The parchment papers were scattered all over the floor. Sean frowned and paced back and forth in the room.

Although the Ministry of Magic’s information did not fully reveal the real situation, he could roughly guess the current situation with what he saw and heard.

Because the past has been changed, the world instinctively fixes this “anomaly”. Grindelwald went back to 1899 and changed a lot of things, and he even lives to this day.

Therefore, the world’s efforts to repair these “anomalies” will be something weird and big. Grindelwald must have used some method to hide it from the world. Otherwise, the world should have started this process decades ago.

Sean clearly remembered that Newt once told himself that he had felt a similar feeling to the present when he was a child. This process of forced fixing of the world must have started at that time, and the time when Newt felt that happened to be the autumn of 1899.

This also proves that only a few months after Grindelwald traveled through the past, the world became aware of this unexpected anomaly, and Grindelwald has been able to hide until now.

Sean couldn’t help but think of his reaction when he saw the age-measuring snow globe. Grindelwald didn’t know about it, and he guessed what it does through his knowledge.

At that moment, the world changed.

Sean believes that when Grindelwald realizes that Sean knows what he is hiding, it triggers something regarding his time travel. Grindelwald’s self-awareness is the node of the awakening of the world going through a change.

After that, Dumbledore told him to hand over the real Invisibility Cloak to him.

“Do you feel that one of the Deathly Hallows items doesn’t seem to fit what the legend says?” Those were Dumbledore’s words.

This means that the Invisibility Cloak has a special ability that has not yet been discovered.

Thinking about it in conjunction with the previous situation, at that time, the Invisibility Cloak was used to cover the real Grindelwald.

Sean jerked his head up to the ceiling and made a guess.

The invisibility cloak does not make someone look to disappear, but it may also cover someone’s disappearance from the eyes of the world.

Dumbledore must know this; he had studied the Invisibility Cloak, and Grindelwald should know it too. Therefore, Dumbledore urged Grindelwald to leave and asked Sean to give him the invisibility cloak.

The world was supposed to crumble and return to normal because Grindelwald wore the invisibility cloak. Which means the uninvited guest disappeared from the eyes of the world.

Sean gulped.

If he guessed correctly, in order to deceive and avoid the eyes of the world, Gellert Grindelwald directly emptied his own memory.

He traveled from 1996 to 1899 and must have known about the eyes of the world. To avoid this, he took out all the memories that did not belong to this timeline. The memory from 1899 to 1996 that only he experienced alone.

Grindelwald must have found a way to imprison himself in this timeline, covering him with an invisibility cloak.

After that, he became the Grindelwald on this timeline and lived to this day.

He cheated and directly deceived the world.

There are no two-time travels, only one time. The previous time incident was not someone traveling to the past at all.

When Dumbledore found the entire decades of memory, Grindelwald emptied out of his mind, all of which did not belong to this timeline. He looked at that memory, and the memory that did not belong to this time must also have caused a time incident. Watching that memory may cause serious time accidents as well.

Sean felt his head go numb.

Now, there are two crucial points in the whole thing.

First, what is the truth of this whole mystery? What did Grindelwald want to change when he traveled for such a long time? Did he succeed or fail to do so?

Secondly, there is another Grindelwald. But that’s the real Grindelwald.

The one who escaped from Nurmengard was the real Grindelwald on this timeline. Will he do something unpredictable or even more irresistible later?

Of course, the word “real” may not be accurate. The two Grindelwalds are exactly the same; they are the same person, but when it comes to dealing with this issue, it may not be so simple.

Sean fixed his hair that was messed up by himself. The trip to the Department of Mysteries and knowing all of the information tonight exhausted him physically and mentally.

However, he knew what he got now.

Dumbledore told him to investigate the matters at the Department of Mysteries. Sean deduced the rough things of the incident through the information there and even caught one of the Returners.

However, Dumbledore said that finding the truth alone will have a certain impact, but it is within an acceptable range. Looking at it now, he did not trigger the world or other things. After all, he just deduced something rather than directly seeing Grindelwald’s memory.

While rubbing his head, Sean couldn’t stop looking at the gift Grindelwald gave him, which was Ravenclaw’s diadem.

If he could wear it again, with the effect provided by the crown, he could find any clues left by him and put all the pieces together reasonably. However, that’s all he can think of right now.

The effect of the crown is huge, but so is the cost. If Sean uses the crown for the second time in a short period of time, he will most likely collapse because he can’t bear the power anymore.

He rubbed his temples with a headache and finally sighed helplessly. Sometimes, the clearer your thinking is, the more you are on the edge of a cliff without knowing it.

Sean collected the information and walked out of the Room of Requirement. He needs a break.

Anyone can clearly see the changes in the world. When Sean opened his dorm door, his roommates were still discussing it.

