Sean flipped his hands back and forth in shock. The hands he had used for more than ten years became slender, and his forearm was longer. In disbelief, he jerked his head up to look at himself in the mirror.

The image in the mirror made him feel both familiar and strange.

Sean has grown up a bit; his face is still the same, but something is different. His curly black hair, which was not long at first, has grown a lot by now, almost reaching the back of his neck.

The silk pajamas that his mother had picked out for him with his sister would not fit him at all. The pajamas on the upper body had turned into a tight-fitting jacket, the pants were tightly wrapped around the waist, and a section of the calf was exposed underneath.

Sean touched his ribs again, where several ribs were broken due to the tail flick from Nessie. Even though Sean used magic and potions to heal it, it still takes a while for the broken ribs to allow the body to repair itself.

However, he didn’t feel any pain from the aching ribs or when he pressed it hard.

“Damn it…” He cursed, but he was subconsciously startled.

His voice also changed. He tried making other sounds and was surprised to find that his original voice became significantly more mature.

Sean’s eyes froze, and he thought of a possibility.

He quickly raised his watch to see that it should have been the second day of Christmas, December 26th. But it suddenly turned into December 25th.

Sean quickly took out the snow globe.

The number of snowflakes stayed at fifteen.

Sean was born in 1979. Should the time be 1994?

Today is not the normal December 26th, 1993, but December 25th, 1994.

The day after Christmas turned into Christmas. The time sped up by a year.

This made Sean’s pupils contract. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. His magic power has also changed.

Sean has to practice high-intensity magic spells every day. He is very clear about the source of his magic power, but when he closes his eyes, he feels a large increase in magic power. Moreover, this extra power is not jerky at all; it can be used normally.

“It’s been a year…” Sean opened his eyes and muttered to himself.

“Sean! Sean! Sean!” Just when he was slightly absent-minded, a girl’s voice sounded outside, and she was calling him loudly.

Daisy was calling himself. Sean quickly grabbed his robe and ran out quickly.

In the hall, only Daisy stood there alone. With tears in her eyes, she was staring in the direction of the boys’ dormitory.

“Daisy, what’s the matter?” Sean’s robe was half put on, and he was hugged as soon as he asked.

“Sean, I feel like I am going to die.” Daisy threw herself into his arms and cried loudly.

“What’s the matter? Tell me about it, don’t worry.”

Daisy raised her head with tears in her eyes, “My magic power has suddenly increased a lot. Is the Blood Curse back? I don’t want it… I want to go to school normally. I want to live normally with my parents, Harry, and live a good life; I want to be with you and Hermione…”

She was crying loudly; her face was full of panic and fear. She was cursed the Blood Curse and developed an Obscurus at the same time before.

Sean wanted to make a joke with her, telling her that it was just a change in time. But he could feel Daisy was trembling in his arms.

He hugged Daisy softly and said in a gentle voice, “No, you’re fine. It’s not because of the Blood Curse. Do you remember the incident that happened before? It happened again this time, and something changed even more. If I’m not wrong, the time accelerated by a year.”

Hearing that it was not the case, Daisy raised her head blankly, with tears in the corners of her eyes, but there was great joy in her.

“Re-really?” she sobbed.

“Yes,” Sean patted her on the head with a smile, “Didn’t you stop taking the potion for treating the Blood Curse after you graduated from the first grade? Whether it’s Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, or Your mother, they all said you were okay, and you have nothing about it anymore.”

“Besides,” Sean blinked at her, “You’re so focused on feeling the magic power. Why didn’t you pay attention to other changes in yourself?”

“Changes?” Daisy looked at herself.

“Ah!” She exclaimed.

Daisy ran out in a hurry and was still wearing a nightgown. She grew taller. Her long red hair was already hanging down to her waist. The loose night dress became a bit tight, and only a faint collarbone was exposed under her neck.

Sean raised his brows.

“Ah!” Daisy screamed, hugging her chest.

“Why don’t I feel anything?!”

Sean looked away at the right time, and he spread his hands, and explained, “Look at me; I’m different as well. I feel that the acceleration of time also affects the growth of the human body. I didn’t notice anything wrong with me when I just woke up like I grew up naturally for a year.”

“You must have used magic spells to get clothes as soon as you got up, so you noticed the increase in magic power, right?”

Daisy blushed and muttered, “Eh…”

Knowing that the recurrence of the Blood Curse did not cause the increase in magic power, Daisy was greatly relieved.

But she became worried again, “But why this time is even more serious? The first time was just the time disappearing and stretching. But this time, time accelerated for a year.”

It must be because the real Grindelwald read that the memory must involve important matters related to the future, or this accident would not be so serious.

However, Sean never expected that the one-year time acceleration was the thing Dumbledore was talking about.

