The gust of wind and rain summoned by Grindelwald was cold, but Grindelwald’s words were more piercing than the chill.

“Everyone, watch this for me.”

Grindelwald floated into the air, and he looked down at everyone.

“The walk of the Qilin? It was an ancient ritual for the ancients,” he sneered, “In this land of Bhutan, the past is whispering to you. What does the past tell you?”

“A young man,” he pointed to Sean, “He is more suitable for the position of leader than me and all of you present. When Qilin knelt down to him, I didn’t speak, and I was happy, even. How wonderful that young children need more recognition, and I hope that the younger generation in the wizarding world can continue to surpass me.”

“This young man was generous and mature, and he let the Qilin choose again, but the Qilin chose Muggles.”

“At first, I was as surprised, puzzled, and even angry as you are. A Muggle, what can he do? But a Qilin can’t lie. This only proves one thing. All men shall be pure and good.”

Grindelwald walked slowly in mid-air, and the rain turned into stairs of water amidst the lightning and thunder. He walked down the stairs.

“But tell me, what was your first thought?” Grindelwald asked almost in a roaring tone, “This Muggle doesn’t deserve it, does he?”

Grindelwald changed the topic, “How can a Muggle be worthy of leading all wizards?”

“Think of it with your brains that are being controlled by this ancient ritual. Is this Muggle’s fault? No, although he is a Muggle, is he to blame for showing his kindness?”

“What’s wrong was this stupid old ritual! What’s wrong is those wizards who don’t know how to make progress in civilization! What’s wrong that hundreds of thousands of years of outdated ritual bind you people that are the noblest race in this world!”

The heavy rain was pouring on everyone’s heads, but few wizards present were even willing to withdraw their magic umbrellas. Like Grindelwald, they let the cold rain pour on their faces.

He walked casually in the rain, “Let me ask you one more question: is kindness a good quality for a leader?”

No one answered, and Grindelwald asked himself, “Yes, of course.”

“But let me ask you again, how can the leader of the wizarding world lead you to a farther future by relying only on this so-called kindness? How can you stand tall in this malicious world? And how can we walk in this world unfettered and free?”

“Do you need me to tell you the answer in your heart?”

A smile formed on the corner of Grindelwald’s mouth.

“Queenie,” He looked at Queenie, “Long time no see. As far as I know, when you two get married, the MACUSA forbids wizards and Muggle marriages.”

“This prohibition was abolished in 1965. You should know what organization contributed to it. It was the organization I founded. I am not supporting intermarriage, but I am sticking to my consistent point of view that wizards can walk freely on this land, love freely, hate freely, and do what you want freely.”

Queenie’s breathing became short of breath, and she even grabbed her collar.

Grindelwald looked at everyone, “This is what I want to say to you, my friends, brothers and sisters, and compatriots. The noblest race hides there like rats in the corner. Won’t that make you uncomfortable?”

Grindelwald patted his chest, “From the first moment I felt my magic, I felt that this world can improve to a better change.”

He opened his hands, letting the raindrops hit his face, and said to everyone in the square and wizards around the world who were watching.

Silence, long silence. Even Sean couldn’t talk to himself for a moment. He stared at the teacher in the sky with mixed feelings. Grindelwald’s words inspire people’s hearts.

These words hit the hearts of not only the group of pure-bloods who desperately needed a higher status but also the hearts of the group of most people. Grindelwald has already caught their feelings and is trying his best to grab every wizard who may support his ideas. He really wants to unite them all.

He didn’t even denounce the Muggles or describe the harm they brought to people. However, all wizards who heard these words would think of their own. Just thinking about these people makes wizards think about the roots of it all—the Statute of Secrecy, Muggles, and the ancient rules.

Grindelwald looked back slowly and looked at everyone silently. His eyes did not shift in any way, and he looked at everyone quietly and firmly.

Finally, in the square below, someone shouted. That guy wasn’t even a follower of Grindelwald. He supported another candidate.

He waved his wand, and the green mark representing Grindelwald shot straight into the sky from the tip of the wand. The green smoke and light were blurred and dazzling in the rain.

“We want to be free!”

There was a shout, and the sound of the mark exploding was mixed together. One person, ten people, a hundred people, more and more wizards stood together, and Grindelwald’s mark exploded in the sky.


“Free to hate, free to love!”

“Never to be bounded again!”

Grindelwald opened his hands, walked down the stairs quickly, walked up to everyone, and looked at them equally.

“Are you willing to join me in shaping a new free world?”

The crowd is excited.

“Grindelwald! Grindelwald!”

Sean and Newt beside him looked at each other and saw the meaning in each other’s eyes. It is a foregone conclusion that Grindelwald will become the new president.

Sean can fully imagine the excitement, let alone them; even himself, a person who knows Grindelwald well, can hardly restrain the excitement in his heart. Sean looked up at the sky, letting the raindrops hit his face, hoping to calm himself down and think about the whole thing.

At this time, Dave’s thoughts came from his arms.

