The atmosphere changed from plain to charming in the room and returned to plain again. Of course, plainness comes from silence, and there is a trace of embarrassment between the two.

What Sean didn’t expect was that Stephanie cheered up quickly. She pulled up the collar of the pajamas that had been opened a little, then stood up and bowed to Sean.

“Thank you very much.”

Sean waved his hand, signaling her not to take it to heart. Stephanie was still panting, and she kept her head down.

“I was too emotional just now, but those words of apology are sincere.” She paused, “Those apologies…”

Sean was unsure of what she meant, and the blurred words should not be taken seriously.

He spread his hands, “As I said, it’s alright. So don’t worry about it anymore.”

Neither of them mentioned the part where they were infatuated with each other before. Stephanie breathed a sigh of relief. Instead of sitting back on the beanbag, she asked in a low voice after a moment of hesitation.

“Can I ask about that magic power? I don’t feel it much, but I feel that people become a little light when affected. In addition, I also found that my magic power is losing, but there’s no way to take it back, and it doesn’t even feel like something from me being taken forcefully.”

Sean hesitated for a moment and finally decided to tell Stephanie something.

After all, she is also amid the Prophecy. Sean didn’t mention that the Pride in his body would explode in a few years, and other relevant information was said.

“It’s probably like this,” Sean shrugged, “You can simply understand that the power hidden in our bodies has the same source, so the transfer of magic power would always be flowing.”

Stephanie was also shocked by the Prophecy and the Pride described by Sean, but her ability to accept it surprised Sean a little. After this, she quickly regained her composure.

“That’s all I need to know. The situation just now is that my magic power is being transmitted to you without any limit.” She said.

“Yes, you could think it that way. However, according to the information I have obtained, only the Pride in my body is currently in development, and the other six Sins should still be in a dormant state. You can continue your life as a normal wizard unless the thing inside my body erupts.”

Stephanie shook her head when she heard the words, “I don’t think it’s accurate to say that. I have been different from ordinary wizards since I was born. Although I have Veela’s blood, Veela has no charming ability. This should be the change brought about by the thing inside me. I was confused by it before, but now I know it is because of the Lust.”

Sean pretended he didn’t see it. He touched his chin and said, “That’s true. The thing inside me will have a subtle influence on yours.”

Stephanie looked up at him and said, “My charm ability is effective not only for men but also for women.”

“I see.”

There was another short silence, this time Sean broke the silence.

“Recalling the situation, the thing inside my body is unknown, and yours started to wake up and explode. Before that, I was sure that the thing in my body hadn’t moved at all.”

Stephanie nodded and told Sean after thinking for a while.

“I didn’t seem to notice something was wrong before. It’s just that the feeling towards you in my heart has been accumulated, and I don’t know why.” Her voice was not as cold as before but flat and soft.

Sean didn’t comment on this point, he thought about it and said, “Have you ever met any strange people, or been to any strange places?”

With some uncertainty in her eyes, Stephanie raised her head, “I went to the Albanian forest last year.”

Sean asked in a deep voice, “What are you doing there?”

“The diadem, I learned about the whereabouts of the diadem from Helena, so I went to find Ravenclaw’s diadem.”

Sean suddenly realizes that Ravenclaw’s diadem has been lost in the Albanian forest.

“Did you find it?”

Stephanie shook her head, “No, according to Helena, I found the clue and place, but the diadem is not there.”

As she spoke, Stephanie paused for a moment, and a look of shock suddenly appeared in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“I suddenly remembered. I met a person in Albania. A strange but familiar person. But I don’t know why I didn’t have this image before.” Stephanie murmured.

The hidden memory was recalled after the emotional explosion and collapse. The node of the explosion was the communication with him. A sense of déjà vu came over him, and Sean immediately thought of Grindelwald’s aunt, Bathilda Bagshot.

This is the case of being cast with a strong Forgetfulness charm, and at the same time, there is a switch to relit the memory, and that switch is Sean.

Sean’s recent research on memory spells has gained some progress, just like he weaved memories for Umbridge and left psychological hints. According to his hint, Umbridge cast the Unforgivable Curse on him after the switch was triggered, and he was finally arrested and sent to Azkaban.

So, will it be the same for Stephanie?

When she was in Albania, she met a mysterious man. That mysterious man was extremely powerful and may have used some magic spell to leave a psychological hint for Stephanie.

Thinking of this, Sean looked up at her, “I have a way to detect what happened to you.”

Seeing this, Stephanie immediately reacted, “You wanted to check my memory?”

Sean nodded, “Yes, the only way to find out what happened is to check your memory. Knowing that the cast person can’t check themselves, only others can check someone else’s memory. It’s hard to find when checking the memory nodes. I might inevitably see some of your secrets.”

