A wizard’s ability comes from talent, passed down through blood. Every wizard is born with magical powers, and this ability is like having an extra arm embodied by the magic power. You can control your magic power, and a resonance effect can be formed so the magic spell can exert its ability.

This way of control follows specific gestures, spells, thoughts, and emotions, and the spell is like a key, opening a ‘rule’ to this world. In the process of Sean’s exploration of the wizarding world, this explanation in “Magical Theory” written by Adalbert Waffling is logical to him.

He constantly tries to put forward his own opinions and create a key that belongs to him. Obviously, this is very difficult.

However, in the process of his continuous effort and construction of the spell, Sean found that he seemed to have got a trick. He has little understanding of the nature of the spell.

Creating connections across spaces.

It’s the answer that Sean found.

On the side, Hermione and Daisy didn’t dare to make a sound and looked at Sean. They saw Sean gently waving his wand, and an extremely weak magic power from the wand’s tip spread out.

One hour, two hours, and three hours have passed. The two had already fallen asleep, and Sean stood up abruptly.

“Found it!” His eyes were bright, without any trace of fatigue.

The two were rubbing their eyes as the noise woke them up.


Sean turned around excitedly on the spot and said, “I know how to combine the two spells. If my theory is correct, I may be able to infinitely expand the Flash Spell’s distance and even go Into the real Room of Requirements.”

Hermione and Daisy looked at each other, seeing the shock in each other’s eyes.

If Sean succeeds, there will be a brand new spell in the wizarding world, which is a teleportation spell that is essentially a summoning but has a long-distance teleportation effect.

“Let me experiment. Let’s go out first.” Sean said impatiently.

Daisy and Hermione stood up and saw a small black worm emerge from the tip of Sean’s wand.

The Shadow Worm Curse, which Sean got from Gormlaith Gaunt. Leaving the worms, they walked out of the Room of Requirement.

In the corridor, Sean turned around and looked at the stone wall that had returned to its former appearance, closed his eyes, and sensed it. He didn’t want to use this method to locate things but to use this method to determine the trajectory of the magic power.

If it can be sensed successfully, Sean is confident that he can use it to judge the source of magic power represented by the Room of Requirements. Using a method of establishing a connection, he learned to build his own magical outline across space.

As soon as he closed his eyes, Sean clearly felt the source of the magic power. Sean remained calm and carefully analyzed the direction and trajectory of the magic power flow.

The Flash Spell requires the wizard’s magic power to extend out to build a magic power outline at a fixed point. This can be understood as Sean’s magic power becoming a line and moving out. However, this line cannot be too far away from Sean, so the distance of the Flash Spell is very close.

At this moment, Sean used the method of finding the summoned object and skillfully combined the keys of the two spells. The line used to construct the outline no longer extends slowly but ‘drills’ through space. The line drilled out along the trajectory of magic power finally landed in the right place.

Sean immediately controlled it.

When the silhouette was formed, Sean opened his eyes and swung his right hand quickly with a new wand motion.

He disappeared in place as if using a normal Flash Spell.

“No change…” Sean looked around at the Room of Requirements.

His worms were lying obediently on the ground, and the surroundings were still the same as when they left. However, Sean didn’t come in through the door this time.

This shows that the spell he created himself does work. If Sean can leave his magic imprint elsewhere, he can teleport over a long distance. Because Flash Spell is a summoning type spell, it will not be restricted by Hogwarts, nor will the anti-apparition jinx catch it.

Of course, more testing is needed for long-distance transportation.

Still, that was enough to get Sean excited. Sadly, the current House of Requirements is clearly not what it used to be.

Sean rested his chin and thought. Will the Room of Requirements remain the same as the previous visitor’s needs until the next visitor makes a request?

This doesn’t seem reasonable.

Sean thought for a while, opened the door, and walked out. In the corridor, Daisy and Hermione looked at him in shock.

“You made it?!”

Sean nodded, “The spell is successful, but the Room of Requirements still retains its appearance before we left. What do you think?”

Hermione said, “According to what you said, I started to observe after you disappeared. The wooden door appeared, but I didn’t push it open. After I changed the needs, the door disappeared. Like the previous experiment, when people were in the Room, and the needs were different, the Room would not respond to you.”

Sean nodded.

He decided to change his mind.

“I need a bathroom.”

“I need a bathroom.”

“I need a bathroom.”

Sean muttered silently in front of the stone wall. Soon, the stone wall kept changing, and the wooden door appeared before his eyes. Sean didn’t rush to push the door to go in, he repeated the spell again, and as the spell landed, he flashed into the Room once again.

This time, something that shocked Sean happened. The Room he was in was still the same as before, the Room where he and Hermione Daisy used to practice spells all year round, not a bathroom full of fancy toilets.

The most important thing is that there is no wooden door to go out.

