Gellert Grindelwald went from being a wanted man worth 200,000 Galleons overnight to being a candidate for the next International Confederation of Wizards president.

Even Sean can only think that the world is changing.

However, apart from this news, everyone began to care about the specific method of the Qilin election. This ancient method had already disappeared in the long river of history, but this time, it was brought up again, and all the students were very curious about how it works.

A Ravenclaw student finds Professor Binns, who once speaks about how the Qilins are used for election.

Legend has it that Qilins are benevolent beasts from the East. The birth of each Qilin offspring means that the entire wizarding world will rise to a great leader who can lead the wizarding world.

The Qilin can see through the wizard’s soul whether the wizard’s soul is pure and innocent and a perfect ruler of humanity. The method is to let the Qilin be present, and it will bow to the person with the purest heart.

Sean’s first feeling when he heard the news was that it was ridiculous.

The president of the International Confederation of Wizards, which represents the highest point of power in the entire wizarding world, is elected by a magical animal. Is this some kind of a joke?

Yes, Sean thought it was pretty ridiculous.

Moreover, what is the use of such a pure and kind person being elected as the president? The Confederation is supposed to be an organization that leads wizards forward. The leaders of this kind of organization must be decisive and wise and use any means to achieve our goals. No matter how you look at it, pure goodness isn’t always available when it comes to politicians.

Of course, Sean doesn’t think pure kindness is bad. He is happy to make friends with this kind of person, and he is also happy to see that the new chairman is a kind person. But this kindness should be one of the qualities of a leader, not just the main criteria for being a leader.

Even Hermione hesitated.

“Shouldn’t the election be done the right way?”

Professor Binns said dryly, “This method was used by the International Confederation of Wizards when it was first established, but it was later dismissed for various reasons. Now it is brought up again.”

However, other students, especially those whose native families were all wizards, seemed to have no objection to this election method. Walking in the corridor, several people are still discussing this election.

“Why did Professor Grindelwald suddenly participate in this election? and the method is so strange.” Hermione muttered.

Sean scratched his head and expressed that he was also confused. Grindelwald had clearly promised himself that he would not fight against Muggles again, so what is the use of running for this position?

“Besides,” Hermione glanced at Sean, “If it is determined that Qilin will elect the next president of the Confederation, then Professor Grindelwald may encounter great difficulties.”

Sean laughed, “Hermione, you are really careful with your words. It is more than a great difficulty. If everything goes on as usual, as Professor Binns said, the Qilin will decide everything, and it is impossible for him to be the president.”

Grindelwald may be associated with many qualities that people can think of but for his pure kindness. Sean doubted that.

The same is true for other candidates. Sean does not believe that they will have pure and kind hearts, especially since this is the only criterion for the election.

Sean felt from the bottom of his heart that, at that time, there would be no pure and kind people who could stand in that place, even if Dumbledore was running for the election now.

Is Dumbledore kind enough? But Qilin can’t kneel down to him.

Sean even drew a picture in his mind. Qilin looked up at the election and finally chose to kneel down in front of Dumbledore, who was not a candidate but just came to watch the process.

Thinking of this, he shook his head. The person who made this plan probably hammered their head in the process.


In the East, in a certain forest. Several wizards searched the forest carefully in pairs with their magic wands.

Not long after they walked past some areas, the calm air squirmed at the root of a towering tree entwined with vines, and several people appeared out of thin air.

It was Newt Scamander, another old man, and an old woman.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead, panted, and said, “Escaping in the mountains and forests is really hard enough. Queenie, you have been telling me to lose weight all your life, and today, it seems to be a little bit successful.”

Queenie took out her handkerchief and whispered, “Honey, I don’t want you to suffer in this kind of place.”

Newt turned his head and said, “Sorry, Jacob, your weight loss journey may have to last for a few more days.”

Jacob let out a laugh, “Haha, oh, sorry, did I laugh too loudly? Anyways, Newt, I’ve been wanting to travel to the East for a long time.”

Newt smiled and looked at his old friend, “It’s a pity that things are rough lately. I was a little worried when I heard the news about both of you. I didn’t expect it to be a cover, and I was forced to come here in the end.”

Speaking of this, Jacob showed an angry expression, “Those liars have ruined my old life with Queenie.”

“However,” He showed a puzzled expression, “Newt, do you feel anything strange? There are groups of people chasing us. I think there are two groups of people who seem to be hostile to each other.”

“Yes,” Newt nodded, “They are also obstructing each other, but we don’t have time to think about it for the time being. We must find that thing quickly.”

“Portkey, right?” Jacob called out, “Professor Dumbledore must be giving you instructions again.”

Newt smiled, “Yes, Dumbledore seems to have foreseen all this, and—”

The suitcase he had been carrying shook twice.

“Hey, don’t be afraid. I won’t let you fall into the wrong hands.” Newt crouched down and whispered into the suitcase.