“Something wrong with the sky.”

Sean’s heart trembled, “What’s going on?”

“The rain seems a little strange. I’m more sensitive than you so that I can detect it. Powerful creatures are hovering in the sky, and I can smell their brains.”

Dave hesitated for a while, “Two brains seem to be very excited, and the other two seem to be waiting for some order?”

Sean’s pupils shrank suddenly. There were creatures in the sky. This rain was weird, and Grindelwald summoned the rain. With this in mind, Sean quickly walked over to the senior officials of the Ministry of Magic, members of the pure-blood family, etc., and walked towards Grindelwald, who was cheering.

Just as he was about to reach Grindelwald, a woman squeezed through the crowd, and she shouted something to Grindelwald.

In the rain, Grindelwald turned a little sideways. The woman spread out the palm of her left hand to reveal what was on it, and Sean saw a magic wand appear in the woman’s right hand.

The wand is aimed at Grindelwald, and a green light appears on the tip.

A scene that shocked him and even terrified him appeared.

Grindelwald froze in place. He did not respond to the attack that was close. Sean’s eyes widened, instinctively he cast a spell as well.

He was unable to use powerful spells. Sean’s instinct made him choose the spell with the fastest one to cast. Sean’s instinct played a crucial role. The woman’s curse was about to be released, and the sudden pain made her crooked.

The green light almost hit Grindelwald, blasting a huge hole in the stone slab beside him. The flying stones cut a hole in Grindelwald’s face.

Grindelwald grabbed the woman with his hand and took away her wand. The woman’s wand flew out, and she was lifted high into the air.

Sean finally saw that woman’s appearance. The head of the Guards, Marshall, came from the dead and exposed a lot of shady things about the Guards.

Among the crowd, someone had pointed to her.

“That’s Marshall from the Guards! The Guards are going to assassinate our new leader!”

The crowd was angered, and the members of the Guards on the side looked at each other. They didn’t even know what happened. Grindelwald lifted Marshall and let her struggle there.

His face was calm, and there was anger in his words, “Do you know what makes me angry the most, my friends? When someone is trying to create a better world, some also have magic in their bodies that doesn’t want to see it all.”

“What is more shameful than the enemy is a traitor amongst us. Capture all the Guards!”

The crowd was slightly taken aback, but someone immediately attacked the Guards. In this situation, the others immediately followed his words.

The Guards fell one after another, and more people chased and killed. Several of them had already started to escape. Sean stared at this scene, never expecting it to turn into such a situation.

Grindelwald planned all of this.

Marshall was just a chess piece who appeared to assassinate him when his reputation reached its peak so as to detonate the bomb that had been buried among the Guards for a long time.

Sean looked around, and sure enough, the first person who attacked the Guards showed his true face for a moment while running. It was one of the people he knew and a follower of Grindelwald.

“You have planned it a long time ago.” Sean walked to Grindelwald’s side.

Grindelwald had thrown Marshall to the ground, but the hand he was holding on to Marshall was trembling slightly. Grindelwald glanced back at him and smiled.

“Of course,” He leisurely waved his hands, “Marshall has long been mine, and I asked her to go back. I knew she would definitely be known later. I don’t want to see me become the new leader that everyone expects. Marshall is a traitor, they know it, and if I ask Marshall to be the one that does all of this, everyone would realize it.”

“The Returners are always unconvinced and want to win. They will use their own tricks, use my plan, and kill me.”

Grindelwald smiled, “However, I didn’t expect that the things they wouldn’t do much.”

“So, you purposely making yourself weak in front of them?” Sean said with a confused look.

“Do you think I’m that kind of idiot?” Grindelwald lifted his long trench coat, “I’m not going to hand over my life to those idiots easily. But you did a good job as well.”

Only then did Sean breathe a sigh of relief.

Vogel announced, “The Walk of the Qilin did not select the correct candidate, and according to the current rules, Gellert Grindelwald will become the new president of the International Confederation of Wizards!”

At this time, the rest of the people who did not go after the Guards applauded. Although the rest of the candidates were unwilling to accept the rules, they also knew that the winner would definitely be Grindelwald, even if there were another election voting.

Grindelwald opened his hands to the banner that would broadcast his face and words to the world.

“Words in vain seem powerless. Come with me, my friends, into the path of a new world.”

Sean was looking around. Dumbledore never appeared here from the beginning to the end. After the image on the banner gradually faded, Sean asked.

“Is there something wrong with this rain?”

Grindelwald smiled, “Why didn’t you use the thing I gave you?”

Sean took out the thing, and it was a badge; he was surprised to find that there was a small button on it, and as long as he pressed it, a spike with a blue light would emerge from the back of the badge.

Grindelwald smiled complacently, “Only a fool would prepare only one plan. This is what I learned from Albus.”

“So you…” Sean suddenly realized.

“Or maybe this is my only plan.” Grindelwald put his hands behind his back.


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Published On: January 20, 2024

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