Even in the ghost’s state, Helena’s snow-like skin can be seen as if she is alive. However, unlike her mother, Helena’s beauty was always tinged with some differences.

“I haven’t seen you much recently.” Sean sat next to Helena.

Helena looked at the student beside her and sighed slightly, “We are separated by the world.”

Sean smiled slightly, “I saw Ms. Ravenclaw.”

Helena replied, “She has been watching the newcomers in Hogwarts.”

She suddenly paused and then looked at Sean hesitantly.

The boy before her has always been sincere to people, including her. After getting acquainted with him, Helena knows that Sean seems to have a lot of magic. Sean didn’t show off but took out a portrait.

In the portrait, there are two women, one tall and one short. The older one is beautiful and majestic, while the younger one is as calm as the mother, but her face is more happy and energetic. Helena froze in place and sighed after a while.

“Did you also find this?”

Helena might be sad, in sorrow, or angry in his mind, but her heart was naturally full of regret. He can take Helena to Ravenclaw’s secret room. Sean believes that Rowena Ravenclaw will likely leave something for her unfortunate daughter.

Of course, Sean is still willing to do something for Helena, no matter whether he gets the diadem or not. She has helped him many times before. However, something struck Sean’s mind. The word “also” in Helena’s mouth gave him a blow.

He was not the first person to enter the Ravenclaw Chamber of Secrets, and the person who entered before him also found Helena based on certain clues. This isn’t Helena’s first time seeing this portrait of herself with her mother.

“Have you seen this before?” Sean tried to calm himself down.

A smile appeared on Helena’s face, “Yes, I have seen it. Sean, you are very smart. You have found the secret left by my mother.”

“However, someone has come to me with this portrait before. Thank you very much. I know you want to untie that knot in my heart, but I have seen it and know that Mother forgives me. Still, I want to thank you.” Helena’s words made Sean a little embarrassed. He took a deep breath and finally laughed.

“Congratulations to you.”

“Thank you, my friend.” Helena could hear the sincerity in Sean’s words. She lifted her skirt and gave a slight bow.

“Uh, Helena, please forgive me. I want to know who showed you this before.” Sean asked.

Helena shook her head, “Just like I will keep a secret for you, I will also keep a secret for that person.”

“Sorry.” Sean apologized.

Helena tilted her head curiously, “Did you just find this?”

Sean hesitated and finally decided to say truthfully, “Yes, I just discovered the secret left by Ms. Ravenclaw recently. I found this among the things she left behind. I think you will need it, so I’m here to find you.”

“You’re such a thoughtful person, Sean.”

Sean smiled and shook his head, “Honestly, I don’t think it’s good to lie to you. Part of it is wanting to help you, and the other part is my selfishness. I want to find Ravenclaw’s diadem.”

Helena was not angry. She smiled calmly, “It’s understandable. I’ve known you for so long, and you do maintain great enthusiasm for these unknown things.”

“Um, so, can you help me?” Sean said shyly.

“Actually, I do know where the diadem is. It’s just that it has probably been taken away by now.”

Sure enough, that person found Helena first, and took the diadem first. However, there is good news, that person is most likely not Voldemort. If Voldemort had known that he could control the power of Hogwarts, he would never have transferred to Nurmengard.

Sean glanced at Helena, knowing that it seemed unrealistic to ask for that person’s specific identity from her, so he could only sigh in the end.

“Don’t you need this?” Sean finally asked.

Helena showed some doubts, “Of course, but someone told me that this is something left by my mother, so I can’t always bring it around.”

Sure enough, that person might obtain the authority just like himself.

Sean nodded, “That’s true. It can’t be left outside all the time. It needs to be returned when the time comes. However, I can help you make a copy of this portrait and place it where you want.”

“Is it really possible?” Helena finally became excited.

“Of course, I’m not sure if it can be converted into that kind of moving picture, but it’s very simple to copy an image.” Sean nodded seriously.

Helena floated and rotated twice in the air with some joy, and her heart was wavering happily. If she can get such a photo that can be seen from time to time, it is a worthwhile celebration.

After a while, she finally tilted her head and said, “However, you shouldn’t have to worry about the diadem.”

“Why do you say that?” Sean was confused.

“Because the new owner of the diadem has no ill will towards you, and, well, how should I put it? The diadem may still fall on your head.”

“Huh?” Sean couldn’t understand.

Probably seeing his doubts, Helena explained, “If my guess is not wrong, that person does want to do something for you. But the only way is to wait for that person to come to you by themselves.”

Could it be Grindelwald or Dumbledore?

While thinking, Sean shivered. He and Helena looked up together and then looked at each other. Just now, Sean felt an unspeakable feeling. It’s like a person’s sixth sense suddenly perceives some strange existence, and Sean is sure that he is definitely not the only wizard who can feel this.

“Can you feel it?” Sean reacts and looks at Helena in shock.

Ghosts are special beings. Apart from the soul magic developed by Voldemort and the Basilisk’s gaze, Sean does not know anything that can affect ghosts.

