Several spells erupted in the main hall of the Ministry of Magic, and the staff working on the night shift were confused.

However, the Aurors had already received the news that there might be an attacker; they did not panic and immediately blocked the attack.

Moreover, to control a few more people, Sean cast the spells to be very weak, to the extent that those under the spell could get rid of them on their own after more than ten hours. But Sean doesn’t need these people to control the Ministry of Magic for himself. He only needs them to create enough chaos.

Not for killing but to create destruction and momentum for him.

Therefore, even though few people were injured, it was still at a reasonable and considerable rate of injury. His goal was to create chaos and disorganize the workflow of the people working in the Ministry of Magic during nighttime.

On the other side of the elevator, half of the main force of the Aurors was dealing with the employees who suddenly went crazy, and half of them were covering the man in the suit to a safer place. They were worried that there would be more serious attacks later.

Sean disguised as an Auror and ran to the guarding position to help.

It was chaotic, but the man in the suit and the black-robed man were still protected. Sean sneaked into the inner side of the team and approached him.

Until the distance was close enough, he whispered in a hoarse voice, “Psst.”

As he expected, the man in the suit immediately looked at him.

Seeing that he was no longer on guard, Sean moved closer and said in a low voice, “I received a message from Dumbledore that Grindelwald is on his way here with more people.”

The man in the suit looked startled and turned his head slightly.

Sean continued calmly, “It’s not safe here, let’s evacuate first. Dumbledore has explained things to me.”

After all, he took the lead and ran towards a room at the corner.

The man in the suit whispered, “Do you me want to follow him?”

A hoarse voice behind his head said, “Follow him. When Grindelwald is involved, only Dumbledore can be trusted.”

If Sean could hear this conversation, he probably wouldn’t know how these people could trust Dumbledore so much.

The man in the suit watched Sean run into a room, and he whispered to the people around him, “Watch us.”

When he opened the room and walked in, he saw that the person who led him into the room was holding a strange vessel in his hand, like a huge ring, the top of which turned into a dark hole.

“Dumbledore has something to say to you two.” Sean said in a deep voice.

His wand has been quietly aimed at him. It is aimed at the coat of the man in the suit.

The black-robed man’s eyes froze slightly. It seems that Sean is really Dumbledore’s henchman.

Thinking of this, the black-robed man didn’t have much vigilance. He didn’t completely trust him, but his intuition made him so even though most of the spells wouldn’t have any effect on his body.

This is the unique advantage of the Returners. They have great power and are immune to most spells. Even if it was a trap, he was confident of escaping it unless Grindelwald came to deal with them.

As for what will happen to the man in the suit, that is not within the scope of his concern. If this man dies, he can replace him with another one.

Or Tom Riddle, that person has a lot of research on souls, and he should have a way to deal with their life forms.

Thinking of this, the gray-black pupils of the black-robed man were revealed. He and the man in the suit looked at the weird item that Sean had taken out. A huge orange-yellow vertical pupil appeared in their vision.

The man in the suit fell limply to the ground, and the black-robed man was also paralyzed.

“Heh, it works.” Sean muttered, putting away his wand.

Just like Gormlaith Gaunt, relying on their ghostly state, they let their guards down.

Sean didn’t look any further. He picked up the thick stack of parchment on the ground. After confirming that the information on it was correct, he directly put them into the ring. As Dumbledore said, there are obstacles, but they are not big. All this is not difficult when he is prepared for everything.

He didn’t stay any longer, communicated with the worm he was hiding in the corner, and his figure disappeared in place. Outside the room, the Aurors were listening to their colleague’s reports.

“The people who caused the chaos have all been subdued. They are all employees of the Ministry, but an Imperius Curse has controlled them, and the power is small. It is speculated that they were cast like shortly a few hours ago.”

“I see, report to the headquarters, and ask for a search warrant. Everyone will be inspected tonight.”


When his subordinate left, the leading Auror glanced at the room behind him, of course, he knew the man in the suit; he was the minister’s man and seemed to be taking someone to the Department of Mysteries this time. But he never saw the second person there.

However, this is not something he should be privy to. He only needs to complete the order. It’s just that he waited for his colleagues but didn’t see anyone coming out.

“Boss, something’s wrong with them.”

He pondered for a moment, “Go in and have a look.”

The door was pushed open, but to everyone’s surprise, the room was empty.

“Uhh, this is a problem…”


Sean didn’t have the heart to worry about the next actions that the Ministry took action, as he already left. At this time, he was turning into a cloud of black smoke and skimming quickly over London.

