After a series of commonly used spells have been upgraded to the second level and gained a lot of proficiency, Sean saw a row of spells below.

Imperius Curse (Dark Magic) Lv 3: Proficiency 49000/100000

Cruciatus Curse (Dark Magic) Lv 3: Proficiency 52100/100000

Killing Curse (Dark Magic) Lv 3: Proficiency 100000/100000

Fiendfyre Curse (Dark Magic) Lv 3: Proficiency 26000/70000

Blood-Drawing Curse (Dark Magic) Lv 3: Proficiency 19000/50000

And many other dark magic spells.

In the column of dark magic, the spell level has all been changed to level 3. It’s okay to have this kind of magic, but the Killing Curse has reached level 3, which caused several things to go over through his head.

Although Sean has always known that his dark magic proficiency has increased very quickly, he never expected it to be so fast.

Moreover, because of this terrifying talent, Sean will not lose too much power when casting spells nonverbally without a wand. If Sean is willing, he can even activate the Dark Sleeper and use dark magic to attack the opponent directly.

Sean felt that he was getting closer and closer to the Dark Lord, who was causing chaos in the world. However, he was just a bomb that would blow up the whole world.

Shaking his head, Sean didn’t continue to care about it. It is good to have a strong power as long as he can grasp it and ensure that his mind will not be corrupted by too much dark magic. When he continued to look down, Sean was a little speechless again.

Compared with other spells, the proficiency of those ancient spells is too little. Compared with the proficiency of dark magic, it makes him shake his head.

Sean set his sights on the lottery. Immediately, his eyes lit up, and he was happy.

He drew once at the beginning of the third year, and it should have been about three months now. Sean still remembered that when he turned on the panel a few days ago, glanced at it, and the points were only about 400.

He didn’t expect that although this year had disappeared, his points were still being given according to the 20 points for completing tasks every week. He has more than 1400 points now.

Logically speaking, he disappeared out of thin air, and the points can only be obtained after completing the task.

Although most of the tasks are simple, they are basically bonus points for completing a fixed score in certain classes or gaining the favorability of certain people. While he doesn’t complete the task, he still gets points, which is really a surprise.

Looking at the points, Sean rubbed his hands.

Although the panel’s prize pool rate is not high and there is no guarantee, with those points, he got 145 draws, which means Sean couldn’t hold it anymore.

Although he really wanted to save the draw until the day when he took the Felix Felicis again. After all, it would take him a moment for him to be able to take the potion again.

Sean secretly made up his mind.

“System, ten lottery draws,” Sean ordered in his heart.

The next result almost made Sean’s eyes go dark. A weak white light flashed, and a prompt suddenly popped up.

[You obtained a big pack of Fizzing Whizzbees Candy]

[You obtained an Advanced Wand Care Set]

[You obtained a signed jersey for the Quiberon Quafflepunchers]

[You obtained a quill set]

[You obtained a wizard chess set]

[You obtained the Wizards Weekly Christmas Special Limited Edition Couples Magic Bracelet for men]

Sean’s mouth twitched a few times. The rewards don’t even have a blue item; all of them are white.

Sean took a deep breath, “System, give me another ten draws.”

A blue light flashed.

[You obtained a magic hair tonic set]

[You obtained a twelve-piece set of Ornate Crystal Vials for Potion Storage.]

[You obtained a magic ear pick.]

[You obtained a limited edition magic bookmark from Merge Book Publishing House.]

A blue item lay alone in the middle among a large pile of white items.

[Automatic Dream Interpretation Crystal Ball (Blue): When using this crystal ball for dream divination, you can see clearer details.]

He was speechless. Twenty draws only give him one blue item, and it’s something that he lacks skills as well, which is divination.

Sean gritted his teeth, his eyes burning with desire to win.

“System, ten more draws!”

[You obtained a Quaffle figure.]

[You obtained a color-changing top hat.]

[You obtained a deck of fireproof magic playing cards.]

[You obtained a Fenrir Greyback’s Transformation Card.]

[Fenrir Greyback’s Transformation Card: Consumables. After using it, you can transform into a werewolf for 30 minutes, during which you have all the abilities of a werewolf, including poisonous claw and virus infection. In these 30 minutes, you will be thirsty for blood.]

“System, draw again!”

[You obtained a box of powerful smoke bombs imported from Peru.]

[You obtained a large bottle of nourishing potion.]

[You obtained a bottle of powerful antidote (Blue).]

Sean took a deep breath.

“Draw again!”

[You obtained…]

“Draw again!”

“I’m not satisfied with it. Draw again!”

“Alright last time, this should be good, draw again!”

“Another blue… again!”

“Come on, come on, come on!”

“Last time, I mean it!”


“Sean, what’s the matter with you?” Hermione asked a little strangely.

Sean twitched the corner of his mouth.

“It’s okay. I just thought of many things. It’s relatively… depressing…”

“Do you want to go back and rest for a while?”

