After putting down the third golden reward, Sean cast his eyes on the last golden light.

Gazing At The Future (Golden): Time always flows randomly, and after an abrupt time node appears, even if the current one rushes away, your self from the future has already been determined and watches you at this time. When using this item, you will use the power from your future self in 1996 and control it with self-awareness; the duration is five minutes, and the cooldown time is six months.

Sean was a bit surprised.

This is the first time he has seen this kind of thing in the golden tier reward, and although the ability description does not use a long paragraph of text, the amount of information inside is too much larger than he expected.

He can get something from him in 1996?

Combined with the previous details, he can know a few more things.

“Time always flows randomly, and after an abrupt time node appears, even if the current one rushes away, your own self from the future has already been determined and watches you at this time.”

This sentence refers to Grindelwald’s time travel incident, and the latter sentence means that the timeline of himself in 1966 is already determined, and he could see what happened later.

Sean had a lot of questions. Although it is a bit weird to say so, excluding the two talents of ancient runes and potions, Sean’s talent is almost at the top level of the entire wizarding world.

Moreover, he has one of the strongest people in the world as his teacher. He studied very hard and even fought more than many adult wizards. It is no exaggeration to say that Sean is always proud of his strength. It is to be expected that he will rise to the top or even reach the top.

This is not the effect of the thing inside him, but Sean is a prideful, hardworking person.

Sean believes that he will do better in the future, but it may take several years, ten years, or even decades. After all, the higher he goes, the stronger the wind is. But he didn’t expect that on that timeline, himself in 1996 would already possess such powerful strength.

This is unreasonable, and Sean is a little puzzled.

No matter what, he is a mortal, after all. No matter how big his ambition is or how good his way of understanding magic is, he could only progress little by little. Even with the Obscurus’ power and his magical animals, the difference in power should not be that big.

Sean carefully read the description of the ability again.

“When using this item, you will get to use the power from your future self in 1996 and control it with self-awareness. The duration is five minutes, and the cooldown time is six months.”

This ability must be very powerful. Otherwise, having such a long cooldown, like half a year would be impossible.

“Huh?” Sean realized something.

His future self power. Wouldn’t that mean the thing in his body?

Only that thing can cast a gaze from the future and possess such a powerful and indescribably vast magic. Otherwise, the ability description would not include the phrase “control with self-awareness”. If it were other things, it would be impossible for Sean himself to lose control over it.

Which means he has the opportunity to transform into the Pride every six months. On top of that, he can still completely control it?

This discovery made Sean’s heart feel crazy all of a sudden. Although he knew that The Pride was not good, he had experienced its power before. Although Voldemort cannot be called in his prime, he had trouble dealing with it before.

After he transformed into that, Voldemort didn’t even have the strength to resist him. There is no difference between crushing Voldemort and crushing a small bug. The only difference is probably the distance. Everything could be turned to his side if he could turn into it and gain total control over it.

Such a powerful thing is now available for him, and Sean will be able to use it once every six months. There is no need to worry about being controlled by the Pride or being occupied by negative emotions and destructive desires.

That means, at least within those five minutes, Sean will be the most invincible person in the world.

“Well, this is a good one.” Sean’s eyes lit up.

The results of this reward far exceeded his expectations. The four golden prizes are good, especially the last one.

Now, Sean has the confidence to flip the situation directly whenever he encounters something that he cannot handle. Although the window is only five minutes and can only be used once every six months, at least he could do it.

Feeling satisfied, Sean looked at the remaining purple prizes. There are four purple items in total.

[Minerva McGonagall’s Transfiguration Experience Card (Purple): Consumable, Usage 5/5. After using this card, you will gain the Transfiguration ability of Hogwarts Transfiguration Professor Minerva McGonagall within ten minutes.

Please note: This card cannot fully replicate Minerva McGonagall’s level of transformationTransfiguration. The higher the user understands Transfiguration, the better the effect.]

Looking at it, Sean nodded. Limited by the quality of purple, this card obviously cannot give him her full power, but Professor McGonagall’s transfiguration level is beyond doubt. Apart from Dumbledore and Grindelwald, she is the most powerful transfiguration expert in the world.

Moreover, has another idea of using it. The card does not have to be completely used in actual combat. He can use the first two or three charges to use it for learning. In terms of learning Transfiguration, what could be more useful and effective than becoming a transfiguration expert yourself?

Sean can take advantage of the first few charges to sharply improve his level of Transfiguration and leave two or three charges for combat. At that time, he may fully exert the strength of Professor McGonagall’s transfiguration expertise.

[Greater Mental Stimulation Potion (Purple): Consumable. After using this item, the user will be in a great mental stimulation state for ten minutes. During this period, your five senses, such as vision and smell, your brain circuitry, and your perception of danger will be greatly enhanced. At the same time, the pain nerve will be greatly reduced, and you will be immune to magic spells such as hypnotism-based magic.

