Sean saw the look on her face, paused, and thought it was a bad thing to do.

The psychological hints that Stephanie was planted have not been completely erased, and coupled with the mutual attraction between what’s inside their body, her feelings for herself seem to have deteriorated a bit.

Thinking of this, Sean pushed the cake over, “Make a wish while the time is chaotic today, and it will end eventually.”

He made an uninteresting joke. Unexpectedly, after hearing this, Stephanie became quiet. She hugged the gift that Sean gave in her arms, clasped her hands together quickly, and closed her eyes firmly.

After a while, her eyelashes fluttered slightly, and she opened her eyes again.

“I made a wish.” Stephanie’s voice was full of tension and a trace of expectation that could not be concealed.

Seeing the blush on her cheeks, Sean smiled. He finally said, “Happy birthday,” after Stephanie had blown out the candles.

After that, he left the room a little embarrassed. He always felt that this was some kind of weird situation to be in.

Walking out of the Room of Requirement, Sean walked alone in the empty corridor. Just as he was thinking about how to explain these things to Stephanie, he saw Hogsmeade’s direction from the corner of his eye.

In the past, the rainy Scotland weather did not support such a long-distance view. However, the weather has been good recently, and Sean has gotten a good view of the surroundings; sometimes, he can see the lights from the town.

But tonight, the flames there were a little too dazzling. Sean frowned and took out the magic binoculars he got from West. He walked quickly to the terrace and looked at Hogsmeade through the binoculars.

Sean’s pupils shrank suddenly.

Hogsmeade is burning.

Not only that, but he also saw strange wizards in black robes casting spells all over the place, and the residents of Hogsmeade seemed to be defending it with all their might.

At this time, Sean’s field of vision was suddenly occupied by a black particle that covered the sky and the sun. Even without a telescope, he could clearly see the core in the center of the particle.

It was an Obscurus, that must be Aurelius.

Sean can even feel the agitation in his body, which is the mutual attraction of the life instincts of the Obscurus.

The black particles attacked the group of unknown black-robed wizards from an unidentifiable trajectory like a gust of wind. The black-robed wizards immediately shifted their targets to attack Auri, but there was still one unlucky guy with a little slower reaction speed. He was completely wrapped in black particles and was flown to the sky.

When he hit the ground heavily, his whole body was covered with black twisted marks. Sean removed the binoculars and sucked in a breath of cold air.

Aurelius is worthy of being an Obscurial who has lived for nearly a hundred years, and his strength is probably second only to Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

Under the guards of Aurors, The Guards, Dementors, and Hogwarts’ magical defenses, this group of wizards sneaked in without anyone noticing and wreaked havoc.

Was this a surprise attack? What is their purpose?

Moreover, with Aurelius’ strength, it should only be a matter of time before those guys are dealt with. The professors must have known about this as well.

What about Dumbledore?

Sean heard a vibration and explosion under his feet as he was thinking.

Hogwarts was attacked?!

Sean immediately ran towards the place where the sound came from. Halfway through, the wall in front of him squirmed quickly, and Stephanie pushed open the wooden door and came out.

Seeing Sean, she quickly said, “On the first floor, the location of the explosion was near the Great Hall. There was also an explosion in the corridor leading to the second floor and an explosion in the courtyard. The intruder should have sneaked in. It seems that Hogwarts’ defense has been disabled.”

There was still some cream on the corner of Stephanie’s mouth. She was holding the cake she had just eaten in her hand.

“How many people entered the castle?” Sean asked quickly.

“The authority given by the Room of Requirement is not enough to detect them. I can only feel the strangeness around some buildings. It seems that there are not many at present, but it cannot be ruled out that the intruders are in groups.”

The two of them ran quickly towards the first floor. The stairs of Hogwarts were docile in front of them. The nearest stairs would automatically move to their feet. While running, a stern female voice resounded throughout the castle.

“Hogwarts was under attack. All students return to the common room immediately!”

Sean didn’t even look in the Ravenclaw tower’s direction and continued running towards the first floor. He had a feeling the intruders had other goals. As soon as he ran to the widest corridor on the floor, the dark curtain brushed against Sean’s cheeks, his pupils shrank, and Dave’s warning came from his pocket.

“They are invisible!”

A huge figure swooped down from the ceiling. Sean immediately stepped back and took Stephanie’s hand beside him. The two fell back to the ground together, and the ground where they were going to run was flying with rubble.

A gigantic ape-like creature smashed to the ground. Without hesitation, the creature roared and lunged at Sean.

The ape was about two meters tall, with silver-white hair all over his body. There was a protruding orangutan-like snout on his face, and saliva was flowing from between the sharp teeth.

“The Demiguise…” Sean’s eyes sank. He raised his right hand and rummaged his sleeve.

A blue-green thorn sheath shot out like a bullet, and its body exploded wildly. The Demiguise suddenly lost its target, and a terrifying curled-winged creature completely occupied its field of vision.