“Sean, you’re back,” Anthony Goldstein saw him, “Dude, do you feel it too? You’ve gone away for so long. Do you have any secrets to share with us?”

Sean lies to his roommates with a few words and falls heavily on the bed.

Everything that happened today is still stirring in his mind; his tired mind is mixed with the whispers of his roommates. It’s like being reprimanded by Snape in Potions class and meeting Professor Binns after that; it was very tiring.

However, he was too sleepy, and in the end, Sean fell asleep.

He had a dream that he had once had, and everything in the dream was so blurry that he couldn’t see anything clearly. But he can feel a huge sense of oppression, the warm liquid on the corner of his mouth, and the weak breath of the creatures surrounding him.

In the dream, only the moon is clear. He raised his head, and a huge fuzzy shadow passed by in the sky, and a bright and soft full moon was above him.

When Sean woke up from the dream, it was already the afternoon. He rubbed his eyes and got up from the bed. The moon outside the window was no longer like in the dream, only dark clouds, and the continuous rain hit the glass with a slightly dull sound.

Sean pushed open the window and let the rain and cold wind hit his face so as to make himself more awake.

He had this dream when he was in the first grade. At that time, he helped Dumbledore separate all the blood in Nagini’s body.

But why did he have the same dream? Is this some kind of omen?

In this world, a vague, strange dream that happened for a second time may mean something. His dream interpretation course was very average. He felt that his teacher, Professor Trelawney, would also interpret it as an average dream.

He can only write it down first; maybe he can consider finding a reliable divination master to interpret his dream in a more detailed way.

Sean glanced at his watch; this time, he had slept for twelve hours. Fortunately, today was a day off. If he skipped Snape’s class, the rest of his third-grade term would be in trouble.

Most of the tiredness dissipated, replaced by a huge surge of hunger, as he hadn’t eaten for twenty hours. After washing and changing into a new robe, Sean walked out of the common room.

However, lunch had already ended, and the hall no longer provided any meals. Sean could only rub his stomach and walk towards the Room of Requirements. Neither Hermione nor Daisy was in the common room, so they were probably in the Room of Requirement. They probably brought themselves a snack there.

But Sean was right. Hermione and Daisy were reading and chatting in the Room of Requirement, and there was enough delicious food in the center of the room. Hermione’s flame burns quietly nearby to keep the food warm.

“Sean!” Seeing the door open, Hermione and Daisy immediately stood up.

“Oh, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say good morning?” Sean spread his hands.

“Are you okay? You didn’t come back last night. I almost thought something happened to you.” Hermione waved her wand.

Sean smiled, “Well, there are indeed some things. But it’s very troublesome, and I can’t tell you.”

The two looked at each other, and Daisy said in a waxy voice, “It sure is something. Hermione and I were waiting for you to come back in the common room yesterday, and then the fifth-grade senior came to inform us.”

Sean suddenly asked, “Stephanie?”

Hermione’s expression was complicated for a moment, and she nodded, “She said that you were involved in something serious, but there is no danger at the moment. It’s just that you are very busy, so we don’t have to worry about it.”

“We went back to sleep first. But the next day, Stephanie told us that you were very tired. It would be better for you to sleep as much as you can and prepare a meal for you.” Daisy continued.

“Ahh. I have to say, this food saved my life. I’m really hungry right now.”

Sean sat down and immediately ate them all, regardless of any of his dining etiquette.

Daisy handed over a glass of drink, “Eat slowly.”

“Thank you.” Sean gulped down more than half of the glass.

“My God, what happened?” Hermione frowned, watching Sean gobble everything up.

Sean swallowed the food in his mouth and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you guys, but I can’t tell you. Yesterday, you felt that the world was changing, right? Let’s put it this way: the more people know about it, the greater the consequences will be.”

He is telling the truth. One more person who knows the truth will make the world change more.

Hermione hid the disappointment in her eyes and pushed another plate a little further, “Your favorite steak.”

“Thank you very much.”

Feeling the gravy in his mouth, Sean still had to sigh. Food is really something. It would be disappointing if he couldn’t eat one right now. Thinking about it, Sean secretly sighed. The real Grindelwald in this timeline has been imprisoned for nearly a hundred years.

Sean was taken aback for a moment, and then his eyes froze.

He overlooked one thing. In his memory of 1899, he always thought Dumbledore was the person who used the Disillusionment Charm.

His eyes hadn’t turned around yesterday; that person was Grindelwald.

That’s not a reminder that Dumbledore left for himself, but a reminder that Grindelwald left for himself after the time travel. He was reminding himself of the place where Grindelwald was imprisoned in the original timeline and had already thought about what to do.

That was the real clue.

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Published On: January 27, 2024

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