“No, no, no,” Sean pretended, and smiled gently, “I’m alright, let’s wait for breakfast.”

Daisy and Hermione looked at each other suspiciously, and finally, Daisy said, “You should eat more later.”

“Perhaps I should…” Turning his gaze back to his system panel, Sean felt like he was about to cry.

One hundred and thirty draws, a full one hundred and thirty draws. Two purple items, twelve blue items, and white for the others.

Gambling is an abyss full of trouble.

Sean looked out the window.

Looking at the last 150 points on the panel, Sean sighed.

“System, draw the remaining one hundred and fifty points altogether.”

He had given up hope, so he might as well end it all. However, a dazzling golden light emerged, brighter than any lottery that Sean had seen.

Sean’s eyes widened, and he didn’t dare to blink, fearing that he might mistake what was in front of him.

One, two, three, four?


Four items were lying in Sean’s inventory, and two purple items and three blue items were beside them. At this moment, Sean almost shed tears of emotion. After clearing up his mood, Sean looked at the rewards that exploded at the end with great interest.

The first is the simplest golden prize—free 1+ talent points. As for the others, they are pretty interesting.

[Severus Snape Advanced Set (Golden): After using it, Increase your potion talent by +3, gain ability [Potion Explorer], gain ability [Arrogance], gain ability [Icy Gaze]. At the same time, it will be easier to tell the freshness of potion ingredients when creating potions, and you will enjoy the process of cleaning the cauldron and sorting potion ingredients.]

Sean almost cried. His pitiful potion talent was finally saved. God knows how painful it is to be picked on by Snape because of his talent for potions, even though Harry was also picked on by Snape a lot, although he was a potion genius.

Sean immediately used the item without hesitation. The dazzling “2” on the panel finally jumped into “5”.

Potions Talent: 5 (You don’t have to be so frightened when making potions, this talent is enough to make your potions professor smile at you occasionally. Note: except for Severus Snape)

Sean looked at the ability description below.

[Potion Explorer]: After you have understood and proficiently prepared a certain amount of advanced potion, you can make improvements to the potion formula.

The current number of potion formulas understood: 0/10

Sean gritted his teeth.

This ability is good. But since the development of potions, all improvements and innovations have become extremely difficult. Moreover, improvements almost mean a brand-new potion formula. As far as he knew, in the past few decades, only a few wizards may have developed new advanced potions.

Among them are two potion geniuses, Lily Potter and Severus Snape. However, this condition is harsh enough.

It is necessary to understand and prepare a certain amount of high-level potions. First of all, there are few formulas for high-level potions, many of which are still in private collections, and understanding seems to be something everyone could learn, but fully mastering it is the main problem.

But this is an optional ability, and Sean is already satisfied. He continued to read the last two abilities.

[Arrogance]: When you activate this, the person you are watching will involuntarily show anger and humiliation. At the same time, the provocation against you will be greatly reduced, and your resistance to mind-affecting spells will be slightly increased. (The effect will be weakened when dealing with groups.)

[Icy Gaze]: When you activate this, the person you are looking at will have goosebumps. At the same time, your mind will be disturbed to a certain extent. (The effect will be weakened when dealing with groups)

Note: When [Arrogance] and [Icy Gaze] are activated at the same time, they will be fused. Your sense of oppression will be greatly enhanced, and the mental disturbance of the person being watched will be increased.

Moreover, this ability perfectly describes Snape.

In addition to abilities, the item also brought two other things to Sean. It is very useful to be able to distinguish the freshness of potions and materials, as many potions have very high requirements for the freshness of materials.

As for the feeling it can bring when cleaning the cauldron and arranging the materials, Sean nodded. Probably, Snape was happy doing these two things. When it came to the next item, this time Sean raised his brows in surprise.

[Glory of the Wandmaker (Golden): Within ten hours after using it, you will gain a keen observation of wand wood and core materials. Gain ability [Embed]. The cooldown is one month.

[Embed]: You can embed a second magic material into a wand that has already been made, and the power and control of the wand will be improved. The degree depends on the material and the original wand that was used. At the same time, you can insert a variety of wand cores for a brand-new wand (without cores). The number of cores inserted is related to the material of the wand.

Tips: Inserting it rashly may cause the wand and core to be destroyed together; please be careful with it.]

The Glory of the Wandmaker made Sean a little curious. There is no doubt that a multi-material wand means stronger power, like the wand used by Salazar Slytherin. There is a round hole at the end, and the jewel of the Horned Serpent has been put in to give the wand the ability to fly.

In other words, with this ability, Sean can create a powerful wand that completely suits his use and doesn’t even need to change his wand when he transforms into an Animagus.

Moreover, Sean can also use this ability to upgrade wands for his friends. But he needs to find out if there is any limit to this [Embed] ability.

But Sean has already come up with the idea of

embedding the Elder Wand.


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