Sean walked over and touched it. It was the same material as other stone walls, and nothing was special about it. In other words, he has entered a separate space.

This is very similar to his previous theory.

The Room does not change the inside according to the wishes of the visitors but opens the door to the Room you need. Sean suddenly felt that his thinking had broadened.

He circled the Room and finally cast the spell again.

The sudden appearance of Sean startled Hermione and Daisy. Hermione stroked her chest and said hastily, “I was scared to death! Why didn’t you push the door out this time?”

“Because there is no door.” Sean recounted his experience.

“You entered a new room? No, you entered the old Room?” Daisy was a little confused.

Sean smiled slightly, “Let’s try it again.”

He repeated it again, and when he flashed again, Hermione immediately told him.

“We can’t push this door.”

Sure enough, because Sean himself was in the Room of Requirement, the door to the bathroom couldn’t be opened. It’s getting closer to what he expected.

Sean stood excitedly in front of the stone wall.

“I needed a place where I could practice my spells and have a BBQ, bathe, and play Quidditch at the same time.”

He walked back and forth, thinking silently. But this time, the Room of Requirement responded to him.

However, the stone wall transforms much more slowly than before. After spending a lot of time, the wooden door took shape. This time, Sean pushed open the wooden door and walked in.

The Room inside is larger than before, and one side is used for practicing spells, just like the Room where Sean got into the Vanishing Cabinet and met Grindelwald when he came for the first time.

Bookshelves filled with spell books, practice dummies, etc., the Vanishing Cabinet was quietly placed in its original position, and a worm that had been staying there was lying on the ground in the center.

On the other side, there is an open space with iron grills and bonfires for barbecues, and tables and chairs are thoughtfully placed beside them. Somewhat comically, these things are placed in the center of a small Quidditch field, with three goals erected in front.

What’s even more ridiculous is below the three goals, there is a room with a stone wall. When the door is opened, there are several bathtubs filled with hot water.

Funny and out of place, the Room does what Sean wants. The existence of the worm also confirmed Sean’s thoughts.

When the Room first appeared in the castle, it responded instantly to visitors’ needs, and it would ‘create’ a new room on the spot. Then, it will ‘store’ this Room. Next time, if there is the same demand, it will not make it on-site but will open the door of the old Room to new visitors.

The needs of each visitor will be categorized, such as “I want a place to hide things”, “I want to find a place to hide”, “I want a place with second-hand crucibles,” and so on. This kind of demand will be pointed to a fixed room because the Room determines that this Room can meet your needs.

Over the years, more and more rooms have been ‘stored’, and the Room can meet the needs of latecomers without creating new rooms. But just now, Sean’s request was weird, and the Room could not meet it, so it built a new room, and the door took longer than usual to form.

Obviously, the Room cannot duplicate items, so it will integrate the old rooms that meet the requirements into a new room that meets the needs.

Sean eliminated the worm, took off his watch, and put another worm in it to let it get into the watch. Putting down his watch and going out, he told Hermione to wait until the stone wall was restored.

“I need a place where I can practice spells, barbecue, take a bath, and play Quidditch, but I can’t find a mechanical watch with Wallup’s name engraved on it.” After Hermione said, the door appeared quickly.

Sean immediately closed his eyes. He wanted to find out where he had just put down the watch. The trajectory of the worm’s magic power is still clear and traceable, and Sean quickly outlines the magic power.

Then, Sean appeared in midair.

“The watch is flying.”

In mid-air, the watch that was floating in one direction flew lightly into Sean’s hand.

This is a huge bluestone square, and the material of the stone slabs is similar to the floor of the library.

There are three floors, except for the aisle in the center, there are neatly arranged shelves everywhere. They are placed in categories, and they float steadily in midair. There are books, armor, dummies, toilets, skeletons, and many more.

This place looks like a museum. The only odd thing is that the shelves are sparsely stocked, and the entire hall looks empty.

On the wall, inside a rectangular lampshade carved with crystals, there is a blue flame that emits soft and warm light, giving people a comfortable feeling. Through the gap, Sean saw the surrounding walls or translucent doors.

Sean walked over slowly. He saw the utility room full of broomsticks, the bathroom full of toilets, and various rooms. This is the Room of the Room of Requirement that has been manufactured and stored.

He continued walking and saw a huge utility room, which was where his watch was going just now.

Not just this floor; the same is true for the other floors.

Sean looked up, and he saw the very center of the ceiling. It was like a starry night sky, and the continuous shooting stars made the whole ceiling seem like a dream.

The corners of Sean’s mouth were raised. He walked along the aisle, his vision gradually widened, and the display rack slowly moved away. Finally, he saw the innermost appearance.

Starlight flickered above, runes, parchment, and quills floated around, the blue curtains moved without wind, and a bronze-colored giant eagle was soaring.

They all surround a jade statue.

It was Rowena Ravenclaw.

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Published On: January 7, 2024

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