The gargoyle jumped aside to make way for Sean and muttered, “He is not in the office.”

“I know. I’m here to find something else.”

There was no one in the principal’s office, but it wasn’t like it was when Sean came last time. The Pensieves that Dumbledore used to view the memories have been put away.

“Wallup!” Someone shouted his name as he entered the office.

It was Phineas.

“Hello, sir.” Sean greeted politely.

“Wallup, Albus is not in the office. This is not the place for you as a student!” Phineas yelled, and his eyes widened.

As soon as the words fell, a silver wine glass flew from another canvas to Phineas’s canvas, hitting his head. It was a thin, white-haired little old man who threw the glass and yelled at Phineas, “Don’t you dare act like you were Albus and you’re already dead; this isn’t your office anymore.”

Sean shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t know why Phineas was always mad at him. The other principal liked him. Of course, Phineas may also be unhappy with all non-pure-blood wizards.

Dilys Derwent nodded to Sean and said softly, “What you want is in the drawer of Albus’s desk.”

Sean heard the words and walked over to open the drawer. Sure enough, a huge bottle was lying in the middle of the pile of cockroach candy.

Is this the memory extracted by Grindelwald himself?

Sean looked at it curiously and found that the bottle was cast with magic. This made people want to ignore the bottle, which would look blurred when looking at it.

However, this is not the purpose of Sean’s visit this time. This bottle of memory can only be used when the two Grindelwalds combine into one. He came this time to see if Dumbledore would be here and if there was a Time Turner.

Before coming here, Sean used his authority to search the whole Room of Requirement, but he couldn’t find any Time Turner. So he turned his target to the principal’s office. Although everything in the Ministry of Magic was destroyed, a person like Dumbledore should have one in his hands.

Sean peeked into the drawer and finally gave up his plan to rummage through it. He looked up at the portraits of several principals and asked.

“Excuse me, Professor Dumbledore told me that I can borrow his things. I wonder if there are any extra Time Turner here?”

He lied a little, and Dumbledore probably won’t care about it. Unexpectedly, the little white-haired old man who threw the glass said, “Don’t bother, kid. There won’t be such things in Hogwarts.”

It was Dumbledore’s predecessor, Armando Dippet, who liked talented wizards like Voldemort very much when he was in school, and he had a good attitude towards Sean before.

“Why is that so, Mr. Dippet?” Sean wondered.

“The Time Turner is a special kind of magic item,” Dippet explained to him, “It cannot always be stored outside the Department of Mysteries because every Time Turner needs to be maintained. Otherwise, it will lose its effect in five or six years at most, and only the Department of Mysteries can maintain its magic power.”

“But the Time Turner in the Department of Mysteries are all destroyed,” Sean said with a frown.

Dippet took back his silver glass, wiped it carefully, and raised it with one hand, “That’s the problem. Since only the Department of Mysteries can maintain the Time Turners, even if someone steals one, they can only use it for a few years before it becomes an ordinary hourglass. Unless you can also steal the mysterious time magic, but that’s not possible. Because it also needs a container to hold it.”

Sean recalled it for a while and asked, “That bell-shaped crystal? There was a wonderful magic flow inside, and a little hummingbird kept repeating the process of shedding, birth, and growth.”

“It seems that you have seen it. I regret to tell you that since that thing is still in the Department of Mysteries, it proves that there is no usable Time Turner in the outside world.” Dippet shook his head.

“What about the Department of Mysteries? Well, I’ve seen the cabinet containing the Time Turners, but all the hourglasses are broken. Doesn’t the Ministry of Magic keep an extra one?” Sean asked with a frown.

“Hah,” Phineas gave a sharp laugh and turned towards Sean with a smirk, “Look, the most outstanding student of this year wants to sneak into the Ministry of Magic to steal things!”

Sean stroked his chest, “Thank you for praising me as the most outstanding student, sir. In addition, I must correct that I was going to borrow it.”

Phineas’ eyes twitched; he didn’t expect a non-pure blood student to dare to act like that in front of him.

The other principals ignored Phineas, and Derwent said to Sean, “When I was in office, the Ministry of Magic had just been established. I know them well, but I tend to think that they don’t have any extra ones. Even if they have extra or a backup, it may not be something you can find by sneaking in.”

Hearing this, Sean touched his chin in distress. Without a Time Turner, he couldn’t execute the plan.

Seeing his frown, Phineas snorted, “I told Albus earlier that you are not a smart person, and he kept emphasizing that you have already found the answer.”

Sean ignored Phineas’ taunt and thought about the meaning of Dumbledore’s words.

Sean suddenly raised his head and smiled at Phineas, “Oh, thank you, sir.”

After that, he left the principal’s office straight away. Phineas froze in the portrait and looked at the portrait next to him.

“Did I just help him with something?”


In the Room of Requirement, Sean rummaged through for a while and then took out the thing he thought of.

The golden egg. He got this by playing the dragon on Nurmengard’s Day; Grindelwald acted as him and finally won the Nurmengard Day reward. Sean tried many things and couldn’t find what was hidden in the egg, so he just put it away and collected it as a trophy.

But Sean remembered something.

