“Wallup, when you are brewing a pot of poisonous potion, what should you do when the cauldron is removed from the fire? Stir clockwise or counterclockwise? How many times do you do it? And what is the purpose of doing so?”

In the Potions classroom, Snape suddenly asked Sean a question. Sean was immediately awakened by the cold voice, hurriedly standing up and replying quickly.

“Um, you need to stir counterclockwise. Stir at least twenty-five times. The specific number of times depends on the year of the material added when brewing a poisonous potion, but it can’t exceed thirty-five times. Otherwise, the properties of the potion will be destroyed. The purpose of stirring is to make the potion softer, or it will turn into a viscous jelly-like potion in one serving.”

Although his potion brewing was no longer as good as Daisy’s and even worse than Hermione and Harry’s in the same grade, in terms of theoretical knowledge, he still remembers it correctly.

Sean caught a glimpse of Hermione beside him, and she was pointing at her wand calmly.

Snape’s mocking voice sounded, “Congratulations, Mr. Wallup. It will need twenty seconds to kill you with a poisonous potion that can poison trolls. Tell me, are you paying attention at all? Have you reviewed what you will learn in this lesson?”

“Uh, sorry, Professor…” Sean lowered his head.

Snape looked at everyone, “The brewing time of a poisonous potion is as long as one and a half hours, and when brewing this kind of potion, you must pay attention to your Bubble Head Charm. To ensure that there are no mistakes, the spell must be renewed every ten minutes, and when the cauldron is off the fire, the spell must be recast quickly. If we were to follow Mr. Wallup’s step, it was like granting yourself a death wish.”

Every student was silent, without waiting for Snape’s order; the noise of quill writing on parchment could be heard.

“Wallup, your ‘death’ caused Ravenclaw to be deducted by five points. Sit down.” Snape waved his wand to Sean.

Sean sat down helplessly and rubbed his face.

Hermione waited until Snape cast his gaze on Harry and said in a low voice, “Sean, I haven’t even seen you in the last few days. My God, have you not slept well when you were gone?”

Sean replied, “It’s okay. I slept for two hours yesterday.”

“And you only slept for an hour the day before yesterday!” Hermione’s eyes widened.

“Ahh, you know.” Sean can’t help it; there have been too many troubles recently.

He looked up all kinds of information, interrogating the Death Eaters and turning his brain to combine the existing information to make clear the situation. He would sneak out of the school every day to see the real Grindelwald, although he didn’t want to see him for the time being.

But he didn’t refuse the things that Capone’s sent to him.

This is also the reason why he dozed off in the Potions class. He was almost also not paying attention in Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration class.

Fortunately, Professor McGonagall understood his situation and did not deduct points or do anything to him. She just warned him that, “Mr. Wallup, in many cases, a healthy body and a clear mind can make work get done faster than usual.”

Of course, Sean understood that Professor McGonagall was doing it for his own good and even Snape’s. In the past, Snape would not only deduct points from him but also punish him for standing for the whole class.

Sean sighed silently. Last night, he spent a lot of effort and finally dug out some things from the Death Eaters who were not petrified.

One thing is certain: Voldemort has returned. This psychopath returned to his servants in a weak but powerful state. It sounded like a contradiction, but it’s accurate based on what Sean sees from Fenrir’s memory.

Voldemort seemed to have completely lost his body. He was held in the arms of a wizard who couldn’t see clearly and in the form of a baby like Sean once saw in the movies.

But the difference is that Voldemort still seems to have considerable power in his hands, and he doesn’t even need to use his own wand when punishing a servant. Sean expected that Voldemort would not die easily. He wondered how he knew he had gone to Baron Skinner’s mansion that night.

There is a high probability that Voldemort and the Returners worked together, but that night, he acted as Grindelwald. Even though the Returners thought Grindelwald would go to check the situation, would they dare to ambush Grindelwald?

Sean thinks that is not a possibility. Neither the Returners nor Voldemort can guarantee that they can defeat Grindelwald. Under such circumstances, the situation can be reverted easily.

So how did Voldemort know that it was him who went there?

Sean thought for a long time, and that was the identity of the Returners. Andros is a famous wizard in ancient Greece, and there are other families, such as Mopsus and Calchas.

At the time, ancient Greece wizards were full of Seers.

Sean didn’t know whether the Returners could still foresee the future. But in some families, there was a high probability that there were certain wizards who could inherit the ability to do so. But this ability couldn’t be too strong. Otherwise, many of Sean’s actions would have been predicted in advance.

Moreover, Sean believes that this may be one of the reasons why the Returners have always wanted to deal with Grindelwald since his foreseeing ability is likely to be stronger than the Returners.

This crushing talent must be what the Returners don’t want to see, especially since the owner of this talent is powerful. Sean had a guess that Seers would be disturbed by other Seers. He had been under Grindelwald’s gaze before, so the Returners could not see the vague future.

However, now that Grindelwald is in a difficult situation, he should be more careful in doing things in the future. Of course, he also has another plan, which is to have a good relationship with the real Grindelwald.

