“I seem to know something.” A thought popped up in Sean’s mind.

This thought made him feel like he had fallen into an ice cave, and his hair stood on his head.

Baron Skinner’s mansion.

Back then, Sean learned about the ranking of dangerous magic that the Ministry of Magic had secretly kept from Barty Jr. In the ranking based on the degree of danger, the tenth place, which is the least dangerous among them, is the Horcrux.

The most dangerous thing that Sean still hasn’t understood why is the Blood Pact.

After hearing the news, Sean went to check a lot of things and found related material in the restricted area of

the Hogwarts library. In the book called “Deadly Pact” there is mention of contract magic involving “blood”.

“Blood Pact: Reflections on Baron Skinner’s Mansion in the Thirteenth Century.”

The article describes the situation at that time. The unknown contract magic seems to be the link to maintain the love between the two, but another person’s malice is hidden. Sean clearly remembered that the author at that time translated a sentence in a notebook left by Baron Skinner himself.

“Hate takes love as the cornerstone, exchanges equal value, and adds great power.”

Dumbledore has been to Baron Skinner’s mansion. After that, the Returners are sure that Dumbledore will be an eternal enemy of Grindelwald. A thought has emerged in Sean’s mind.

Moreover, Andros said another sentence, “The supreme power is no longer yours. Do you think you can resist it?”

“No way…” Sean shook his head and drove out the bad guess in his mind.

He had to go and see for himself to the Baron Skinner’s mansion.

Outside, his followers have completely controlled the wizards from the Returners, and Sean finds Rosier.

“Vinda, come with me. Abernathy, you will be fully responsible for the rest of the matter.”

“Yes, Lord Grindelwald.”

When Sean and Rosier returned to Nurmengard through Floo powder, he pulled his tight collar and took a long breath.

“Is there anything else I can help with? Professor Rozier.”

Rosier looked at him with strange eyes and shook her head, “You did a very good job today, and that is it.”

Sean shrugged, returned to his appearance, and put on the school robe.

“Professor, where is he now?”

Rosier shook her head, “Lord Grindelwald didn’t tell me the details of what happened, but I think you should have a certain understanding of his situation. According to my understanding, he has to hide now.”

Sean raised his brows in surprise, as expected of his confidant, who had been following Grindelwald; his guess was accurate.

“Did he say anything else for you to tell me or someone else?”

“No, I have followed all the orders of Lord Grindelwald.”

“I see. I’ll go back first, Professor Rosier.” After saying goodbye, Sean walked towards the basement.

Walking in the empty corridor, Sean kept thinking about Grindelwald’s intentions. Judging from the content of his instructions, it was obvious that he had expected it long ago. Perhaps, just based on what was shown when Marshall assassinated him that time, he understood something.

Grindelwald chose to let himself know the news. He must be able to guess that after learning the news, he will find a way to find Baron Skinner’s mansion to find the truth.

Thinking of this, Sean relaxed. After all, if his theory is the truth, then there will be a big problem. Another noteworthy point is that Andros’ behavior is intended to anger Grindelwald and disturb his mental state.

Does that mean that the Returners may have some kind of big move shortly?

Thinking of this, Sean stopped walking towards the basement and changed direction. He was going to go to the principal’s office in Nurmengard to take another look.

When Grindelwald was wanted by the whole world, Professor Rosier became the new principal of Nurmengard, but she did not move into the principal’s office, as she was preserving it for him. Even in that office, only Sean, who has obtained the authority, can freely enter and leave.

Pushing open the door, Sean wandered around the principal’s office, where no one had entered for a long time. It’s still the same. Apparently, the self-cleaning spells keep it tidy.

“”The Encyclopedia of Magic History” is the last book I read. “The Manuscript of Interpretation of Dreams”, I also read this one, but I don’t understand it at all. “The History of Spell Innovation and Improvement”, Hmm, not this.”

Sean was rummaging through Grindelwald’s bookshelves, trying to find hints that Grindelwald had hidden. However, after searching around, he hasn’t found any information that can explain the current situation.

In the beginning, after Grindelwald was wanted, Sean went to his principal’s office to find things. Grindelwald loves the history of magic in various ages and times. In addition, he also collects some magic books that cannot be found on the market.

“Huh?” Sean, who continued to rummage through the drawers, saw the cover of a book.

(History of Regional Changes in the Wizarding World)

Perhaps this book should not be called a book. More like a log because it contains maps from various ages. Grindelwald used magic to bind these maps together and had some information he had collected.

Sean’s eyes lit up. He had seen this book before but didn’t pay much attention to it then. Opening it, Sean pressed his finger on the parchment to read the search directory.

“I remember that the information on Baron Skinner’s mansion seems to be from the thirteenth century. There should be a map of the British land.”

After turning to the exact page number, Sean took out his wand and tapped the parchment. The parchment squirmed, and soon, a three-dimensional map spread out on the desk.

