Mr. Flume was in shock and finally recognized the person.

He has only been to his store once, but he is impressive as a customer. He is always accompanied by two girls, one of whom is Daisy Potter, who loves to eat candies.

“I remember you. Those two girls called you Sean, right?”

“Yes,” Sean kept smiling. Pudding dragged two corpses into the darkness, “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Flume, my name is Sean Wallup. You can call me Sean.”

Mr. Flume looked at Pudding fearfully and expressed gratitude on his face, “Thank you for your action, Sean.”

“Don’t mention it.” Sean took out a bottle of healing potion and handed it over, “This should help you, but you should go to Madam Pomfrey later.”

After speaking, he turned around and was about to leave. Mr. Flume tried to stop him but didn’t know what to say.

As a grown wizard much older than him, he seemed to be the one who should protect the other. Thinking of the animal that would easily take down the two wizards, Mr. Flume kept his mouth shut.

After saving both of them, Sean disappeared in another direction.

He had dealt with four wizards and got a memory from one of them after eating one of their brains. That guy was on the page of the Daily Prophet during the summer vacation and was sent to Azkaban for torturing Muggles.

The wizards here are prisoners who escaped from prison some time ago.

Sean caught another one, found that he didn’t know anything about it, and just followed the person who helped them escape prison.

These wizards are like cannon fodder, but who tells them the details of the plan for this attack?

The flames of Hogsmeade are still burning. Gladrags Wizardwear has been turned into half ruins. Inside the broken window, a wizard with a ferocious face was taken down.

“You bastard!”

Sean used his wand to sew his mouth and cast Legilimency. He threw down the man in disappointment, and with a Killing Curse, the man’s ferocious expression stopped abruptly. It seems that the remaining wizards in Hogsmeade are all cannon fodder. Sean lowered his head and thought about whether to change his mind.

When Sean didn’t seem to notice, a red light suddenly shot out from the corner of the dark and dilapidated room. At the same time, a tall and transparent figure rushed over.

Sean was not surprised but delighted.

It’s not a killing curse. This man is different from the others.

The spell failed to hit Sean, and he was stopped by Pudding, who pounced in his direction. That person didn’t seem to have expected that Sean had discovered him long ago, but he was powerful. There was also a creature next to him.

Sean had discovered this guy a long time ago. He just quickly raised his wand to defend without any offensive action.

Pudding completely sees through the creature next to him. The four front paws attacked him swiftly, and the sound of heavy blows and cries of pain can be heard. The wizard who sneaked up in the shadows still didn’t show up and showed quite an advanced spell. Even Sean was quite amazed.

However, as long as he can’t break Sean’s defense, he can’t knock Sean down quickly. Sean’s eyes narrowed.

The person in the shadows cursed one after another, and in the continuous attack, he found that it was very difficult for him to break through Sean’s defense.

Maybe he was in a hurry to leave here, but he no longer held back his hands, and the spells were suddenly changed to a powerful killing spell. The barrier in front of Sean also fluctuated violently.

Sean still didn’t attack. He defended every spell steadily, not counterattacking but playing innocent, which made the attacker even more impatient. He was panting loudly, and the spell was getting stronger.

Sean observed calmly, and finally, the enemy’s spell shot sideways.

He grinned.

The enemy in the shadows noticed that something was wrong with him. He noticed in horror that his right hand was not listening to his command, and his fingers twisted. At the same time, his body lost control, and even his consciousness began to spin dizzily.

He tremblingly stretched out his hand, but his hands didn’t obey his command at all. His body fell to the ground, and the man finally said something.

“You little sh…”

Sean replied, “Thank you for the compliment.”

On the other hand, hidden creatures are also affected by poison. Although the resistance of magical animals is much higher than that of wizards, it was enough to slow their movements.

“Pudding, keep him alive.” Sean ordered.

He raised his wand and aimed at the place where the person fell down. Sean cast the spell. This is a spell that he changed a bit, and the wand action also underwent a little bit of change. This is the “Cleansing Charm”.

The man’s clothes and skin were cleaned directly, allowing the blood and cold sweat to fuse together to cause even more terrible pain.

Sean shook his head, “It’s a bit cruel. But I must ensure you won’t do anything stupid when I carry you around.”

Sean waved his wand and threw out the only intact tie among the pile of damaged clothes. However, he didn’t feel any fluctuations in magic power. But he felt a magic power from inside this item.

