Sean didn’t expect that his magical animals would spend time discussing this. For Sean, whether it is their trust because of his high talent for magical animals or the feelings he has developed with these animals after getting along day and night.

These magical animals have become like his family; they can be relied on and trusted, and Sean also likes to be relied on and trusted by them. After reassuring them, Sean turned his attention to the little Thunderbirds that had just hatched for about half a day but were already a year old.

Under the guidance of the big Thunderbird, the group of little Thunderbirds watched Sean curiously and expectantly. They were stolen by smugglers when they were still eggs and ended up being given to Grindelwald.

It is worth mentioning that creatures like Thunderbirds are born with extremely high sensory abilities; even if the eggs aren’t fully formed, they will show magic. In other words, even if it is still in an egg phase, Thunderbird is a special magical animal.

This is also why this group of little Thunderbirds who were just born regards Sean as their master, just like the big Thunderbird. This is probably the only magical animal that can feel Sean’s feelings without looking at each other or even through the eggshell.

Therefore, this group of little Thunderbirds were curious toward him without the slightest fear.

“Come on, little ones. Eat this delicious food.” Sean smiled happily and took out a bunch of food.

The little Thunderbirds’ eyes lit up, and even the last bit of reservedness of the big Thunderbird was thrown away. They flew over in groups and squeezed in front of Sean, waiting to be fed. Sean threw the food into the sky, and the little Thunderbirds flew up immediately.

The amazing thing is that these little birds didn’t fight over it. Although the birds’ excellent appetite made them almost unable to control the saliva at the corners of their mouths, the birds just circled up and surrounded the middle one where the food was.

Sean looked carefully and was surprised to find that the little Thunderbirds surrounded was the smallest of the group. The smallest Thunderbird was like the youngest being taken care of by his older siblings, he quickly grabbed the food Sean threw up and stepped aside.

The little Thunderbirds, including the youngest, who had gotten the food but didn’t swallow it, looked at Sean eagerly.

“Interesting.” Sean grinned and threw all the food in his hand up.

The youngest, who had already got the food, immediately circled up, but it didn’t fight for it. Instead, it surrounded the older brothers and sisters in the same position as when the older brothers and sisters surrounded him just now.

The remaining Thunderbirds rushed straight up and took all the food in order according to their size. The little Thunderbirds all flew back and looked at Sean.

The cries of the Thunderbirds were small, like a sound mixed with the sound of electricity.

Sean waved his hand, “Well, you can eat it.”

The Thunderbirds landed slowly and gracefully pecked at the food. At the same time, a tail tapped Sean on the shoulder. Sean turned his head, and the airwing bird was looking at him eagerly with its head.

Sean laughed out loud, grabbing the airwing bird’s head and rubbing it.

“Do you want it? Also, do you like fish?”

The airwing bird chirped back. In the end, Sean simply prepared a big meal for all and asked them to make up for it. Looking at the Thunderbirds eating, Sean took a closer look and found the differences between each Thunderbirds.

For example, the smallest one has two tails that are much longer than the others. The beak of the third child is a bit longer than the others, and the golden light on the beak is also more dazzling.

As for the biggest one, its wings are thicker and more gorgeous than those of its younger brothers and sisters, and there are also translucent pale golden feathers mixed inside.

Moreover, Sean also observed that the only Thunderbird that was close to an adult bird, the one that brought the eggs, was not as special as the little ones. They were more disciplined and more independent.

Sean speculates that this may have something to do with their conditions when they were still in eggs. As a magical animal with a particularly strong sense of nature, they are able to adjust their survival instinct after birth according to their own perception of the outside world when they are still in the egg.

Those eggs were in the hands of smugglers before they were born, and the little Thunderbirds felt the danger and constantly changing environment in the eggs, so they behaved like this.

The big Thunderbird will take care of these eggs. The Thunderbird is the kind of bird that will help each other by nature, so the little birds came together after their birth and gave priority to taking care of the weakest in the group.

“Thunderbird is so interesting.” Sean grinned.

After all the magical animals had finished eating, Sean thought about it for a while and decided to call the little Thunderbirds with a calling name.

The first one, the second brother, the third sister, the fourth brother, the fifth sister, the sixth brother, and the seventh little brother.

“Well, that’s it.” Sean showed a satisfied smile.

After the magical animals came back to the hut, Sean went to the deep water area again. The Loch Ness Monster also brought an egg, but he can’t see it.

“Dinner is ready.” Sean poured down a bucket of its favorite food.

The food gradually sank, and there was no response after a long time. Just when Sean was about to go into the water to see the situation, huge bubbles popped up, and a black shadow expanded rapidly. The water splashed, and the huge head of the Loch Ness Monster burst out of the water.

“You’re here?” Nessie walked up like a docile puppy.

“Why can’t I see you before? Where is that egg?” Sean smiled and patted its head.

Sean learned that the eggs of the Loch Ness Monster had also hatched. The two fell asleep together in the deepest part of the deep water area. Sean couldn’t help but smile, and when he was speaking, a small black figure quickly appeared.

