“Something not right.” Sean looked at the sky and frowned.

He turned his head to look at the room where Grindelwald was. Just like the incident at Hogwarts back then, the wooden door and the surrounding walls have become messy pixel blocks, and irregular patterns are coming out.

Sean licked his somewhat lips. Dumbledore said the impact was in a controllable range. He didn’t know if anything bad would happen to him here. To make sure he was safe, Sean went away from there.

The dilapidated old house looked normal as a whole. Only a slight spatial distortion appeared in an area on the second floor, but it seemed to be slowly expanding. Sean was hidden in the sky, concentrating on observing the situation in that area.

As time passed, Sean was surprised to find that the space distortion area stagnated after spreading to the courtyard gate. Does the influence stop there, or has Grindelwald come out?

Sean looked up at the sky; the feeling still hadn’t dissipated. Moreover, what’s even strange is that Sean always feels as if something is disappearing from this world.

He is sure that this is definitely not a strange feeling that only he can feel. All people in this world should be able to feel it. This feeling is hard to put into words. Sean thought for a long time before he came up with a description, that is, all creatures in this world have the right to know about it.

Because it really matters to everyone.

Sean had a guess. The controllable part that Dumbledore spoke of might not be the distorted space, but something that everyone would soon face.

Sean discovered that the distortion on Dumbledore’s house became weirder, and the pieces of the house, like a puzzle, gradually became transparent and darkened. Sean narrowed his eyes but found that the fragments had begun to become colorful again, and a blurry picture began to slide.

The invisible picture lasted for a long time; there was a sudden pause, and the originally distorted space began to move and reset slowly.

“Is it over?” Sean’s eyes lit up.

The randomly assembled jigsaw puzzle returned to its previous condition. Dumbledore’s house on the second floor was no longer distorted. Sean quickly flew back to the house, and everything here has returned to normal.

He walked to the door lightly, trying to hear what was happening inside.

Although in the old Grindelwald’s memory, he showed amazing and even terrifying planning abilities. He still needs to be careful. What if something goes wrong, and the real Grindelwald goes completely berserk?

Sean doesn’t think that his current strength can hold Grindelwald. He had already pinched Fred’s card in his hand, and he would run away immediately if there was an accident. However, just as Sean’s head reached the door, the wooden door opened by itself.

There was a long sigh from inside the room. It seems that there is no killing intent, and it would not look like this if real Grindelwald was emotionally unstable.

Sean murmured silently in his heart and stretched out his head to look inside.

Grindelwald stood in front of the Pensieve, staring blankly at the memory that was still slowly rotating in the Pensieve. Shadows covered his eyes, and only the corners of his mouth were slightly pursed.

“Come in, Sean. Don’t worry. I won’t attack you if I’m not happy.” Grindelwald’s voice was unexpectedly calm, but there seemed to be a trace of fatigue in it.

It seems that that memory really convinced him. Thinking of this, Sean coughed lightly and walked into the room. Grindelwald didn’t turn his head to look at him, still staring at the Pensieve.

Sean hesitated again and asked softly, “Professor?”

There was another moment of silence. When Sean felt a little weird, Grindelwald finally raised his head.

“Huh…” Grindelwald let out a long breath as if exhaling smoke.

“I see…”

Sean blinked and asked curiously, “What is it?”

Grindelwald glanced at him sideways, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “If I told you about it, the sky would really fall.”

“Forget it, pretend I didn’t ask you anything.” Sean shrugged.

Grindelwald randomly found a worn chair and sat down. He pinched his eyebrows and sighed, “So that’s how it is…”

Sean was feeling dread from Grindelwald teasing him about the contents of the memory.

He let out another sigh as if that memory made him extremely emotional.

After a moment, Grindelwald waved to him, “You should go back first. I will sort out everything.”

“Then… what about that memory?” Sean asked.

Grindelwald didn’t show any displeasure, he snapped his fingers lightly, and the crisp voice sounded, “Come to me tomorrow. As for the plan, yes, you have convinced me.”

Sean was relieved and cheered up a bit.

As long as he cooperates, there is a high probability that this incident can be dealt with perfectly. Besides, the only people who know about this matter are Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and himself. So there is nothing to worry about other people ruining it.

Sean raised his head and was about to say a few more words, but Grindelwald waved his hand again, “Go, I need to be alone for a while.”

Since he said so, Sean will not delve into it more. Sean left the house of the Dumbledore family. However, when he left, he kept thinking about what was said in the memory of the old Grindelwald.

The turbulence of the world has subsided, and peace seems to have returned. But the wizards have begun to discuss what these feelings meant.

Beside the big tree in Godric’s Hollow, Capone was running down the hill, holding Melanie’s hand tightly. He was worried that something bad would happen and didn’t even bother to give the Christmas presents. Melanie understood the situation and ran away with him.

Just when the two were running, Capone suddenly stopped. That feeling is gone. He raised his head in surprise, then looked at himself and Melanie, who he was holding.

Nothing has changed.

“Capone, what happened?” Melanie was out of breath. Her hair was a little messy.

“Ah… I…” Capone hesitated.

