Think about what Dumbledore once said to me?

Looking at the stone wall where Grindelwald went away, Sean fell into deep thought.

What does this mean? Could it be that there was another meaning in Dumbledore’s words, but he didn’t find it?

Just as Sean was thinking, Newt’s voice sounded outside.

“You didn’t see Sean? Merlin’s beard, he should used the Portkey with me.”

Sean poked his head out and saw that Newt and Jacob had joined together, and they seemed to be looking for him at this moment.

“Professor Scamander, here.” Sean put the badge that Grindelwald gave him into his bag and waved.

“Uh, who are you?” Newt turned his head but saw someone he didn’t know at all.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Sean touched his face, revealing his original appearance.

Surprised, Newt’s eyes flickered, but he still walked over quickly.

“Nothing happened to you, right?”

“I’m fine, how about you? Is someone chasing you?”

Newt and the others looked at each other with strange expressions.

“Yes, but it’s weird.”

Sean frowned, “What do you mean?”

“It is true that someone has been looking for the traces of the few of us. When I was looking for you before, I encountered something, but other people stopped it.”

Newt gave Sean a weird look, “The people chasing us should be from the Guards, and those who stopped the Guards should be from Grindelwald.”

Ultimately, he still shrugged his shoulders, “Anyway, we just need to send Qilin there, right?”

“Dumbledore said just leave it to Charles Vogel.”

If he guessed right, he should be someone from Grindelwald as well. But Sean didn’t say anything since Dumbledore said it was okay.

Dumbledore and Grindelwald still seem to have been in a fight, but Sean can always find detailed evidence that the two did not hate each other. However, the two sides made it clear that they couldn’t be together again.

It seems that Bhutan has not been so lively for a long time. This ancient land was used for the election of the president of the International Confederation of Wizards and seems to have regained its vitality.

However, as Sean and the others got closer, they seemed to be getting closer to the cloudy sky.

“It seems that today is not a good day.” Jacob wiped the sweat from his forehead.

As a Muggle, he is now a very old man, and it can even be said that most normal Muggles will not live to his age.

However, his wife, friends, etc., are all wizards, and Jacob has used some potions to enhance his physical fitness. Of course, he can’t maintain good energy like he did when he was young. Sean never quite understood why Newt brought Jacob here. It was better to let him stay at Hogwarts for a while and wait for them to return.

However, seeing that Newt and the others had no intention of objecting, Sean didn’t ask too much.

Along the way, they didn’t encounter any trouble.

They soon came to the broken bridge at the end of the town. At this time, flags representing the International Confederation of Wizards had been erected on both sides. The white banner shook violently in the air with the wind. Those banners were connected together, revealing the scene at the top of the mountain.

“Looks like we’re not too late,” Newt said.

Sean focused his attention on the banner that could be rebroadcasted in real-time. Obviously, it was also a magic item, and it seemed to work well.

After that, they came to the square on the top of the mountain. Looking forward, they saw the stairs all the way up, with flags flying and many people wearing traditional clothing standing on both sides of the stairs.

Most of the wizards gathered on the square at the bottom, waving flags of various colors in their hands, and shouted enthusiastically for the candidate they supported. On the small platform up the stairs are those guests with higher status, senior officials from the Ministry of Magic of various countries, etc.

Straight ahead, several candidates were standing at a distance from each other.

An old man with a tall figure was wearing a solemn dress, with a smile that was not elegant but somewhat sinister, waving to the crowd below.

That’s Grindelwald.

Not only was everyone here looking at him, but countless wizards from all over the wizarding world were watching the election.

A woman in uniform with a smile came up and bowed to Newt, “Mr. Scamander, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Judging from her appearance, is she going to let Newt take the Qilin directly?

Newt and the others looked at each other and followed the woman up the stairs. At the corner of the square, people in shadows were talking in low voices.

“Scamander is here. Do we need to stop him?”

“The higher-ups said there’s no need for it. Scamander works for Dumbledore. He’s one of our people. Just make sure that Qilin hasn’t been tampered with.”

“However, Grindelwald is acting very strange. A normal Qilin would never bow to him. Does he know this?”

“Let everyone be optimistic about how things are going to go; we must be ready for Grindelwald when things happen.

“But that’s Grindelwald…”

“We can take him down if he tries to do anything, and the followers will be taken care of.”

At this point, the last candidate had finished speaking. Vogel stepped forward, and his voice resounded throughout the square.

“Thank you to each of the candidates for their speeches. Each of them represents a unique vision, and their sincerity has been shown to each of them.”

“They have already described in detail how they will lead people to create a better wizarding world if they become the leader of the wizarding world and,” Charles Vogel smiled, “the No-Maj world.”

“The next step is the most important part of this election, the Walk of the Qilin.”

Sean was a little surprised by the voices of the supporters. He seemed to have underestimated the importance that wizards used to this ceremony.

But is it really effective to choose a pure and kind person as a leader? He is skeptical.

Sean looked up at Grindelwald. He didn’t seem to care about the Qilin.

“Mr. Scamander.” The woman nodded at Newt.

Newt hesitated momentarily, opened the suitcase, and carried out Qilin.

This is the first time Sean has seen the whole appearance of the Qilin. It looks like a cute little deer with scales. It looks at everyone around it with its big round pupils and gives people a magical feeling through which their soul is seen.

