It was a statue carved from unknown materials with a jade color, exuding a gentle pale white light under the light. The statue is about four meters tall and shorter than the one in the Ravenclaw common room.

However, in Sean’s eyes, Rowena Ravenclaw seemed to come alive, the statue had a reassuring atmosphere, and the light of wisdom and knowledge radiated. Ravenclaw has a smile on her face. She is beautiful, intellectual, and elegant but intimidating.

If you really look closely at her eyes, you will find tolerance and love in her eyes. It’s like really seeing the amazing and beautiful witch thousands of years ago.

“Unbelievable…” Sean murmured in a low voice.

He walked up to the statue and stroked his chest in salute. This is the tribute he should have to the founder of Ravenclaw.

“Is this the Ravenclaw’s Chamber of Secrets? The place where she hides her authority…” Raising his head, Sean looked around.

According to the statement given by Salazar Slytherin, Hogwarts is divided into four powers, and the four founders each control a part. They hide each other and use it as a test for the latecomers.

He made it clear that Ravenclaw’s authority was in the castle, and Sean had thought about the Room of Requirements more than once, but now, he finally found the original Room of Requirements.

Sean circled the Ravenclaw statue twice, and the runes, parchments, and quills would scatter to make way for him when he approached and float back to follow him when he passed by.

“There’s nothing special about it. I thought it would be Ravenclaw’s test to find a way to enter the original Room of Requirements.” Sean muttered.

He stopped in front of the statue, looking at Ravenclaw curiously. This statue is amazing. Ravenclaw is clearly looking forward, but no matter which direction you look from, you always feel that Ravenclaw is watching you.

“Could it be that there is another riddle?” Sean raised his chin and began to think.

After a while, he cleared his throat and said softly, “Extraordinary ingenuity is the greatest wisdom of human beings.”

Ravenclaw’s famous quotes are regarded as the creed of life. When the words fell to the ground, under Sean’s gaze, the statue of Ravenclaw trembled slightly. The statue was slowly rising, and the soles of her feet fluctuated.

Soon, there was a base under the statue, which was made of the same material as the statue. The edge of the base had slight water waves, and a long carved river was at the bottom.

Ravenclaw was born on the riverside in Scotland.

The long river quietly swirled, and a gentle yet majestic, ethereal female voice sounded in this space.

“There you are, my child.”

Sean was surprised to find the source of the sound, but the sound seemed to be right next to his ears. The most important thing was the sound was exactly the same as the door knocker.

The voice continued, “My name is Rowena Ravenclaw, and here is an area I created through the magic of Hogwarts itself.”

“I won’t repeat the history of Hogwarts. Your arrival here has proved that you know enough about this castle. What I want to tell you is the authority of Hogwarts.”

Sean pricked up his ears and listened.

“After building the castle, the four of us…”

Ravenclaw tells about the origin of power authority at Hogwarts, similar to what Sean heard from Slytherin. However, the voice is different from the memory left by him. Ravenclaw’s voice seems to have been recorded and played with a spell, and she did not mention personal matters related to her.

“After listening to this, you should also understand some of it. Yes, this is where Ravenclaw’s authority lies. And my treasure is only eligible to be obtained by the smartest wizards. But you already have passed the qualification. This is a testament to your intelligence.”

“Before that, I will give you a choice.”

Sean frowned.

“Tell me your answer, and you will get the reward a wise person deserves.”

The light surrounding the Ravenclaw statue trembled slightly, and the bright stars on the ceiling were shaken down. The star circled the Ravenclaw statue and enveloped Sean.

An indescribable sense of clarity emerged from his mind. He felt that his head suddenly became lighter, and the confusion accumulated in his mind about some spells was also untied, and new ideas kept coming up.

It’s a pity that it only enveloped it for a while and then gathered in front of the statue, forming a list of words from top to bottom. Sean looked at the stars with some regret, thinking that if it could last a little longer, he would get more from it.

However, choices still have to be made. Sean looked at those words.

Beauty, spirit, magic, hope, words, imagination, energy. There are more than thirty words.

Ravenclaw’s voice sounded again, “Make your choice. It is the reward of the wise.”

It seems that he needs to choose a trait, and Ravenclaw will give corresponding types of rewards.

Sean pondered.

Beauty? According to Ravenclaw’s personality, maybe she will give him an eternal youth charm or something.

Spirit? There may be some way to enhance his mental power. After all, high mental power can support more thinking and learning processes.

Magic? It may be a rough way to increase magic power, or it may be a way to teach him how to manipulate his magic power more accurately.