Grindelwald planned a lot of things before extracting his own memory, and it is impossible for him not to think of the Time Turner. In his memory, Grindelwald did not emphasize it to him directly, which means that he is sure that the Time Turner is already in Sean’s hands.

This golden egg, which is nothing special, becomes special instead. Grindelwald is not the kind of person who pays him with honor and fame.

Sean waved his wand, floated the golden egg in mid-air, and circled the round, shiny gold egg.

This egg is bigger than Sean’s head, and you must hold it with two hands. There is a button on the top, and when you press it, the golden egg will slowly split into three pieces.

It was empty inside.

“Strange…” Sean looked back and forth carefully several times but still couldn’t see anything from the egg.

“Maybe think of how I got the egg?” Sean muttered.

He became a dragon, Grindelwald became him, and finally, Grindelwald tamed him by pretending to speak a dragon language.

Sean frowned. As mentioned in the twelve uses of dragon’s blood researched by Dumbledore, the dragon’s blood can be disguised as human blood and restore certain magic. Grindelwald likes to use the dragon as one of his symbols.

After thinking for a moment, Sean took out a bottle of dragon’s blood, which he bought from a black market. It’s not that he didn’t think about whether he could bleed some blood himself after turning into a dragon, but if the blood was essentially Sean’s, he doesn’t think much difference would happen.

Sean’s eyes lit up after smearing the dragon’s blood on the golden egg. The center of the golden egg suddenly radiated light.

After waiting a long time, nothing else happened apart from the light. Sean thought momentarily, cleared his throat, and let out a low growl.

“Open.” Sean also learned the dragon language, although his accent is not perfect.

The golden egg didn’t respond.


Still no response. Sean pondered for a while, then pointed his wand at himself. He turned into Grindelwald. Just when Grindelwald was standing in front of the glowing egg, the egg shook slightly as if seeing its owner.

He cleared his throat and let out a low dragon roar in Grindelwald’s voice.



“Gellert Grindelwald.”

“Deathly Hallows.”


After trying a lot, the golden egg still only trembled slightly.

Sean rolled his eyes. He cleared his throat and tried to speak in dragon’s language again.

“Albus Dumbledore.”

The inside of the egg is full of light. The dazzling light dissipated, and the egg changed its appearance.

A bell-shaped crystal case one size smaller than the one in the Department of Mysteries appeared in front of Sean’s eyes. Strange air currents surged up and down, and smaller golden birds shed their shells, crawled, grew, and became wet again.

Two identical Time Turners are placed on either side of the bell-shaped crystal. The light that had not completely dissipated from the golden egg flickered and turned into a line of wild cursive characters familiar to Sean.

[Heh, the answer is correct. The one on the left is for the old me, and the one on the right is for the real me.]

[Your teacher, Gellert Grindelwald.]

Sean laughed out loud. There’s something wrong with this old man’s character.


“I guess it’s here?” On a gloomy rainy day, a figure appeared by a lake somewhere.

“Tomorrow is Christmas.” Sean lifted the hood of his cloak and looked at the sky.

He bypassed a lot of Confundus Charm and found the location Grindelwald told him. Taking out the binoculars and looking forward, a dark island in the middle of the lake appeared in Sean’s vision.

“This lake doesn’t look quite right…” Sean stretched his head and glanced, and there seemed to be something lurking under the water.

“I’m here to help…” Sean muttered, turning into black smoke, and flew towards the island in the middle of the lake.

The moment he had flown over the water, the lake suddenly moved, and large waves of water sprayed out from everywhere. Moreover, a wave of magic power surged toward Sean, trying to knock him down from the sky while he was flying.

Sean showed his face and shouted towards the lake’s center, “It’s me!”

As soon as the words fell, the lake and the magic power calmed down.

“Damn it, that old man…” Sean muttered, speeding up his flight.

The island in the middle of the lake is not too big. Sean landed in the center and looked around but didn’t see Grindelwald.

“Where is he?” He said in a low voice.

A voice came from the air beside him, “You stepped on my robe.”

Sean turned his head helplessly and said to the air, “Professor, are you that childish?”

“Heh, come here.”

Sean probed for a while, found the edge of the invisibility cloak, and went right into it. Under the not-so-big invisibility cloak, he and Grindelwald stared at each other.

Before Sean could speak, Grindelwald smiled, “Did you curse at me just now?”

“I didn’t!”

“I’m kidding, I’m just bored, you know.” Grindelwald chuckled lightly.

“I mean, it does look boring.” Sean’s eyes twitched.

“It’s interesting that you’re here,” Grindelwald smiled, “If you can find this place, it means you have found something?”

Sean nodded, “I saw the memory.”

Grindelwald replied, “Ah, the one I left, right? When everything was discovered, I realized that I planted a lot of memory hints for myself.”

As he said that, he laughed, “So, has everything been arranged?”

“You’re the one who arranged it,” Sean shrugged, “Also, you have to extract your memory, and so does the other you.”

Grindelwald thought for a while, nodded, “Understood. I am indeed a genius. What can convince another me is also here? Well, let me think about it. Can you get that stuff?”

Sean’s eyes widened, “Wait, has your memory recovered?”

Grindelwald chuckled, “I don’t need my old memory. I just need to use my brain. Who else knows me better than myself?”


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Published On: February 19, 2024

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