Stephanie hesitated slightly, but she nodded quickly.

“I have no problem. Please do your thing.”

Her voice was flat, but her reddened face and rapid breathing proved that she was not so calm.

Sean took a deep breath, took out the magic spell, and touched Stephanie’s temple. He didn’t want to check her memory completely but to find out the node related to the psychological hints. For him now, it is not difficult.

Of course, selecting the specific memory is very important.

You don’t need a Pensieve to check the memory. The principle of this spell is similar to fabricating a memory, except that the pictures you see are blurry and fast.

Finally, he looked up. As expected, Stephanie was cast with a powerful Forgetfulness Charm. Not only that, but the caster was far more powerful than Sean imagined. Sean quickly scanned Stephanie’s memory using his name as the keyword, so the images in the memory were all related to him.

She really didn’t have other thoughts. She noticed Sean because of Sean’s resistance to her charm. During that time, Sean could even feel Stephanie’s happiness. She finally found a peer with whom she could communicate normally.

When she gave out the monocle, the flashed memories were covered with a layer of gray.

Then, there was the picture of her silently watching himself in various corners. Whether it was in the Great Hall, the corridor, or in Nurmengard, Stephanie would always catch a glimpse of Sean in the crowd.

Among them, Sean also found a foggy and sad memory.

That was when he took Felicia Felix, and under the potion’s influence, he met Stephanie. That seemed to be a very painful part of the girl’s memory.

What Sean didn’t expect was that Stephanie’s reason for looking for Ravenclaw’s diadem was to help him. She learned from the manuscript left by Ravenclaw that the diadem can enhance the wearer’s wisdom. Stephanie seems to be thinking of using the diadem to help Sean, who has a dismal rune talent.

She kept trying to make it up.

Sean sighed slightly.

However, although these memories are not related to happiness, Stephanie’s is very strong. Although she feels guilty and unwilling, she will not reach the point of emotional breakdown.

This is where the mysterious man is powerful. He doesn’t know what kind of spell he used, but he magnified Stephanie’s feelings for Sean greatly.

When Sean appeared, everything accumulated and exploded immediately, and the emotional collapse triggered the awakening of the Lust. The power was instinctively attracted, which created everything that happened just now.

It’s just that Sean didn’t understand why that person would do this.

If Sean hadn’t stopped her, Sean would have taken control of the Lust, and Stephanie would have disappeared from this world.

He looked at her with her eyes tightly closed, her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her nostrils swayed back and forth with her rapid breathing. She was not calm.

Sean stated his conclusion and finally asked, “That person knew about the Prophecy. There should be very few such people in this world who should know about it. Do you know who you have offended?”

Stephanie was silent for a while and finally shook her head.

“It’s going to be very troublesome then.” Seeing that she didn’t speak, Sean didn’t know whether she didn’t want to say it or didn’t know.

Unexpectedly, she quickly raised her head to look at him.

“Did you see it?”

Stephanie pursed her lips, and the firmness and expectation in her eyes were clearly visible, “I really didn’t lie to you. I really want to apologize to you. You saw it, right?”

“Like I said, it’s alright, and we’re over it. Don’t worry about it.” Sean laughed.

Stephanie was taken aback for a moment as if she didn’t expect Sean to care anymore. She lowered her head and showed a faint smile. After a while, she returned to her usual appearance, but her voice had calmed down this time.

“You suspect that this time travel accident is related to Professor Dumbledore?” Sean frowned after listening.

“That’s right, Professor Dumbledore came to the Room of Requirements after you left that night. At first, I thought he was here to check the situation. Because the authority was divided, the principal who controlled the entire castle should have been able to feel it when something happened.

“However, he didn’t seem to find anything and then went into the Room of Requirement.”

“I have access to the Room, so I can see that room he went to.”

After listening to her words, Sean immediately recalled the room. It was a room full of Pensieves.

Hogwarts has been around for thousands of years, and all kinds of Pensieves from the previous principals, professors, and students are placed in one room.

When he received the authority, Sean knew about this room, but he had a Pensieve himself in his office, so he didn’t pay much attention. Where did Dumbledore go? If he remembered correctly, there should be a Pensieve in the principal’s office.

“What did Professor Dumbledore intend to do?” Sean asked.

“He took a dozen intact Pensieves,” Stephanie replied.

As if seeing Sean’s doubts, Stephanie closed her eyes and muttered in her heart, and a manuscript appeared in her hands.

She handed it over, “This is the manuscript from the Pensieve maker, which mentions the application scenarios through multiple Pensieves.”

Sean looked at the manuscript.

[Description of usage scenarios for multiple Pensieves. At present, there is only one way.]

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Published On: January 10, 2024

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