Hope? It’s probably a buff spell that enhances the user’s mental state. Or something like the Patronus Charm.

Words, imagination, energy, and many more.

The long list of words gave Sean a headache.

It was foreseeable that what Ravenclaw gave would definitely not be bad; what she gave might be something from the Room of Requirements, but it was something that normal visitors couldn’t find.

What if the selected rewards are things that you have already learned or obtained?

For example, Insight. Sean suspected that if he chose this, Ravenclaw would give him a set of learning methods for Legilimency. This is indeed a rare and difficult magic to learn. The problem is that he has Salazar Slytherin’s Legilimency notes.

This goes the same for other options.

At this time, Ravenclaw’s voice urged again.

“Make your choice, for it is the reward of the wise.”

Sean was overthinking it because he had dealt too much with Dumbledore and Grindelwald. He also knows it is easy to complicate things, but he is even more afraid to choose what he already has.

“Can I have all of them?” Sean asked with a glimmer of hope.

There was no response, and Ravenclaw’s voice was still urging calmly and rhythmically.

He scratched his head regretfully and finally sighed silently. He still couldn’t make a choice, just like the star that helped him clear his mind and invigorate his mind just now, it could only last for a short while.

Ravenclaw’s voice urged again.

After finishing speaking, Sean sighed. He had made up his mind.

Before he could speak or make any movements, the statue moved. The hands that were originally crossed at the waist spread out like a living person.

Ravenclaw made a gesture of a hug.

“You seem to be a little greedy. Countless treasures are right in front of you, but you ignore my words and don’t make your choice.”

Sean took a half step back and raised his wand. Just as Sean tensed his body, Ravenclaw suddenly sighed in satisfaction.

“You’re good.”


Ravenclaw is still talking, “When I left this passage, I thought about who would use the wisdom of others to find this place. The shrewd and ambitious of Slytherin, the courageous character of a Gryffindor, a loyal and generous character of Hufflepuff, and the wise but insatiable character of a Ravenclaw.”

“You proved your greed, which is an indispensable change in our pursuit of higher and richer knowledge. The thirst for knowledge is what a Ravenclaw should strive for.”

“I’m very happy. Even though I was as calm as water when I left this, I’m very stoked. But I must tell those who hear this voice that you are a qualified Ravenclaw.”

“Greedy seeker, this is what you deserve.”

The star dissipated before Sean’s eyes and directly in front of the statue. It was a logo with complicated and obscure symbols engraved on it, and in the center was a giant eagle soaring into the sky.

“Stand on the logo, using runes to cast your own magic power and blend your magic with it. You will be completely recognized and obtain a quarter of Hogwarts’ authority. “

Sean was dumbfounded. Sean smiled unconsciously. It seemed that Ravenclaw had planned all of this.

Only wizards with Ravenclaw traits would stand here forever. The Ravenclaws are thirsty for knowledge and greedy enough. This is Ravenclaw’s trick, and she hopes that the person who gets this authority is a student of her own house.

Sean didn’t know if he hit it by mistake or if he really met Ravenclaw’s requirements, but the thing representing a quarter of Hogwarts’ authority had truly appeared before his eyes.

Sean’s eyes twitched twice. It needs ancient runes.

This is equivalent to having a huge treasure chest before you and being told about the password. But his eyes can’t see the numbers on it clearly, and he can’t enter the password.

“Merlin…” Sean sighed for a long time.

He tried to stand on it, cast a little magic, and backed away quickly.

During this period of time, Sean has been looking for Selma to help him with ancient runes, and the results can only be said to be not good. Except for the remarkable effect after the item he got from the lottery finished cooling down, he really doesn’t learn much.

If he wants to blend with the magic power, his current talent in runes is not enough. A quarter of the authority of Hogwarts, he couldn’t attain it for the time being.

“Damn…” Sean couldn’t help cursing.

He needs to wait until the item lottery cooldown is over again. He may have a chance to succeed if he tries at that time. However, just as he was sad, Ravenclaw’s voice sounded again.

“If you find any difficulties, go find my diadem. It can help you. In addition, you have obtained my recognition, and I will open up part of the authority to you and wait for your return. Problem-solving is what a Ravenclaw is good at, isn’t it?”

As the voice fell, a comet streaked across the ceiling broke away from the ceiling, and burrowed straight into Sean’s body.

“This is…” Sean raised his hand in surprise.

With the flow of his mind, the translucent door by the wall disappeared directly.

He can freely enter and exit the Room of Requirements and browse through the things here at will.

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Published On: January 7, 2024

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