It’s a pretty magical experience.

After all, who ever tried to talk to Ravenclaw in this kind of Room?

Just as Ravenclaw opened up some authority to Sean, Sean received an idea. A wonderful and weird idea appeared in Sean’s mind, as if he and Dave could communicate with each other through their minds.

“It is an honor to be of your service, Agent.” Suddenly, a voice sounded in his mind, which startled Sean.

He’d had Occlumency in first grade, and no other thought had ever entered his head. But he quickly realized that this was the Room of Requirements that was talking.

Like him walking back and forth in front of the tapestry, the Room of Requirement always reads his real needs.

“Are you the Room of Requirements?” Sean still asked.

“Yes.” The Room replied dryly.

It’s blunt and doesn’t seem like a truly intelligent consciousness. Sean turned the Occlumency to run faster and then found that he didn’t seem to have to worry about this reading his mind, or rather, it reads minds the same way it accesses the Room of Requirements.

The Room would respond only when Sean expressed his needs in his heart.

“It looks more like a pre-set program. Ravenclaw used various memory magic when making it.” Sean thought silently.

After thinking for a while, he asked in his mind, “You said I am an ‘agent’? What does my authority include?”

“Yes, agent. Because you haven’t mastered the logo, Ms. Ravenclaw set it all up, and the permissions you can currently control include: freely call the stored rooms, enter the Room of Requirements at any corner of the Hogwarts Castle at any time.”

“Of course, you need a stone wall large enough to open the door. In addition, you can order me to control the movement of the stairs, which Ravenclaw creates. If you feel it carefully, the authority of the Room of Requirements has been opened to you, and you can check it freely.” The Room’s voice in his head was emotionless, like a shriveled female clerk reading.

Hearing this, Sean felt it. Just like the Room of Requirements said, he has some authority here.

He turned around and looked at the countless doors that had been opened to him, where he could come and go as he pleased. He didn’t even have to take a step. Just like when entering the Room of Requirement, he just needs to say it silently.

“I need a comfortable chair.”

After three times, a gorgeous armchair appeared behind Sean. However, it was covered with dust.

“I need a chair made of mahogany, purple velvet, undamaged, and dust-free.” Sean changed his request.

Soon, a new chair appeared, fitting Sean’s requirements perfectly.

“Can you clean the dust?” Sean asked curiously as he sat down on a chair that did not conform to the aesthetics of this era.

“Yes, Ms. Ravenclaw left a cleaning spell. But she didn’t ask me to clean it at any time, so if you need it, I will clean it for you, and not at all times.”

He asked curiously, “Can everything be created?”

“Ms. Ravenclaw set some rules. Some things won’t appear, but you can create them now.”

“For example?”

“Please wait.”

In the corridor, Hermione and Daisy quietly huddled behind a curtain in the corner.

Five minutes ago, Filch had just led Mrs. Norris on a patrol. Fortunately, Daisy had sharp eyes. Otherwise, the two of them would have been caught.

Behind the curtain, Hermione dragged her and muttered, “Why hasn’t he come out yet…”

“Maybe Sean really found it?” Daisy asked.

“He should be…” Hermione squeezed the thorn sheath in her hand.

Dave squirmed, expressing his displeasure. Because Sean left Dave behind, the two were not worried about what happened to Sean.

However, they could not communicate with Dave like Sean and could only barely understand Dave’s meaning of “Sean is fine”. The two were worried that Sean might be doing something very important, and they didn’t dare to let Dave send back a message to disturb him.

So, they have been waiting for more than an hour.

The two were whispering to each other when suddenly, a familiar voice sounded next to them.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting for so long.” Sean said shyly.

“Sean! You!” Hermione opened her mouth wide. She saw Sean push open a door and come out, but this was not where the Room of Requirements was usually located.

Sean closed the door, and soon, the door disappeared.

“Here, take it.” Sean handed each of them a thick book.

“What is th…” Hermione took it suspiciously, then covered her mouth in shock.

It was an ancient book bound with thick sheepskin, and the cover was handwritten “One Hundred Spells and Their Origins”.

“The mythical book of spells… this book is the mother of many modern spells! Many well-known spell masters have stated that they have referred to this book when creating their own spells. However, this book went away after establishing the Secrecy Act in the Ministry of Magic took effect. Sean, how did you get it? I asked Professor Flitwick, who told me that no such book exists in the restricted area!”

Daisy couldn’t hide the excitement in her eyes. She hugged the book “Healing the Body to the Soul” in her arms like a treasure.

“There are very few healing spells. On the one hand, it is because of the nature of the spell, and on the other hand, it is because the ancient healing spells are lost. Madam Pomfrey told me that this book is a must for all healers. St. Mungo’s even has some of it!”

Sean smiled, “Seeing that you have mentioned many times that you are very interested in this kind of thing, I think you should like this one. You, too, Hermione, have been mumbling recently that there are very few books on the origin of spells. I also picked out a gift for myself.”

He showed a stack of parchment in his hand, which was covered with runes. Sean’s next words almost petrified the two of them in place.