The three-dimensional map of the parchment is densely packed with roads, mountains, and rivers that have shrunk countless times. He tapped the nearest mountain with his wand, and the ink below the map came together like a trickle and turned into a detailed map.

“Muggles consider Mount Helvellyn to be one of the biggest mountains in the UK. Muggles believe that this volcano once erupted, bringing countless steep boulders to the area at the foot of the mountain. Muggles, once known as ‘Walkers,’ died by the side of the crater.”

“Since the seventh century, this mountain has been occupied by a Ukrainian Ironbelly that came all the way. Later, an unknown wizard tamed the dragon. He hated the disturbance that Muggles made, planted various Illusion spells, and used rock spells to arrange many dangerous traps.”

“The azure lake in the mountains is the water left by that wizard. The only rocky path was not created by Muggles but made by the Ukrainian Ironbelly that carries magical stone by using its tail. Muggles would only foolishly find gold in that area to fall for their traps.”

“The wizard lived in the Helvellyn mountain for nearly two centuries before the mountains were occupied for a time by two Welsh dragons. In the eleventh century, it became a paradise for trolls. In the thirteenth century, the trolls were expelled by a group of centaurs. This situation was maintained until the Ministry of Magic was officially established. Several officers who were there moved out eventually.”

“Wizards have rarely visited Helvellyn Mountain since then, but according to reliable information, there is still a group of monsters living in the caves inside the mountain. These are some monsters left by the centaur when they expelled the trolls. Small colonies of troll cubs gradually formed and survive to this day.”

The detailed introduction made Sean amazed. Although Grindelwald has always despised the history of wizards living in secret, he likes studying history. He can find ways to obtain all kinds of information that cannot be found in the public.

However, this is not something that Sean needs now. He wanted to see if any ruins of Baron Skinner’s mansion were here.

The Returners sent someone to take Dumbledore to Baron Skinner’s mansion, and Sean also got relevant information in the memory of the hidden creature he had caught before. At that time, he didn’t know where the long-abandoned place was. Looking at it now, it is very likely to be the ruins of the Baron’s mansion.

Sean still remembers what was said. The white-bearded old man walked out of the pile of stones and became more terrifying than any creature. It wanted to escape from that place, but it was restrained.

It seems that that place really has something to do with the Blood Pact.

The memory of the creature also showed one thing. Baron Skinner’s mansion had just become dilapidated with the passage of time and hadn’t changed into anything else. This narrowed Sean’s search scope a lot.

“Abandoned place…” Sean muttered, looking for it on the three-dimensional map.

After searching for a long time, when Sean was about to be disappointed that this place was not marked, he finally found a similar building. On the easternmost side of the map of this island, there is a small area under the strait facing Belgium far away, and an extremely inconspicuous building is hidden in it.

Sean tapped lightly with his wand. The parchment shook violently for some reason, which made Sean even more certain that he might have found the right place.

Finally, the parchment stopped shaking, and only a shallow column of ink flew out, converging into a line of sentences.

“The mansion of Baron Skinner, the Baron and his wife are wizards. It is now deserted and has no value at all.”

The parchment seemed to indicate that its creator’s mood was not very stable at the time, which made Sean feel a little heavy. Sean didn’t hesitate. He was not going to ask Dumbledore about the situation because Dumbledore would definitely not tell him, and he didn’t know where Grindelwald was now.

Remembering the location, Sean returned to Hogwarts through the Vanishing Cabinet. He opened the window and disappeared into a black smoke.

Flying out of the range of Hogwarts, Sean jumped onto the clouds, and the black smoke disappeared. He turned back into his body and floated above the clouds.

“Please tell me I can still do it.” Sean thought silently in his heart.

His body was twisting and growing. A roar could be heard, and an Antipodean Opaleye dragon appeared. He flapped his wings vigorously and flew towards the direction he had noted before.


Above the clouds in the night sky, a monocular telescope stretched out.

“There is a magic cover, but the cover is not strong. It seems to be left over from the past.” Sean muttered.

Pudding’s voice can be heard. Pudding is standing on the head of an Antipodean Opaleye. Its four lower legs hold the scales so that they will not fall off. The other two legs are holding a telescope and are in front of the dragon’s huge pupil.

Coincidentally, Dave sent a message, “Everything is normal. There is no one to ambush, only a few animals. Can I eat their brains?”

“I’ll give you a treat afterward. Wait for me here.”

The dragon flapped its wings vigorously and rushed down the clouds. During the flight, the dragon’s body kept shrinking, and it finally turned into a boy.

“Luckily, it’s not far away.” Sean moved his face and looked at the building in front of him.

It looks like a typical medieval building, but most buildings have collapsed, overgrown bushes can be seen, and various stones are piled up together. Pudding jumped and went into it. This place seemed kind of like his preferred habitat.

Sean was walking in the direction that Dave guided him. Soon, he found Dave hanging upside down near a stone pillar.

“I didn’t sense any danger in there.” Dave told Sean.

Behind the pillar, there is a hole piled up with rubble.

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