“That ghost’s body has the same power as mine…” The black particles surrounded Sean and whispered.

“Is it the same as the Gormley Gaunt you devoured before?” Sean asked his Obscurus.

“It’s very similar, but the power in that person is more… pure?”

Sean nodded silently. As he guessed, the strength of the Returners has gone through some kind of process.

“Can you absorb this power?” He asked again.

The Obscurus thoughts seemed a little cheerful, “Yes, I can do that.”

“Okay, that is enough for me to think about it.”

By the time Sean returned to Hogwarts, the Obscurus had completely absorbed the power in the Returner’s body, and Sean had also received a lot of things where he could get more power from the Obscurus. After just a little test, Sean was surprised to find that his left hand and his left upper body could exert the Obscurus’ power.

“Ugh, he looks different from what I thought he would be.” Sean looked at the dark, floating ghost inside the ring.

The power in the black-robed man had been completely absorbed, so he returned to his pure ghost form, just like Gormlaith Gaunt. The appearance of a black-robed man can be clearly identified as a middle-aged man with no characteristics, with a lot of hair, and his chest is torn apart, which should represent how he was killed.

However, Sean was more focused on the thick of parchment paper he got from them.

Walking into the Room of Requirements, he glanced at the Vanishing Cabinet and then spread out the parchment.

There were three different files; one was a report about Eloise Mintumble, who went back five centuries ago. The second one is the analysis of Eloise by the Ministry of Magic at that time, and the last one is information about time travel accumulated by the Ministry of Magic for a long time.

Sean read the first document.

The torches flicker in the room; the only sound left is the rustling of parchment and his finger tapping on the table. Sean raised his head to the night sky, remembering when the whole night had just gone through a change, even for a moment.

“Huh?” He exhaled.

“Oh, right. Damn it.” Sean cursed and then asked the magical animals a question that he had forgotten.

“How many snowflakes fall in the ball?”

“A total of 209 pieces were fallen. We counted it many, many times to make sure of it.” Pudding replied immediately.

Sean took another deep breath.

More than two hundred snowflakes had fallen, which means the Gellert Grindelwald he knew had lived for a full two hundred and nine years. As far as Sean knows, Grindelwald was born in 1882.

Grindelwald lived until 1994 this year, so logically speaking, he should only be one hundred and twelve years old.

As for the surplus years…

Sean gasped.

The person he is familiar with and regarded as a teacher is not Grindelwald in this timeline at all. He might have used the time converter to go back to 1899.

According to this calculation, he did not travel through at this point in time. But from a future he hasn’t seen or reached, 1996.

He traveled from 1996 back to 1899.

This is what makes Sean almost tremble.

After such a long time travel, he did not return to his own timeline but to live until now.

Then, the man who had been imprisoned in Nurmengard’s underground with runes and the invisibility cloak surfaced.

If everything is correct, the man who has been imprisoned for nearly a hundred years was…

The real Grindelwald.

Because of staying up all night, his face became paler, and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Grindelwald imprisoned himself.

Sean finally learned some truths about the time travel incident through the Ministry of Magic’s information and also understood why the world was changing a lot. Time travel requires the use of Time-Turners, and to strictly control time travel, the Ministry of Magic has fixed magic on the hourglass, and the energy in the hourglass is only enough to last for a certain duration of time.

But the report regarding Eloise mentions that if you can convert enough magic power into the Time Turner, you can go back to the distant past. The reason why Eloise came back after only staying for five days was that her magic power was not enough.

Even if the Ministry of Magic at that time used unknown means to convert a piece of magic power, that magic power was not enough to support Eloise’s life in the distant past. At the same time, she herself does not have such powerful magic to support her body going through aging.

According to Sean’s own understanding, this world is unique, and there is no such thing as a parallel world. The Time Turners allows a person to return to the past of this timeline. There is one thing that is known by every wizard: traveling to the past won’t change the course of history.

This is why the Ministry of Magic has strict control over the Time-Turners. People can go back to the past but cannot modify it and thus change history because they say that our world is the result of what has changed.

Once this is broken, it will lead to extremely serious consequences.

Eloise only stayed for five days, which caused time confusion on the real timeline, including the shortening and lengthening of a day to the point twenty-five wizards were identified and disappeared without a trace.

But Grindelwald has traveled through time and lived for a hundred years.

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Published On: January 25, 2024

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