He smiled. The process of restoring the world is almost equivalent to reshaping a new world, which is the destruction of the current world. In the face of the world’s destruction, the time is accelerated by one year, which seems to be a controllable influence.

He sighed and said to Daisy, “I don’t know the details, but no one can explain the true mystery of magic. By the way, have you seen Hermione?”

Daisy blinked. There were still some tears in the corners of her eyes

“Because I thought it was because of the Blood Curse, I immediately went to you…” Daisy said.

“Ah, yes,” Sean smiled, “But we need to call out all the students.”

“Everyone will be shocked about it…”

Moments later, there were various shouts in the Ravenclaw common room. Not just the Ravenclaws but the entire Hogwarts castle, the entire UK, and the entire world panicked.

People waking up from a deep sleep. They look at themselves in panic, at their children who have grown up suddenly, at their parents who have suddenly grown older, but the surrounding buildings and cars have not changed.

Only the number representing the year jumped from 1993 to 1994 and is about to enter 1995. The world is still running according to its pace, but everyone has skipped a whole year of growth.

People walked into the street confused and panicked, not knowing what happened.

Some children shouted excitedly to their friends, “I’ve grown up, hooray!”

A newly pregnant mother woke up and saw that there was a baby under her body. The couple panicked and were at a loss.

Parents who have just given birth to a child are looking at their baby in awe, “We missed the year when the child grew up.”

A patient who was lying on the hospital bed lost his life, and the family members shouted outside, “My father! That’s my father! Tell me why it happened. He could have survived for another half a year! Now my child even can’t see the last of his grandfather!”

A low cry of sorrow followed the shout. Countless insects with a life cycle of less than one year died directly the moment the world returned to normal, and new life was quickly hatched.

Joy, anger, sorrow, and many other emotions can be felt.

In the chaotic and noisy castle, Sean was observing a potted plant in the yard. The plants did not grow tall, and the tubs did not age like it was aging for a year. However, he saw a bird suddenly fall from the sky, and by observing its feathers, he could know that this old bird did not last long.

Sean frowned.

It is understandable that all conscious life forms have been accelerated for one year, while those plants without consciousness and lifeless individuals will be affected by the time acceleration.

Sean noticed something. It seems that this kind of situation should not be called time acceleration but rather time deprivation.

He needs energy to grow taller, but the energy in his body before going to sleep is obviously not enough to support growth for a year. It can be considered that time this year has been deprived, but the world has made changes for everyone who has a certain life.

The world has given him the changes he deserves.

It’s normal to be tall. His voice changed. This is also normal. His magic power has grown. This is normal. His ribs are healed as well because, according to Sean’s body, it is normal for them to heal completely at a certain time.

“Huh…” Sean let out a heavy breath.

If his guess is correct, people in the world will face many problems now. Illnesses like colds might be cured, but what about terminal illnesses? Will there be many people who will lose their lives forever when the world returns to normal now?

In the wizarding world, will there be something erupting later?

Sean remained silent. He doesn’t know what’s happening with his parents now. As for Ella, will she grow a lot taller?

“Sean, Professor Dumbledore asked everyone to gather in the hall.” Someone called him in the corridor.

Sean turned his head and saw Hermione. Hermione was taller, and her figure had changed from that of a cute girl who was obsessed with studying to that of a more attractive and dazzling girl.

“What are you looking at?” Hermione looked at him.

Sean smiled, “You’re getting more and more dazzling every year, Miss Granger.”

The corners of Hermione’s mouth curled up and showed a distressed emotion. “I missed a year of school. I wasted a year that I could have read more books and learned things.”

Sean facepalmed, “Why are you still thinking about that?”

The two went to the hall.

All the students had gathered at this time, and now there was no distinction between houses. Everyone stood together in a mess, and many of them were even wearing pajamas and nightgowns. Hermione took Daisy’s hand. Sean walked to the side and looked towards the center of the hall.

Dumbledore was standing in the middle of everyone. He seemed to be the only one here who hadn’t changed much. Even Snape’s hair was longer now.

“Calm down, everyone.” Dumbledore opened his hands, and his voice spread throughout the hall.

This was the first time that Dumbledore’s words had no effect on them, and the students were all in panic. Dumbledore didn’t cast an Amplifying Charm but just used a warm voice over and over again to calm the students down.

After a long time, the calm was restored.

“Everyone,” Dumbledore opened his hands, “I know you here have just encountered something unexplainable. Yes, I can tell you clearly that the time had passed for a year for everyone.”

The hall suddenly exploded.

Dumbledore’s voice overwhelmed the others after the noises subsided, “There are too many unknowns in the world right now. Please forgive me, but as your headmaster, I don’t have the answer to it.”

“But I can tell you one thing, this incident at least means a good thing.”


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Published On: February 20, 2024

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