Helena was also puzzled, “Yes, I can’t explain that feeling.”

“Have you ever been through something like this before?” Sean asked.

“No…” Helena was shocked suddenly, saying, “Well, I seem to have heard from my mother…”

“What is it?”

Helena floated up and looked into the distance, “She said that time will give some people preferential treatment.”

Time will give some people preferential treatment. Sean frowned.

“Did she explain what that meant?” he asked.

Helena shook her head, “No, I just remembered that my mother sighed when she was studying a spell. She said that a strange feeling will spread throughout the world, and everyone can feel it, and time will favor some people. But this may mean some kind of change and division.”

Some kind of change and division? Sean took a deep breath. He had a bad feeling about this.

As Helena said, after returning to the castle, everyone felt the strangeness. However, even the professors couldn’t tell what it was.

In the corridor, the students gathered in a group, and Fred said, “I bet this must be the heartbeat of the wizard god!”

“No, I feel more like a breath!”

“Why do I feel like a pair of eyes opened in the sky?”

No one has experienced it, and no one has heard of it. The students expressed their opinions and described their feelings one after another. However no one can accurately describe it, but everyone knows that they feel the same thing.

If Sean didn’t feel that there was nothing wrong with him, he would even think that there was something wrong with the Pride in his body.

In the corner, Hermione was flipping through the book quickly, muttering quickly, “There is no record and no relevant description about it! I only found some visions of the world that once appeared, but they are all not true.”

“Maybe only the Department of Mysteries of the Ministry of Magic has records of it, or does someone like Professor Dumbledore know what’s going on?” Percy appeared out of nowhere, holding a large pile of weird crystals.

“After you enter the Ministry of Magic, remember to come back and tell me the answer.” Sean joked. He knew that Percy had already started preparing to enter the Ministry of Magic.

Percy puffed out his chest, “If only. However, those secrets may only be known to those who have a high status.”

“My God, you actually said ‘possible’? Are you really going to ask about this kind of secret for Sean? Come on, you didn’t even want to hide your brother’s whereabouts yesterday.” George was a bit mad.

Percy glared at him, “Don’t break the school rules under my nose. Besides, Sean is a guy who knows his priorities, aren’t you?”

“But I’m your own brother. I even saved your life.”

“But I told Professor McGonagall instead of Filch about your throwing a big pile of dung in the corridor.”

“Like it was any better!”

Sean stopped the two from making noise. He glanced at the diamond-shaped crystal in his hand and asked, “What is this?”

He explained, “Oh, you don’t need it now. They are all joint courses. In the beginning, the time conflicts between the courses I took, so I can only use this kind of thing. It records the professors’ lectures, and I’ll use it in the evening to study it myself. I no longer needed, and Professor McGonagall asked me to take these things to the storage room.”

Phonograph crystal? Sean nodded suddenly. He knew this, too. It’s just that the sound quality retained by the phonograph crystal is very poor, but for learning, it is enough to be able to hear it clearly.

“Eh,” Sean suddenly thought of something, “Percy, you all used this for studying?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Percy asked.

“Isn’t there something else that lets you take two classes simultaneously?” Sean asked.

Percy looked at him suspiciously, “How could there be such a thing? I don’t know how to do that.”

Percy didn’t use the Time-Turner for class. Sean and Percy were very familiar, and he obviously didn’t lie to him. Judging from his appearance, he didn’t seem to have heard of the Time-Turner.

This is a bit strange. Is there something wrong with the Time Turner because of the change in the worldline?

Sean misses Barty Crouch Jr. now. He has no news from him, and he can’t get the information he wants from the Ministry of Magic. Except for that guy’s weird way of thinking and cruel personality, this loyal subordinate is an excellent spy.

Sean now seriously suspects that Barty Jr. has been controlled by someone, which makes him dare not contact him rashly. The strange feeling that everyone felt in the afternoon did not seem to cause any strange accidents. At least when they returned to the common room after dinner, the sky was still shining, and the bonfire was still burning.

When the night was getting darker, Sean lay back on the bed, reviewed his plans in his mind, and fell asleep peacefully.


On the bed, Sean yawned and opened his eyes. His biological clock always woke him up, so he was always the first to wake up his roommates. Sean stretched his waist and looked out the window. It was still dark outside.

“It’s probably going to be a rainy day today.” Sean muttered, then looked at his watch.

However, the numbers on the dial made Sean frown.

Three forty-five.

What happened? Could it be because the watch was left in the Room of Requirement at that time and broke?

Sean was about to adjust the time, but the date in the center of the dial made him pause.

October 28th.

But yesterday was the 26th, today should be the 27th.

Is the watch really broken?

Sean sensed something was wrong, and he woke up Dave, who was more sensitive to time.

“Dave, how long have you been asleep?”

“I slept for three hours. I feel weird. Why do I feel that yesterday… No, there should be more time yesterday and today. It seems that there is not enough time?” Dave sent a puzzled voice.

Sean’s eyes widened.

What does he mean by not enough time on October 27th?

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