“Don’t panic!” Professor McGonagall’s voice calmed the crowd, and she walked quickly to the crowd.

A slender, grayish-white snake was at the long table in Gryffindor. Its eyes were flashing red, and it was spitting out its tongue at the students.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Professor McGonagall waved her wand, and the Ashwinder snake that was about to bounce was fixed in place.

She frowned tightly, then called in a few people. After a moment, she quickly left the hall.

The prefects quickly called the students from the fifth grade and above. They were responsible for standing on the periphery of the hall while the students were protected in the middle.

“Everyone listen.”

Sean saw someone he knew before. It was Charlotte Hawke.

She said to the senior students, “Use the Full Body-Bind Curse to immobilize those annoying snakes and stay calm.”

Under her command, the hall gradually became more orderly. Sean stood behind the seniors, holding his wand, ready to deal with any snakes that slipped through.

The snakes were running around in the castle, but they were basically stopped outside the hall. The junior students who were protected in the middle even regarded the accident as an interesting story.

But Sean doesn’t think so. More than a dozen Ashwinders are in front of him, and these guys are completely different from the information he saw in the book.

Ashwinders only have one hour of lifespan. They will try their best to find hidden places to lay their eggs in this short period of time. Although they are aggressive, their ultimate goal is to avoid enemies.

But the Ashwinders that entered the hall were different. It rushed over when it saw people and did not intend to avoid it.

This is very similar to the animals in the Forbidden Forest that day. However, the pupils of the Ashwinders were originally red, which made it impossible for him to distinguish. Coincidentally, a snake crawled in Sean’s direction.

Sean held up his wand and fixed his eyes on the snake. Finally, he met the pair of vertical pupils that shone red.

He didn’t feel any emotion.

At this moment, the snake froze for a moment, then turned around quickly and slithered towards another place.

Is how he feels their emotions related to the age of the animal? After all, an Ashwinder can only live for an hour, and it has almost nothing but natural instinct. In other words, these snakes were indeed affected by magic, just like the situation in the Forbidden Forest that day.

Sean raised his head and looked around anxiously. He wanted to tell the professors the news quickly. But all the professors went out to handle the snakes, and only the students were left in the hall.

Just as he frowned, he happened to see a figure. It was a tall woman in a long dress, and it was Helena, Ravenclaw’s ghost.

Sean’s eyes lit up, and he squeezed through the crowd to Helena’s side.

“Hello, can you do me a favor? Tell the professors that the Ashwinders are in the same condition as the animals in the Forbidden Forest.”

Helena glanced at Sean with her sad eyes, nodded lightly, and then passed through the stone wall. Just when Sean thought he could breathe a sigh of relief, there was a shout from the hall’s main entrance.

“Merlin’s pants! Why is this snake so big?!”

On the long pillar at the main entrance of the hall, a sturdy and bloated Ashwinder is coming. It is more than ten times larger than an ordinary Ashwinder, and the flashing red light in its pupils almost forms a red line.

“Stand aside.” A boy’s voice sounded, then he stood in front and raised his wand.

It was Gryffindor’s prefect, Percy Weasley.

The snake is obviously a magical creature with very few distinct differences. Sean suddenly opened his eyes, and he remembered something. He felt that something must be related to Professor Kettleburn.

The wizarding fairy tale about The Fountain of Fair Fortune was adapted into a performance at Hogwarts when Armando Dippet was the headmaster. In the show, an Ashwinder is used to play as the worm, and Kettleburn uses an Engorgement Charm to the snake.

“Be careful!” Sean in the distance shouted.

The bloated snake hovering on the stone pillar exploded suddenly. Many sparks and smoke covered Percy.

“No!” The Weasley twins rushed over, followed by Ron.

The students suddenly panicked, and Percy fainted on the ground.

“Damn it.” Sean gritted his teeth and ran over. Fred already took Percy into his arms.

Half of Percy’s body became bloody, and he seemed to have cast a Protego Charm at the last moment, which barely covered his head.

Fred hugged his brother and put the other hand on Percy’s face, and his voice was weak, “Quick, quick help him!”

Sean took out a potion bottle from his wallet, a healing potion he bought in Diagon Alley. Although Professor Slughorn said the potion was not as effective as it said, it could still slowly heal many types of injuries. Sean crouched down, held Percy’s jaw, and poured the potion into it.

“How is it?” the three Weasley brothers asked in unison.

“There is barely any effect as of now.” Sean said.

After putting down the Galleon and the pistol, there was only room for a bottle of potion. Injuries caused by snake explosions still require specific treatment. The Weasleys looked at Percy worriedly.

Charlotte rushed over and said solemnly, “How’s it going?”

“I still need to find Madam Pomfrey.” Sean replied.

Charlotte frowned. She walked out of the hall with her wand and backed away after a while.

“It was full of snakes running around, and I couldn’t find the teachers.” She said with a regretful voice.

Everyone fell silent. Just a few seniors could not escort Percy without the teacher.

“No, I have to save him!” Fred picked up Percy and was about to go out.

Charlotte stopped him, “Calm down. To go to the infirmary, you have to go through the tower with the stairs. If you encounter a snake just now, you won’t be able to do anything. Just wait a minute. The professors will be here very soon.”

“He’s dying!” Fred yelled, and then his voice trembled again, “He’s my brother…”

Just when the two sides were arguing, Sean stood up.

“I have a question.” Both groups looked at him, and Sean shrugged, “Which one of you has better control over using Levitation Charm?”

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Published On: July 18, 2023

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