The Demiguise didn’t hesitate, it roared, and its sharp claws roared towards it with the sound of the wind, ready to smash the head of this creature. But Dave’s movements were faster than its reactions. Its scarlet eyes stared at the Demiguise.

The Demiguise’s right claw hit heavily on Dave’s head. However, there was only a dull crash, and Dave’s head remained motionless.

Without giving the Demiguise a second chance to strike, Dave’s mouth opened. Its body far surpassed the normal ones of the same kind, and his body gave him stronger power and more speed.

The Demiguise didn’t even have time to withdraw its claw. Dave directly knocked away the claws and bit its head hard. A “click” sound merged with the sound of the skull shattering can be heard, and the Demiguise’s head was pierced through.

“Dave, come back,” Sean called him.

Dave looked at Demiguise’s limp body and quickly flew back to Sean to guard him.

“Are you okay?” Sean stretched out his hand towards Stephanie, who fell to the ground.

She did not answer immediately but looked at the ground blankly. Sean followed her gaze and saw that it was a pile of cakes that had fallen to the ground.

“I’ll get you another next tim-“

Before Sean could finish speaking, Stephanie got up by herself. She took out a light blue wand with a thin tip and thick back part.


Before Sean could say more, Dave’s warning came again.

“There are more on the corner ahead.”

Sean raised his wand and looked up. Two wizards in black robes were running out of the corner with their wands up. They saw Sean and Stephanie, but the two raised their wands without any hesitation toward them.

However, Stephanie was fast.

Her light blue pupils turned into starry night black pupils in an instant before the spells of the two black-robed wizards were cast, and a feeling of obsession appeared in them.

Stephanie flicked her wand without any hesitation, and a light silver spell shot out. Sean beside him even felt his hair stand on end. The spell hit a black-robed wizard; his obsessive expression froze on his face, and his whole body was like a mirror that had been slammed to the ground.

He was rapidly shattering, and his shattered face even cut the cheek of his colleague.

Sean was dumbfounded.

He had never seen this spell before. It seemed to be a fusion variant of a petrification and cutting spell, and its power was terrifying. She did not read so many books for nothing.

Sean also raised his wand, ready to deal with the remaining guy directly. At this moment, a stern and furious voice exploded like thunder.

At the end of the corridor, Professor McGonagall opened her eyes.

“How dare you to attack my students?!”

Amidst Professor McGonagall’s anger, the wizard’s robe twisted on its own, his upper body clothes became a half-length giant python wrapping it tightly, and the collar turned into a snake’s head that bit his throat.

Sean didn’t even hear the man’s screams because, at the same time, the curtain hanging in the corridor suddenly wrapped him and directly crushed the man.

All this happened in just a split second.

“Are you two okay?” Professor McGonagall hurried over and looked at the two.

“They haven’t made a move on us yet…” Sean said.

Professor McGonagall looks like a furious lioness guarding her cub, breathing rapidly, and her eyes are sharp.

“Why don’t you go back to the common room?”

Stephanie’s wand dropped, and she looked down at the shattered cake in dejection.

Sean quickly replied, “I wanted to help. You know.”

Professor McGonagall glanced at Dave hanging upside down from the ceiling and at the enemy on the ground that shattered like a mirror. She hesitated for a moment and finally nodded.

“You are as brave as ever. Follow me, Miss Ollivander, Mr. Wallup.”

They ran towards the place where the explosion was still happening downstairs. On the way, Professor McGonagall told Sean what happened tonight. A group of wizards sneaked into Hogwarts by some unknown method; some wreaked havoc in Hogsmeade, and some sneaked into the castle.

However, Hogwarts’ defensive measures are not for nothing. The professors received a warning from the castle when the group of people sneaked in. All the professors started to move, and the intruders were stopped directly on the first floor. Only a few escaped to the upper floor, and Professor McGonagall came to pursue them.

“Professor, are there many hidden monsters among the intruders?” Sean asked.

Professor McGonagall nodded, “I suspect this is one of the reasons why they were able to sneak in. They brought many weird magical animals here and tried to use them to make a surprise attack. But—”


Doubt appeared in her eyes, “The number of people who went in was actually not that many. The professors were in the common room to protect the students, and the rest were to fight against the intruders. It’s almost over now.”

With that said, they ran to the first floor, at the entrance of the Great Hall. Professor Flitwick was holding his wand, and a big man in a black robe kept bumping into the stone pillars on the left and right under a spell’s influence.

Other professors were also struggling with several of the intruders.

Sean’s eyes were quick, and he threw out a nonverbal Acupunctinternus. A wizard who was fighting with Professor Sprout screamed miserably, and the scream was soon interrupted by Professor Sprout’s petrification spell.

“Great job, Wallup,” Professor McGonagall glanced around. “There are not many intruders. We are going to inspect the castle again and help Hogsmeade. There should be nothing to worry about.”

Sean nodded, but then he froze.

These people are delaying the professor in the castle, and their original target is not anyone in the castle.

Their goal is Aurelius.

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