“Rowena Ravenclaw’s rune manuscript, although I know my talent is not good, but I still want to learn it.”

“Have you entered Ravenclaw’s personal room?” Hermione asked in disbelief.

Sean shrugged, “Actually…”

Hermione and Daisy were shocked, “Huh?!”

By the time Sean finished talking about his experience with the two, the two had already frozen in place.

Knowing that they still had to digest it, Sean smiled and led the way to the common Room, “Let’s go back to sleep first. You shouldn’t have to worry about being late tomorrow, and the stairs won’t lead you astray.”

Sean led the two, who were still somewhat confused, out of the corridor. Soon, the corridor returned to silence, and darkness filled the entire space. Not long after, an old figure appeared here.

It was Dumbledore, who hadn’t appeared in the castle for a long time. His wise eyes were fatigued, and the original withered hand had returned to normal. A faint silver light seemed to shine through the fabric of the slightly wrinkled robe pocket.

Dumbledore took out what was in his pocket and glanced at it. It was a fist-sized glass bottle with entangled silver flakes in it. The heaviness and sadness in Dumbledore’s eyes flashed across the dark corridor. He put the bottle back again and then walked to the tapestry.

Soon, the door appeared on the stone wall. Dumbledore pushed the door in and walked out quickly.

There was doubt on his face, “It’s the second time…”

After a while, Dumbledore shook his head helplessly, “Oh, Hogwarts. Even the principal can’t see through you. I hope it’s not a bad thing.”

After sighing, he left the corridor.

A door was pushed open just behind the curtain where Hermione and Daisy had just hidden. A petite figure walked out quietly. She looked at the place where Sean had left just now and where Dumbledore had left just now.

It was Stephanie Ollivander.

Her face was still flat. Only an indescribable struggle flashed in her eyes. A delicate monocle was tightly held in her hand.


“You have to hold this book while eating, do you?” Sean said to Hermione helplessly at the dining table.

She made a book cover himself and then carefully took care of the book, and now she takes it wherever she goes. This book has been stored for thousands of years and has its own magic.

“Do you want to be responsible if it’s lost?!” Hermione gave him a blank look.

“Actually, I will be responsible for it.”

This book is Ravenclaw’s private bookshelf collection, or she herself participated in writing this book. Sean has obtained some permission to borrow this book.

Maybe just by putting it on the table, the book will disappear by itself. Since the Room of Requirements can take the book back. Having obtained the permission for Sean, the biggest reward is these books and materials.

Knowledge-hungry Ravenclaws amassed a treasure trove of knowledge, much of which is out of books and not even found in the Restricted Section of Hogwarts.

In addition, there are “collections” of previous Hogwarts students from thousands of years ago.

Everything you can imagine, everything.

There are also some things that Sean can use, but he didn’t touch some that the owners may still be around.

Of course, this is not the point. Sean used the Room of Requirements search function and the Ravenclaw diadem that Ravenclaw said could help him solve his difficulties.

In this world, Voldemort transferred to Nurmengard and probably didn’t have time to discover more secrets, so he didn’t try to trick Ravenclaw’s daughter, Helena.

In other words, Ravenclaw’s diadem is probably still in the forest where the Bloody Baron killed Helena. In this case, if Sean wants to get the diadem, his first goal is to find Ms. Helena.

Sean is quite confident about this. Because of her cold personality, most students are unwilling to deal with this beautiful ghost. Sean had communicated with Helena several times in the first grade.

Moreover, he also got an item from the lottery. One of the effects of the item is that it is easier to gain the favor of Ravenclaw descendants.

In short, Sean thinks he is good at gaining her trust and full of confidence.

Of course, the worst-case scenario is that Ravenclaw’s diadem is still in Voldemort’s hands and turned into a Horcrux.

Voldemort was crazier and more irrational than in the original book. Although he had died twice, Sean still felt that he might not have died at all. After all, judging by his character, the Horcruxes he made must have been a lot.

Under such circumstances, if the diadem is made into a Horcrux, it will be a big trouble.

If there is no diadem, Sean is going to use Ravenclaw’s manuscript to make up for the runes and try to incorporate Ravenclaw’s logo after the lottery item cools down.

He looked forward to what a quarter of Hogwarts’ authority gave him.

However, Sean has always doubted his heart. The sound he heard in the entrance and exit passage of the Ravenclaw common room.

He asked the Room of Requirements, but they said they didn’t know anything about it. Sean can only keep his doubts in his heart, hoping that he can really get the answer after gaining the authority.

After the afternoon class ended, Sean told Hermione and walked towards the tower alone. In his impression, Helena likes to stay on the top floors of several Hogwarts towers and seems to like the scenery from high places.

It didn’t take long for Sean to find Helena, who was looking into the distance from the top of the tower.

“I haven’t seen you much recently, ma’am.” Sean stepped forward to say hello.

Helena turned her head, and her expression slowed down after seeing it was Sean.

“Hello, Wallup.”

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Published On: January 7, 2024

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