Sure enough, the suitcase trembled slightly and stopped making any movement.

Newt continued, “Besides, I always feel that Dumbledore had foreseen all this. I saw Sean’s picture of the Qilin, but I found it out by myself.”

Jacob straightened his posture, “Oh, Professor Dumbledore seems to have always been like this. Speaking of which, I’m still impressed by what happened decades ago.”

“I even thought that I was a chosen Muggle to help you thwart Grindelwald’s plan. However, it seemed that it was not over. God, it’s unimaginable that he is still doing it. He’s a very determined person who would never let go of his obsession.”

At this time, they did not know that Grindelwald was preparing to run for the election.

“The world is changing, and no one can tell. However, this should be considered a good thing. It’s a pity that Grindelwald was arrested again, and the world is in chaos again.” Queenie muttered.

“Oh dear,” Jacob said, taking his wife’s hand, “as long as we can be together, everything will be fine.”

“Oh, honey…” Queenie showed a moved look.

“I know your relationship has always been very good, but this is probably not the right time. Let’s go this way.” Newt interrupted the two and led in the other direction.


“Can’t you catch the Qilin?” In the secret base of the Guards, Alison asked a black-robed wizard floating in mid-air.

“It’s difficult. Grindelwald’s men are crazy. Our people and them are now in a state of alert. The man named Scamander has found the Qilin and is currently hiding.”

Allison nodded silently, thought for a while before saying, “That’s alright, our goal is more flexible. Even if we can’t get the Qilin and Grindelwald can’t get the Qilin, everything is good. After all, Mr. Scamander is Dumbledore’s man, and Dumbledore is on our side anyway.”

The floating wizard added, “As long as that the Qilin can arrive in time, we just need to ensure that Grindelwald will not manipulate the Qilin.”

“Indeed. But are you sure that only one Qilin was born? I don’t want Scamander to be hiding another one during the election, and Grindelwald will bring out another Qilin from out of nowhere.”

“Don’t worry, we have confirmed that the only newborn Qilin is in the hands of Scamander. No matter how powerful Grindelwald is, he can’t fake such a magical animal.”

“Good to hear. If the Qilin doesn’t arrive on time, start the original election plan and don’t mind about Charles Vogel. I don’t trust him.”

“Everything is being prepared. The position will be in our pocket.”


Time is passing day by day, and the day of the election is getting closer and closer. Finally, the election day has arrived.

Supporters of those candidates began marching in droves toward Bhutan, the site of the election.

At this time, Sean was a little tangled. He wanted to go to Bhutan to see the election, but he was worried that it would be a bad thing to do.

Instead, he received a note from Dumbledore.

“Sean, my old friends are coming to the castle. Please help me welcome them, and you can go to Bhutan with them. Of course, remember to change your whole appearance.”

Sean saw the three people who appeared from the Portkey in the room, Dumbledore said.

“Professor Scamander?” Sean looked at the three of them in surprise.

“Hey, Sean, long time no see.” Newt looked a little tired, but he still showed a happy expression and moved forward to shake Sean’s hand.

“Let me introduce the friend I mentioned to you. You should have seen Jacob Kowalski in the photo when he was young. This is his wife and my wife’s sister, Queenie Kowalski.”

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Kowalski.”

Jacob approached and shook hands with Sean, “Hey kid, Newt mentioned you a lot lately.”

“I’m flattered. Professor Dumbledore said to let me wait for you, and you will take me to Bhutan.”

Newt sighed, “Because the election needed me.”

He opened his suitcase, and a creature with a small head and long whiskers poked out, resembling a moose and covered with soft fur.

“This is Qilin? You are looking for the Qilin, Professor?”

“To be precise, I was forced to find one. Thanks to the photo you showed me, otherwise, the Qilin would have fallen into the hands of the Guards or Grindelwald now.” Newt shook his head.

Sean looked at Qilin in amazement. This creature was just born. Its dark, round pupils met Sean’s eyes with curious and agile eyes.

“Hey, little guy…” Sean stretched out his hand and touched the Qilin’s head, and it walked over after a little hesitation.

“It’s about the same as I thought. She likes you, but I don’t have time to explain now. We have to go to Bhutan.” Newt closed the suitcase and said quickly.

“Professor? Do you really want Qilin to conduct the election?” Sean asked.

Newt shrugged, “Actually, Dumbledore didn’t tell me much at all. He just asked me to take the Qilin there. To be honest, I think we might be attacked later.”

“Attacked…” Sean froze for a moment and reacted, “Maybe from them. Since Dumbledore asked me to find a way to deal with them.”

Newt nodded, “I think that’s probably why you were aske

d to come as well, but it’s up to you to choose.”

Sean hesitated for a moment, then finally sighed.

“Let’s go. I don’t think I have much of a choice right now.”

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Published On: January 15, 2024

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