In the office, a needle can be clearly heard falling. Andros just gave a long speech in a relatively excited state, and he was panting slightly. However, as one of the Returners, he couldn’t make a more convincing sound of rapid breathing.

At this moment, Sean’s brain was spinning.

Grindelwald should know some of the inside information, but it should not be much; otherwise, Andros would not speak this much. From this point of view, it seems that it is not a big problem.

Sean was still sitting, looking at his eyes.

“Andros,” Sean said with a cold tone, “Working with Dumbledore, support the Guards, infiltrate the Ministry of Magic. Oh, I almost forgot that my portrait was hung on every wanted poster not long ago. I must say, how you guys work together is something.”

Andros expressed calmly, “Grindelwald, you have done enough revenge, you have not been harmed in any way, and you even became the new leader, right?”

“We are always against you, and the reason is very simple. You are a time bomb, Grindelwald. You know how many plans you have made to start a war against the Muggles over the years?”

“This world doesn’t allow a lunatic to mess around with it, so we chose to act first. Otherwise, what benefits can we gain by that?”

Andros laughed, “Even if we get more rights, money, and power, what’s the use of it?”

“Don’t get angry now. You do have the right to be angry and commit revenge. But Grindelwald, think about your dream conflicts too much with this world; why do you think Dumbledore wanted to work with us?”

Andros stood up. He took out a gray prismatic crystal, and after throwing it upwards, a thick mist overflowed. The mist turned into a black-and-white scene, a magical and eerie area.

Lakes, islands, forests, mountains, deserts, tall buildings like it was heaven and eerie blood pools like hell. Seen and unseen creatures live in various places, including wizards, elves, fairies, and, of course, giants and monsters.

Those creatures all seem to be related to real-world creatures, but they’re a lot weirder and twisted, and this area seems to be suffering from a huge disaster. The magma spewed wildly, and the mountains collapsed one by one. The whole world was like a kneaded rubber ball that was gradually being destroyed.

Sean was taken aback. There would be no such place like this in the real world, and the magma gave Sean a sense of familiarity.

This is like his own soul world.

The world shown by Andros is the Misty Land. The so-called “The Other World” in myths and legends. This is the origin of the Returners.

Andros turned his head to look at him and said, “Grindelwald, you know where this is, and now, can you make a correlation toward the current world?”

Andros thought Grindelwald was aware of all this and continued, “You should have noticed it long ago. In the real world, weird and inexplicable forces are gradually showing signs. But you don’t know that the Misty Land has long been affected by it.”

“No one knows the source of that power, but it’s coming, and the Returners had to resort because of the Misty Land we live in right now.”

This seemed like a lie.

They said that the destruction of the world would not have any effect on them, but now they have become a refugee who has to return to the current world because of the things happening in the Misty Land.

But his attitude is strange. Since Andros dared to say that, it proved that Grindelwald had indeed observed some changes around the world, which is the strange force that he said was rising.

In the room, Andros sighed, “The world is going into chaos, and your little apprentice is the best proof. It’s not just that, but everything that has a connection with that is going to create chaos in this world.”

His voice was heavy, “So what if you can teach your student well? So what if the power can be controlled? Can he resist the change?”

Sean raised his head and said in a cold voice, “You don’t need to worry about it. Since you came from the Misty Land that was first affected, don’t you know the source of the change?”

Andros glanced at him and shook his head, “I don’t know, but there is a guess that we made.”


“Maybe Gods of Wizard was not satisfied with the current situation of this world. His eyes are projecting over, don’t you notice? In the places where the changes occur, the magic power is weird, but it is pure, very similar to the first origin of magic.”

Gods of Wizards? Sean frowned. In the wizarding world, few religious beliefs about the source of magic exist, and the so-called Gods are often only mentioned in stories and tales.

Rather than saying that it is the Gods of Wizards, it is better to say that all wizards believe in the force of nature and the world, and the Gods of Wizards represent this.

The Gods of Wizards feel that this world is not in good shape, so they want to change it.

However, Grindelwald’s travel over a hundred years has caused changes in the world and time incident. Sean has learned from Dumbledore that the world will actively repair the “anomalies”.

Does the Gods of Wizards really exist?

He cast his gaze over, but there was no expression on Andros’ face.

Sean said, “I don’t believe in God. I only believe in myself.”

Andros sneered, “Who would believe it? You can’t see the intangible Gods of Wizards. Even in the era where I live, only the oldest and most stubborn people would think that there is a God in the world.”

“But if you don’t believe it, how do you explain the current situation?”

