A good thing? Hearing what Dumbledore said, Sean was relieved and had some guesses.

“Everyone went through the acceleration this year, and I regret to inform you that this matter is a foregone conclusion. Time cannot be turned back,” After finishing this sentence, Dumbledore lets the students make noise. It took a while before continuing, “I mentioned a good thing just now, but please give me a moment to explain it to everyone.”

“The principle and reason for the disappearance of time cannot be explained. What is known is that everyone’s memory has not changed, but everyone’s physical age has increased by one year. You have also discovered that whether it is physical changes or any other things are normal things that happened to you. I saw it as a good thing, like your own growth.” Dumbledore’s words gradually calmed down the students.

“Before that, I need to clarify something for everyone. As far as I know, time incidents are often accompanied by irreversible disasters.” Dumbledore’s tone gradually became serious.

“I learned about a serious time incident before. Please forgive me for not being able to tell you the details. But the time incident directly led to the disappearance of dozens of people who should have existed in this world. When everything seems to be restored normally, some people disappear from this world completely, as if they never existed.”

“Time is a mysterious and terrifying concept. Even Merlin can’t control time. This time incident caused everyone’s time to disappear for a year. But fortunately, only time disappeared.”

Dumbledore hovered in mid-air with a hand for a while, then pointed at a person. It was Harry with much longer hair, like a messy bird’s nest.

“Harry, can I ask you a question?”

“Me?” Harry pointed back at himself, a little confused and worried.

Dumbledore smiled and said with relief, “Don’t worry about it. It’s a very simple question. Harry, do you feel that your eyes are more blurry now?”

“Like this?” Harry blinked, trying to take off his round glasses.

“No, no, just wear your glasses.”

Harry and his friends looked at each other for a while, looked at other places, and shook his heads, “I don’t feel any difference, Professor. Although I am short-sighted, I don’t notice it.”

Everyone looked a little puzzled, not knowing why Dumbledore asked such a question. Sean knew it immediately.

If there are no changes, it proves that Harry’s eyesight has not deteriorated. In normal life, if you look at Harry’s living habits, his eyesight will inevitably decline. He even changed it with new glasses when he started the second year of school.

Dumbledore smiled, “Other students, if you have myopia, chronic diseases, etc., you can check it yourself.”

Hearing this, many students checked themselves, and someone made a surprised sound after a while.

“I had a blister because I made a mistake in brewing a potion, but it’s completely healed.”

“Like Harry, my eyesight hasn’t deteriorated.”

“That’s true. I went to exercise before going to bed. I was very tired but didn’t feel sore after getting up.”

Some girls even shouted in surprise, “The pimples on my face are gone!”

Dumbledore stretched out his hands to signal everyone to be quiet and continued, “This is what I call a good thing. Although your body functions are growing according to the year that disappeared, your condition will not worsen with time, and there will be a tendency to heal it by itself.”

Sean raised his hand.

“Yes, Sean?”

Sean withdrew his hand, frowned, and asked, “Professor, I understand what you mean, but what about the more serious diseases? Whether it is a wizard or a Muggle, some diseases cannot be healed by the human body, and rely on medical equipment or magic potions to maintain life. Under such circumstances, will this year’s disappearance increase the lethality of the disease or even directly kill them?”

Dumbledore’s expression was a little weird, and he shook his head, “I can’t tell you the answer accurately. But something must have happened to them. If someone loses his life at the moment when the world returns to normal, in my personal understanding, the world determines their fate.”

The word “determines” confuses many students.

“Yes, determine. For example, Sean, the world determines your growth this year, and you should have discovered it yourself. For those who are seriously ill or in relatively bad condition, the world and the time have determined your time. If they think that even with the treatment conditions, your life is not enough to last a year, then there is only one answer to it.”

Dumbledore’s words were silent, but everyone understood what he meant. The atmosphere became slightly depressed. The students were young people, and healthy growth was a good thing for them, even though everyone lost a year.

But for a certain group of people, they suddenly lost the last moments of their lives. For the first time, the hall fell completely silent.

A moment later, someone broke the silence. It was Cedric, the Hufflepuff student.

“Professor, I want to know. Will a similar incident happen again?”

Dumbledore adjusted his glasses, “Sorry, Mr. Diggory. I can’t give you an accurate answer once again. But in my understanding, similar situations like this will likely happen again. But this time, it is no longer such a terrifying time span of one year but similar to what has happened before. Maybe a dozen or tens of hours will disappear, and the frequency should not be too long.”

After Cedric, Hermione also raised her hand.

“Yes, Miss Granger?”

Hermione had a look of worry on her face, “Professor, may I ask? Will we take classes according to the original grades, or will everyone skip grades?”

“Good question, Miss Granger.” Dumbledore clapped his hands, and a stack of parchment flew over, “This news may not make everyone happy, but I still have to tell you about it.”

Under his spell, the parchments flew towards the prefects of the various houses and the heads of the male and female student unions.

“Before I came, I discussed it with all the professors. We agreed that to cope with this situation, we also made something. Don’t forget, this also happened to other parts of the world.”