The woman took the Qilin, and he was a little reluctant to leave Newt’s arms. The Qilin

was handed over to Vogel, who lifted the Qilin high.

“Qilin, an ancient benevolent animal, will tell us who is the leader that is qualified to lead the wizard forward.”

The Qilin was gently placed on the ground by him, and the Qilin seemed to understand what it should do naturally. Although it was a little nervous, it still looked at the candidates curiously.

It approached Archer, who was originally the most vocal among the candidates this time and stopped for a while.

It walked to Da Silva, a less popular candidate, but his speech was sincere and powerful.

Qilin just glanced at him and walked over.

It passed one candidate after another, and finally, it stopped.

It was the last candidate to join, Grindelwald, who went from wanted man to next candidate in just a day.

Grindelwald put his hands behind his back, looking down at the Qilin.

In the square below, the people had already held their breath, and someone next to them tremblingly said, “How is this possible? How could Qilin not choose Archer or Da Silva but Grindelwald?”

“Damn it, when did he move his hands and feet to tamper with it?”

Qilin looked up at Grindelwald. Curiosity flashed in his dark, round pupils. Its front legs are slightly bent.

Everyone held their breath. Even Sean’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Qilin didn’t kneel down. It slipped its front leg and almost fell to the ground. Then, it ignored Grindelwald.

The Qilin turned his head and walked in the direction he came from, looking for a home that could make him feel comfortable.

Candidates, spectators, supporters, senior officials of the Ministry of Magic of various countries, and behind-the-scenes people standing in the center of them were stunned by the Qilin’s action.

The Qilin didn’t choose any candidates but went to the audience.

The candidates looked at each other, and Vogel glanced sideways at Grindelwald expressionlessly. Everyone is watching this scene in the white banner hanging.

The Qilin didn’t hesitate at all. It found the target the moment it turned its head. It hurriedly ran up to a young wizard and then lightly knelt down on one knee. The radiates a gentle orange glow.

“Who is that person?”

“Who is that guy? I’ve never seen him before?”

“The Qilin knelt down to him?”

In the square at the bottom, among Grindelwald’s supporter group, a wizard was stunned for a moment and suddenly shouted, “That young man, he supports Mr. Grindelwald! I just met him!”

Unfortunately, no one cared what he said or knew what to do. Only the person involved was stunned.

Sean looked at the Qilin kneeling on one knee, and the corners of his eyes twitched wildly.

They looked at each other and understood that the Qilin didn’t kneel down because of how pure and kind he was. The Qilin was afraid, and his ridiculously high affinity for magical animals made the Qilin feel his emotion deeply.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Sean squatted down and gently stroked the Qilin’s head, and a wonderful feeling came to his heart.

The Qilin was afraid because it saw through Grindelwald’s soul. The Qilin was afraid, so it wanted to seek comfort.

A hint of surprise flashed in Sean’s eyes, but the problem was that he couldn’t be the president. He is even in disguise right now. He looked at Grindelwald quietly but happened to see the corner of his mouth raised as if he were happy for a successful plan.

Sean tries to wink to get some hints from Grindelwald. But Grindelwald just raised his eyebrows lazily at him as he had taught him something before.

Sean gently stroked the Qilin’s head to comfort it and said softly, “Don’t worry, don’t be scared. I am grateful for your trust, but you should choose another person, alright?”

The Qilin unicorn blinked at him. It understood Sean’s words.

After rubbing its cheek against Sean’s palm, the Qilin stood up, looked around, and walked in another direction. It walked up to an old man with white hair and a puzzled expression and knelt down again.

It’s Jacob.

“It’s kneeling on me?” Jacob showed an expression of surprise, puzzlement, and panic.

Newt said, “Of course, and Qilin’s choice is not wrong.”

“Who is this gentleman?!” A wizard questioned.

At this time, a wizard from the MACUSA shouted, “I know him, that’s a No-Maj!”

“A No-Maj?”

“A calling name in the United States for Muggles, non-magical people.”

“The Qilin kneeled on a Muggle?!”

“Merlin’s underpants! How can it be possible?!”

“But Qilin did choose him…”

“What are you talking about?! Letting a Muggle lead us?!”

“About that…”

The Qilin knelt down to a Muggle, and the entire square and all the wizards watching this ceremony fell into shock and unacceptable absurdity. It was clear that there was no trace of tampering. The Qilin lowered its head and knelt in front of a Muggle.

Although Sean was surprised, he felt that it was reasonable that Jacob was indeed a very kind person.

At this moment, there was a laugh. Grindelwald was laughing wildly. He was laughing at everyone.

“My fellow people.” He stopped laughing and waved his wand toward the sky.

In the cloudy sky, heavy rain poured down, and thunder and lightning crisscrossed. Grindelwald’s voice was mixed with the sound of rain and lightning.

“Look at this. Is this the result you wanted?”

“Tell me, wizards are the most noble bloodline in this world. Do you want to follow this old, fragile and identify as a Muggle as your leader?”

“Put your hands on your hearts, feel your heartbeats, feel your blood that dances with magic in it.”

“Ask your heart, ask your glory as a wizard. The Qilin kneels on a Muggle, and he will be your leader. But answer me this.”

“Do you all really want to follow his words?”


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Published On: January 17, 2024

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