfiguration, we usually start with a mouse. Today, we will use mouse bones as an example; what exactly needs to be paid attention to in this transformation?”

“We can see that the spine plays a very important role in the skeletal structure…” Just when Sean was talking about the main points of Transfiguration, two people outside the door were nodding.

“Albus, as I said earlier. Sean is suitable to be a teacher.” Professor McGonagall, who was supposed to be teaching, appeared outside the classroom, and beside her was Dumbledore.

Dumbledore smiled and nodded, “He never has stage fright and can always grasp the most important learning point. When transforming things, you have to draw the shape and skeleton in your mind and combine them. It is challenging but a good point to note.”

Professor McGonagall also sighed, “Yes, his foundation of Transfiguration is very solid. Sometimes, he can comprehend some unique skills, and he is not stingy at all to share that knowledge.”

“Yes. Oh, his first class is better than my first class as a Transfiguration Professor.”

“Better than my first class, too.” Professor McGonagall agreed.

The two watched for a while. In the classroom, Sean had finished explaining the main points and distributed a little mouse to everyone. This lesson is to let them try to turn the mouse into a wooden cube.

“What’s your name?” Sean was patrolling around the classroom and pointed to a Slytherin student.

“Braun Ryder, sir,” said the boy slowly.

“Mr. Ryder, this is a Transfiguration class, not a class of poking a mouse with a wand. I’ve emphasized it three times before. Don’t use your wand to touch the object when you are getting started. This is a dangerous thing to do. Do you know what would happen?”

Ryder replied impatiently, “Magic power from the caster may affect the object through the wand, which would cause danger and failure of the transformation.”

Ryder poked again and waved his wand to turn the mouse into a wooden cube.

“Look, sir.” Ryder spread his hands.

Sean smiled, “You did a good job, Mr. Ryder. It seems that you have mastered it well. Slytherin gains five points.”

However, Ryder’s smile froze just halfway up.

“However, I don’t want anyone to don’t listen to my words in my class. Just now, you poked the mouse again, and Seven points from Slytherin will be deducted.” Sean still said with a smile.

“That’s not fair!” Ryder is a pure-blood, and he should be the kind of student who was spoiled at home. He may still respect the professor, but this is not the case when facing Sean.

Sean raised his eyebrows, “Two points will be deducted for not listening to my words.”

“You…” Ryder gritted his teeth and muttered, “How do you know what you said is right? My father never said that.”

“Well, it’s a pity that your father is not the teaching assistant.” Sean smiled.

He pointed his wand at the wooden cube Ryder had just transformed. The wooden cube turned into a squeaking mouse again.

Ryder snorted, “At least the technique I learned was successful.”

“Really?” Sean asked him, “What’s on the right side of your chin?”

“What?” Ryder touched subconsciously and touched a short hair.

“What are you doing…” Ryder suddenly felt a sting, and Sean directly pulled out the hair with his wand.

He was about to get mad, but his eyes widened. It was short hair and exactly the same as the mouse on his desk.

“Can you always guarantee the success of your Transfiguration?” Sean blew off the hair.

“But…but it doesn’t…” Ryder replied, but his voice became smaller and smaller.

Sean stopped looking at him, walked up to everyone, and swung his wand. A picture appeared in the air. It was a wizard who was casting a spell on the tiger. He liked to poke the tiger, just like Ryder. However, after the Transfiguration, he screamed on the ground.

The students opened their eyes wide in horror. They saw that the man’s body twisted in a strange posture, and the tiger directly turned into a broken body. The screaming gradually turned into a hoarse sound similar to the roar of a tiger, and a strange monster with a slight appearance of a human and a tiger appeared in the picture.

After watching all this, a female student covered her mouth.

“This is something caused by a failure of a Transfiguration.” Sean said calmly.

“The first lesson I learned from Professor McGonagall is to always be in awe of Transfiguration. I don’t need to teach you this principle repeatedly, as it is something you should always remember.” Sean glanced at Ryder and held his chin. “Because that’s what you must remember before doing any Transfiguration.”

Sean swung his wand, and the weird monster in the picture was split in two. Blood spattered, and the students in the front row leaned back in horror as if the blood would really fly out.

“There is an essential difference between monsters distorted by Transfiguration and magical animals. I hope that any of you won’t be turned into one later.”

There was no sound in the classroom, and Ryder lowered his head dejectedly.

Sean smiled, “Now, do you all understand? Let’s continue the class.”


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Published On: February 29, 2024

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