Talking about him, Grindelwald, Sean wanted to sigh; he had been thinking about how to let him untie the knot. Sean is sure of one thing: if he wants to remove the threat on the world, he must cooperate with the real Grindelwald.

Although they have different memories, they will always be the same person. This is an unchangeable fact. When their time nodes meet, as long as the world is not disturbed, there will be only one Grindelwald.

Both the real Grindelwald and the old Grindelwald knew this. The problem is that the real Grindelwald is unwilling to cooperate.

Sean is very puzzled, and Dumbledore lets himself go do whatever he wants. He can understand that Dumbledore can’t do much about it, but what he doesn’t understand is that Dumbledore said that doing this will have some impact on the world.

But he hasn’t seen one yet. After Sean learned the truth about the Blood Pact, there was something bugging him.

Will Dumbledore wait for Grindelwald’s two timelines to merge? Or has Grindelwald become his real self and wants to do something for Dumbledore?

If only he had the ability of a Seer.

It’s a pity that Professor Trelawney’s divination class can’t teach what he wants to learn, and this kind of stuff can’t be learned from theory alone. In the last divination class, Hermione quarreled with Professor Trelawney, and she was no longer attending her class.

It can only be said that history may always develop where it should develop.

If only he could look at Grindelwald’s separated ninety-seven years of memory. But Dumbledore will definitely not allow him. If he reads that memory, the world will disturbed really badly.

Sean tapped the quill on his chin and paused. He realized that he seemed to have forgotten something.

Grindelwald seems to have predicted what will happen in the future.

After the day’s class was over, Sean returned to the Room of Requirement; this time, he didn’t even let Daisy and Hermione follow him. Because he was worried that more people present might cause more trouble for him.

Of course, the premise of all this is that his guess is accurate.

He took out one thing, it was the transparent glass bottle, and there was something floating gently in it. That thing was like a combination of gas and liquid.

‘Demonstration of Grindelwald’s spell.’ It is the name given by the system.

This spell demonstration is obviously a memory of Grindelwald. This is the first time Sean met Grindelwald when he mistakenly entered Hogwarts and the Vanishing Cabinet.

“Take it as a gift of this amazing journey,” is what Grindelwald said at that time.

Dumbledore told Sean that this spell demonstration was too advanced for Sean at that time, and he could only learn it a little. After Sean got stronger, Dumbledore might help him understand it.

This has been sitting with him for two years, so Sean felt something was wrong with it.

For more than two years, this memory has been well preserved by Sean, but he himself has never been curious about it for such a long time, nor has he tried to use it himself. This is a good thing for a person who likes to organize things at a fixed time and maintains a strong curiosity.

Sean didn’t think much of it at the time, and only after thinking about it now did he find something weird about it.

Why did Grindelwald leave such a demonstration experience of spells just because he felt like it? He is not like this kind of person who deliberately demonstrates randomly. If he wants to teach a student, face-to-face teaching is more efficient, and teaching from memory seems a bit redundant.

Now that Sean and Grindelwald are more familiar, he thinks this is unreasonable. Sean raised the bottle and looked at it carefully. It looks no different from a normal memory bottle, except that the silver strand-like memory inside it spins slowly.

Oddly enough, Sean kept losing focus on it even when he was holding it.

“What is this?” Sean raised his wand and lightly touched the bottle.

Sean’s pupils shrank slightly, and an extremely powerful Confundus Charm was attached to the bottle. It’s more like an improved version of it. It will not cause any harm to the holder, but it will make the holder subconsciously ignore the bottle itself.

No wonder he never thought of this thing. So, it seems that there is indeed something wrong with this bottle.

Grindelwald is good at playing with memory. Is this a memory switch planted by Grindelwald himself? This switch will be triggered when he meets Sean for the first time, and the purpose of it is to give this bottle to Sean.

Although the Confundus Charm is powerful, the magic has dissipated after such a long time. Sean himself has become stronger and more sensitive to magic power.

Sean’s thoughts are all focused on this aspect, so he remembers the existence of this memory bottle. Could this be a hint Grindelwald left for himself?

Sean took a deep breath, took out a Pensieve, and uncorked the bottle. Sure enough, this memory looks like it has been prepared before. He tilted the mouth of the bottle. The pale silver strand slowly and slowly slipped down.

The memory fell into the Pensieve. Like a boulder falling into the lake, it caused a huge splash.

Sean took a deep breath and buried his head in it. After falling for a while, Sean stepped on the ground again.

“This is…” Sean’s pupils shrank, “Hogwarts?”

It was indeed Hogwarts in front of him, but not the castle he remembered.

He stood in the center of what should have been the Great Hall; a big hole was broken in the ceiling above his head, and the candles that should have been floating were shivering in a corner.

The tables of the four houses were tilted to the ground, and the seat Sean liked to sit on was burning with flames.

That should have been the principal’s seat in the middle of the ruins.

A figure was sitting on the broken stone pillar.

It was Grindelwald, him with the Elder Wand.

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