Side Effects: Two hours after using this, you will experience a state of extreme mental exhaustion and physical injuries based on where you were attacked. Please use with caution]

Sean touched his chin. The effect is very powerful, but he also needs to pay more attention to the side effects. This thing is generally used when fighting for his life.

[Magical Calming Wizard Hat (Purple): When wearing this hat, you will get a certain effect of calming your nerves and helping you sleep. At the same time, your charm value for people who love wizard hats will be increased.]

Sean just smiled. This thing is a little bit useful, but not as useful as he thought it would be. Many good things were drawn out in the last draws, and it’s normal to have a bad one.

Sean’s mood is quite good now, and the four golden prizes are enough for him to be happy for a while. He happily looked at the last purple item.

[Fantastic Beast Culture Fluid (Purple): Consumable, Usage 10/10. After using this fluid for a magical animal, after thirty days, it will gain improved strength, speed, etc., and have a certain probability of enhancing its original ability. The speed of digesting the fluid depends on the strength of the magical animal itself. The higher the strength, the faster the digestion. At the same time, participating in combat can speed up the digestion of the fluid.]

Sean raised his brows in surprise. This was the first time he had drawn a prize that could strengthen his magical animals. In other words, there were very few ways to strengthen magical animals in the real wizarding world.

Strengthening magical animals relies on their own genes. Of course, there are other more evil ways, such as crossbreeding, like Hagrid and West always do.

However, seeing this reward, Sean remembered that he hadn’t entered the ring to see how they were doing. During this period, Dave contacted him several times, and it said that he was getting hungrier.

After finishing breakfast in a hurry, Sean didn’t have any other things to do and walked quickly to the Room of Requirement. Opening the ring and climbing down the vertical ladder, Sean stood in his small hut.

“Huh? Where are they?”

To Sean’s surprise, the airwing bird and Naja, who usually liked to stay in this room, were gone. Sean walked outside suspiciously, then froze in place.

In front of the left is the wasteland that Sean set up, which is mainly for the Thunderbird to live in. But what he didn’t expect was that the wasteland had expanded several times beforehand.

The thing he got at the beginning of the third grade has the effect of expanding the space here. An item that belongs to him when he casts the Extension Charm finds you new magical animals and brings them into his place, it will automatically expand it.

Sean froze in place. He thought the magical animals he raised would grow up, but he seemed to have forgotten one thing.

When the Thunderbird came, it brought seven Thunderbird eggs. Thunderbirds are also magical animals with large territories, so is this endless wasteland for the eight Thunderbirds?

Thinking of this, Sean hurriedly flew towards the wasteland. It’s not that he doesn’t want to have eight Thunderbirds. Raising one is okay, raising eight is also okay, and Sean is not short of money for their food.

It’s just that, where did the other magical animals go? Where did the Loch Ness Monster who just joined the group a few days ago? It also carried an egg.

“Dave, where are you?” Sean asked while flying.

Dave’s replied immediately, “In the leftmost part of the wilderness, this place suddenly expanded.”

“Where is all of you?”

“We’re all there. The big snake you brought back a few days ago is not here. They’re fighting, and I’m hungry.”

Sean was dumbfounded.

Under his supervision, these magical animals’ relationship is usually good. Even the airwing bird can use the tail of the Basilisk as a slide.

Couldn’t it be the newly hatched Thunderbird? Thinking of this, Sean immediately speeded up.

Fortunately, this place is just an extended space inside the ring, and it didn’t take long for Sean to reach the destination. In front of his eyes, the magical animals had been clearly divided into two rows.

On one side is the towering Basilisk. Naja has also made her body huge, and Pudding is standing on the hillside.

On the other side is a large group of small birds. One of the largest ptarmigans is flapping its wings majestically. The feathers flicked behind him. Lightning and thunder had already appeared in the sky.

There is also Dave next to Thunderbird, but Dave looks lazy as if he just came to join in the fun.

In the middle of the two rows of magical animals, the airwing bird turns into a hot air balloon and floats around, making a few chirping sounds from time to time.

The corners of Sean’s eyes twitched. Is that bird acting like a referee?

Immediately, he stepped forward and ran between the two groups.

“What are you all doing? How many times have I said? No fighting!”

The eyes of the magical animals all turned to Sean and then looked at each other.

The Basilisk hissed, “But we’re not going to fight?”


Ten minutes later, Sean was entangled by Naja, scratching Pudding’s belly with one hand and rubbing the head of the airwing bird with the other. When he got up today, the seven Thunderbird’s eggs had hatched, the wasteland suddenly expanded, the little ones flew out, and the Basilisk came out to look for them.

As for the confrontation, Sean let out a long sigh.

After finding the Thunderbirds, the group of magical animals started talking about something. The group was separated between the belief that Sean was their friend and that Sean was their master.

As for the airwing bird, he didn’t care much and just enjoyed how the situation unfolded.

It really is something he hadn’t expected.


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Published On: February 25, 2024

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