“First-year students will still take the first-year classes, but you are now second-year students. At the same time, your courses will add content that only second-year students need to learn.”

“The second-year students will be directly promoted to the third year, and you will study the courses of the second and third-year classes simultaneously. I regret to inform you that your study plan will be very heavy in the next six months, and in the final exam, the test papers will be a mix of second and third-year content.”

“Three-year students will go through the same thing. As for the fourth-year students and current fifth-year students, the OWL exam will come to you in half a year.”

The students all wailed in unison.

Dumbledore continued, “Of course, we will formulate a special OWL exam based on the contents in the past six months. But generally, it should be the same; your study plan will be doubled.”

“As for the fifth-year who were going to take the exam, now you are sixth graders. Your OWL exam will be taken with the fifth graders.”

Before Dumbledore could speak, the students showed a relieved expression and, at the same time, looked at their juniors. However, Dumbledore’s next words froze their expressions.

“However, the difficulty of your exams will be higher than the previous ones. It will be higher than the newly promoted fifth-year students. In the next school year, you will be promoted to the seventh year, and you will learn the content of the sixth year and seventh year at the same time, which is very difficult. I hope you all study hard.”

“As for the sixth-year students, we think that you still need to study for a long time to become an outstanding wizard, so you still keep learning the sixth-year classes, but I will consider increasing your study classes and exam content.”

“Seventh-year students will continue as usual, but the exam at the end of the semester may be increased in terms of difficulty. Don’t get too relaxed now.”

After this announcement, except for the seventh-year students, who sighed with some gratitude, most of the other students showed bitterness, which meant that they would have to study more.

Sean didn’t feel much. He had already taken the Transfiguration class to the fifth year, and his actual combat ability was stronger than the graduates. Among other subjects besides Potions and Ancient Runes, he learned a lot of the later content in advance.

Hermione next to him looked annoyed and was whispering this time, “I lost a year of learning… I lost a year of school time…”

Dumbledore did not continue until everyone’s wailing and sighing had subsided.

“Of course, the positions of the prefect and the chairman of the student council will still be the same. We will consider selecting a group of intern prefects from among the new fifth-year students, who will directly serve as prefects at the beginning of the next school year.”

“In addition, while it is regrettable that this accident happened, I hope everyone can focus on learning. The professors and I have also developed the classes for the same reason.”

Dumbledore stepped forward, “I believe that many of you have already felt that your magic power has increased. If someone has tried it, you will find that your spell proficiency is higher than usual. If I let you continue the original class contents, I think it would be too easy, and I hope to see more growth from everyone.”

Speaking of this, Dumbledore waved his hand, “The detailed information has been given to all the prefects. Please take care of it.”

After that, Dumbledore left the hall in a hurry.

“Professor Dumbledore seems to have something?” Ron whispered in front of Sean.

“Don’t be stupid. We are in a school, and I can’t imagine what’s going on outside. A person like Professor Dumbledore must have a lot of things to deal with.” Harry told him.

Sean agrees with what Harry said. Under this kind of incident, there must be more difficult things that Dumbledore needs to deal with.

Remembering Dumbledore’s mention of the increase in proficiency, Sean opened his system panel.

Name: Sean Wallup (Muggle origin, bloodline unknown)

Magic Items: Hand of Glory (Purple), High Precision Binocular (Purple), Sigh of the Ancients (Gold) (Cooldown Complete), Echoes of Hermione (Gold) (Cooldown complete), Dark Sleeper (Gold) (Cooldown complete), Sybill Trelawney’s Card (Gold)…

Seeing this, Sean took a rather distressed. If he had known that it would disappear in a year and used the Sigh of the Ancients, wouldn’t it have been cooled down by today? Knowing Sean’s current progress in ancient runes depends entirely on that.

Charms Talent: 8 (You are already on the right path to becoming a powerful wizard)

Transfiguration Talent: 10 (You can change everything in the world. Undoubtedly, you will become the master of Transfiguration.)

Potions Talents: 2 (When brewing potions, your main goal is only one: stay alive)

Magical Beasts Affinity: 10+1 (Born to be a Grand Druid.)

Ancient Rune Talent: 2 (It’s okay enough to continue your daily life.)

Dark Arts: 10 (The fact that you’re not in Azkaban surrounded by a hundred dementors means the whole Ministry of Magic should be disbanded.)

The talent and item tab did not change, but the increase in spell proficiency made Sean’s eyes widen in surprise.

Not long after the start of school, most of his spell proficiency reached the second level proficiency, which means he could do nonverbal spellcasting. Sean’s practice has not fallen behind in the past six months, and he has plenty of combat experience even before he fought the Loch Ness Monster.

In such a high-intensity environment, Sean’s spell proficiency has increased rapidly.

What he didn’t expect was that this incident seemed to continue the growth rate of his spell proficiency. The progress bar of the second-level proficiency was increased to more than half in just a moment. It has probably gained about sixty to seventy percent of the whole proficiency.

This made Sean very happy, and everything is not over yet.


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