As he spoke, Andros took out a branch; the branch floated quietly in mid-air, and a strange and pure magic power radiated.

“Grindelwald, have you collected and studied this magic power? Can you explain the source of this magic power?”

Sean’s heart trembles; this magical power is strange. It is a bit similar to Obscurus’s magic power, but the magic power in front of him is purer which is indescribable. Sean has never felt this kind of magic before.

Andros said in a deep voice, “We think this is a sign that the Gods of Wizards eyes are about to descend on this land, Grindelwald. I won’t go around in circles with you anymore.”

“Oh?” Sean showed a hint of interest in a timely manner.

“The Gods are irresistible. If the world wants to escape, we can only avoid their gaze,” Andros said, “Grindelwald, the so-called proposition to you is only one thing. Suspend your plan to start a war. Whether you want to fight against the Returners or to rule the Muggles, suspend them all.”

“After all this talk, do you still want me to cease that thought?”

Andros said in a deep voice, “Judging from the current situation, it will take at most three years before they will come. When the Gods no longer feel that the world is in chaos, they will go away.”

“You can still maintain your people during this period of time. I don’t care what you will do when that time is over. Because by then, the Returners will return to the Misty Land. Whether or not you want to rule the world or destroy it, we don’t care.”

“The only requirement is that during this period, you have to use your right to speak, let the wizards lie dormant, and end wars. Don’t tell me you worry about losing authority in just a few years.”

It has to be said that even from Sean’s point of view, this so-called “proposition” does not seem to do much harm to Grindelwald. Even if Grindelwald does not cooperate, Grindelwald launches a war against the Returners. This war will not end in a short period; it will definitely last for a long time, even longer than three years.

If they cooperate and Andros tells the truth, he only needs to halt the wizarding world for three years, and Grindelwald can completely control the world afterward.

No matter how you look at it, this is a win-win situation for Grindelwald. But the so-called Gods of Wizards and other things seemed unreasonable.

In addition, Sean is the one here, which means one thing from the beginning. Grindelwald believes that there is no need to cooperate with them at all. So, why did he say such a lot of things like this? And what does that strange magical power represent?

At this time, Rosier’s voice sounded in his ears, “Sean, Lord Grindelwald told me not to tell you at first, but I will tell you when this talk touches on the most important points. Don’t promise him anything and reject any request made by him.”

“He asked me to tell you to look at all this from his perspective and use your own perspective to reason it.”

Sean smiled secretly in his heart, knowing Grindelwald had already thought about it.

“Sounds like a good plan.” Sean smiled, stood up, and walked towards Andros, looking as if he was about to shake hands with him.

“Grindelwald, good that you wer-“

The satisfaction on Andros’ face was interrupted by a green light.

“Avada Kedavra.”

In the eyes of Andros, Grindelwald was still smiling, and the Killing Curse struck instantly. Moreover, his eyes were covered with a layer of light. Sean used something that he learned from Voldemort, and it can cause damage to special entities like ghosts.

His Killing Curse was ready, and the Echoes of Hermione item had already accumulated enough spells beforehand. Sean has long understood what Grindelwald meant, and his purpose of coming here is to get the Returners.

A green light shot out, but it went through Andros’ body. Sean’s spell from Voldemort didn’t work, and a small snake made of mist crawled out of Andros’ body, resisting it.


Andros shouted. His body suddenly floated, and immediately after that, a black mist rose from behind him. The black mist turned into a vortex, sucking Andros into it.

The black mist was not a Portkey but a special magic. Sean’s spell and the other things were all sucked away by the vortex.

“Grindelwald, you bastard! The person who was in the Department of Mysteries that day was indeed you!” Andros yelled angrily as half of his body sank into the vortex.

Sean raised his brow, “It’s so obvious, and you just realized it?”

He wants Grindelwald to be the culprit behind the Department of Mysteries to be true so that the Returners will not think that Grindelwald was the person behind the time travel incident.

Andros gave Sean a gloomy look, and when his head was about to sink into the vortex, he laughed.

“Grindelwald, haven’t you always wondered why Dumbledore betrayed you? Do you know why? Let me tell you, we sent someone to take Dumbledore to Baron Skinner’s mansion.”

“Grindelwald, I know what you want. But Dumbledore, he has become your eternal enemy.”

The vortex disappeared, and Andros’ laughter stopped abruptly.

“Lord Grindelwald…” Rosier looked at Sean.

Sean waved his hand, “Take care and deal with the rest of them.”


After everyone walked out of the room, Sean sat down.

He knew what Baron Skinner’s estate was for.

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Published On: February 3, 2024

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