Life at Hogwarts is still going on. In order to quickly improve his skills, Sean spends almost all his spare time practicing his spell.

Not only that, he and Hermione became regular visitors to the library. Although he was very jealous of wanting to play wizard chess and other fun and interesting ways of entertainment, Sean could only immerse himself in the amazing world of magic.

The only thing he doesn’t get jealous of is Quidditch. In the Flight class, Sean’s performance was not bad, but he has no plan to continue to develop it. He simply thinks Quidditch is not that fun.

It’s not even convenient to use, knowing that the broom doesn’t have a seat. If he flies for a while, his hair will be messy, which will mess up his entire elegant appearance.

He would let other students take the chance if they wanted to become a Quidditch players. However, it is most likely that Gryffindor would win no matter how it goes. At the same time, he was going to spend most of his time with Hermione in the library.

The time came for Halloween. Before attending the dinner, Sean took a look at his system panel.

Name: Sean Wallup [Muggle family, Bloodline Unknown]

Magic Items: Elm Wand (Purple), Hand of Glory (Purple), Disposable Wool Socks (Special), Self-Fixing Collar Pin (Special)

Charm learning talent: 5 [If there are no accidents, you can graduate normally.]

Transfiguration talent: 9 [Unparalleled talent, Professor McGonagall’s biggest regret is that you are not a Gryffindor.]

Potions Talent: 2 [When making potions, your main goal is to stay alive]

Fantastic Beast Affinity: 9 [Are you a descendant of a druid?]

Ancient Rune talent: 2 (Fortunately, your IQ is enough to be interviewed by a reporter. As long you don’t show how stupid you are.)

Black magic talent: 10 (Good thing that a hundred Dementors in Azkaban have not surrounded you. The entire Ministry of Magic should take action on you.)

Sean was left speechless by the comments made by the system itself. He rolled his eyes and then continued to read.

Mending Charm: lv 1, Proficiency (268/5000)

Levitation Charm: lv 1, Proficiency (109/5000)

Looking at the large row of spells that had reached the first level of proficiency below, Sean couldn’t help but smile. Although his talent is not outstanding, he has finally reaped the results after practicing hard.

At the same time, he also discovered that the biggest use of this system, besides the lottery, is the display of proficiency.

Every day he woke up, he could see proficiency being added little by little. This alone can give him a little by of encouragement. Because even if there’s no lottery, it gives Sean a sense of progression toward becoming a great wizard.

At the bottom of the system panel, there are other special spells.

Transfiguration: lv 1, proficiency (599/50000)

With the help of Professor McGonagall’s notebook, Sean’s Transfiguration finally broke through level zero.

He has already tried a lot himself. He has already learned the first-grade Transfiguration contents. After Halloween, he is going to go to Professor McGonagall and ask her if he can study the second-grade content.

However, the other two spells won by lottery are still level 0.

Protego Diabolica (Grindelwald’s version): lv 0, Proficiency (969/10000)

Occlumency: lv 0, Proficiency (1680/5000)

These two spells were practiced by himself, and the progress was slow. Sean didn’t have a good idea for the time being. He was going to wait a year or two before going to Dumbledore to ask him about the bottle glass given by Grindelwald.

He also felt that if he went now, it would be useless.

After stretching, Sean finally took out the egg of that magical beast and took a look. There is no change in the feel of the size and temperature. If it weren’t for the system, Sean would have thought that this thing might have been fake.

He really didn’t know how to hatch this thing. He had asked Hagrid, and he didn’t know about it either. During this time, Sean purposely avoided Professor Kettleburn. It doesn’t matter if this thing comes out slowly. He doesn’t want to get involved in the mess between teachers.

He just wanted to be a normal student who didn’t have a lot of problems.


It was getting late, and Sean and Hermione came to the hall. Today is Halloween, and the school prepared a sumptuous dinner. A thousand bats fluttered on the walls and ceiling. Pumpkins were floating in the air while dark clouds could be seen on the ceiling.

Sean sat down with his classmates, chatting and laughing. Although he barely participated in entertainment activities among students, Sean’s reputation and popularity were still intact.

Though, he still has problems in the History of Magic class. However, Hermione was very dissatisfied with this since she also lent her homework for Sean to copy. She couldn’t say anything and only joked about it with the others.

After everyone sat down, the delicious food flashed on the plate again, and everyone ate them all. Until the end of the dinner, there was no such thing as someone rushing into the hall and then saying that a troll had broken into the school.

It looks like his wizarding life can be peaceful forever. Sean thought about this with satisfaction.

However, after five minutes, his smile stiffened on his face.

“All the students! Stay in the hall!” Professor McGonagall pointed her wand to her throat.

Her tone suddenly made everyone panic. The prefects also stopped the students who were about to leave the hall. The hall suddenly became extremely noisy, and everyone was asking what happened.

Sean also stood there, and Hermione frowned, “Why don’t we go back to the common room? Is there anything happened?”

“Not necessarily…” Sean responded he had a bad feeling about the situation.

Hundreds of Ashwinder snakes poured into the entire castle. These animals, with only one hour of lifespan, climbed out of a fire and then drilled into every corner of the castle. They will lay eggs within an hour, and if they are not found in time, they will fire everything around them.

“My god…” Hermione covered her mouth in horror.

Just as Sean was about to speak, the crowd on the other side went into a panic.

“An Ashwinder got in here!” A voice shouted in horror, and the crowd instantly went into chaos.

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Published On: July 18, 2023

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