This thing is a Portkey, and judging by his appearance, this Portkey can break through the Hogwarts Portkey Network.

Sean ignored the Portkey and walked up to the wizard, who had completely lost the ability to resist. His face cannot be recognized clearly, and it can only be barely recognized as a white male in his early thirties.

Sean squatted down, looking at him.

Legilimency was activated, but this time, it encountered an obstacle. This person has learned Occlumency.

“I will give you something so that you can speak, and I want you to answer my questions.” Sean told him calmly, and after giving a little antidote, he immediately let out a painful growl.

“You bastard… You won’t get anything out of me.” He sneered, even though there was a trembling of pain in his laughter.

“Legilimency won’t work on me. You’re good at potions, but Veritaserum won’t work either.”

“Come on, Wallup. Torture me as much as you want. I want to see how powerful your Cruciatus Curse is.” He let out a hoarse laugh.

Sean curled his lips, “Correct your mistake, my potion level is actually average, but…”

He narrowed his eyes, “You may have underestimated the pain you’re about to face.”

A bottle of pale pink potion was taken out, and Sean gently poured it into his mouth.

He wiped his lips for that person and said with a smile, “Are you excited?”

The moment the wizard drank the potion, his eyeballs protruded.

The severe pain of peeling off the skin is infinitely magnified. He couldn’t even utter a scream. Only an inhuman sound of pain remained.

“Sense Elixir, a potion that magnifies one’s senses. Yes, all senses. Generally speaking, these things are often used in sophisticated and controlled magical experiments, but I later found out that this stuff is also very useful for interrogation.”

“You!” Fear finally appeared in the man’s eyes.

Sean raised his wand without changing his expression, “Crucio!”

His eyes rolled white, his mouth was opening due to too much force, and the saliva dripped. The extreme pain was something he had never imagined, and now he felt that the Cruciatus Curse resistance training he had endured was as gentle as a mother’s hand.

“Okay, let’s start again. I ask, and you answer.”

“Where are you from?”


Sean shook his head, “Crucio!”

After waiting for a minute, the man looked at the creature that had already lost consciousness.

“Same question. Three, two, Crucio!”

“I’ll speak! Argh!”

Sean smiled, “You finally learned. How pleasant, didn’t you consider the consequences when you and the people behind you did these things? Come on, only Dumbledore will make you a lucky captive. Now, answer my question.”

“My name is Pablo Calchas. I’m from Greece. I’m a descendant of a Seer named Calchas! There I said it!” His saliva mixed with tears and blood. His voice was indistinct but full of extreme pain.

Sean narrowed his eyes, and sure enough, they were the descendants of those ancient Seers again, and there really was a Returner behind this group of people.

“How did you come in today? What’s the purpose? Is there any connection between you guys and Dumbledore?”

The man shook his head in horror and couldn’t speak.

Sean changed the question, “How much do you know about me and any plans for me?”

“I don’t know about them! However, they don’t know much about you. I only know that you are an important character in the prophecy, and we need to capture you alive if we have the chance!”

“Our purpose this time is that old man with the Obscurus. As for a reason for it, uh, ah! We aim to make the world more chaotic and suppress all wizards.”

“And that’s all I know!”

Pablo was howling in pain; he even wanted to hit his head on the ground, and whenever he said the specific plan about The Returner, his eyes would immediately be filled with an energy as if it was about to explode.

This seemed to be contract magic that restricted him. Sean narrowed his eyes and said, “Continue.”

“Really, I don’t know anything else! I don’t participate in the deep-level plan! Besides, I can’t say anything else! Please just kill me!” Pablo burst into tears, trembling with pain and begging Sean to kill him.

“Tell me everything you know.” Sean’s eyes didn’t move.

“Please! Kill me!” His eyes rolled, and they suddenly widened. “Ah, I can just kill myself.”

Before Sean reacted, Pablo yelled, “Dumbledore and my people are working together.”

Magic power spread from his eyeballs, and his whole body immediately ignited.

Before Sean had time to save him, Pablo completely burned himself. His life was lost instantly, and a relieved expression finally appeared on h

is face.

In the end, he was burned to ashes.

Sean stood up, “Such a lethal contract magic. Once this guy speaks key information, he will die immediately.”

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Published On: January 13, 2024

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