He couldn’t say that he was a wizard, and if he felt something was wrong, he wanted to drag her away first. But now the feeling had disappeared. Capone hesitated for a while, then turned around and took out a box.

“Merry Christmas, Melanie.” Melanie was startled for a moment, and her smile quickly widened.

“Thank you…” She happily wanted to accept the gift with both hands, but after looking down, she became shy.

The two are still holding hands.


The sudden change that ended quickly cast a bad mood over Hogwarts, where they were celebrating Christmas. The students were already a little bit moody because they couldn’t go home, but the situation made them feel uneasy again.

The castle that was supposed to be bustling with activity was somewhat lifeless. The students gathered together in groups of three and four. They were not exchanging gifts but were worryingly discussing everything that had happened recently.

Under such an atmosphere, Sean slipped back into the castle. In the corridor, Sean found his friends. Hermione and Daisy were warming up around a glass jar with a floating blue flame inside.

Harry, Ron, and Neville were playing over there. Other students gather around them, but none of them have the cheerful atmosphere Christmas should have on their faces.

Only Fred and George, who were having a snowball fight in the yard with their friend Lee Jordan, occasionally threw snowballs at friends in the hallway.

“Hey, how is the Christmas morning? Do you guys like the present?” Sean sneaked over and greeted me with a smile.

Hermione and Daisy turned back together, surprised expressions on their faces.

“My God,” Hermione let out a cry and lowered her voice again, “I thought you weren’t going back!”

“Oh, things went well. But unfortunately, I missed lunch.”

Daisy looked him up and down and nodded, “It looks like Mr. Sean Wallop is still there, and some unknown guy hasn’t replaced him.”

“Thank you for your words. Besides, I know that’s from a novel, Daisy.” Sean spread his hands helplessly.

Daisy was reading novels recently. There is a novel about the protagonist who disappeared at Christmas and was replaced by an elf when he came back.

“It’s a pity that you didn’t come back earlier. The hall is very well decorated today, and the lunch is very nice. A hundred roast turkeys, a hill of roast meat and boiled potatoes, a big plate of delicious sausages, bowls of peas tossed in butter, plates of rich, thick gravy and lingonberry sauceā€¦”

Daisy talked about today’s food to Sean, with an expression of joy and enjoyment on her face from time to time.

Sean smiled. Having to deal with Grindelwald, returning to the castle has turned into such a warm and harmonious atmosphere. It feels quite nice.

Before Christmas tea time, the two told Sean what happened at Hogwarts during this period, and they inevitably talked about the world disturbance that just happened.

“Everyone is worried. A few girls even cried.” Hermione’s face was full of worry.

Sean sighed. The matter hadn’t been fully resolved yet.

Moreover, the so-called controllable impact didn’t seem to happen. Sean suspected that the impact might not come yet. By then, the things happening in the castle might be even worse.

Sean doesn’t have any good solutions, and the only solution now is to deal with Grindelwald’s time travel incident quickly and perfectly.

It was getting late, and the students nonchalantly walked towards the hall. The hall is, just as Daisy said, beautifully decorated.

The walls were hung with holly and mistletoe festoons, a dozen towering Christmas trees, some with tiny icicles glittering, others with hundreds of candles flickering. It’s just that the student’s mood didn’t get better even with the things here, and even the colorful firecrackers with various small gifts can’t arouse everyone’s interest.

Sean pulled it, and the firecracker made a huge noise like the roar of a cannon. It burst blue smoke, and a magic hourglass that could reverse itself popped out. It seemed particularly abrupt, and the students all looked at him.

Sean grabbed the hourglass and waved to everyone with an elegant and warm smile.

“Merry Christmas, everyone.”

“Yes, Merry Christmas. Mr. Wallup is right, you know.” An old voice can be heard.

The students looked up in surprise and found that Dumbledore, who had been missing a lot recently, had appeared in front of them.

“Please don’t look at me like that. Take your seat, everyone. I tried the turkey sandwich earlier. It’s delicious when it’s hot,” said Dumbledore while smiling.

For some reason, seeing Dumbledore’s appearance, Sean relaxed his nervousness. Dumbledore was happy throughout the party, and every now and then, he did a little magic trick that left the students with their mouths open in amazement.

The gloomy atmosphere finally lifted. When the party was over, Dumbledore stood up, still holding a cake in his hand.

“I wanted to say something to everyone. But I feel that when I get serious, you will also feel the pressure from me. Now, I hope that everyone can maintain a happy mood like me. After all, isn’t this what Christmas should be?”

“Merry Christmas, everyone. I wish you a good night’s sleep.” Dumbledore smiled.

Sean and his friends looked at each other, shook their heads, and smiled. The appearance of Dumbledore and the delicious desserts made everyone relax and feel a little sleepy after eating too much.

After chatting casually, the students returned to their dormitories one after another. Sean was tired lately, so he quickly fell asleep after having a few laughs with his roommate.

The whole world seemed to calm down at once.

Until the sun rises the next day.

Sean got up from the bed.

“Why does it feel like I’ve slept for so long…” Sean yawned and was about to change his clothes.

He stopped in front of the mirror in the bedroom. Sean raised his hand and found out his pajamas were a bit shorter.


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