A Loch Ness Monster about the size of a boa snake appeared on the surface of the water. Of course, compared to an adult Loch Ness Monster, it was really small. When developing a relationship with them, Sean was surprised that the two looked identical.

The smaller Loch Ness Monster is a scaled-down form of the bigger one. Even the characteristics of the two are surprisingly similar, both of which are very dependent on Sean, and it seems that maybe the two are a bit masochistic.

When Sean was carrying food, he accidentally bumped into the little one, but before Sean could apologize, the little one was pleased.

After playing with the magical animals for a while, before leaving, Sean fed Dave, Pudding, Naja, The Basilisk, and the Loch Ness Monsters, a portion of the magical animal fluid he got.

This kind of fluid does not mean that the younger the magical animal will have a different effect depending on their size and growth. Sean has a bold idea, but he can only do it later.

Now, it is almost time for him to go to the real Grindelwald. After eating something in a hurry, Sean came to Godric’s Hollow again.

This once peaceful and bustling suburb seemed a little empty at this time, and the Muggles living here were also in panic because of the disappearing year. At this moment, Melanie’s father, who is also the Mayor of this place, is giving a speech to the residents in the central square.

“Please don’t panic and be patient. This is indeed a terrible incident. I contacted people in other areas and found that this happened everywhere.”

“As things stand now, panic won’t solve the problem. So my friends, please count the number of people in your home in detail and come here to report it to me. We have arranged a doctor in the clinic to examine all of you later.” The Mayor is quite calm, and the measures taken one after another are quite effective.

Sean nodded and found Capone. To his surprise, Capone had grown much taller, clutching his head, and muttered something silently. Sean came closer and heard his voice.

“My god, how did it really become like this? It’s over. I’ve made a big mess…”

Sean suddenly said, “What happened? How big is the mess?”

“Ah?!” Capone turned his head in panic, “S-S-Se-Sean?!”

“Good to know that you’re alright. The remaining seeds of the Obscurus have not affected you this year.” Sean said with a smile.

“Sean!” Capone’s throat moved, and he lowered his head, “I want to admit my mistake to you…”

“Admit something, why?”

Capone then explained how he prayed faster so he could start school earlier.

Sean laughed when he heard it, “Although it’s not good to pray for that. Capone, you think about it too much. A little wizard’s wish can’t affect this world even with magic power.”

Hearing this, Capone breathed a sigh of relief, “However, your wish is about to come true. In more than half a year, you will be able to enter Hogwarts.”

The word “Hogwarts” lit up Capone’s eyes, and he babbled excitedly, “Really? Oh my God. I can go to the best magic school in the whole world. Oh my God, Oh my God.”

Sean looked amused, “It’s good that The Obscurus haven’t influenced you. Have fun, and I’ll go do something else.”

“Okay, good luck to you today!”

After bidding farewell to Capone, Sean came to the old house of the Dumbledore. The bedroom door on the second floor was lit, and Sean knocked on it.

“Come in.” Grindelwald’s voice sounded.

Sean pushed the door open and went in, and was surprised to find that Grindelwald was like a different person now. The messy, long hair and beard have been well groomed, and the worn-out plain cloth robes have been replaced with brand new ones.

However, with a new look, Grindelwald looks a lot older.

“What are you doing here?” He sat on the chair and crossed his legs.

“No, Professor. What are you doing?” Sean asked.

“What? Do you have something to say?” Grindelwald glanced at him.

Sean shrugged, “Forget about it.”

Grindelwald held out his hand, “What about that thing?”

Sean knew that he was talking about the thing that absorbed the blood of two adult Qilin. He took it out immediately. The thing is reddish, as are the delicate veins of the leaves.

Grindelwald took it, looked at it for a while, then raised his eyebrows.

“Admirable technique and beautiful way of spellcasting.”

Sean nodded in agreement. Grindelwald’s magic is rare and can even resist the erosion of time.

“As expected from me.” Grindelwald continued the first half of the sentence.

Grindelwald didn’t say any more. He raised the wand left by Sean and pointed it at it. Under the action of the unknown spell, blood began to seep from every corner of it. Only then did Sean suddenly take a step back.

Initially, he couldn’t feel the magic power in his memory, but now he finally had a feeling in front of his eyes. The magic power contained within is unimaginable.

It’s even bigger and purer than The Obscurus.

Sean has no doubts; several splashes of blood that have just seeped out are equal to his whole magic power. Grindelwald said that the real Grindelwald must absorb the magic power in this blood so that the magic power of the two can be equal.

Sean was a bit shocked. He realized that he even underestimated the power of wizards like Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Sean even suspected that even the four founders of Hogwarts might be stronger than them.

Qilin’s blood leaked out bit by bit, and the temperature in the room became hot and cold, and Sean even smelled a very strange scent.

Grindelwald finally drew out all the blood, and the thing in his hand gradually turned into dust, which was finally blown away in the room.

“I wish you well, my friend.” Grindelwald smiled at Sean.

Under his feet, it seemed that the runes that had been prepared a long time ago appeared one after another. He drank the blood in one gulp.

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